4408 N Miller Rd #101, Scottsdale, AZ 85251, United States

Review β„–1

Violet Flame Studios is PHENOMENAL! Nyla is amazing, I really don’t know what she can’t do, she helps guide anyone from any level up.Leaving you feeling more confident, and more in tune with your body, all while getting an amazing work out. I also love all the clientele that go to her classes; great personalities, wonderful conversation, and a fantastic non judgmental atmosphere. Violet Flame Studios is a gem that I highly recommend. 😊

Review β„–2

I went for a bachelorette party and had a blast! The teacher was straight up and respectful. She knew exactly how to teach a class to make it fun and memorable! It was also a nice work out. Would very much recommend if you’re going on a girls trip to Scottsdale or a bachelorette party!

Review β„–3

Went with a group of friends and maaaan was it worth it. Although my back hurt the next day but i didnt care we had a blast. The teacher was straight up and very detailed about her class very informative if we lived closer my god I probably be here instead of the gym great work out and well if you want to step up your sexy best place to learn and have fun doing it. If I could give her more stars I wouldπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

Review β„–4

This is more than a dance studio, it’s a place of healing! You’ll get a great workout at a place where you can be your authentic self and feel welcomed! No matter the level you are at you’ll get a great workout and lots of laughs! There is no negativity there so leave that at door and bring a friend!

Review β„–5

I went to my friends private birthday party. There was about 14 girls in class, and it still felt like we got a lot of turns on the pole! Nyla is funny and informative, making the class atmosphere super fun and comfortable! We came out of it feeling sexy and confident! I didnt want the class to end!

Review β„–6

Had a bachelorette party here. We learned a lot and had a blast. Nyla knows how to make everyone comfortable when theyre out of their comfort zone. I definitely recommend!

Review β„–7

I booked Nyla for a bachelorette party and she was very informative and made everyone feel comfortable trying something new. She taught us a short routine which some struggled to pick up but she was very helpful in directing and teaching and made it fun for everyone . It was the perfect activity for the occasion and I would book this again in a heart beat.

Review β„–8

I started taking classes with Nyla in 2016. I love the vibe and the challenge of every class. It’s one of the few places where I get to turn off my mind and be fully in the moment. If you’re looking for fitness where you will never get bored, this is the place to be.

Review β„–9

This place was amazing! Very friendly of all shapes and sizes! I definitely will go back when Im in town!

Review β„–10

Love this place! Amazing vibe and great people and fabulous instructor.

Review β„–11

Was considering this for my wife bday but read the owners response to a complaint and thought it was just very unprofessional. Wouldnt want to put my wife in a uncomfortable position.

Review β„–12

If youre looking for an amazing workout and renewed self confidence to LOVE your body, stop waiting and register for your class today!! Nyla is direct, funny, talented and a brilliant teacher. I leave every class with a boost of confidence and sore muscles and cant wait to go back!

Review β„–13

Honestly walking into this beautiful studio and seeing gorgeous women working out on poles was one of the most intimidating experiences I have had in awhile. I thought about running back to my car and never turning back. Then i remembered that I was there to get out of my comfort zone and gain some confidence so I decided to stay and I am glad I did. Nyla is an awesome instructor she welcomes you in like shes known you all her life, she pushes you, she is funny and a talented dancer. Nyla is the reason I will continue to attend Violet Flame Studios. The spark to my flame has been lit and I think this is the perfect environment for any women to embrace and release their divine feminine energy!

Review β„–14

We took a pole dancing class as a part of a bachelorette party. Tammy was a wonderful instructor and we had a blast! It was a surprise for the bride to be and she absolutely loved it! A few things to mention- there is no signage on the outside of the building, so look between Sprouts and Water Mart. Secondly, there are only 5 poles, so if you have a larger party, you will be sharing a pole and wont get to learn as many moves. I wish I lived in the area, I would definitively come back.

Review β„–15

Our bachelorette party had SO much fun with Nyla today. She has an amazing energy and so much talent. She was also very patient with our crazy mothers. Thank you for such an enjoyable experience!

Review β„–16

Nyla, you are amazing and your classes are fun and liberating! Connecting to your feminine energy is important in being authentic on ones power! Thanks for an outstanding fun time!

Review β„–17

Nyla is so amazing! We had an awesome experience doing the twerk class for my sisters bachelorette party! The atmosphere and instructors make you feel so comfortable and confident! Wish we lived in AZ so I could go regularly!

Review β„–18

Youll never feel sexier than when you go to this place. The instructor, Nyla, teaches you how to be strong and sexy while kicking your ass with a brutal workout. Women of all ages, shapes, sizes, color, sexuality, flexibility, etc etc attend and strut their stuff. I couldnt recommend this place more.

Review β„–19

Ive been going to dance classes, belly dance, twerk, ratchet and pole dancing on and off for about 3 years with Nyla. She is amazing, the most skilled dance studio Ive ever found and the classes are always entertaining. I always get a great workout, but the most important part for me is I always have fun. Her classes are highly recommended for anyone wanting to have a little dance fun in a safe, supportive and welcoming environment for any age and body type. I love that the most, no matter how my body looks I always feel comfortable and confident in Nylas classes.

Review β„–20

I have like zero experience in dancing but want to! So I started looking into classes.. I went to ExpressMie first as they had a Groupon offer.. It was okay... But Violet Flame I learned more here in one class than I did in 3 over there! Nyla is bomb! A great teacher with great moves! I wouldnt waste time and money anywhere else. And if you subscribe to email they send great offers.. like $7 a class or other deals!

Review β„–21

My cousin and I went and had such a blast! Great way to have fun, feel good, get a work out in and learn a different culture!

Review β„–22

We were there for a bachelorette party. Instead of starting promptly at 5:30PM, Tammy started 15-20 mins late. After we started she kept complaining about how her blood sugar was low, went off to eat, use the bathroom and kept texting. Around 6:15PM she told us we needed to wrap-up... We got less than 30 mins of poor class... We are never going there again.

Review β„–23

This was my first time dripping in on a class. I was not sure what to expect! I have attended drop in group classes for Zumba of belly dancing were the other participants were not so friendly and judgemental. The other ladies and instructor Nyla were very encouraging. She even got a soon to be 55 year old mother to join in on the fun! I was challenged and pushed and used muscle I forgot I had. If you are feeling down in a rut go and take this class or classes! I love welcoming, nuturing and empowerment I got from this class. I hope to do more in the future! So thank you Nyla. I am going to be sore in morning but it was worth the experience!

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