99 Cents Only Stores
699 Lewelling Blvd #50, San Leandro, CA 94578, United States
99 Cents Only Stores

Review №1

The name is falsely advertising. This was the first time Ive been to this store since the beginning of the pandemic.Prices range from $.99 to $19.99. Before the pandemic it was $.99 only and now its ridiculous! Some of the same items can be found at Dollar Tree for $1 still.I dont think Ill be back.

Review №2

Great store had almost everything I needed to make homemade great store had almost everything I needed to make homemade clam chowder

Review №3

Big and has a lot stuff but they need to do cleaning more often

Review №4

Im happy to see the shelves well stocked and they carry more brand items. The off-brand items are very tasty and Ive made repeated trip just to pick up those items! Produce needs to be a tad bit more fresh. Overall: good, dependable essentials store👍🏻.

Review №5

Custumer service is good and all you need

Review №6

Price on groceries and general household goods are reasonable, below super markets. A good selection of bread products and very good prices. Due to current environment, there is a short of product selections, ie., ceramic products, cups bowls dishes etc.,I found vinegar was out of stock. Store is still Best, not crowded.....there were 25+ customers. Bottom line price is reasonable even on products over 99 cents. My most expansive item was $3.99.All products over 99 cents has a price tag on them.

Review №7

99 cents store in San Leandro, Ca. My favorite store!! They have a full grocery section including fresh produce. One stop shop. Love their party supplies, seasonal decos, art projects supplies lots more! You have to look in every aisle! Great staff friendly & helpful!Must go there but leave your money in the car!! Lol Fun store

Review №8

Not enough carts but it was a good place.

Review №9

Busy, friendly staff, not the cleanest looking place, the larger size store with veggies and fresh fruit, pretty well stocked and ample parking

Review №10

Very kind checkout staff and awesome low prices as always.

Review №11

This place is starting to look like the Party Supplies store. They stopped selling Chips, Sodas, and Candy. Theres no reason for me to go there anymore.

Review №12

Very easy to get to via bus since theres a buss top right in front of it. Lots of variety, too. Overall a great place to go if youre right on cash.

Review №13

My first time there good experience well stock cashier was very nice I will be going back there now good parking the only thing was they didnt have enough cashiers I was there midday they needed at least for cashiers I am handicapped standing in a long line was not the best but other than that nice place

Review №14

I love shopping here. The employees are very nice.

Review №15

Was a pleasant shopping experience, the cashier was very nice and friendly 😷😍😇

Review №16

Great choices for groceries

Review №17

My daughter heard a cashier say in spanish when we walked in Black people just walked watch them, They need to be aware the some people are multilingual.If a Latinx employee thinks that a black mother and daughter are going to shoplift or something then they dont need to work there. But lessoned learned we wont be going back.

Review №18

I love the 99 cent only stores.. they always have the best deals on everything... the cashier was a very nice guy at this location.. I always go here for my Dove soap, way cheaper than anywhere else..

Review №19

This store has alot of different products, great deals and friendly service. Check it out

Review №20

I don’t know if I could ever live without the $.99 cent store! This store provides me with everything that I need from groceries to produce to kitchen gadgets...all for $.99 each. And as Disabled person and with a fixed limited income, I always go here before anywhere else and their goods are great for practicality. Sure, you could go to Walmart but it’s not $.99 cents anymore and you’ll surely spend a lot more! A Large bag of popcorn is $8.00 in the theaters while it’s $1.00 here...same size same volume. Why go anywhere else!?

Review №21

I was amazed to see that everything really was 99 cents! Except for the fragrant oil diffuser in the air freshener aisle. It was $2.99. Must have been a spoof.

Review №22

Good store they have things that other 99 Cent Store dont have

Review №23

Its always busy and not enough cashiers. Other than that you can find good buys here if you go early enough. I like their pet items and holiday stuff.

Review №24

So much fun. Lots of fresh produce dairy. Party picnic seasonal decor. Not 99cents anymore. Many items over that but still reasonable. No name brands for paper but office supplies cards good. Sry to report.. this is not a Covid safe store. Lots of Customers do not observe distancing or wear the OBLIGATORY MASKS INTO store and then pull them down when in the store. Lines can be very long and standing there for a long time is not healthy. I will not go in if I see it so crowded. Time of day and day of week makes all the difference. Be safe

Review №25

Lots of stuffs to buy which can add up the cost even though 99 % is .99 cents, but I LOVE IT!

Review №26

This store is now 99 cents & more..They now have many items over 99 cents ..but still worth the price!!!

