Russian School of Mathematics - Shrewsbury
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Russian School of Mathematics - Shrewsbury

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As a student thats been going for about 7 years, I can confirm that it started out great, but after 6th grade things started going downhill. My teacher was amazing, as she would actually teach and make sure we understood the materials, however, there was excess classwork and homework and I wasnt looking forward to it. After a while it felt like a burden, I assume most kids would say the same. The real problem however, is the actual material. I would learn polynomials for example, in RSM and then a couple days later I would learn it in school. This school is supposed to be advanced, but once you start middle/high school, they just teach you everything youre already learning, and as a result, they take ALOT of your money.

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I just read some of the reviews and they dont look that good and I did go to this school but now I am in High School, And got to be honest this school wasnt realy that good sooooooooo, I wouldnt recommend going to this school its not that good. Your Welcome.

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There is way too much homework. First, you gotta do it on paper, then you also have to do it ONLINE? Why not just choose one? Not only is that the problem, but there is way too much homework assigned. Sometimes I have to do the math right before class. Also, the amount of tests is really unnecessary. The only good part is that a few teachers are nice and make the class more fun.

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First few days were alright. Unfortunately, it doesnt stay like that throughout the year. The math packets/worksheets they offer were useful, however, this is all you can rely on. 98% of the teachers dont teach well and are very hard to understand.

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I love it.We believe in improving school management through service and technology, and we’ve never lost sight of our goal — to help schools, administrators, teachers, and families solve the unique challenges they face.

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They are horrible, well most. The “ student dean “ is very rude and needs to learn how to speak to people also the amount of tests given is too much and the packets and the stupid notifications given when homework is incomplete. This place only has a couple good teachers wich deserve better than this. Also again the student dean is very rude and she was very mean to my child.

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It is traumatic they teach you stuff you would probably forget when you will actually learn it.The HW is usually harder then the classwork.The environment was not fun but more like sadness and depression

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Your all yah have to do is do your hw in 1 day and bam done. im russian

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Im russian and im really happy that my child will be in amsa or harvard

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Teaches kids very advanced math and helps them in high school

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The only redeeming quality of this establishment is that Zbigniew Zietek teaches here. If you dont get him as a teacher, dont come here.

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Visualize Russian maths!, another step in communication without the barrier of language.

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Learned a lot! Very much! Cool cool

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Russian School of Mathematics in Shrewsbury has been an incredible learning experience for my daughter who is currently in middle school. When she joined the program several years ago in elementary school she was an average math student. She excelled in other subjects but felt she wasnt that special in math. Since that time she has blossomed and now is in honors math. Last year she was beaming with pride when she won a math award in seventh grade. Her confidence has sky rocketed and her problem solving skills in all areas of study has grown exponentially. RSM Shrewsbury has been so flexible with her schedule as well. They offer classes throughout the week and weekends as well as private tutoring. My daughter is a serious athlete who has been selected to the US National Team for soccer and has a tremendous amount of training to balance. RSM has fully embraced her busy schedule and has made every accommodation to help her balance her academics with her other passions. Elina and her team of dedicated teachers really will go the extra mile to make the curriculum interesting and challenging. They know just how hard to push a student but offer the support if something is taking longer to master. I have no doubt my daughter is prepared for High School and beyond and has a competitive edge as she begins taking tests that measure her skills in math. THANK YOU RSM SHREWSBURY!

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Students enjoying their home work

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Good learning place for kids

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I have no words read the rest...

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My kids like it but i dont

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Kinda trash

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