Sharkies Swim and Scuba Academy
1318 Concord Rd SE, Smyrna, GA 30080, United States
Sharkies Swim and Scuba Academy

Review №1

We love Sharkies! Our daughters been going for lessons, Mommy and Me since she was 9 months old, she’s doing great!Very helpful, super clean and she’s made friends in class!Website is easy to use and the communication is great, if she’s not feeling well they’ll give her a token to make up the class.Highly recommend!

Review №2

We love Sharkies, we have been going for 8 months, moving from baby & me to private lessons. The staff is amazing with kids and the owners are super friendly. We Highly recommend them because they are professional and have the kids happiness as well as, and most importantly their health in the water in mind. Thank you for helping our family get our little one so comfortable in the water.

Review №3

Sharkie’s is the best of Atlanta! We started our son at 7 months old and had the best experience. The coaches are amazing with the kids and we looked forward to going every week! We feel so much more confident having our son in the water and he loves the water even more now! We were so sad to leave when we moved away! There is no better option for your kids when it comes to swim lessons and water safety!

Review №4

For those who asked, this is the best swimming school. In 6 months, my son improved a lot. He is super excited to come to class and every week he learns something new. Coach Brennan is sensational, you can see that he feels super comfortable, right?

Review №5

We LOVE Sharkies! Due with my 4th babe in June of this year, I knew I had to get my 5 yo confident in the water without a vest and my 3 yo happy to play in the water - I never could have imagined that in weeks my 5 yo would be completely independent in the pool - including building confidence to jump off the highest diving boards - my 3yo who wouldn’t put her head in the water asks to go to the pool everyday and we have to drag her home… and when it became apparent my 18 mo wouldn’t happily watch the big sibs take lessons from the sidelines, I signed him up for lessons and he plays sooo happily in the pool for hours at a time. He was born just before covid hit and has had terrible separation anxiety but typically is excited for sharkies and goes willingly to coach Brennan who has been amazing with him! We were a family that didn’t have much outside interaction during covid and Sharkies has been such a blessing to our family for more than just swimming - it has been such a relief to see my kids interacting so well with their coaches. We live in Brookhaven so it’s about a 30 minute drive for us (with now all 4 babes), but it’s the highlight of our week… thank you, Sharkies!

Review №6

Our grandsons first private swim lesson went very well. His new coach, Honesty, was very patient and did her best to make it fun for him.

Review №7

I absolutely love Sharkies! Coach Dan is an amazing wizard in my eyes. He turned my girls (6 year old twins) into swim sensations in less than 5 classes; need I remind you that my girls never had swim classes until now. Coach Dan is so patient and attentive and I definitely recommend him to all future Sharkies! Also Sharkies is military friendly. Hooah

Review №8

Super friendly environment. It was great experience.

Review №9

Honesty is very good with my grandson. Very knowledgeable.

Review №10

Our 2 and 3 year old girls look forward to their lessons every week, and it’s been amazing to see their progress. All of the coaches are so friendly and helpful, along with Joey and Hannah in the front. We are so lucky to have found this place!

Review №11

Swimming at Sharkie’s is like swimming with family! We have been bringing both of our children here since they were each 6 months old. Instructors are phenomenal and very patient with our little ones. At 4 our oldest is so confident in the water, which puts me at ease since between family, friends and our neighborhood we are surrounded by pools!

Review №12

Great first time with baby swim lessons.JOEY- great phone customer service weeks before I started classHANNAH-sweet helpful and knowledgeable at the front deskKEL- Great instructor that was patient and not rude or pushy with my LO and I. Engaging and a great teacher who made me feel comfortable as a first time Mom. Learned a lot and excited to go back!*Masks are not required but are recommended

Review №13

Amazing place with incredible coaches! Would highly recommend for children and adults looking to learn.

Review №14

The absolute best thing you could do for your child/children is enroll them at Sharkies!!! I can’t even put into words the work these guys put in to making sure your kids are safe and progress into confident swimmers!My son came to Sharkies at 2.5 years old and he is now soon turning 4. He can confidently jump in from either the side of the pool or off an island and immediately knows how to save himself, no floaties, no goggles (because he doesn’t like them) - he amazes me every time I watch him! All coaches are incredible but a special shout out to coach Maquel who has definitely given my son a whole new level of confidence.Also a special thank you to Joey, who works super hard and is that welcoming breathe of fresh air when you walk in for each lesson.We love you Sharkies!!! Thank you for everything!!!! ❤️

Review №15

Great atmosphere. My 2 year old Granddaughter loves the water now.