Review №27

Selection not as good as it usually is, but they had what I needed.

Review №28

Business hours for Seniors Only: Tues & Thurs 7:00 am - 7:59 am

Review №29

Ok people this is a very busy store to say the least my favorite part is you never know what kind of GREAT find you may come across and they touch on a little bit if everything from fresh produce to can goods, bread, dairy, meats, then you have a little seasonal merchandise, toys, school/art supplies, pet food, car care, house hold goods like laundry and cleaning supplies, brooms and mops candles, frames, party supplies, cards, cups, mugs, plates, storage containers its a little bit of everything and the fun of it is that each store is just a little bit different so if your headed this way be prepared for a crowd and look out for super GREAT DEALS on all sorts of things on a shoestring budget.

Review №30

99 was actually decent today. Not crowded no long wait in line. Pretty much in and out

Review №31

I really like this store they have a lot of food

Review №32

Lots of fresh veggies and a range of eclectic household items. Friendly staff. Long wait in lines at times due to not many available cashiers. Has almost everything youll need.

Review №33

Lots of stock, low prices, and quick check out.

Review №34

At night it gets crazy packed. allot of great items. does have beer and wine here. I have found most of the things I use here. and the staff is nice. never have a problem except the long lines at the register.

Review №35

Cant beat their Price!

Review №36

Short lines! In and out quickly!

Review №37

Good variety of items.

Review №38

Alot of variety and quick checkout.

Review №39

This one is a bit better than the one on Mission Blvd. Its a bit more organized and usually well staffed. But you do need to know your best time to go, otherwise the wait in line can get very long... sometimes up to a half hour waiting in line. I realized the worst time is between 11:30am-1:00pm.. and 5:30-7:00pm.. But you can get lucky. Speaking of luck, there are a variety of items that will suit what youre looking for. And sometimes, you can get lucky and find an item for a much cheaper price than outside. Like Triscuits, Bumblebee Tuna, Cauliflower. Once they had All Beef Oscar Meyer hot dogs that sells for $4.50 for 99cents & not expiring for another 2mos! Check it out and see what luck youll have. Good luck!

Review №40

Large store with great prices on food, personal and household items. Checking out can be slow.

Review №41

This is one of my favorite bargain stores. I shop here for my fruits, vegetables, and snacks. I carefully look through and examine the fruits and vegetables and if theyre good, Im a happy camper. This beats shopping at the large food stores, plus I save money.

Review №42

I find most of the things that I need. I love it but I have gone in the morning and there is a bunch of ladies by the doors where they get things out to restock and they good things that are name brand are taken away right away by them. You cannot pass through them you need to go around cause is caos when you try to go there to see if you get anything at all! One time this lady got mad when I saw a name brand juice and try to get it saying “that’s mine” those people are rude so beware of them. So if you want to avoid them then don’t go early in the morning. About the long lines yes they’re long during 11:30-12:30 or 1 o’clock. But after that no long lines. Never been in the evening so I cannot say how is it in the evening.

Review №43

TO much people and not enough cashiers, I have waiting 30 minutes to pay some items.

Review №44

Its a 99 cent store-lower your expectations for service. This store has phenomenal offerings for the price and Im always pleased to find hidden gems here. There are some staple items always available but they have a good selection of things that make a one time appearance --if you like it, get it because it might not be there next time!

Review №45

Clean lots of variety could have used more cashiers for the morning

Review №46

Very cheap/helpful items for a good price

Review №47

I find what Im looking for but hate the long lines to check out my stuff.

Review №48

Good place for bargain items, and groceries. It can get crowded. It took some patience to walk the isles and wait in line!

Review №49

Very cheap, good value. Our cashier Ricardo was very nice and served us with great attitude 👍👍👍

Review №50

I come here all the time to stack up on food & supplies for my house. This truly is The Survivers Store. Has everything you NEED & more. 🤗🤗👍👍👍👍

Review №51

This is the largest and best stocked $1 store of any name. They dont have everything (I still go to other $1 stores) but I buy the most from here and can usually find what Im looking for here. And usually its cheaper here (you may get a 4 pack instead of a 3 pack of something). Im occasionally amazed at what you can get for $1. It can get long lines after work hours.

Review №52

Lots of products are 99 cents and some are $1.99. Some products are reasonably priced and worth your money. Theres lots of fruits and vegetables are in good deals, the produces tend to go bad in few days or within a week, so eat them right away or in few days after purchase l.

Review №53

This place is good to purchase food reasonably but, look at how filthy their baskets are.

