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10219 Aurora Ave N, Seattle, WA 98133, United States
Seattle Artist League

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Fantastic group of artist. Top notch art instruction now online!

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I loveee the Seattle Artist League. Whenever possible I go to the Seattle Artist League to try out and learn any art techniques and styles that Im interested in. Their classes are wonderful, insightful, and relaxed. I recently took their Figure Model Training and the Figure Etiquette classes; I now know exactly what is expected of me as an artist and I feel prepared as a model. Something everyone should feel in a nude figure class. Ruthie and Mark gave amazing education and feedback along with great resources to follow up with. The Seattle Artist League is my first choice for any and all my art classes! If you are on the fence about them, sign up. You wont regret it!!

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Everyone involved has really made this a friendly, supportive place to learn to draw and paint. Ive taken two classes and have also come to the Monday night figure drawing sessions. The instructors are outstanding and they really strike the perfect balance of serious, intensive instruction that never feels intimidating. If youre looking to make art in Seattle, there really is no better place.

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You may know Ruthie V through her teaching at Pratt Fine Arts, where she has gained a strong following of students. You may know Ruthie from her finely crafted, well done paintings—the latest series of which are of a Butoh dancer, grace in light and poise.Now she has opened the Seattle Artist League, a new art school. The school is open and airy, aiding that wonderful sense of expanse and freedom of space that artists love: your new, big big studio. Well, several big studios. She has recruited highly talented artists to this end, real artists who make and show, who are artists To The Bone.You walk in there and know that its a place heavy with great potential, and then youll know what to do: sign on!

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I have taken two classes at Seattle Art League. Very much enjoyed both. Sensitive, professional, encouraging and a plethora of knowledge amply departed. Nothing like asking a question and getting an intelligent, well thought out answer. PLUS..... a big plus for me, great sense of humor. We laughed and we got a lot accomplished. It helped me remember things I forgot I knew and also the camaraderie was enough to draw even a shy painter into the group. Need I say more? I could,

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This is a great place to make art in a supportive environment. Ive taken intermediate painting with Ruthie V, am now taking portrait painting and have enjoyed both classes. Ruthies instruction gives each student individual attention while also creating a community of people engaged in art. In terms of space, the facility is fantastic, the classrooms are large and there is ample storage.

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I took the beginning oil painting class with Ruthie. She kept it fun and interesting. She provided assistance and feedback appropriate for each persons experience. The location is great with free parking, large spaces and high ceilings.

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This is a warm, supportive place to learn, express yourself, and find community with other artists. Ruthie V. in particular is a wonderful teacher. Its also a fun place to stop by during an Art Walk!

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Ruthie V. taught me how to paint like myself. In other classes I learned how to paint like the teacher. In her classes, you learn both the techniques of painting and drawing and how to express yourself artistically.Recently did some drawing and painting with William Hook and Jon Patrick. They are also excellent teachers.

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A wonderful place to develop your artistic side and get to know whats going on in the art world. The painting classes are amazing and Im looking forward to taking more!

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Seattle Art League is a wonderful art teaching facility. Its a needed addition to Seattles art scene. Ruthie V, artist, teacher and primary force behind Seattle Artist League, is the perfect person to coordinate the organization.

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Welcome to town, Seattle Artist League!After years in the tech world, I thought it would be fun to find an outlet for creative energy. You would think it would be easy to find an art class that would welcome me despite my, ummm, lack of natural talent and formal training. But each time I signed up for a class, I found myself feeling out of place among the artists, the muralists, the glass blowers and the designers. Then I signed up for a class at Seattle Artist League and finally felt welcome. Dont get me wrong, this place is great for artists, trained or untrained, shown or not. But its also great for people who just want to learn, to play, to experiment and to create. Ruthie V, (the teacher I had) was amazing. She taught, she encouraged, she found different ways to challenge differently abled artists, and she valued each and every creation. Take a class here. You wont regret it!

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Im hooked on the Seattle Artist League. Ive taken classes from Ruthie V. for two + years now. Shes the real deal, and she shares her knowledge in a professional and friendly manner. Ive been surprised at how much Ive learned since I began oil painting. I have to echo that SAL is an outstanding place to learn about art and make art, and to reach ones creative potential.

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Im a big fan of Ruthie Vs. Shes a thoughtful and unconventional (in the best sense) teacher and artist. As a teacher, she gives you your space, but knows when you might need to hear something to help you guide yourself. ... I enjoyed the two classes I took with her, even tho I had a lot of reservations about joining a class in the first place. ... My resistance was due to the fear that I would be told theres a right and a wrong and not much room in-between. Yet I still wanted some technical know-how, after working alone for five years. Ruthie looked at the content and my mode of working, and helped me clarify a few things about it. Im grateful to her for her insight.I suspect that shell attract a wide and deep following at the new SAL. I hope so. She and her business partner Lendy have created a wide-open space with lots of intriguing offerings.Ruthie V. is also a painter of great insight and ability and Ill go see anything she shows. Her paintings of a butoh dancer were deeply stirring.

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I love this place! Really great facilities, with some amazing teachers that really know how to teach and especially how to inspire.

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Excellent instruction and leadership.Ample nearby and in-lot parking available, and friendly people!

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