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Magnolia School of Real Estate

Review №1

Michelle is absolutely the top Real Estate instructor in our area and I am so glad I chose Magnolia School of Real Estate! A tremendous communicator, truly passionate for teaching, with impeccable ethics and professionalism, she developed this course in detail so you can study, retain and pass the state exam with absolute confidence and best of all: enjoying while you are learning! The classes are fun, high energy, with practical examples an incredible atmosphere ensuring you will retain all the information together as a team! Even if you have been out of class for several years, she makes sure you are involved and you can do this because she genuinely loves what she does and wants her students to be successful! I am referring Magnolia School of Real Estate to anyone and I will miss Michelle and my class tremendously! This is the best and top school in the entire area! Thank you Michelle!

Review №2

I am so happy I found magnolia school of real estate! From the day I signed up Magnolia School of Real estate gave me the tools to successfully pass my real estate exam!Weeks before my class started I received emails, texts, and phone calls from my instructor to answer any questions I had and to make sure I had finished the necessary steps to take my real estate exam as soon as I passed my real estate course.I had the pleasure of having the owner of the school Michelle be my instructor for the course.Michelle has such a passion for teaching real estate, it is her personal goal to make sure every student understands the material in the course. She will tell you exactly what to study so you don’t feel lost when you look at the huge real estate textbook.I took the class at the Sarasota location at the Keller Williams Building. We had a couple real estate agents come speak to us on our lunch break about becoming a successful real estate agent and how to run your business. To my knowledge, this is the only real estate school that offers this experience!!I am a person that gets really bad test anxiety!! But by the end of the course I felt so prepared to take my real estate exam!I took my exam from home the day after I finished the real estate course and I passed on the first try!!!Thank you Magnolia School of Real Estate for being such a positive first experience in my new real estate career!What are you waiting for? Sign up with Magnolia School of Real Estate today!

Review №3

If I could give her a million stars I would!! I have never seen a teacher as passionate as Michelle is for all of her students. She wants everyone to succeed- and gives you the tools to do so! Not only that but she really cares for each and every student. She lights up the whole room with her passion for teaching. This class teaches you everything you need to know and you are able to build great connections with your classmates; for both your personal and career life. The best class I have ever been apart of by far! Thank you for everything Michelle!

Review №4

Michelle is a wonderful teacher and person. She uses a lot of real life stories and analogies to explain almost every topic. That was great for me because stories stick better with most people. In addition, her demeanor, personality, and method of instruction make the class enjoyable. The 63 hour course flies by.I am grateful a friend recommended her.Thank you Michelle!

Review №5

Michelle did an outstanding job! Gave me exactly what I needed to know to successfully pass my test! On the first time at that! She makes sure to present the information in terms that’s are easy to relate to and understand for all! I recommend her to EVERYONE!

Review №6

Being out of school for almost 9 years, I was pretty nervous getting back into a classroom. However, the moment I stepped in on that first day, those nerves washed away. Michelle is an incredible teacher. You can tell she has a passion for, not only the material, but her students. She’s kind, funny, enthusiastic, and motivational. Her way of teaching just makes the material stick. I 150% recommended Magnolia School of Real Estate to anyone who wants to leap into this career. You won’t regret it, I promise!Thank you, Michelle, for everything that you do!

Review №7

The is a fast paced, but thoroughly thought out course.The amount of information you get and retain is astounding and speaks volumes to the efforts Michelle has put into perfecting her delivery and course outline.She is fantastic, engaging, comprehensive ( to the state exam ), and I am confident that starting my career here will mean ending my career exactly where I want to.

Review №8

Magnolia School of Real Estate changed my life. I would recommend this school with no hesitation. It’s a no brainer to do this course. I wouldn’t be where I am with real estate if it wasn’t for Michelle. She knows what she’s talking about and most importantly cares. Her energy is unmatched. Always positive and upbeat which is super contagious. Simple, yet effective curriculum that will make taking your exam a breeze. Thank you Magnolia School of Real Estate, you will forever hold a special place in my heart.