Review №16

We started with Sharkie’s when Harlem was 14 months. Coach Rhett and his team taught our baby how to not only swim but survive in the swimming pool. #SharkBite #WeSwim #RollFloatBreatheSwim ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Review №17

I highly recommend this swim school, I’ve learnt so much in a short time and the kids are so amazingly dope!The swim coaches are very skilled and highly invested in teaching important life saving skills not only to kids but also to adults and I admire that.Enroll, it’s worth every drip of water !! Lol

Review №18

I got open water scuba certified from here with John. John made the process easy and enjoyable. 100% a great place to check out if youre think about getting any scuba certs.

Review №19

I enjoyed the environment that goes on at this place. I feel safe in knowing that they do their best in keeping us safe Everytime we come there.

Review №20

The impossible is possible! If there is anyone who ever doubted their ability to learn to swim late in life, forget your doubts, and sign up at Sharkies.I have always had deep fear of water and have tried over 8 swim schools and atleast 12 coaches in the Atlanta area over the last 5 years, all to no avail.And now --- I am astounded that I can say that I know how to swim. Coach Brennan is simply amazing and gave me confidence every step of the way. He was incredibly patient and worked with me on understanding my fears, but in that process, made me see my own strengths. I also appreciated that there was a lot of emphasis on safety and survival techniques as part of the curriculum.The staff at Sharkies are so welcoming and warm and not to forget, all the other amazing instructors who would give me words of encouragement whenever they saw me accomplish something!Im so thankful that I came across this school. It has literally changed my life...and how I think about the water and even more so - vacations.

Review №21

We LOVE Sharkies Swim and Scuba Academy. Coach Hannah is the absolute BEST. My daughter has been swimming with Hannah for almost 3 years and has gained so much confidence in the water. I appreciate that Hannah not only teaches her technique but survival skills as well. My other daughter swims with Coach Honesty and though she is new to us you can feel her enthusiasm and care. We look forward to a long relationship with Sharkies.

Review №22

My family has used Sharkie’s for swim, scuba, CPR and self defense. Best in class service and they really care about your safety. Sharkie’s is our go-to survival training school!

Review №23

Coach John is amazing. He Was fantastic teaching our four-year-old daughter

Review №24

My son Jayce’s coach is Honesty. She is patient and calm which is perfect for my son since he is is a “class clown”, kind of hyper and sensitive at times. She really helped him gain confidence and in just a few weeks he went from afraid to get his face wet to swimming! Everybody at Sharkies is wonderful- it’s a place you’ll be happy to take your kids to learn something as important as swimming.

Review №25

We have been going to Sharkie’s for several years, ever since my now 4-year-old was in the baby class. We really love it here! All the instructors are great, but especially our coach, Coach Maquel. He helped my son overcome a brief phobia he had about swimming, makes the lesson fun yet challenging when needed, and always has a smile on his face. Highly recommend!!

Review №26

We love Sharkies! My daughter LOVES the water and has no fear which makes it scary! She runs for it the minute we turn our backs. For her safety we enrolled her and have been working with Coach Amber since July 2019. Coach Amber is the best! She has been patient with my daughter and taught her so much. Ill never regret investing in her safety. You hear too often of tragic drowning accidents with toddlers. I highly recommend Sharkies and their entire staff... most especially Coach Amber! 5 stars ALL THE WAY!

Review №27

We love Sharkies! My daughter has been going for over a year and started in the Star Babies class and is now taking private lessons with Coach Amber. She started off very scared of the water but is gaining confidence each week as she trusts her coach more and more. Water safety is so important and I am so glad we found Sharkies! They offer a HUGE variety of lesson times to fit any schedule. I cant recommend them enough.

