Windemere Ranch Middle School
11611 E Branch Pkwy, San Ramon, CA 94582, United States
Windemere Ranch Middle School

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I went to this school for sixth grade last year! The teachers were on average, very nice to the students (actually, it really depends on how you behave), and my classmates were fun to work with. I also made a lot of new friends, so that helped me survive. (I was originally going to go to Gale, but I moved so, now I go to Windemere.)I know a lot of people say that there is a lot of work, and stuff at this school, and to be truthful, its true, but I think its worth it in the end. I actually really enjoyed many of the fun projects we did!Although, if you really want to get good grades, you have to work extra hard in organization and time management, and I think these skills are extra important to grow for the future.Actually, Im pretty excited for the new school year, and I cant wait to go back to school! (Please dont think Im crazy. . .)For all those people going to Gale, Im sure its a great place too! Most of my old friends from elementary go to Gale, and they all enjoy it there. I seriously dont understand why there is so much competition between the two schools.So overall, I think that Windemere is a great place, and I give it 5 stars!

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Windermere Ranch has been a great learning experience for me. I love that the staff and students are so loving and caring. It has brought up my learning and has been very cooperative in hard. The office staff is kind and sweet.The only problem I have had is some teachers havent been very good with independent studies. Other than that it is perfect.I highly recommend going there.

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Windemere Ranch Middle School, in all honesty, has its own flaws and its own brilliant facets. However, as someone who experienced this school for themselves as a student, I can tell you that Windemere is a beautiful area.The teachers are incredibly kind, and they are willing to take the next step for the kids greater wellbeing. The campus is beautiful, with barely any trash. The educational value is clearly proven through our accomplishment of a Blue Ribbon Award.Windemere is a wonderful school and I hope everyone who wants to chose a prospective school will come here. Go Falcons!

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I really like Windemere Ranch Middle School. I think it is a great school and you will probably learn a lot under the teachers. They are kind and are really willing to help you with anything you need. The office staff are also very good people

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This school is one I currently go to. Let me just say the whole staff is super loving and caring about their students and really want to help them succeed.HIGHLY RECCOMEND COMING HERE FALCONS RULE! WOOOO

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Sucks. Life sucks there. GRMS is better. My friends have experience there and explain it as the worst years of their life. I dont know why but I heard the school sucks. GRMS is a better school to go to.

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I love this school. The teachers are mostly nice. I had a great experience at this school.

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This school is great, everyone here is cool n stuff, i love it and have nothing bad to say about it, EVERYONE go to this, it is great and awesome and i love it so much, kappa

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I used to go to Windemere Ranch. I LOVED it there. Now I am in high school. Heres the thing... BOTH grms and wrms are GREAT schools but they just have different strong points.I hope all you immature kids who are coming from grms to trash on wrms AND you immature kids from wrms going to trash on grms, will begin to realize that yall will end up at the same high school and will probably make friends from the other school....At that point in life it WILL NOT MATTER which school you came from or was better...(to the people who ACTUALLY went to wrms, wrote an honest review, and truly dont like it as a school, I respect your opinion)

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Windemere is a really fun school and its really friendly ^ ^ (plus we have a blue ribbon award which is still more than GRMS can say)

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Grms is better than wrms i totally agree with jared tyler

Review №12

The schul is kenda gud. 10/10 IGN rating, Gaben says so.

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I go to WRMS and there is nothing wrong with it. I think people should just mind their own school business and not care about anyone elses school. Everybody loves their own schooll so why fight about it and write mean comments on each other.

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This school has great education and all the classes that you would want to take. We have tons on classes like Spanish, living skills, band, speech and debate, etc. Those are just some of the few cool classes your can join here at WRMS. This school is a great place to make new friends as well. WRMS is a clean environment. The teacher are friendly and can help you out, you just have to ask for help. WRMS has also won the National blue ribbon. Over all this school is great to go to and has great education. Hope you enjoytime at Windemere Ranch Middle School. see you later :)

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This is a great school. The best district in the state!

Review №16

Dont know this school but I think its good

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GRMS is so much BETTER than this schoolOur school actually has good stuff.

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Ive moved around a lot, but never have I encountered a school like Windemere, the teachers are fantastic and often help those who need it. The entire school is clean, neat and gives a positive attitude. While Windemere may not be particularly intrested in sports, it is a competitive school in academics. Grades are high and test are easy if you study, and teacher are always there to help. Please escuse WRMS terrible attitude to GRMS, but mind you they arent much better off. I suppose the rivalry of the schools will continue by the generations, even though they will be in the same high school were the rivalry is against DVHS and Cal High.

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Im pretty sure Ive seen some people here posting comments about how heavenly this school is on the GRMS wall talking trash about it. Look at this, and some say on the GRMS wall Kids are immature for going onto the WRMS wall of reviews and posting trash about WRMS. And yet you post bad things about GRMS. Dope

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To All WRMS and GRMS,There is a rivalry going on between the schools. That I understand. But the way that we are treating each other is unacceptable. I know that our schools are competing against each other, but thats just for fun. Some GRMS people have a nerve to come to talk to us WRMS kids like that. But to all WRMS, if you do the same thing that a mean person does to you, that makes you just like that person. So dont do that. If we are a good school, then show it, make sure that our school and staff are proud to have mature and bright students in our school.Also, honestly only give ratings if you actually are saying something meaningful and true. Otherwise, dont say anything.Thanks for you time.