Review №9

I would recommend magnolia x1000. Michelle has the most amazing energy and keeps you interested 100% of the time. I wish I took her pre-license course but I feel so grateful to have come in contact with her before taking my licensing exam.Her prep class was amazing and I definitely owe it to her that I passed!

Review №10

I decided on a whim to get my Real Estate license and called up Michelle one day. She was beyond enthusiastic, and inspiring (because I was told it’s quite difficult). Within a day she literally drove to my house to drop off the books for myself and my daughter. I started her class the following week and even though the material is so overwhelming, she presented it so that it made sense. She covered so much in 7 days and was always a wealth of knowledge. I will add that my daughter had been doing the class online for months (prior to moving to Florida) and she decided to take Michelle’s class. She couldn’t believe how much clearer everything was because Michelle would not only cite real life examples, she literally told stories in order for us to understand.I always love recommending Michelle....don’t even bother with any other school. She’s tops. I may add, I passed the test the first time!!! Couldn’t have done it without her fabulous teaching skills. I will definitely be taking my follow up class with her as well.

Review №11

We all have our calling in life... And Michelle was meant to be a teacher. She makes this difficult material easy to understand. Highly recommended to anyone wanting their license. Simply the best choice for your real estate education!

Review №12

The entire class experience was professional and personable. Michelle really took the time to make sure everyone understood everything and ensured no one was left behind! Will definitely recommend Magnolia School of Real Estate to anyone looking to further their career in the profession!!

Review №13

I cannot begin to express how amazing my journey and experience with Magnolia Real Estate School was. Instructor Michelle is the most caring, genuine and knowledgeable instructor around, hands down. She puts her heart and soul to make sure you have every bit of information to do exceptionally well on the class test but most importantly, pass the state exam. Today was an amazing milestone in my life. I was able to take the class test, pass it and hour later take and pass the state exam with flying colors. I have to thank Michelle and Magnolia Real Estate School for this. If you are looking to get the best education and knowledge... then you better go see Michelle. Thanks again Michelle for not giving up on me and always pushing me forward. 🙌

Review №14

Not only was this class informative, it was fun and entertaining! The week went by so fast and I looked forward to going back every day. Michelle, the instructor, made the class enjoyable and taught in a way that everyone understood. She made sure each student knew the content and was ready for the exam, or she would spend her own time helping/studying outside of class. All around a great experience!

Review №15

Michelle does an amazing job getting her students ready for the exam. She teaches with great energy and makes the concepts easy to understand. I would not recommend anyone else!!

Review №16

I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Michelle at Magnolia. I had no idea what I was walking into getting myself into a real estate class. I was so surprised! The environment is so welcoming and encouraging! I have met some wonderful friends that have become future realtor connections. Michelle is a breath of fresh air and I have loved learning from her. The most amazing teacher I’ve had in a long time and I’m a full time college student! So much love for Michelle and her class! 20/10 experience!

Review №17

If you’re thinking about taking the 63-hour real estate course I highly recommend Michelle at magnolia!Her passion for teaching radiates throughout your course with her. She explains everything thoroughly and with great patience!I went with no solid understanding of real estate. She made the material so interesting that I was able to pass my exam on the 1st try. Take my word and look no further!!!

Review №18

I have been attending real estate classes in some form for over 15 years. Michelle is by far the best instructor I have ever had. Her knowledge is conveyed in a way that is easy to remember and understand. I highly recommend Magnolia School of Real Estate!

Review №19

Magnolia school of Real Estate is absolutely amazing! Michelle, the owner and instructor made sure that you’re well prepared to pass the test and nothing is more important than that. The tools she provided, the knowledge she shared with us and the skills she taught us to make sure we passed the test were unmatched. I highly, highly recommend Magnolia School Of Real Estate

Review №20

Michelle takes her time with every class to ensure that all questions are answered and that you feel confident with this difficult content to be able to pass the state exam. She also has a kind personality and is willing to answer questions even after hours if necessary and I so highly recommend her that if you need a real estate license or any continued education to contact her and don’t even consider another school. I wish we could do more than five stars with these reviews.

