Kids R Kids Learning Academy of Centerville
2950 Centerville Hwy, Snellville, GA 30078, United States
Kids R Kids Learning Academy of Centerville

Review №1

My daughter is doing prek, before and after care in this location and I must say I am beyond grateful for them. My daughter is not only already learning to read, she is writing words at 4 years old. The staff is amazing. Always smiling ( can tell even with their masks on). They are clean. I was so happy and so were the kids during trunk or treat. They always find a way to involve parents and keep us updated. Would highly recommend

Review №2

I loved everything about the school. Raeshawn the director is sweet as can be! Derek was also very helpful throughout my daughter attending the school. Actually, I never came across any staff member that wasn’t kind. Unfortunately, due to COVID I had to pull my daughter out. However, I commend them for going above and beyond to ensure that my daughter still was getting some type of learning experience. If the school was more convenient for me to go to, I would absolutely send her back there.When you walk through the door, I felt so comfortable having my daughter there. I would highly recommend anyone to send their child there and you would not regret it.

Review №3

The staff is very professional and genuine. My son is in room #350 with Mrs. G and he has grown in so many ways. His vocabulary has expanded beyond my imagination. She teaches him to be responsible and that everything has a place of order. She always makes sure I am aware of all activities and anything that can strengthen my sons ability to learn. I couldnt have placed him in a better daycare or with a better teacher.

Review №4

The daycare is very clean. There is one staff member Raeshawn on the management staff that isnt very pleasant though. I love the other staff. They are always professional and have great attitudes. I especially want to highlight Mr. Derrick. Its staff like him that keep parents like me returning. I would also say to be sure attention to your children and ask questions daily. All staff arent fit to work in the daycare.

Review №5

My grandson Bentley has been going here since he was a little over one and I must say all of his teachers has been great. He is in Room 350 now, his teacher is Ms. G and he absolutely LOVES her and so do we!!! She always take such great care of him as if he is her own and that means the world to us!! The ENTIRE staff here are TOP NOTCH and I couldnt imagine him anywhere else!!

Review №6

I have two children that are enrolled at Kids R Kids Centerville. My 3 year old has been here since she was 18 months. We had just moved from Texas, Ms. Eli welcomed our baby with open arms, she made learning fun, and she helped us potty train, teamwork. You are always so nervous when your child has to change teachers but not here. Each teacher I have encountered treat my children like their own. Now my baby is 3 and her teacher now is Ms. G. My child looks forward to going to school each day. When your child comes home saying how much they love their teachers, it warms your heart. Ms. G is so fun, engaged, and passionate. It means a lot to a parent when your child miss a day of school and you receive a message from their teacher asking about them. Ms. G always makes sure I’m aware of my child’s feelings, what she is learning, and she also sends pictures and videos of what I’m missing at work. My child is learning so much, her vocabulary is growing, she knows the months of the year, the days of the week, she is learning how to recognize and write her letters and numbers. When I tell you they are learning at this center, they are learning. When I had my second child, she was 6 months when she started, Ms. Z and and Ms. Gracey loved on my baby and gave me that assurance that my baby was in good hands. Now my baby is 1 and her teacher is Ms. Anita. My baby comes home trying to sing her ABCs and counting. She is learning sign language and learning her colors. Ms. Anita makes taking care of toddlers look like a breeze, she knows how to balance and cater to each child needs. The administration team Ms. Raeshawn, Mr. Derek, and Ms. Lola are also very engaged and interactive. They act as a true team, I can’t think of a better place to have my children where their are high standards of quality and excellence. It takes a village to raise a child and I appreciate and love my village so much. Thank you Kids R Kids Centerville

Review №7

We love this place. The fact that we’re able to check in on our daughter via camera while at work, makes it so much worth it. I love our teacher Ms Candis and our daughter loves her. My daughter actually is learning and coming home with something new to talk about everyday. Mrs. Raeshawn (the director now) is super sweet and kind. She always has a smile one her face and greets each parent and child when walking through the door. The environment is always clean. We couldn’t ask for a better place for our daughter to learn and grow.

