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6160 Mission Gorge Rd UNIT 120, San Diego, CA 92120, United States
Fast Track Medical Training Center

Review №1

Big Thanks to Fast Track Medical Training Center, San Diego. Learning Nursing Skills & Theory to achieve my Certified Nursing Assistant was my first step to become a Registered Nurse. I don’t have any experience with patient care but with a professional help, love and care of my Nursing Teacher Miss Helen i was able to understand everything about the nature of Nursing.(My sisters was also under Miss Helen’s Care, both of them are CNA now and working at SNIFF & HOSPITAL)Very professional and Hands on Professor, 100% recommended1 take written and skills examination (PASSED)no patient care experience

Review №2

I took this course and it was amazing the instructor Helen really focuses on her students to make sure they are learning so they can pass the state test. I came from Las Vegas to take this class because Helen made it clear that her students were like family and she wants them to succeed. Thank you Helen for everything you did!

Review №3

Helen is the sweetest human ever and a great teacher. She tells you everything you need to know and as long as you’re willing to listen and practice you will for sure pass! She is also very flexible and accommodating to make sure you get the hours you need or the extra practice you want. I also really liked the smaller classroom setting because you’re able to be involved and get some practice in especially when doing the skills. I strongly recommend this program!!

Review №4

Ms Helen is an amazing teacher, very knowledgeable and very supportive. She is very flexible, always accommodate your time, very helpful and helps you study and make sure you pass the state exam. I recommend this place for those who wants to become CNA.

Review №5

She is the best teacher you could have always keeps you motivated and makes sure you understand everything!

Review №6

Regardless if youre looking to be a CNA for medical school points or just as a job, this is hands down the best place to study and take your course. Helen is an amazing instructor and prepares you very well for the exam. She also offers a very hands on portion of learning and reviews relevant material to the exam. Theres even supplemental take home material to help you study. They also help you get a job or contacts once you do pass your CNA exam. I passed on my first try all thanks to Helen! Amazing people there.

Review №7

Helen is a really wonderful teacher. Shes very flexible, knowledgeable, super helpful and will really try to get out of her way to ensure and help her students succeed. Highly recommended. Thank you again so much for everything.

Review №8

I love my class and instructor!! Helen is so sweet and a knowledgeable nurse that will help you all the way through. She is an amazing teacher and person :)

Review №9

Passed both my exams on the first try ! She is the best and is good at what she does, she will do one on one training before your exams to prepare you ! Couldn’t ask for a better teacher I will definitely recommend her.

Review №10

Helen is a very good instructor. She is a very kind, caring and amazing person. If you pay attention in class its easy to pass. Most of the questions that she gives for practise does come in the test.I feel blessed to be her student.

Review №11

I just completed the CNA program and the overall experience was excellent. I couldn’t ask for a better instructor to prepare me for the state exam. Mrs Helen Schmied, RN is also a NAE state board evaluator and she prepared me well. I got enough practice with both the written and practical to pass the CNA exam soon after graduating. She also recommended me for a job during the course and I was able to get hands on experience during these hard times. She does everything she can to help you succeed. Highly recommend her!

Review №12

Helen was a great instructor. I took her CNA program and passed the test on the first attempt. She prepares you well and offers a lot of guidance.

Review №13

Helen and Ami are FABULOUS instructors. Listen to them and follow their lead. Do what they ask of you and you will have absolutely NO troubles passing the CNA written exam and skills test at all. Highly recommend this school.

Review №14

If you wish to start on Medical training to become a nurse or CNA, then Mrs. Helen and Mrs. Amy from Fast Track will not only provide you with the best training and information that will help you succeed not only in the competency exam, but also when you go into the workplace. They both are caring and willing to teach new students the proper techniques and skills a medical professional must have in the workplace. For all of us in our class, we all passed our exams and are now ready for the next steps thanks to both Mrs. Helen and Mrs. Amy. They both are superb teachers and highly recommend the course they have provided for those that interested in the medical field and wish to start working.