Review №54

Great value

Review №55

It is exactly what you would expect. If you find things that you like or want, it is a good deal. They have a pretty big variety of items, and the items are always different.

Review №56

Low price, decent stuffs. If you are low in budget, try this place you may find some good deals.

Review №57

Polite staff! And really good deals in fresh fruit/veggies! Its constantly being restocked as well! Today I pick up Odwalla blueberrie smoothies and califia almond latte coffee drink! Fantastic deals 👏 ...

Review №58

Convenient place to shop with great products, still the line is always long with only two cashiers open... could done better.

Review №59

I come here with my Grandma at least twice a week very convenient and find cute things she might like

Review №60

This place is huge i loved this place they have everything even my husbands beer miller lite👌

Review №61

Long lines waiting, only 2 cashregisters open, cashiers with attitudes, no,no,no absolutely the worst 99 c store ever.etc...

Review №62

People honest. This place is a negative. Im poor too. Still dislike the place

Review №63

Busy and few staff working

Review №64

There was a longer wait time to get to the register for a Saturday;I was able to find a few things i needed and get out of the holiday rush.

Review №65

Great place for home work and personal items

Review №66

Interesting place has a lot of stuff youre able to buy groceries. Must keep in mind everything is not 99 Cents Only.

Review №67

Best place for salads. Best place for aot of things actually...

Review №68

Good selection of dollar items, although many are now more than $1

Review №69

Just best deal you can find on some items...I made a nice cake for under $3.27cents total. White with funfetti frosting . Have a good day.

Review №70

Like any place else its always a line to get out of the place of course the prices are good at the Dollar Tree decent folks

Review №71

Minimum is 99 cents to higher.

Review №72

Great first stop befor grocery shopping, great bargains! Love Love

Review №73

Good store. Much better than the one in Berkeley.

Review №74

The early you go to the 99 Cents Only Store, the better the selection.; and in particular the fresh produce.

Review №75

Great selections, keeps you on your toes, never know what is in store, but you do get what you pay for most of the time.

Review №76

You can find a lot good but sometimes time the checkout lines are long

Review №77

Great store with name brand items at a great price .And I love the fact the store carries fresh fruits and veggies. I think its better than the dollar tree.

Review №78

I purchased the items I needed and the cashier was very nice.

Review №79

Havent been there in a while the store was Stock and found a lot of Interesting items At a reasonable price Besides the items for 99 cents Staff were very helpful very friendly have to go back soon.

Review №80

Good store when youre on a budget. Even has some edible food items...

Review №81

Location easy to get to .Theres plenty of room in the isles, Great deals ! Todays fresh strawberries were in Top condition ! Freindly nd helpfull employees ! Restrooms need Upgrading !

Review №82

They have very good price and fresh vegetables in the early morning.

Review №83

Wide selection of great values from food to household cleaners.

Review №84

Always a pleasant visit, if slightly unpredictable. But never being quite certain about what will be available is part of the fun.

Review №85

I love the staff theyre warm welcoming and helpful

Review №86

Most things are $.99. They do have some item more expensive

Review №87

Friendly Employees. Things were out of place, unkempt. But hey, this is the 99 cent store. Plenty of parking. They do have things that are more than $.99, but mostly they try to keep the pricing down.

Review №88

No quick check out lane, can be crowded and check outs slow. Even though parking lot is large, getting in and out of this shopping center not easy.2015 update: They re-arranged the isles two short blocks is now columns of long blocks, this forces you to walk through the store more, they probably learned it from Ikea, so even though you are looking for 2 specific items, you gotta do your WALKING, what a waste of my time. Men-in-a-hurry got better things to do will hate it.

Review №89

Found what i needed

Review №90

The staff, even though they are visibly overwhelmed, still had smokes and pleasant attitudes towards customers. It is always a pleasure coming here.

Review №91

Great selection very very busy few working cashiers.

Review №92

I love the variety in merchandise, the customer service, and the affordable pricing

Review №93

It is good place for poor people more nicer then Walmart

Review №94

Good selection of goods plus great produce.

Review №95

Has many quality name brand products

Review №96

Shelves are bare not as much selection as in the past not many shopping carts seems like its on the verge of going out of business

Review №97

I love this store but the lines are always long

Review №98

Theres never enough cashiers working. The lines of are too long

Review №99

This store bring all bad vegetables and fruits I bought some avocados inside of that all black and banana I never come here again

Review №100

Love the place, but the A.C is not working

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  • Mask required:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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