Review №21

Magnolia School of Real Estate is by far the best Real Estate school in our region. I have actually attended a few and Magnolia exceeded my expectations. The course was far more comprehensive and detailed than expected. The instructor (Michelle), knew the material inside and out which created an easy learning expereince. I passed my State Test first time! Highly recommended!

Review №22

Who knew after 50 learning could be so easy! Thanks Michelle for the enthusiasm and making it so easy to stay engaged!! Highly recommend anyone considering dipping in real estate to look up Magnolia!!

Review №23

Michelle will 100% prepare you to pass the State Exam for Real Estate. She’s extremely knowledgeable and teaches the information you need to know in a very comprehensive way, she even makes it fun! I would highly recommend Magnolia School of Real Estate to anyone wishing to start a new career as a Realtor.

Review №24

Michelle is the absolute best teacher if you’re debating on getting into a real estate career. She gets the class engaged as much as possible and will provide real world examples for her students to understand the topic better. Very realistic and has the same goal as you which is to get your real estate license. Focuses on getting you on the right path to pass the state exam and class exam. Couldn’t have asked for a better teacher to get me ready for my new career!!

Review №25

So when I was contemplating starting in real estate I narrowed it down to three schools. I gave that information to my mother and she chose Magnolia School Of Real Estate for me based on what she found. I could of disregarded that but I listened to my mother and I’m so glad I went with Magnolia it’s a great creditable school. The instructor Michelle is very informative and she’s there to help you reach your goal by obtaining your real estate license. Trust me everybody join Magnolia if you’re looking to get into real estate you won’t regret it, thank me later.

Review №26

Having a passionate educator teach you the material makes all the difference! Michelle presents concepts in various ways to help you grasp them and has the patience of a saint! This class was not only effective, but it was actually enjoyable. Cant recommend Magnolia enough!

Review №27

Michelle is the absolute BEST instructor! I could not have taken this class with anyone else. She not only has studied the material inside & out and knows exactly what to teach in order to get EVERYONE to pass the State exam, but she also has the ability to teach the source material in a very unique way so everyone can learn it regardless of how you learn. One key difference is that her main focus is strictly what is actually ON the test, this is HUGE. Michelle has a true passion for ensuring ALL her students pass the State exam & she will literally do anything (even meet w/ students on her own time to study w them) to ensure that happens! She somehow is even able inject a lot of humor & positivity into what becomes a very exhausting 63hrs of class time and keeps the class moving and upbeat. I just LOVE her! I truly believe you would be doing yourself a disservice by going to any other than Michelle’s class at Magnolia School of Real Estate ♥️

Review №28

The best instructor you will find! So glad I was able to attend Magnolia! Michelle is by far the best instructor, I had another one, and he was terrible! Went to her classes and passed the 1st time. Phenomenal, professional, and very accurate!

Review №29

Michelle is the instructor of the course, And she is amazing!! She enjoys what she does and makes learning the material fun! I’ve really enjoyed being in the course! I look forward to taking the post course with her as well!! Thank you for all your hard work!

Review №30

Michelle at Magnolia was amazing. She really knocked it out of the park!! Not only is she knowledgeable of the subject and the test she also made the class very fun and engaging. There’s no way I would have learned as much as I did if it wasn’t for her and her school!! Thanks Michelle!!!

Review №31

Great course and great instructor.I tried to take a course online and could not do it.Michelle makes it easy for you to learn the material.Thank you,Ray Ciamarra

Review №32

Michelle is great! Anything she says, it sticks to you. She really helps you prepare for the test

Review №33

Right to the point, clear and organized!!!Pay attention to her instructions! it will really help you understand what you can expect on the State Exam. Michelle is extremely helpful, and so very caring and nice! When you are done with the class you will be absolutely ready for the exam!Trust your instinct, and pick Magnolia school !!!!

