Habesha Spring Driving School
8204 Fenton St #207, Silver Spring, MD 20910, United States
Habesha Spring Driving School

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I have been trying to get my license with another driving school for almost two years, but their schedule was not flexible. Within only three weeks of transferring to this school, I was able to get my license. Best instructors and very professionals. I highly recommend it!!!.

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Had a very positive experience with them. I accidentally scheduled my behind the wheel driving lessons for a month later than I intended. They went out of their way to reschedule me even though they had been booked up for the month. Dawit was my instructor and he gave me a clear view of the test requirements and I passed. Would recommend driving with your instructor to do the test. Is an extra charge but helped me greatly.

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So organized, signing up options are user friendly and great to use. The instructors and office staff are so nice and helpful. absolutely loved meeting the driver instructor Dawit, he’s an amazing guy and amazing teacher and he made my experience with the school 10x better.

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After failing my driving test with another school, I went online and lo and behold I found this school (Habesha) in Silver Spring. It was 3 minutes walk from where I live Downtown. I called immediately and I spoke to Endale and I booked an appointment and I went to see him that same evening. He helped me out and after just an hour behind the wheel.. I went back to the MVA to take my test! He was very kind and patient and worked my crazy schedule to help me out. He booked my appointment for me and I didn’t have to lift a finger. I am very grateful to him and Habesha driving School.

Review №5

I am so great full for habesha spring driving school. they are the best. my instructor was endale and he was so friendly and helpful thanks to him i have passed my skill test and on the way to get my license. so thanks to endale and every body at habesha spring driving school.

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I passed my Driving test yesterday, thanks to Dawit and Yesuf. Dawit was always very specific and clear when he instructed me. Just in few days of driving with him, I saw a major improvement. Its always easy to ask him questions too. He is funny and overall great communicator which made me more comfortable to drive with him. He is the best driving instructor. Anyone will be lucky to be trained by Dawit.

Review №7

Dont take 3-Hr Alcohol and Durg program at this school, it wont issue you a control number. Since I asked them if they will issue a control number, and they didnt reply me. After I took the program and paid, they still dont understand what control number is. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME HERE !

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Dawid went above and beyond to help me get my license! 🙏🙏🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️🥰🥰 very happy

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Before I came to Habesha Driving School, I was a nervous wreck. It had been 5 years since i had taken the road test, failed and my confidence was shot, I didnt believe I could do this for a long time.When I first started with Endale, he was calm with me. I had a bad experience with another driving school in Kensington, Easy Method Driving, where the teacher told me I would never pass the driving test with my skills because I kept making mistakes in parking, front and backSo it was a breath of fresh air to be taught by Endale, he really is a good teacher, the main thing that stood out to me was he taught me that mistakes are natural, and be fixed, that i dont need to be perfect and I can handle those mistakes when they come upWe actively practiced for 4 -6 hours i believe and, he would be there at my house to pick me up, wed go to the parking lot and practice, he would never shout, but only gently correct my mistakes this did wonders for my skill level and my mind which was still unsure if i could do itNow today 3/2/21 I passed my drivers test, all those hours with Endale paid off and his instructions were vital on the test that i took todayIf you want a calm and relaxing driving school experience and you want to learn without getting stressed if a teacher is going to scold you, this is not a problem hereYoull learn exactly how to drive in calm in the environment and that will help you learn the driving skills you need to pass your test even if you havent passed the drivers test before and are unsure of yourself as i have

Review №10

This school is beyond Great!! Endale was my instructor, he is very professional, calm, patient and good humor make you feel at ease immediately in his lessons. He is excellent in explaining situations and ensuring that you understand what he is teaching, with his guidance I was able to pass my test. I highly recommend!! Thank you!!

Review №11

My daughter completed the course/behind the wheel with them recently. During the first behind the wheel session, the instructor went to sleep. For the second session, they cancelled the session 29 minutes before the appointment. We were already almost there. The next session was about 45 minutes, instead of the two hours scheduled.Finally, they never forwarded the paperwork to the DMV and when she went to get her license she was informed she couldnt. Habesha said sorry for the inconvenience. She still doesnt have her license because of the amount of time it takes to get an appointment during these times.They were terrible!

