Bosch Bahai School
500 Comstock Ln, Santa Cruz, CA 95060, United States
Bosch Bahai School

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The Bosch Bahai School and Center is a marvelous spot for any kind of group overnight retreat or celebration. The winterized cabins are cozy and comfortable, sleeping from one to four people, each with its own bathroom. The food is simple and fresh, prepared and served with love. Up to date meeting spaces with flexible seating and the capacity to amplify recorded or live sound, video and film, support a wide variety of presentations. Most of all, the natural and human environments will support you body and soul, from the inspiring redwood cathedral and forest trails with ocean views to the friendly and supportive attitude of the staff, there to serve your needs with good will and kindness. A simple and beautiful venue.

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We been to Bosch many times. We save money all year long for our family to go in the family session. The school is astonish and our kids beg us to go back. My wife and I we dont have any other vacations that to go to Bosch. The food is outstanding and sleeping in the cozy cabins as family has not equal experience. Our kids are building up a friendship with other Bahai kids. Its a miracle to see our kids close to nature and spend time with other children in an environment free of foul language and violence.Why Bosch school is an breathtaking environment for the whole family?Simple and direct answer, is the Spirit of Bahaullah that exist and reign in that place.It hard to explain, just come and walk under the gigantic trees and you will feel this experience.with love,Marcelo A. Palmieri

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Being at bosch is the best feeling like a getaway from social media and other distractions and helps you and others build each other up and learn new things its an amazing place to look around and meet new friends and to see others frok different places that come together to share thoughts the cabins are sweet too and the food is amazing

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Such a beautiful place and a wonderful space for spiritual growth

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Its very Spiritual and Uplifting environment. Its very centralized but soon the whole world would experience such an environment everywhere.For people who dont understand, its similar to a retreat but its far more meaningful than that. This place is open not just for Baháís but for everyone. There are weekly programs with important social issues and also, there are seminars for undergraduates to explore their society with a unique lens, and to detect with particular qualities and attitudes, how our surroundings are influencing us such that we dont fall captives to lifes relentless misery, oppression and or manipulation.Please join for one of the programs you can search online Bosch Baháí School events.Thanks,Sarv

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I love it sooooo much and it is safe and clean...

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Wonderful place.

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