Review №28

My daughter has been on #TeamSharkies for over a year now. I never have to remind her of her swim lessons because she has the ABSOLUTE BEST SWIM COACH – Coach Brennan!! He is dedicated, patient, and loads of fun! My daughter has a difficult time processing verbal requests, but it seems as if the two of them have their own language. Coach Brennan uses non-verbal cues during her swim lesson and demonstrates his instructions. Many people can teach swim, but only a few people have such a HUGE HEART to work with children. We are 100% #TeamSharkies & #TeamCoachBrennan! Our family is so grateful to partner with you!

Review №29

We’ve been going to Sharkies for two years now and love then so much! Coach Hannah has been with both of my boys at different times and she’s been integral in helping them feel comfortable in the water while also making it fun! Coach Honesty is new to my oldest but he loves her and we love how she helps him overcome his anxieties to make swimming fun and safe!

Review №30

We love Sharkies! Most importantly Coach Honesty is the absolute BEST!!!

Review №31

My child has been going there for a couple of months and so far he’s learn so much there. His teacher Amber is super friendly and is a really good teacher! So I would definitely recommend this place!

Review №32

This is a wonderful place for swimming. My son, who has Special Needs, is with Coach John who is very patient, caring and knowledgeable, yet he pushes him out of his comfort zone to be the best that he can. We are thankful to have found both Sharkies and Coach John.

Review №33

Took our kids for lessons here last year and will continue to do so this year. Great instructors, good price and a lot of room to move around and get comfortable with the water. My kids especially love doing the shark bite and dunking their heads under the water. Got my 4 year old son over his fear of water on his face within the first couple lessons!

Review №34

We just came back from a fantastic weekend of snorkeling and scuba diving at Crystal River in Florida. John from Sharkies arranged all the trip including the hotel, swimming with the Manatees, diving at Devils Den, Blue Grotto and Rainbow River. I was there with my wife and 3 boys and it couldn’t have been letter. Thanks John.

Review №35

Best decision we made was to sign up for private classes at Sharkies. Hannah is amazing and it’s clear our son (16 months) has made progress in just a month. My recommendation would be to trust the process.

Review №36

Great swimming school.

Review №37

We had been going to Sharkies for about 10 months now and we love it there. Coach Hannah is great and very patient and an awesome teacher. She made my kid love swimming. Thank you!

Review №38

We have been with Sharkies for the 2+ years and have two swimmers currently. They have matured as swimmers starting as beginners gaining in both confidence and ability. The coaches are extremely professional and great with kids of all ages. Keep up the great work!

Review №39

My daughters first birthday wouldnt have been as special as it was if I would have chosen a different venue other than Sharkies Swim and Scuba Academy. Jessica (the owner) ensured that this day went as smoothly as possible for me. We all know how important and overwhelming first birthdays can be. Jessicas staff was HIGHLY PROFESSIONAL, and the venue was very clean and simply beautiful. My daughter and her guests were extremely happy at the party and that was truly the most important aspect for me! No doubt I will be signing my daughter up for swim lessons with this caring group of instructors. If you are considering having an event here, BOOK IT!! You wont be disappointed! From the bottom of my heart, Thank You Jessica!!!!

Review №40

Coach Maquel and Coach Amber are such amazing coaches for our boys! They have the patience of angels and have allowed our boys to learn how to swim! Excellent place in Sharkies, entire staff is friendly and we have enjoyed great memories there. Highly recommended!

Review №41

Both my girls have learned how to swim with Sharkies...and they are fish! We started in the baby and me class and have moved on to private lessons. You can’t go wrong with ANY of their instructors. Between changing schedules and makeups I’m certain that we have swum with everyone. They receive great training and truly want to be in the water and make sure our kids are learning the correct and safe way. Currently my youngest is swimming with Maquel. He has been awesomely patient with her stubbornness and she is again happy to be in the pool with someone other than me. Love this place and the owners!!

Review №42

My boys are thriving as swimmers. It was a very difficult transition from land to water with my youngest, who would scream and cry and just not wanting to do anything with swimming. The coaches there know each child by name and was very accommodating to his fear and by a month or so later he’s in the water without tears.

Review №43

Both my girls learned to swim at Sharkies (one at 2 yrs and one at 3 yrs). Love the coaches and their care for their families!