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Its a great school ok?! and for the students of grms, we arents saying your school sucks, its just that wrms is a lot better :)

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If you students believe that I am wholeheartedly on the side of WRMS, you are mistaken. WRMS is a good school, but all students without proper internet etiquette are making both WRMS and GRMS look bad. The reviews on the schools are almost completely pointless. Either the ratings have no factual explanations, or they are just filled with unnecessary spam on which is the better school. I definitely notice the good ratings on both schools, stating facts on why the school is bad/good, or even their own personal experience. This is highly appreciated as these types of reviews change the perspective of one entering either school. As I personally go to WRMS, I definitely acknowledge GRMS, as they are bound to have their own flaws and advantages compared to us. But i am here to address that I am disappointed with the students, not just from GRMS, but mostly from WRMS.I am highly disappointed with WRMS. I comply that GRMS has been writing bad reviews to make our ratings go down, and for absolutely no reason. But that make them look bad, it makes them look like they are trying to ruin the schools name by submitting false and demeaning comments about this school. But what makes me more disappointed, is that we retaliate, making us look worse. There is no constructive or passive criticism, just aggressive and defensive criticism. We are the face of our schools dignity, we are the ones writing the reviews for the outsiders to look at and decide whether our school is worthy of having their child admitted in. Making ourselves look bad by submitting spam and hate comments to make our school average rating go down, makes both us and GRMS lose our honor. As many would think that GRMS is the enemy, if you would take the time to see what we have done to their page, you would certainly reconsider. Out of 39 of their reviews, 14 are 1 Star. 6/14 have no description and 7/14 are pointless and are filled with spam, hate, or rated 1 star for retaliation. What disappoints me most, is that only 1/14 1 star reviews are meaningful and have reason backing it up. This is a violation of the responsibilities being abdicated to us by admins. We have the choice of helping people think of how good or bad the school is. If we manipulate this responsibility, then it will make us all look bad. Do a favor, and stop this rivalry. We will help one another by staying united and cooperative, and help the district.Now, I will explain my personal experience with WRMS. The students are great and have mostly nice attitudes toward one another. We always help each other when we are in trouble. I am personally a WRMS student for all of middle school, but I bet GRMS is a good school too. The staff is great and passionate about our experience at the school. The reason I rate it 4, is because some of the teachers are prejudiced to their students. Some teachers are sexist, and prefer girls over boys. Other than these flaws, WRMS is overall a great school and provides a great learning experience. I believe, though GRMS might have their flaws, they also have their unique strengths that cannot be replicated by others. I believe they are both admittable schools, as they are both decent schools for a good learning curriculum.Thank You for your time

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I dont know what i am doing but I heard that the have a lot of Carbon dioxide and i mean a lot of Carbon dioxide

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No offence, I hate WRMS cuz its 2 strict. But whatev. But these toxic people tho. D: Just 2 salty for me T-T

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People! WRMS is a great school! Let the GRMS trolls in! Their just h8ters. Also were not better! I saw waaaaaay more h8te on GRMS than WRMS so CALM DONE. God people...if were better than why did you let them troll us! Geez! Also Im from WRMS. Hi

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Wrms is a fun an awesome school. plus GRMS students just write these stuff because they want WRMS to have a lower rating. But I dont get why. I mean parents can go to websites and check so they know about the schools and when they read the reviews they will think we are just rival schools nothing else. They will know that WRMS is a NATIONAL blue ribbon school. students work really hard to get good grades and it is not funny to make fun of our school so STOP! But i think that gale ranch is a great school but so is windemere. All schools are unique in their own way so stop saying windemere sucks.

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At least WRMS has a rating. (heh GRMS dont)Sorry for being mean, but GRMS students are making WRMS sound bad. Please dont do that.

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My expiriance at wrms was awsome the teacher help you when you need help

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Apparently you guys have told your students to leave bad reviews on grms? grms didnt do that to you

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Gryphons eat birds:) good luck dying

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I dont go to windmer but have heard it is good school.And it does not mattter which school is the best there but the same .

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Except for the school, the teachers, the staff, the students, the lunches, the education, the classes, events and after-school clubs, anything else (the wasps) is bad.

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The staff and the principles were very good.

Review №35

Bro the balloons always fly away tie the strings tighter them balloons be expensive

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1 star is too high for this schoolWho are you person who called me out?Stalker

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This is because I never liked the change of curriculum and tutorial. Also I never liked the fact that we have to use extra time to take a test for accelerated algebra

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If you change the r in windemere to m it will become windememe ranch middle school

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Im asian and I feel offended in this school

Review №40

Aryam chazel is a big savage

Review №41

Im from grms so I hate wrms

Review №42

I dont love wrms but its ok

Review №43

Whats up okay school Grms is better

Review №44

Wrms is a great school with great teachers and a great campus.

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This place sucks balls. I go here and It is like hell

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Way better than GRMS they suck compared to this.

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Itz gud

Review №49

I want to give my teacher a hug

Review №50

I put one star, because you cant post a review with -5 stars.

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WRMS is very good.

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Stop 1 starring us you do it, we retaliate. ~=[,,_,,]:3

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Issa good school

Review №55

The reason my experience at Windemere was bad because of the extra competition and the hatred between students.

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Wrms is a great school

Review №57

Best school ever!

Review №58

Place is awesome.

Review №59

Wrms is our dire rival

Review №60

Wimdemere ranch is an okay school

Review №61

Best school ever

Review №62

My daughter goes there

Review №63

I dont feel welcome

Review №64

Really good school

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Review №66

.-. I dont really like it.

Review №67

The best

Review №68

My bestie is a germ

Review №69

Epic school of kids!

Review №70

My names Jeff

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Review №72

Just.. No.

Review №73

BEST SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BETTER THAN THOSE DRUNK GRMS

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