Review №8

The teachers at this center truly care about the students. Mrs. Amber has been there to support continuously and always with a smile. She is always working hard and holds great communication skills with any parent despite the clear difficulties she has. Angela is a kind and very educated teacher . Mrs. Kendra is also very hardworking and helps whenever needed. I enjoy that I can watch my child at any time.I have theee stars because there are some staff members that talk down to others in front of parents. this is really unprofessional and as far as I know the leaders are aware. The management seems kind when you walk in the door, however they are also hard on the staff. Praise takes you a long way.Thanks for having such great educators to care for the children.Take care of your staff and they will take care of you

Review №9

The management team at Kids R Kids is incredible! Miss Rashon, Miss Shannon, and Mr. Derrick do an incredible leading and serving there team! They work long hours and make sure that our kids are well taking care of! I have seen them do their work and also step into a classroom and help a teacher fulfill their job as well! They are the best if your considering Kids are Kids this is the one to be at!

Review №10

I waited some time now before posting my opinion on this daycare. All in all I have had a very good experience. My baby is breastfeed so it was very important that the teachers followed my request and pacefeed my child. I did not have any issues. Ms Z is so loving and caring! Now that my child is in the toddler class the experience is still great! Ms Anita is so wonderful. She listens and she cares! The transition to her class was very smooth. I love having camera access and the utilization of the app to update me throughout the day. The staff is very nice I love Mrs Shannon! She’s always welcoming and understanding. I’m a first time mom and I was very nervous about daycare. I appreciate the patience they have with me and care my child receives. It’s important that my child is in a great loving environment and that’s exactly what she receives. She’s learning and growing so fast. If you’re looking for a good daycare I suggest you check them out!

Review №11

I have been in love with this school since my daughter, who was two almost three at the time started in June of 2019. They helped potty train my daughter and even got her to try new foods that she would not normally eat at home. I also love how attentive and aware they are when it comes to my daughter and knowing the parents as they are coming and going. I love her current teacher Ms GG who has totally brought Allie out of her shell and has taught her how to express herself instead of crying and shying swaying of friends. I am almost sad that she has become so independent and she only has one more year left before attending elementary school. Thank you kids r kids management and Ms GG my favorite for loving and caring for my daughter as if she were your own. I highly recommend this school to anyone who is hesitant about your kid going to school/daycare.

Review №12

The beginning of my child’s school experience was great but it only lasted about two weeks. The building is beautiful. However, they have a HIGH turnover rate!!! ALL STAFF NEEDS TO BE TRAINED OR HAVE AN EDUCATION BACKGROUND BEFORE COMING INTO THE CLASSROOMS. It seemed like there was a new face everyday in my child’s classroom. The children were all over the place. As an educator, I was highly disappointed in the care that my son was receiving.

Review №13

I am thoroughly impressed with how the new management has turned this center around in just a few months. This was the first location that I visited before placing my child at the Ronald Reagan Pkwy location. This location was no where near as professional and inviting. However after learning that the same team that manages the Ronald Reagan location has taken over this location, I decided to pay a visit for my grandson. It’s 180 degree difference from my original experience. That being said when it comes to my family you are either a 5 star or a 1 star. There is no in between. It’s worth checking out.

Review №14

My child was 2 years old and 4 months and didn’t talk at the time of entering this daycare which was put on the application. They accepted him and things were fine for first couple of weeks. Shortly after that is when I was pulled in the office about my child’s ability to talk. My child’s teacher expressed to the director she was frustrated and uncomfortable working with my child. I had no problem with the teacher not wanting to work with my child but if someone would of looked at the application prior & not just focusing on filling empty spots & taking my money they would of knew that prior to me paying my money it was going to be a problem due to the lack of communication. Heads up if your child do not talk & he is 2 years old take him somewhere else or you will be very disappointed.