Review №34

Michelle makes learning a breeze! She’s an educator and makes sure to discuss what is poignant and doesn’t waste time getting off point! If you read her materials and follow her advice you will pass your State exam! Love her humor and genuine concern for her students!

Review №35

Michelle is unbelievable and a super caring mentor! Her relationship continues after school with many ideas and referrals. Dont go anywhere else without checking her out you would only be regretting the fact you hadnt.Thank you Michelle!!!

Review №36

If I could put 10 stars I would ! Awesome teacher, teaches exactly what is going to be on the test. Literally cares about every one of her students and takes the time out to make sure you understand the material. Definitely would want to take the course with the best and she’s the best !

Review №37

Service, Optimism and Passion by Michelle are second to none! You will leave with the knowledge and confidence to tackle the state exam.

Review №38

Loved this class and have complete confidence in taking my state exam. Michelle took alot of time to explain on go over all the material.

Review №39

This is the class to take if you want to become a real estate agent. Michelle delivers the material in a witty and engaging manner that left me excited to come to class. I followed her lead when studying and passed my test with confidence and ease I cannot express enough my gratitude to the wonderful teacher who wants you to succeed and strives to do her best Thank you Michelle

Review №40

My husband and I both took Michelle’s real estate course and loved it!!! She is super engaging and is an incredible teacher. We both passed the exam the first time taking it and felt very prepared. I highly recommend taking her course!!!

Review №41

I cannot say enough good about Michelles ability to teach. Kudos to her for her professional, organized, yet fun class.

Review №42

Before enrolling in Magnolia School of Real Estate I had no knowledge of how the real estate business worked. Michelle is one of the best instructors you will find and she empowers her students to succeed. Definitely one of the best schools to learn the trade.

Review №43

A wonderful class. Full of spirit that makes the learning fun/ retain ability.Would recommend this over any other!

Review №44

Michelle is a TOP NOTCH real estate instructor. Not only does she know the material inside and out, she truly cares about her students and their success!! I HIGHLY recommend her for anything thinking about getting into Real Estate!!!

Review №45

Absolutely amazing! It was fun, informative, detailed and Michelle is the best ever!!! I was looking for months and saw the 5 star reviews and now I know why. If I could give 10 stars I would.

Review №46

Had a fantastic experience working with a Michelle and Magnolia School of Real Estate. The team is knowledgeable and presents information in a fun, engaging way that makes it easy to grasp and remember. Highly recommend working with Michelle and her team!

Review №47

Michelle Earley was a very knowledgeable and informative instructor. She really knows her stuff! I would recommend Magnolia School of Real Estate to anyone who would be interested in Real Estate. Its very rare to find an instructor who has a passion and truly cares about the success of her students. I would give a 6th star if I could.

Review №48

Michelle really knows real estate and does a great job teaching it! I passed my state exam the first time after completing the course and prep class! You won’t regret taking her class!

Review №49

Michelle is the best in the biz! I took her online class and she was extremely supportive with the process and a great resource for any questions I had. Highly recommended!

Review №50

Michelle has turned a step out on faith decision enjoyably and exciting. I came in full of fear but Im leaving filled with hope.

Review №51

Amazing class. What a pleasure to take. What an organized and truly caring instructor. Michelle is amazing!

Review №52

Michelle is a great teacher. She knows her stuff. Easy to understand. Very Blessed to have found her school. Thank you.

Review №53

Amazing real estate school! We send all aspiring agents to Magnolia because Michelle is AMAZING at what she does! If you want to pass the exam, Magnolia is where you need to be!

Review №54

Great instructor for a great class. Non distracting for a great way of teaching with laughter, fun and knowledge. Really cares about her students.

