First Take Acting School
2 Marina Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94123, United States
Review №1

My experience with all aspects of First Take Acting has been nothing short of fantastic! These are some of the best acting instructors in the industry! First Takes approach to developing and supporting actors is exactly whats needed for working actors at every level. I cant say enough!

Review №2

If you aspire to be a working actor, this is the best school in the Bay Area. Many of the students who study at this school are professional actors. I am currently studying with instructor Danny Lai. His teaching method is honest, direct, and cares deeply for the progress of his students. After working with Danny as my instructor, I feel confident that I have the knowledge and experience to be competitive with other actors in this profession. In addition to gaining experience with audition techniques, cold reading, script analysis, and scene study, this school also offers workshops with top casting directors in the entertainment industry. After searching for an exceptional acting school that teaches everything that is required to be a working actor, I am so grateful that I found First Take and their exceptional instructors.

Review №3

I’ve had some acting experiences as a child but lost my touch as I became a teenager! As a adult now I would say this is absolutely an amazing school to start as a beginner in acting. The classes are pretty flexible with my schedule and the teachers are amazing especially Danny Lai. He’s absolutely the best person ever and gives you great constructive feedback! I’ve grown so much since I started and I don’t plan on stopping. First take is not just a school it’s a family! You meet a lot of people who are talented and so supportive. If you are a beginner or have some experiences you should join this school because you will be able to sharpen your skills, grow, have fun and great connections! So what are you waiting for!??? Give them a call now! Start following your dreams ❣️

Review №4

I love being a part of this school and community. It really feels like a family and such a safe environment to grow in your acting as well as a person. I really appreciate Nancys teachings and guidance on navigating through tough scenes. Also its inspiring to hear progress from fellow classmates and see them book roles and audition regularly in Los Angeles. I highly recommend at least auditing a class!

Review №5

My daughter has been attending classes since they went to zoom due to Covid. My daughter resonates with their teaching method and thoroughly enjoys Danny Lais classes. The entire school appears to be driven by a true love of teaching and acting in a positive supportive atmosphere.

Review №6

Ive been going to First Take for the past 6 weeks with Danny Lai as my acting teacher. It is a great school with fantastic tools. The group of actors are very welcoming and I feel it is a safe space to be yourself and grow as an actor. Danny Lai really dedicates himself to his students and helps us bring the best on us, providing great tools and feedback in every exercice. I recommend this school to anyone who wants to improve their acting skills, and wants to take this seriuosly.

Review №7

Ive been studying TV and Film Acting with Nancy Berwid for 5 years. In that time, Ive learned so much about acting, auditioning, the business of the business, as well as increasing my own self-esteem and confidence. When we began onloine classes in response to COVID-19, none of us knew what to expect or how it was going to work. It turns out, it works beautifully! We are able to see each other even better than we do in the (regular) classroom and prepare ourselves for self-tape auditions, as well as continue learning our craft. Although I miss seeing my acting family in person every week, I dont miss commuting to class! This could be the start of a great hybrid class, combining the best of both worlds...?!

Review №8

Love this place! Came to First Take after studying with other programs and teachers in the Bay Area and it was the first time I ever felt noticed and cared about as a person and an actor. A lot of teachers will just tell you what you want to hear and bilk you for your money or to boost their own egos, etc., or they yell at you and try and make you feel stupid when you make a mistake, but Nancy and all the other instructors at First Take genuinely care about you and want to help you become the best actor you can be. They are honest but supportive and always give excellent feedback that helps you instead of hinders you. They understand (and are upfront) about the fact that you only get back what you put into your time in class, meaning there is time and work involved, but the results can be amazing if you keep at it. Ive enjoyed my time in class, made some great friends and feel like class is a place I can truly be myself and be accepted and continue to grow as an actor. So excited that I found this place!

Review №9

Great film acting school in the Bay Area! One of the best or THE best! And the only one that gives you the foundation to work on camera and book those auditions. I started with First Take 10 years ago. And NOW Im a professional actor in NYC living my dreams and booking consistently. Thanks, Nancy and the First Take Teachers!

Review №10

I have been studying here for 3 years and have grown as an actor and as a person. I feel cared about as a person and like I am truly in the right hands. I have grown so much as an actor training here that I feel like I am actually able to own auditions up here and in LA. Love it here!

Review №11

Been to 6 acting schools, but this by far is the best one. And actors actually get work in L.A. here! If you want your acting to be authentic and believable like what you see on film/T.V., you gotta come here.

Review №12

2 of the five star reviews are from people who are teachers at this school. Major red flag. Been to a class and the teacher was unprofessional and everyone seemed like they didnt wanna be there.

Review №13

Only bay area acting school thats legit in training actors to be competitive in the Hollywood market. Fun, safe, legit.

Review №14

These people are a scam dont waist your time

Review №15

Unacceptable experience

4.2 Rating
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