Review №15

I have two children that attend KidsR Kids.The facility has changed so much over the past year! It is so pleasant to go inside and see the positive and professional attitudes and demeanor from the staff. The changes that have been made are wonderful and my children and I are happy. My son has an excellent Pre-K teacher (Miss Angela) and my daughter has the quiet space and time to do her homework after school. Thank you for your willingness to improve and the efforts you have made to provide an inviting and structured environment for our children.

Review №16

Ms. G is the best teacher my son has had! She is amazing! She cares about each childs development and social skills. She has been his teacher since Aug and he has learned a ton from her. She has great interactions with his older sisters as well. Yesterday was my 9yr olds birthday and she helped my son make a card for his sister. It was awesome!!!!!! Whenever I bring the girls in to pick him up they run to Ms. G and she gives them the biggest hugs. Its rare to find genuine people who truly care. We are truly thankful that our son has her as his teacher! WE LOVE MS. G!!!!!!!!

Review №17

Kids r Kids teachers and administrative staff have been great with our daughter. Shes been with them from 1-2 years old. Her care has been split between a 12-18 month classroom and a 18-24 month classroom, each with ~8 kids and a 1:4 teacher:child ratio. We really liked this split as our daughter has changed so much in this short period of time and the individual attention is great. Most daycares in the area only offer a 1-2 year old classroom, so this set up is unique and really effective.The teachers here are not only supportive, but enthusiastic and responsive. We love that they incorporate sign language as a means to improve communication with their toddlers (our daughter has even taught us some signs at home), awesome art projects are done consistently and now cover our fridge at home, communication is open, each member of our family is known by name by the administrative staff (awesome and on point!), and the teachers celebrate your childs milestones with you. There are also cameras in each classroom that allow parents to check in - this was so helpful with transitioning from home care to day care in the beginning. Each day I drop her off knowing that her presence is valued in the classroom, and that she will be well taken care of.There has been a low level of turnover in these two rooms. The head teachers have been with this daycare for a long time, work well together, and are just great people! A suggestion for the center: a similar split in classes would be awesome for the 2-2.5 year old classroom. This class currently sits at ~20 kids with the states 1:10 ratio. This class size seems a bit large of a transition for kids (and parents) used to a much smaller class size in the two preceding classrooms.Overall, were very happy with the support in our daughters early development that this center has provided. Would definitely recommend it to others as theyve been just awesome.

Review №18

Kids R Kids33 has been a very pleasant experience for my child and us as parents. They are very organized and structured. I want to give a special kudos to Mrs Angela of Pre-K1, my son adores her and she has been very instrumental to his growth...

Review №19

If I could give NO star, I would!..HORRIBLE HORRIBLE place. The teachers are great. However, the managers, assistant directors, directors, are awful, disrespectful, and unorganized. They have a HUGE turnover rate. Jennifer the director shes from corporate because the director that was there for over 20 years RESIGNED because she couldnt deal with them anymore. Jennifer is rude and disrespectful. Sidney is the assistant director and also the granddaughter of the owner. She feel as though she can act and talk to anyone anyway she wants to. I have seen all this for myself. My daughter went for a year and she was ALWAYS catching something and will NEVER get better. My husband and I has been in and out of the hospitals and doctors office with my daughter. And instead of changing the policy of cleaning or not allow children who are very sick to come to the daycare. The hand foot and mouth disease is always a problem there, pink eye, everything you can think of. They are not sanitary and the state has been called on them numerous times. The children have no stability because of their high turnover rate. They fired a bunch of the GOOD staff and now the 19 year granddaughter and assistant director has her young friends working there at the front desk. I would NEVER recommend ANYONE to bring their children there! Im glad I pulled my daughter out!

Review №20

I love this location. Every since my son has been going here, he has really developed. Teachers are very hands on. I recommend Kids r Kids. If you really are considering this location reach out to Raeshawn. She helped us through the process. Shes great at what she does.

Review №21

Wonderful staff! We enrolled our new born a few months ago, and on the first day, Ms. Raeshawn assisted us with the check-in and drop off process. Her assistance that day was a sign of the caring and hospitality spirit that this child care facility exemplifies. Furthermore, we are extremely satisfied with the automatic payment system, along with the assistance from Mr. Derik who is as professional as-they-come. We are also very pleased with the wonderful teachers (Ms. GeGe and Ms. Angela), who always takes the time out to greet us with a friendly smile and hello!

