Reddemeade Equestrian Center
1701 Ednor Rd, Silver Spring, MD 20905, United States
Reddemeade Equestrian Center

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I have been riding here for about a year now and I love it. The lessons are affordable and the instructors and super friendly and wonderful. The rest of the barn staff is also amazing, from the people doing stalls to the people working the office. I strongly recommend coming here for hors riding lessons!

Review №2

We bought a two-week summer camp experience for our daughter at Reddemeade Equestrian Center. As they did not have availability for two consecutive weeks, they gave us two separate weeks. Some time after my daughter had already completed the camp, they called us to ask for $50 because the weeks were not contiguous. I found this business practice quite unprofessional.

Review №3

Love it! Best horses and Instructors! Beautiful facility! Horse care is beyond exceptional!

Review №4

I have been riding at Reddemeade Equestrian Center since 2010 and I can’t imagine riding anywhere else. The riding program and EquiShare are great. There are a variety of instructors for all levels of riding. There are both private and group lessons throughout the day. The horses are wonderful and again great for all level of riders.

Review №5

I purchased a Groupon for an hour lesson for my daughter. The staff was unprofessional the instructor Ingrid was very rude because we were five minutes late and wanted to cut the training to half an hour, I insisted to get what I had paid for. Nevertheless I DON’T recommend this place and I urge you not to waste your money on any training at this place. There are far better places than this dump.

Review №6

I have been riding at Reddemeade for over a decade. One of the best things about this barn is that they are like a family. Everyone is helpful, encouraging, and there arent cliques. This barn is very friendly to kids and adults. Everyone seems to care about each horse in the barn as well, thats important to me.I rode English and Western growing up but had to stop once I started college and for several years after because of finances. I came back as an adult and havent looked back. I started in adult group lessons, my instructors were excellent, encouraging, and knew how to teach. I really like having adult lessons without kids, riding as an adult is a different experience. Their instructors are trained and approved, I dont know the full process but it must be good because it is very consistent from instructor to instructor.The working student program is excellent, I wish I had known about it when my finances were tight, I would have joined. Essentially a working student puts in time at the barn grooming, tacking, watering, cleaning, essentially doing anything to be done. In exchange they get a free group lesson for X hours of work (you need to check with the barn about the time). I think its a great way for kids or adults to spend time learning about horses while earning lessons.Ive moved on into the Equishare program, it is the right fit for me. It is best described as owning horses without vets, farriers, or training bills. They have 2 flavors, one is cheaper and allows 2 rides a week, the other is unlimited. I am in the unlimited program, I can ride as much as I want, 7 days a week. The program is set up so that the horses have a set number of rides, and days off. The ES member calls in to schedule a ride, or can come in unscheduled. In addition, the ES program includes 1 group lesson a month. You can develop relationships with the horses and find your favorites.Id recommend taking some group lessons to really get the feel of the barn. The group lessons have camaraderie in them, in the adult lessons we always cheer each other on.

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I took lessons here quite a while ago and I thought this center was really great. The school horses were more than adequate and there were riders who had access to better horses (which they did not own) through a special program.I thought the instructors not only knew how to ride but they knew how to teachand I even have a couple of ribbons I won.To helped defray the cost of two lessons/week I swept and tidies the main barn after my last lesson.At one point we had a visitor who taught every one who was interested how to do an equine massage - it was wonderful to see the horse you were working on relax under your hands!

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They have a great working student program for people who are experienced enough to work for a group lesson. I have have been at the barn for about 5 years and have been in the working student program for about 4 years. I have learnt a lot about horses through this program and have had more opportunities to be able to ride and improve on my riding.

Review №9

Ive been riding at Reddemeade for almost 15 years, taking lessons, riding in the Equishare program (choice of horses at your level), and finally boarding horses of my own. My daughter rode too, joining the Young Riders and winning ribbons in local and regional competitions. I love Reddemeade--the quality of the instruction is excellent, the horses are well-cared for and appropriate for many different levels of riding, and theres a strong community of kids and adults.

Review №10

I called and left messages enquiring about advanced riding lessons at several stables within a 20mile radius of downtown Silver Spring. The first, and only barn to call back was Readdymead! I got a great a great 100% free introduction group lesson where the instructors were great!

Review №11

The barn was nice enough. However, the instructor lost track of time and we were unable to jump. She capitalized on us being 5 mins late and had no intention on delivering an advanced lesson. Very unprofessional.

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Its ermos I love it 💖 😍

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