Review №55

Cannot share enough, I have not taken a test in almost 50 years and when I did I struggled to pass everyone of them. Well on March the 30th I past her course and took the state test on April 1st at 9:45 in home, at 11:20 those words I know I would never see Congratulations on passing. I must tell you, I would have never past this test with any other instructor or school with Michelles style of teaching I could have been a heart surgeon. Thank you dose not express my appreciation

Review №56

I cant say enough great things about Michelle and her real estate course! She genuinely takes an interest in each student and makes it her mission to ensure each student understands the concepts and succeeds in her course. She is skilled at taking real estate concepts and distilling them down into easy to understand examples. Not to mention, she is very kind and makes everyone feel comfortable and welcome. I am extraordinarily grateful that I chose Magnolia for my pre licensing and I look forward to taking my post licensing with Magnolia as well. If you are looking for a real estate school, this is IT!

Review №57

What a great class. I Highly recommend this course.

Review №58

I recently finished the Associate Pre-License course with Michelle. She is one of the best teachers I have ever had in my life. Everyday was packed with information that prepared me for the state test. Michelle has a way of teaching the information that keeps you engaged along with making it fun in the process. If you want to prep for the real estate sales associate license test in Florida, do not go anywhere else. I can’t wait to schedule my test.

Review №59

I had a great experience going to Magnolia School of Real Estate. Michelle is an outstanding teacher with a lot of passion for what she does. She provides the best materials and cares a lot about the students. I passed my State exam and Im very happy. I highly recommend her school. Michelle Your are the Best!! thank you

Review №60

Michelle is one of the best instructors I have encountered, passionate about real estate teaching and understanding every aspect of the topics. She goes above and beyond to make sure all of her students succeed. This course is no joke and at times overwhelming, because of the amount of material that is covered, but Michelle’s teaching techniques will reinforce your confidence to pass the Florida state exam.

Review №61

Michelle is super sweet and bubbly! The curriculum is extremely targeted and effective. Would highly recommend!

Review №62

Michelle is an incredible person. Shes knows how to teach, what to teach, and is very personable! You will feel comfortable and confident in the classroom. She wants you to succeed!!! She knows great people in the real estate business which can help jump start your career. Great value, great experience, 100% recommend. Thanks again Michelle!

Review №63

I cannot say enough of the quality of instruction Michelle Early provides.This is outcome based education at its most professional. Michelle delivers concise meaningful information for successful learning and test taking for your Real Estate Associate Exam. Her teaching style is inclusive and addresses all types of learning. She is funny, engaging and on task. Not a moment is wasted. I had to wait two weeks until I could take the exam, so I took the review and sat in on the Sarasota class.Michelle is result driven and I passed the exam today with flying colors. I took it on line and am so delighted that I chose Magniolia Real Estate school. If you are looking to pass this exam with all the tools you need, Michelle is your path to success.

Review №64

Michele is amazing, her ability to convey the immense amount of information in a fun way sets her apart. She truly cares about each of her students success, and wants to be sure you feel completely comfortable with all the information

Review №65

Michelle goes above and beyond for her students! Great place to get your license!!!

Review №66

Michelle is an excellent instructor.

Review №67

Love Michelle she is absolutely the best teacher ever!!This School is the best!

Review №68

I took the 7 day class with Michelle and passed the FL Real estate exam immediately after the completion of the course. Michelle is an outstanding teacher and thoroughly covers all the required material to prepare you for the exam. I would describe her class as fun and the atmosphere was consistently upbeat.. Michelle’s charismatic personality, and style of teaching, facilitated the learning process which allowed me to pass my exam the first time. I would highly recommend taking this class to anyone who would like to pursue a career in real estate.

Review №69

I highly recommend Magnolia! I went into the class with no Real Estate Background and did not study a thing ahead of time and passed the class exam with a 99 and went on to pass my state test 2 days later!They will teach you exactly what you need to know and how to prepare so you can go into the state test relaxed. Here is the Super Secret on how to pass the class and your test...........JUST DO EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE TOLD YOU NEED TO DO IN CLASS!

Review №70

I was very pleased with the class content and format. What sold me on the course is that Michelle is a professional teacher first. Michelles understanding of teaching techniques and strategies is what sets her apart from other schools. I know this because I took the real estate test in the 1990s. I feel much better prepared for my upcoming test because of Michelles expertise!