Review №22

My son is in the before and after care program and the teachers do an amazing job. I love the location, it’s 5 minutes from my house. Also, the front desk is always polite and helpful rather it’s in the morning or afternoon!!!

Review №23

My daughter has been attending KrK almost a year. This was her first experience with daycare and mine also, so you know the concern I had when looking for a place for my baby to come. I am so glad that I picked this location. The staff and management have been like family since we starting coming to K2K. She loves to come here and I dont know how, but all of the staff know her by name. I like that, because it reassures me that they are all attentive to the students, not just their class. It takes a village and not just the 2-3 teachers in her class. The staff here have a vested interest in our child and that makes me feel good about leaving her there every day! Thank you KrK Centerville.

Review №24

Honest review. These people are not very patient as they should be with some children. And watch your child on camera as much as possible.

Review №25

100% satisfied!!! My twins began attending prek at kidsrkids33 aug 2019 and we are now in Feb 2020 and I am BEYOND proud of what my twins have learned while being there.... Hands all the way up 🙌🏼 Mrs. Baker is a GREAT teacher!!!! I am amazed with her techniques of teaching. She makes it fun for the children but without compromising the actual lesson to be learned!!! Not only that you can tell she loves the children as if they are her own. I know for a fact because of Mrs. Baker my girls will breeze through Kindergarten with no problems at all which makes me feel so at ease. I feel so grateful to have her as the teacher of my children and for their first learning experiences to be taught by the BEST which is her in my opinion.Another plus is having Ms. Kanika in the class assisting... You can tell she is very kind hearted and patient and that’s what any parent would want for their children when they are away from them.Last but definitely not least the fact that I am able to check in on my children at anytime via the cameras is a PLUS PLUS!!!!!

Review №26

This place is under new management. We have 3 kids here and we love it. Our kids love the teachers and I like that it’s a loving, educationally focused and super clean place.

Review №27

I have been calling and emailing the school for three days. My son was part of the GA Pre-K program, along with daycare. There was an incident that happened and they refuse to give me details, or to have owners contact me.DO NOT SEND YOUR CHILD HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Not only have they been trying to cover their tracks about how poorly things have been handled, but they also refuse to give any answers.As caretakers, to use I WILL CALL THE POLICE as a scare tactic for a four year old, who other wise has never had any type of written disciplinary actions is UNACCEPTABLE! I brought my child here thinking this was a safe place, as the only other caretakers he had been around was military post daycare, how wrong I WAS!I have tried everything to have the owners contact me, and they have yet to call.

Review №28

I absolutely love this daycare facility and I wouldn’t say it if it wasn’t true. Having two small kids (ages 2 and 4 at the time of enrollment) can be tough in finding the right center for the right price. My 4 year old who is now 5 started PreK in August and didn’t know anything...he couldn’t write, spell, read, nothing. We are in December and he can do all the above plus more. His teacher Mrs. Baker is the absolute best and I know I couldn’t find a better teacher elsewhere. My family was due to move this month but I extended the lease on my home just for my son to finish out the year with Mrs. Baker. Even my now 3 year old...his teacher Mrs. Joevani (known as Mrs. GG) is such a sweet heart and you can tell she loves the kids and the kids love her. She really taught my son so much in the little time she taught him. Unfortunately I had to pull him out bc I quit my job to return to school but hopefully he will be back soon. Thank you Kids R Kids for hiring outstanding teachers