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UPDATE (7/21/21): Today I passed my driving test after signing up for extra behind the wheel training in addition to the 6 hours practice already provided by the school. Even though you pay extra, it’s an investment in yourself to gain the confidence you need for the road test. My instructor was Kaleab, I told him I needed to pass the road test, and he did exactly that - help me improve my driving and get ready for the test. Today I’m so happy to say I passed!! If you want to get a drivers license with no stress, look no further than Habesha.Excellent experience going from novice to confident driver with the help of this school! The online zoom classes were easy to understand and interactive. The behind the wheel training was very helpful, and the instructors are patient and very knowledgeable. I cant thank the school enough for preparing for the roads. Special shoutout to instructor Sadio who was very patient, and gave me step by step instructions on how to prepare for the MVA driving test, and ensured that I was perfect before being satisfied with my parking.

Review №13

This school has everything I expect from a driving a school. I had Endale as my instructor and I easily passed all the tests thanks to his amazing interpersonal communication skills and professionalism. I highly recommend this school.

Review №14

Before finding out about Habesha Driving school, I went to many places to learn, but I couldn’t understand anything. For that reason, I failed the test 5 times. As soon as I came to Habesha Driving school, Endale, taught me everything I needed to know to learn how to drive. They taught me not only to pass, but also to master driving. He is patient, and a great teacher. He is very good at keeping a schedule, and is very responsive. I have been to many driving schools, but I highly recommend anyone who wants to gain confidence in driving to come to this place and try it out. They even give discounts if they see that you are really trying. I am truly satisfied!❤️❤️❤️😊

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Review №16

Man I love their service and they on point with time...

Review №17

I registered my son in I drive smart driving school to get his permission and practices behind the wheel. Everything was smooth with practices and responsible drivers but a little pricy.Before the exam, I registered my son for two hours in the Bethesda branch of Habasha Spring Driving school.After receiving two phone calls from the driver to change the schedule, we finally set a time. My son had two hours practice, and he was complaining that the driver was all two hours on his phone, and he just pointed with his head which way I should go.Honestly, I believe most reviews with 5 or 4 stars are fake, and these guys are not responsible for our children to teach them something valuable.Find another place if you pay a little more.

Review №18

Great customer service great teaching technique and good price highly recommended thank you guys

Review №19

Very disappointed! I wasted my money and my time from the start they very unorganized they don’t care about u they don’t care about ur time I have to pay other driving school and I now got my license so pls don’t wast ur money and time in this school

Review №20

Great customer service! great teachers with good teaching skills and very respectful. I will recommend anytime any moment! Thanks to my teacher Endale for being patient with me. You never gave up on me. So excited to get my licence today!🙏💃God bless all the team Dave you are awesome!

Review №21

I was one of the students of this school I have a very good experience with them they are good in teaching and also they talk to people with patients and also they are good in road test and finally they have a good deal thanks guys for helping me getting my license

Review №22

This driving school is really fantastic. The instructor Endale is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. Its 100% sure that youre going to pass your road test with them. I encourage everyone to take advantage of this school.

Review №23

I traveled an hour just to come to this driving school & it was definitely worth the time and money!Endale was my instructor and he is a great teacher. Very interactive with the class and clear with the learning material. I recommend 100%

Review №24

They are very disorganized. The online classes are not worth your time and money. I recommend you take your classes somewhere else. Dont let the looks fool you.

Review №25

The best driving school by far there very friendly and eager to teach specially if it’s your first time driving. Everyone’s really helpful and nice.I highly recommend this school there the reason why I passed my exam overall they deserve all the five stars.

Review №26

Great value, nice people, they helpes me to pass my test. Thank you.

Review №27

This driving school is really fantastic. The instructor Endale is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. Its 100% sure that youre going to pass your road test with them. I encourage everyone to take advantage of this school.

Review №28

The best place to get your self ready for driving, they are very professional, car clean fair price and most of they are friendly, Endale was my teacher and Yesuf ToBut they both helped mentally and physically to get my self ready within 7 days of driving, Endale the best driving teacher and guess whatI just got my license with short period of timeThank you

Review №29

Mr Endale you are a legend, the best instructor in MVA. Thanks to your brilliant fun, engaging lessons I was able to pass my test in a short space of time. I’m so so great full and will never forget everything you taught me. Thank you so much.

Review №30

I had a great experience with this school. I practiced twice and got my license. They have the best teachers with great teaching skills. Theyre so respectful. Im so happy I passed through them

Review №31

I just passed my driving test yesterday ! And I would credit everything to Enedale who was patient and very helpful in helping me learn how to drive and pass the test. Thank you!!!💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

Review №32

It’s The Best driving school . They taught me so wonderful driving so that I could clear the driving test in the first test . Very very knowledgeable instructors and very calm ! Thank you so much the staff of Habesha driving school.