Review №71

I had a great experience with the Pre-license sales associate course offered by Magnolia School of Real Estate! I took the class online from another state but Michelle made the interactive experience fun and exciting. There was a lot of material to learn in the 63 hour class but Michelle shined breaking down the material effortlessly. I highly recommend this class as I was able to pass my real estate test thanks to her detailed approach.

Review №72

This school is simply amazing!! Thank you Michelle as you are an awesome teacher! The classroom was very comfortable and convenient. I enjoyed every moment of my class time. One thing that I loved about this class was Michelle made sure there were no questions unanswered, at the end of the day we were all on the same page. The way the class was instructed was anything BUT boring, which made it fun to be educated and prepared for our test. I have been to other classes in the past and in comparison this is the ONLY class that I have taken where I felt comfortable and ready to take my final exam. So if anyone wants to start there career in real estate, choosing Magnolia will be a start in the right direction. Thanks again Michelle!!

Review №73

Magnolia School of Real Estate is terrific. The instruction that you get at this school will prepare you for a difficult state exam. Michelle really cares about her students and will spend extra time with each student, but also goes at a pace that will keep each student engaged. Great job!!

Review №74

Best place to get your education for lecensure!Michelle is knowledgeable and passionate about her teachings!

Review №75

Michelle is a particularly talented teacher. You can’t go wrong with MSRE!

Review №76

I recently completed the Associate Pre License class at the SRQ location. What a great experience! Kela was extremely helpful with my registration process and Michelle is a caring, passionate, and knowledgeable teacher! The class is fun, engaging and Michelle teaches exactly was you need to know to pass the class and State exam! There is no better place to start your career than, Magnolia School of Real Estate! Thank you Michelle! I am excited to start my new career!

Review №77

I did not have a clue about real estate, I mean I have never even purchased a home, so I learned from the bottom up about real estate through her. She’s amazing from the way she teaches her students, to the way she genuinely cares about your success. I definitely wouldn’t have passed my state exam on the first shot, if it wasn’t for her. Highly recommended, you won’t regret it!

Review №78

The best teacher ever!!!

Review №79

So happy that I have chose this school as a first time student who had zero knowledge about real estate in general! Thank you Michael for professionalism and all support I have learned so many things at that time. Highly recommend

Review №80

Michelle is simply an outstanding instructor. She has a unique ability to deliver sound content with an ease of understanding. Michelle made the course interesting, informative and fun. Michelle is truly passionate at what she does. Her genuine caring personality and her enthusiasm for helping others is extraordinary.

Review №81

Michelle is the greatest. She is always available for you and her grasp of the material on the state exam is second to none. Such a positive, caring, and enthusiastic instructor. If your looking to pass your Florida Real Estate Associate Exam, there is no other school to consider.

Review №82

If there were 10 stars i would probably give her 10.Michelle is a great teacher,awesome energy, very knowledgeable.The study material is so intense that if you dont have someone with these skills as a teacher you are doomed.No small talk in class,upbeat,keeps pushing you to succeed and if you follow her instructions there is no way that you will not pass your state !!!

Review №83

Magnolia School of Real Estate gives you a much higher chance of passing the state exam because their material is better than ANY material in Florida. The owner/instructor Michelle is passionate about her students getting their license and always goes the extra step. She meets with her students outside of the class and supports them completely! I HIGHLY recommend this school!!!

Review №84

UNBELIEVABLE!! There are teachers, and then there are TEACHERS. I was dreading sitting in a classroom learning what I was sure was going to be dry, boring material. I was so pleasantly surprised at the way Michelle immediately made the material relevant and actually kind of fun! She engages every learning style at the same time so nobody is left behind with any concept. Her remarkable teaching skills make the material VERY easy to understand and I actually felt ready to test the day class finished up! I HIGHLY recommend this school!!!