Review №44

Weve been coming to sharkies for about a year. My 7 year old with sensory needs loves working with coach maquel. He went from being afraid of jumping in the pool to doing cannon balls into the deepend. His technique improves after every lesson.

Review №45

I cannot day enough good things about Sharkie’s Swim and Scuba Academy! My son started in the Starbabies class with Coach Rhett and he made us feel so comfortable and really paid attention to our specific needs. He was very patient with my 2 year old son, and myself as he taught us proper swimming techniques. The staff is very easy to talk to and very accommodating to our crazy schedule. Jessica and Heather in the office were very kind and always have smiles on their faces! Highly recommend Sharkie’s to anyone looking for an amazing one on one experience!

Review №46

Cant say enough great things about Sharkies!!Thanks to amazing coaches my 6yr old is now an amazing swimmer. COACH JOHN ROCKS!!!!

Review №47

My son started with Sharkies when they opened (and actually had been in a mommy and me class with Rhett before he opened Sharkies) and I have loved everything about our experience. The instructors are amazing, patient, and dedicated, and provide great feedback after every session. It’s also pretty awesome that they cheer on other students in the pool whether they are having a rock star day or a rough day, and they always find ways to make swim fun for everyone. Jessica and Rhett provide excellent customer service, listen to your concerns and treat you like family. There’s an emphasis on safety in and out of the pool, and the facility is always clean from the restroom and changing rooms to the pool deck and lobby area. We love it here and love Jessica and Rhett and the entire Sharkies family! We’ve been telling everyone we know that this is the best place to come learn to swim.

Review №48

Awesome place! My son loves coach Joe & Jay. He learned a lot in few months. Overall,very helpful staff and I would recommend them to anyone who would like their kids to learn swimming.

Review №49

Perfect place to learn how to scuba dive. Huge appreciation to John for being so patient.

Review №50

Serving the local community and their families! Rhett and Jessica provide such a great environment for students of all ages, from 1 to 91. I cant say enough good things about them. Definitely recommend!!

Review №51

Our child has been going for a little over a month now and has shown so much progress! Very pleased so far

Review №52

Sharkies is an amazing school for water instruction. All of the staff are friendly, expierenced, and amazing with the kids. Water survival being the core of their curriculum really shows in their instruction, as well as their passion for lifesaving instruction for both kids and adults. The scuba instructors are all wonderful as well. I highly recommend them to all of my friends!

Review №53

My son has been going to Sharkies since he was about 9 months (now 21months) and we absolutely love it! They have taught him safety and confidence in the water and not to mention he absolutely loves all the people who work up there, as do my husband and I!

Review №54

We LOVE Sharkies! We have been going since my little guy was 4 months old & fast forward to now & I can attest that he swims better than I do! The water safety we have learned as a family is invaluable & we cant thank Rhett & Jess enough!If you are looking not only for swim classes, but a community of support, this is your place! They will do whatever they can to tailor to your needs.

Review №55

Great owners, coaches, and facility teaching lifesaving skills

Review №56

We love Sharkies! My son is 6 and is swimming well under coach Johns instruction. We are hoping to get him ready for a swim team soon. Looking forward to our 14 month old taking lessons soon. Jessica and Rhet are awesome too. They always make you feel welcome. We cant say enough great things about the Sharkies staff!!

Review №57

Our daughters do private lessons and baby-and-me classes. All of the coaches are patient, kind and dedicated to making their students better swimmers.

Review №58

Great swim school, my son loves coach rhett. Amazing atmosphere.

Review №59

Competent, professional and the best in the business.

Review №60

Avoid this place at all costs!! I have a 4 year old in TEARS once AGAIN bc they have stood us up for lessons. Last week the pool closed bc of an accident, and the school failed to notify us before packing up our entire family and coming up to the school. Now today, we show up to our lesson and Johns coach is not here!!! I speak with the owner, Jessica, and she informs me that he no longer teaches on Fridays and that she failed to notify us bc she has 400 students she is trying to manage. I dont care how many students you have!! Youve failed this ONE, one too many times, and thats enough for us to be done. Good grief I cant stand companies with poor business practices.Save your kids the tears and go someplace else! Ugh!

Review №61

My daughter Caidyn loves this place and her instructors. Theres not a moment when she doesnt want to swim.

Review №62

Fun time!

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