Review №33

Nice people and great experience. Irigale is Fun and his classes fun too. Keep up the good work.

Review №34

I really enjoyed my stay at the driving school. Instructors are skillful and supportive. Great customer service.

Review №35

Great team! They go the extra mile to guarantee customer satisfaction! It was a pleasure working with them through the process of getting my license! I passed my road test without an hassle!I highly recommend Habesha Spring Driving School!

Review №36

This is one of best driving schools I have ever seen. It has discipline instructors with tremendous skills and experiences. They don’t yell at rookie drivers. Special appreciation goes to Dawit, he always gives you enough time to improve yourself. I do recommend people who want to become good drivers to attend that school.

Review №37

I found the teaching so good and excellent, the teacher knows everything about driving and explained all the intricacies about driving, I will surely recommend the school to my friends and family.

Review №38

This driving school is really fantastic. The instructor David is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. Its 100% sure that youre going to pass your road test with them. I encourage everyone to take advantage of this school.

Review №39

They are great!! I felt like I made the right decision for choosing them to teach me how to drive. they are passionate bout their work and they are very friendly :)

Review №40

It was an amazing experience and I learned everything well. The instructors were very thorough and very understanding. I recommend it for anyone that wants to learn how to drive well.

Review №41

I have enjoyed the warm friendly approach of the driving instructors. Dawit is surely experienced and a confidence booster. He gave me the training efficiently and I passed the road test quite easily. With his interpersonal skills, he also assisted me in completing the paper work so I would escape the office bureaucracy. Thumbs up to Habesha Spring Driving School!

Review №42

I just passed my driving test today! And I would credit everything to Dave who was patient and very helpful in helping me learn how to drive and pass the road test. Thank you!!!

Review №43

This is amazing driving school with outstanding teachers.I am ready to recommend my friends to join this driving school.God bless u!!!

Review №44

Forget everything Hebesha driving school take care of responsibility to paas your test, Endale is the best instructor ever! He showed me Everything before I took my test and I ended up passing my driving test first time.

Review №45

I have a great experience with this driving school. The staff who assisted me, David and Endale play a vital role in sucessfuly obtaining my driving license on one attempt. The team is very knowledgeable, professional, patience, and well mannered. I highly recommend this driving school for everyone .

Review №46

I have great respect & appreciation for the training School,my knowledge of driving safely is developed. Especially Mr Irigale is a great teacher,has excellent teaching method, very respectful &graceful.I hope to drive safe. Be proud to have well, experienced Insructor,Mr Irigale.Thank You.

Review №47

The best driving school, they make the process soo easy and less stressful. The instructors are very professional and friendly. And in particular Endale is the best teacher. I will recommend this driving School a 100 times and more.

Review №48

Best experience ever!! Endale is the best instructor ever!!! He showed Everything before I took my test and I ended up passing my driving test! Thank you so muchhhh

Review №49

He is so patience and good driving teacher. I recommend to you guys. He is so amazing 👍😊

Review №50

Best driving school in Maryland! Super helpful and great prices

Review №51

The best driving school. If you want to be a well trained and qualified driver, Habesha Spring Driving School is the answer. You will never regret attending their driving school as they have the best tutor in class and a well trained and qualified drivers.

Review №52

It was a great experience. I learned everything I needed well. Great teacher and teaching skills and I strongly recommend this school.

Review №53

The teachers, and on road trainers, or behind the wheel teachers as they call it,are excellent! I totally recommend it for those of you who need the best to be confident and safe driver. Our evening teacher(forgot your name sorry), Endalew, Yusuf, Sadio and the lady at customer service thank you all! You are awesome!

Review №54

The trainers are so talented and doing nicely to get my licence with confidential way .I thank you a lot for both Dave and Endex for your unlimited support !!

Review №55

Look for driving school no further! Habesha Spring Driving School is all you need to pass MVA driving test! Dawit, Endale, and Sadio are the best at what they do. You’ll pass your driving test, guaranteed! I just did. Thank you Habesha Spring Driving School.

Review №56

This driving school is a great place to get the information you need to pass the driving test and the introductory do a great job if explaining everything to their students

Review №57

Best driving school in the town. I prefer to go there and see my men David.

Review №58

Great driving school and teacher. Classes aren’t long and very time efficient while giving you all the information you need to succeed!

Review №59

You guys are the best teacher I have ever had thank you so much God bless you !!!

