Dianes Driving School
1665 E Shelton Springs Rd, Shelton, WA 98584, United States
Dianes Driving School

Review №1

On the 5th grandchild attending at this driving school wouldnt recommend anywhere else.

Review №2

I learned how to drive and it went well. I thought it was a really fun experience.

Review №3

Diane is a great person to take the test with. Very laid back, and she knows her stuff.

Review №4

Welcoming, kind, professional staff. Excellent prices.

Review №5

100% recommend! Relaxed learning environment, experienced teacher who cares about our kids and their safety and want safe drivers on the road. Reasonable prices !!!

Review №6

Diane makes you feel comfortable when you go for your drive test. Which is awesome if your like me and was nervous. Their student car is nice and easy to drive. I definitely recommend this place if your in the Shelton area!

Review №7

Spoke with her the first time today and I loved that she spoke to me like a real person. Not knowing what Im doing or where to start and we laughed and joked. It was really nice!! And it didnt matter how many times she had to repeat herself, she never changed. Spoke like she knew me. Thats how I am at work and probably why I appreciate it so much. Im excited even more for my son now. She made me feel very confident in my choice.

Review №8

Honestly not a bad place, I got my license today but I got marked down for not going over a yellow line.

Review №9

Weve used Dianes for 2 of our children. She is a very nice lady and my kids have done well after finishing her class.She has a cool head and dealt with my son, who had zero driving experience, wonderfully. She took him out for his first drive ever and they both survived, lol!! I sure couldnt handle it!!Its definitely a run down building but not everyone is in a financial situation to maintain such an old building. I think most people who are newer to Shelton dont realize that the building used to be the old pool and fixing it up has got to be an uphill battle. Not to mention, Expensive!!

Review №10

I shared a classroom with the only other driving instructor, Mr. Apple, in Shelton. From what I have observed, Im confident that any bad reviews made toward Diane are strictly from Mr. Apples propaganda and unprofessional instruction. He tells his students lies and puts himself on a pedestal, gloating how great he is and how hes better than Diane, wasting peoples time. Diane is an insightful, caring and educational person who works very well with driver ed students and even those with anxiety. Shelton is very fortunate to have an alternative drivers ed program to Mr. Apples.

Review №11

Looks like a junk yard! All thats missing is the big dog. Shelton we are better than this! Students have a barn for a classroom (the whole place looks like it is falling down) with no fans or air-conditioning. Not sure if there is heat in the winter. The extra $100 you will pay for the others is worth it believe me!

Review №12

Honestly I wouldnt even give her a 1 star. This place looks absolutely unprofessional it looks like a run down dump and Diane came out late for the test dressed in some sweat pants and clothing that looked like she had been sleeping on a couch for a week. Not only did she put no effort into looking professional she also didnt act professional. The whole time I was taking my drivers test she was eating a hamburger. This lady put absolutely no effort into her profession. I highly dont recommend going here.

Review №13

She will fail you on purpose to take your money. She will try to convince you to retake the written (you dont have too) to scam you of your money. She will eat in front of you while you do your test. Also while texting on her phone not even doing her job. She will make you do grocery runs with her, and still laugh at your face when she fails you(:

Review №14

Very professional and helpful. Diane was super cool, the drive test was thorough and her instructions were easy to follow.

Review №15

Just got my license from here. Im very happy. Staff was great. It was cheap, easy, and quick. Close to the d.o.l.. Got me on the road. Thank you.

Review №16

The TOP driving school in mason county, Diane is one of the kindest/knowledgeable teachers in the field of drivers education by far. I recommend her to anyone that needs help with getting a license.

Review №17

Very caring people who saw a need in the community and found a way to make it work.

Review №18

I wish I had believed the online reviews found on the DMV site, before using this location for a driving test as they are not done at the DMV in town any more.It seems there are complaints online from parents about the dishonest habits of testing by Diane. These reviews said she passes any of her students no matter how bad they drive and then fails students that do not take their class from her.I wanted to believe it was only a few upset parents, because there is no other option in our city. But after going to use her services for the driving test only, she confirmed her dishonesty.-This is our story-After finding out that all the students (that we know), that attended her class in the past year all got into some kind of fender bender or totalled their cars, we used the HS class for our teen.Then after passing the driving class at the HS with the top score in class, we required more then double the required driving hours, and spending time on a professional driving course with an instructor before doing the final test at Dianes.Written test 100%Driving test 90%Dianes final score for overall test : FailedShe informed our HS student that it was too bad they didnt take her class because they would have passed the test if they had.I have to believe she is doing this for $ because her house/classroom is so run-down she does come off as someone that really needs money badly.

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Is it expensive? Tell me on Steemit.

Review №20

Locally the only choice.

Review №21

Very nice people, thanks for your attention. recommendable

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