Review №15

Owner Ms . Schmidt is a great teacher. Very patient and willing to work with you. She made learning fun!!!Her facility is supplied with everything you need.Thank you Helen for getting me to the next step I needed to reaching my goal!

Review №16

This is 5 star for being dedicated, helpful, happy environment, best learning atmosphere for doing the theory and skills . I realLy highly recommended this school. She will let you know everything you need to learn. Very nice person and she will do all her best to let you understand everything that you need to learn. Helen is the best

Review №17

Helen and Amy are amazing. They really knew how to get everything I needed to know in a short time. I just passed my state test and now I’m certified. I recommend this school to anyone

Review №18

This training center is in a great location and has so much to offer for health care professionals ranging from CNA to RN! Its CNA class is organized in such a way that students can get the most assistance they need from instructors who are always ready and happy for help. Helen is really kind, resourceful, friendly and inspirational! Her flexibility and dedication to help her students succeed is truly unique! I found this center really wonderful and highly recommend it!

Review №19

Mrs. Helen and Amy are awesome teachers. Not only do you learn alot from their teaching but they also make you feel like family. I highly recommend going to this school.

Review №20

This center is what anyone looking to build a career in a healthcare setting, and willing to starts with a CNA certification, please do not miss this wonderful opportunity.Helen is a season instructor always helping her students to achieve their Goals. I enjoyed every single lesson from classroom to clinical i was accompanied by my instructor she makes sure you are on time and your assignments are submitted during your clinical she will be there with you to make sure what you do is what was thought in school. Thank You Helen you gave me the courage to be focus and build a career in healthcare

Review №21

Amazing class. I learned and benefited so much from this training center. This place has such awesome, patient and flexible instructors. I recommend this institution to all.

Review №22

I took The CNA class here and it was awesome. This school really prepares you for the test. Helen knows her stuff and helped so much along the way!!

Review №23

I highly recommend this school to anyone who wants experience and learn to be CNA. The teacher is very helpful and cares for her students very well. Study hard, come to every class, and youll pass! - Emily

Review №24

Helen is an outstanding mentor. She will guide, teach and be there for you all throughout the review! She is not only a mentor she is also a friend you can rely on! I am glad to have taken this path with her guidance. MBalanag, CNA.

Review №25

Helen Schmid is one of the best instructors that you can have for a CNA program! She is dedicated, sweet, and extremely funny. Not only is she a great teacher but also a good cook, she likes to bring lunch for her students to every class/ clinical days. You will have no problem earning that CNA certificate as long as you pay attention in class and practice the skills the way Helen taught it (I passed on my first try, as well as my two other cousins). Helen is definitely worth your money.

Review №26

Helen Schmied is by far the most caring, generous, and hard working professor I have ever had. I really enjoyed taking her CNA class and learned all the skills I needed to pass my state exams. She is super cool and very easy to communicate with! I highly recommend her to anyone trying to pursue their CNA and/LVN etc.

Review №27

I strongly recommend this school.Helen is very helpful l passed the exam with out any problem.Thank you helen!!!

Review №28

Mrs. Helen Schmied is a dedicated and a passionate instructor who truly cares about her students. She prepared us well for the state exam to become a CNA for both the written and the skills test. She went way beyond the minimum requirement to pass the exam to teach us the value in promoting the integrity as a healthcare team member. I would recommend her program to my close friends and family without any hesitations.

Review №29

Originally i am from Ethiopia . MY families took the CNA CLASS HERE. All of them are grateful for ms Hellen teacher. I recommend for all

Review №30

I Like to recommend this school for everybody. NURSE Hellen is one of the most experienced RN, Humble, passionate and energetic. her way of teaching is the best. In my batch all of us passed the state exam.I definitely recommend you specially who are working and wants to receive CNA lICENCE.

Review №31

The right place to be cna .Helen is a very helpful, experienced teacher

Review №32

Great service! I Got my CNA license in no time!

Review №33

Excellent teacher.

Review №34

Ill recommend to everyone

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