Review №60

Had a wonderful experience with Endale. This driving school really deserves 5 star. Customer service is on point. Highly recommend to student drivers

Review №61

They are so magnificent. Go there and you will never regret it . They have many professional drivers and Instructors. They pick calls and return messages promptly . I got my license with them without stress .mbah mbah

Review №62

I learned a lot from being here. Thank you so much

Review №63

Such a great driving school. I highly recommend it.

Review №64

Wonderful place to learn! I Had a great experience with Dawit and Endale! Thank you for your thorough teaching!!!

Review №65

So friendly and positive they helped me a lot to get my driving licence so fast. Thank you habesha driving school and all membesrs! I would like also to extend my special thanks to Dave & tsi!!! Bless you guys!

Review №66

Dawit is very patient polite and friendly. he gives time to his customers and teaches very well. over satisfied. thank you.

Review №67

Awesome!!! This is the school you want to attend to get your CDL. The instructors are at the top of their game and give you everything you need to pass the MVA test. Special thanks to Endale.

Review №68

One of the best way to take drive license am Lear with dawit, it was good time he showed me clear and ezia thank u

Review №69

This is the best driving school i believe there is. Endale was my teacher. I will say he is very patient with his students. So far, they are the best

Review №70

They give an excellent things to get your goal .I want to say thank you.

Review №71

They really are the best one, they build your confidence and get you to work. Excellent!!

Review №72

Great customer service, great teachers and teaching skills highly recommended

Review №73

Want to say this driving school is the best. Dawit is so patient and understanding. He is very professional along with the other employees. I wldnt hesitate to recommend this school to anyone. Thank you so much.Sign: Jeneva

Review №74

Great customer service and great teachers... thank you guys!

Review №75

Had a great experience learning driving with you! Made it look so easy. Thank you!

Review №76

One of a kind. The best service out there!!!

Review №77

Dawit is extremly too much to let you pass your driving Test, the school made me a good driver . HABESHA keep the good work, they respect people from all walk of life, no Racism.

Review №78

I had the best experience at this driving school from when I started taking the classes to the day I took the road test. They are very knowledgeable in what theyre doing. They are very kind and professional. They had a lot of patience with me and trained me to be a good driver and thats how I managed to pass my road test the first time. Dawit always does everything he could to make sure youre a safe driver and you got all it takes to pass the road test. All staff is amazing. Special thanks to dave, sadio, dagi and haymi. God bless yall !

Review №79

I am really disappointed with they service. Pooooor customer service. For me to go to the mva with somebody I already paid money $150 and find out they havent send my file after a month.

Review №80

Dawit is cool and best instructor. Just listen to his instructions. You will pass your road test on your first attempt. HDS cares about your success. Other driving schools want you to come back again and again so they can keep taking your money.Want to learn and succeed, go to Habesha driving school. Highly recommended.

Review №81

Nice people and great experience!

Review №82

I love this school, great teachers with positive attitude.

Review №83

I hadn’t driven in years and needed a refresh. I’m happy to have chosen Habesha Spring Driving School as my teachers. I saw two instructors (Dawit and Sadio), and had a DMV appointment session with Endale. The result was I passed it with the first attempt and feel like a better more confident driver. So overall a great experience, by good folks that supplements well an initiative to learn to drive. Especially, thanks to Dawit. Gave me a nice driving schedule according to my request. I advise new drivers to check them out.

Review №84

Great customer service thank you dawit☺️

Review №85

Great instructors, flexible schedule recommend for new drivers.

Review №86

Perfect customer service and Experienced Instructors

Review №87

The same @Aud-rey I had a wonderful experience with Endal. He never ever yelled to me. I just want recommended for everyones to Joining them. Then u would see shortly how u are doing very well.Thanks so much Endal for everything.!!!!!!!👍👍👍👍😍✋

Review №88

Helpful and friendly customer service. Thank you

Review №89

The best driving school, and the best &caring teacher!!!

Review №90

Well organized professional driving school that puts safety first!!

Review №91

This is the best driving school for new student to master driving skill

Review №92

Its a nice school specially Dawit he teaches me a lot of things in 3days and i passed the exam thanks

Review №93

Great customer service satisfaction and the team members are respectful.

Review №94

Nice teaching and interesting.

Review №95

One of the best driving school in the town!!!

Review №96

Excellent and best place to learn driving

Review №97

Great customer service

Review №98

Professional driving school. 100% customer service.

Review №99

Excellent instructor

Review №100

Great instructor

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