Review №85

Wouldn’t have been able to pass so quickly on the first time if it wasn’t for my partnership in education with Michelle. She makes learning the material fun and engaging. She is passionate about what she does and it shows in how well her students know the material and pass the exam!

Review №86

The 63 hour course contains so much information to process and if you want to pass the extremely difficult state exam it is absolutely crucial to take the 63 hour course at an excellent school with an excellent instructor; Magnolia School of Real Estate is as good as it gets. Michelle is patient, intelligent and supportive. She truly cares about her students and she will get you through it all with flying colors. She presents the material in a manner that is readily absorbed and retained. She makes learning fun and makes you feel excited to go to class. There are so many real estate schools to choose from, make sure you follow the right path and go to Magnolia School of Real Estate!!

Review №87

5 stars and then some! The Magnolia School of Real Estate will provide you with all of essential tools and techniques you need to get started in your real estate career. The owner/instructor Michelle, is extremely knowledge, captivating, and personable. Not only is she your instructor, she quickly becomes your best study buddy. I feel completely and 100% prepared to pass my State Exam thanks to Michelle!

Review №88

Michelle is the absolute best! I took Ed Klofer schooling before and had a difficult time obtaining the knowledge needed for the test. The way Michelle teaches makes it SO much more obtainable. I am now walking into my test room MUCH more confident. Thank you SO much Michelle. You are truly a life saver!! ❤️

Review №89

Decided to get my Florida Real Estate License and began looking for a school to take my class. Considered online class, then looked at physical schools near me. Found Magnolia School of Real Estate then compared her student reviews with the was a no brainer for me. Magnolia School stood out above and beyond. Just finished the course and found I made the right choice. Instructor/Owner Michelle was by far the BEST instructor I have ever had to learn the information needed. I feel so confident that I could walk in and pass the state exam with no problem. She makes sure you know the material and is there if you need the extra help with ANYTHING. Very passionate, professional, easy to follow and understand. Thank you so Much Michelle! I would HIGHLY recommend MAGNOLIA School of Real Estate to anyone who asks.

Review №90

Michelle is absolutely amazing! Because of her, I was able to get a 98% on my local exam and I feel super prepared for state when I take it soon. She is really a great teacher, its obvious about what she is super passionate about what she does. She really cares about her students. Ive taken a class at another really well known school in Port Charlotte, and personally, I would refer Michelle (Magnolia School of Real Easter) any day. In fact, I referred my husband to her and he also got high score (97). Definitely recommend!

Review №91

Michelle is a great instructor..

Review №92

Michelle was the best! She keeps you engaged and focused on what needs to be done everyday! Two weeks after my last class I am headed to my office to start training in my new career....Thanks to Michelle and the Magnolia School of Real Estate

Review №93

Very good

Review №94

Great school !!! I highly recommend them. The instructor is so Knowledgeable . If it wasn’t for her I never would’ve past my test . Don’t waste your time going to anther school.

Review №95

I highly Highly recommend Magnolia School of Real Estate!!! This is the place where you get comfortable with something that is completely new to you. Michelle is Amazing at what she does! She’s straight to the point with the information that you NEED for the state exam. Magnolia School of Real Estate is where you’d want your carrier to begin!

Review №96

Michelle is absolutely amazing! Because of her, I feel super prepared for state when I take it next month!!!! She is really a great teacher, its obvious she is super passionate about what she does. She really cares about her students. Magnolia School of Real Estate Is the place to go if you want to pass your state exam !!! Definitely recommend!

Review №97

Michelle is a really great teacher. So knowledgeable and enthusiastic!! I would definitely recommend her to anyone! Great classroom environment to learn in and she has such fun teaching methods.

Review №98

Excellent school! Worth every penny and more!! Do not hesitate to go to this school!!!

Review №99

Hard to find another real estate school like this one. Recently been to the one in Port Charlotte. I live in Sarasota. Michelle is the best instructor!

Review №100

I LOVED this class! Michelle is a knowledgeable educator. Easy to follow her program. Coverage of topic was complete and she made it easy to retain information with her tips.

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