Sassoon Academy - Santa Monica
321 Santa Monica Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90401, United States
Sassoon Academy - Santa Monica

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I had an amazing experience at this school after a dreadful experience at Paul Mitchell the school San Diego. When you graduate, there is wine and champagne to celebrate. I loved my instructors here too.

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In regards to the academy it is theee best hands down. All other hair schools are just as expensive if not more! This academy is more professional than any other out there! Here you will learn to do hair the right way! It was exciting to go everyday when I went and my daughter went in 2015 and she loved it too! I recommend checking this school out even if you don’t plan to go and You will see the difference. Many people like going to the best University for their education, why not the best Cosmetology school? Vidal Sassoon Academy is the best education in hair that you will get!

Review №3

Best academy for education. I took ABC men and it was amazing!

Review №4

Thought vidal Sassoon was all about using the natural hair texture...instead I am advised to used hairspray and tons of product to tease my hair even though I specifically said I wanted a wash and wear style.

Review №5

I had an INCREDIBLE experience with Chris when I went in this week for a cut. After years of shying away from getting a professional haircut (mostly because of bad experiences), I took the leap of faith in coming here and am so glad I did. My hair was all grown out and dry, in desperate need of some serious attention and care. Chris and I talked before about how much to cut as well as what style would work best with my hair to keep it at it’s strongest. I even trusted him with giving me bangs, and they’re perfect. It felt as though he was treating my hair as a work of art with his attention to detail and consideration of my wants and concerns. I cannot wait to go back and adamantly advise anyone who is considering to GO and if you can, get with Chris Ace! I can’t remember the last time my hair looked and felt this healthy and amazing. Thank you so much.

Review №6

If you can be patient, you can get a great cut or color at an amazing price. Also see site for seasonal specials. It gets four stars because you can be there for hrs. Parking available near by. They do not validate.

Review №7

Been coming here to get edgy cuts for 20 years! These arent your typical students. They have already graduated from cosmetology school and are at this school to learn The Sassoon Way so I feel the cuts are much better. Plus you cant beat the price.

Review №8

My cut was awful, i left w much more hair on one side of my head after communicating w the hair stylist who was too busy talking the whole time n barely cutting (even tho the cut took over 2 hrs) only cutting on ONE SIDE of my head. it was so bizarre. even when i mentioned the other side needed to be cut too. complete waste of time

Review №9

I just got back to Chicago after taking the 5 day ABC course from Cole, Leo, Tracy and Karen....AMAZING class and a great Santa Monica location!!! Thank you all for the experience that I and some of our staff were able to experience with you. We loved the education, the atmosphere, the humor, and the models. I am certain that you will be seeing more team members from the Gordon Salons!

Review №10

Have been coming to the academy for hair color for almost a year had the worst experience with the color blind instructor Camila! She instructor the student with color code but when job was done my roots color was totally different from what I had and when I complained both the student and instructor kept saying NO, this is perfect! Sure enough everyone else noticed it! saw the student outside she was apologizing, saying next time will take care of it! BUT THAT WAS MY LAST VISIT TO THE ACADEMY

Review №11

If You Dont Look Good, We Dont Look Good! Vidal Sassoon!I really enjoyed the hair cutting services presented to me by the Sassoon Academy.I have been trying to be their hair cutting model for years and the perseverance finally paid off!I made an appointment last week and was finally seen today being Thursday, October 20th, 2016.The academy has been around in the Santa Monica area for the past 15 years and is becoming bigger and better! They operate several floors and teach only the best in hair design and instruction and are always in the need for models who are more than willing to let their students practice their top hair cutting skills on them such as myself.When I arrived, I was greeted by Karim who is their Receptionist and then I met with Dwight who is their North American Show And Event Coordinator who answered a lot of my questions and gave me a fantastic tour later on.Very soon, I got to meet Kelsey, my hair stylist who has been cutting hair back east for the past 3-4 years who was being supervised by Matthew, her instructor who has been with the Sassoon Academy for the past three (3) years.My overall experience for the 2.5 hours was Excellent and I enjoyed every minute of it including the long conversations that I had with my stylist during my visit.I also ended up getting a Fantastic Fade Haircut and was very Satisfied with the results.I more than Highly Recommend the Sassoon Academy to anyone looking for a Great Haircut or to anyone looking for a Great Hair Cutting School To Study At.Thank you.Sincerely yours,Howard Paul ShoreHair Model/HPS

Review №12

If I could I would give them 00000000 I mean ZEROOOOOOOO stars and 10 black holes instead. It was the most horrible haircut experience ever.If your time and dignity are important for you and on top of that your look, dont even think about this LETHAL (hair) ASSASSIN academy. 4 hours AWFUL haircut in old and primitive method by inexperienced students makes you feel like youd like to commit suicide. Lets make the long story short, your grandmother or even your 10 year old grand kid can do this job much more better and faster.

Review №13

I got a nice professional haircut for bupkes... good deal .. professional stylists learning the Sassoon way.... worth it..

Review №14

Been coming here for almost ten years. Great haircuts and very professional.

Review №15

Not only did staff ban a hearing impaired perosn for being disabled, they have deleted the young ladys review and photo.

Review №16

They are so good and friendly . Since 5 years ago I never go anywhere else .

Review №17

Everyone there is always so nice.

Review №18

I am a very experienced, local, and happy client of the Sassoon ACADEMY. I have been getting my hair serviced here for about 3 years now, Ive never had a bad experience because Im understanding that Im being serviced by STUDENTS OVERSEEN BY A PROFESSIONAL. For those unhappy with their services at the Sassoon ACADEMY, please keep in mind before you get serviced you sign a waiver first line stating I am fully aware that the Sassoon Academy is a school of cosmetology; that the operators/ students at the Academy are in the process of receiving instruction and training and are not yet skilled, trained persons; that the operators/students may not yet be licensed... Mid way through the release of liability waiver, we also agree to “ Voluntarily and expressly elect to assume all risks ( including, but not limited to, the risk of personal injury, property damage, and emotional distress)..”You are informed about the 15 minute grace period if you’re courteous enough to call ahead of time letting them know you will be late, as well as when you book the appointment. This is not a new phenomenon to any place you book an appointment, you’re given a 10-15 minute place hold, and after that the appointment is lost.The service takes about 2 and a half to 3 hours because the students ( anywhere from 2 to 10) are overseen by an instructor from start to finish.There is parking nearby; structure parking is an hour and a half free, then youre charged $1.85 for every 30 minutes after. For A DAY at the promenade you will pay $17.50, however, if youre being serviced the academy, you will be paying about $5.00 for parking. If you prefer free parking, that would be around California and 4th (North) or Pico and 4th (South).What did you expect when you volunteer being serviced by an ACADEMY. If these services do not work with you guys, then try not booking with an ACADEMY.

Review №19

Beutiful the teacher Randell his so a Hairstylist for so long time, think u know everything...wrong...always go for the best and with the best and u have to learn more and more.❤❤❤

Review №20

Always great, might take time because it is a class of professionals, but you get a great hairstyle

Review №21

YIKES. Looking forward to rejoining society in 6 months to a year.

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Thankyou Nathan for your great teacher skills and and professional service all students need a patient teacher and talented in any task had a long day getting my hair cut but im very happy with the results thanks max 💇 enjoy your journey

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This is the best hair academy in the world.

Review №24

Glad I like hats and scarves. look like Im recovering from chemotherapy.

Review №25

Great reception team!!

Review №26

Terrible experience! Just say no to Sassoon. Academy!

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A great experience

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The bad

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