Review №29

Uncontrollable tears of appreciation as i write this review... my 3 year old has been attending this school for about 6 months now full time and we absolutely love this place. She has fallen so in love with Ms.Merle and Ms.Michaela that she refuses to move on to pre-k because she doesn’t want to leave them.Besides the impeccable teachers that we’ve had the opportunity to meet (Ms. Merle & Ms. Gladys), the staff is just as awesome! This was my daughters first time in a school setting and for me.. I was nervous, no place was good enough, but after months of looking... this place was the only one we trusted enough. (I still check the cameras multiple times a day) but it’s just because I’m an overprotective mom! In my heart I know that my baby is in good hands.The icing on the cake for me that made the love I have for the staff here skyrocket was after informing the staff of the hardship my family is currently experiencing due to this unnecessary govt shutdown, I never thought that they would be as supportive as they have been. The amount of gratitude I have for the staff here for not only teaching my baby, and being so patient and kind with her, but for also being supportive of my family’s hardships is unexplainable.*I have visited many Kids’r’Kids locations.. I promise this is by far thee best location there is! & I’m known for writing honest reviews whether they are good or bad & I take a child’s education very seriously so trust me when I say.. you will not regret enrolling your child here!**The ONLY con I have.. is that they still take the kids outside even when it’s cold out!*

Review №30

I am a prior employee and parent. On both ends I was highly dissatisfied and resigned/pulled my child out. Employees are underpaid and overworked. No benefits AT ALL, no paid sick time, vacation, health insurance, holiday pay. High turnover. Employees are paid every other week by personal checks. Where are the stubs or tax deductions on those checks? I guess the employees will pay during TAX SEASON. MANAGEMENT IS HORRIBLE. Hand foot and mouth in my class and NO COMMUNICATION FROM MANAGEMENT until it was posted on our door days later. Missing pay for state holidays and instead of correcting issues, rather blame teachers and continue on the same path. Owners mismanaged Pre-K funds, and are obviously money hungry. Ms. Mona, owner, is untrustworthy and rude. Her husband pretends he doesnt know whats going on, passive aggressiveness. And both will eventually get the place shut down. State is always there due to issues. Parents beware. My child was left outside by a teacher and I saw along with another teacher, but she lied and management did nothing. My child was also stabbed with scissors by another student and nothing was done. Later began to blame my child for his behavior. I had enough and pulled him out. They would rather label a child bad or something is wrong at home than correct issues and take responsibility. Not uncommon in daycare but there are centers that are much better and willing to do whats best for all involved. Prior assistant director Sydney also quit along with 5 other employees, totaling 7 in 3 months. Should I say more?

Review №31

I’ve had the pleasure to experience the nurturing and educational atmosphere of the infant and toddler rooms. The teachers are AMAZING! My daughter enjoys coming to Kids R Kids and they follow the curriculum which assists in my daughters development which is uber important to her future. The admistrative staff is professional, proactive and hands on in the classrooms. They offer plenty of resources and reminders for the advancement of my daughter as well as myself (livestream video, immunizations, toastmasters etc). Rashawn is a burst of energy when entering the doors!

Review №32

Great pre K program. My daughter loves the environment and teachers.

Review №33

My baby loves it here great staff

Review №34

We have a 9 year old and 2 year old that go here. Never really had any issues with the older child but it seems like Im always hearing from my wife about issues with the younger child. Yes there were a lot of problems with the old management but there still is a high employee turnover. I cant even count how many different staff have been in the infant/toddler rooms. I dont think there is enough staff to handle all the yourger kids. It seemed like every week my child was coming home with deep bite marks or bruises and we were not enformed by the staff and they have also increased prices and removed discounts that we had from old management. What happened today though really pissed me off to make me update this review. My wife dropped the 2 year old off and they called her back to say that my kid had lice. My wife had to drive all the way back from work and pick her up. She was just put into the booboo room and they didnt even feed her breakfast. My wife lost a day of work and paid to take her to a Dr just to find out she does NOT have any lice. I dont know what the heck made the staff think she had it but it was completely unnecessary to assume something like that. I can go on about other things but at least we will not be continuing to go to this daycare much longer.

Review №35

My kids have been coming to this center for a year and a half now, and all i can say is WOW! Ever since the new owners bought it, the center has changed drastically. Management is new, and they really seem to care about the kids. Thank you!

Review №36

My child like school and environment

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