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Pura Buena Onda - Conversational Spanish

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I absolutely love PBO! I honestly could not have found a better adult Spanish school. I love that I got to do a Spanish assessment, then sit in on a class at the level that they found me to be, my A2 teacher Anna is hilarious and welcoming and wonderful. I love the structure of the class, how welcoming the school is, how they post useful, real-world lessons on Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube, and I LOVE that they do online classes (even when were not in a global pandemic) because I actually live in LA - yes - I chose PBO over any other school in LA because theyre AMAZING. I have found so much more confidence, I have built my vocabulary, and my weekly class with PBO is one of the biggest highlights of my week. I have made friends and built relationships and honestly, this experience is truly invaluable. If youre looking to improve your Spanish, find a new hobby, or just build some relationships/community - look no further. You will not be disappointed!

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I can’t say enough good things about this school, if you are considering learning Spanish, PBO is the best place to start!Pura Buena Onda has changed my life. I now can speak a second language and have a set of amazing friends in my life to share it with thanks to them. PBO is full of fun classes and supportive teachers. They encourage you to start speaking from day one which is the key to really learning and using a language and they provide a comfortable environment to do it in that is not intimidating. In addition to private, semi-private and group classes there are also workshops, specialty classes, challenges and opportunities to travel. Caro has also built an incredible community of students and teachers that share the same passion for the language and there are many unique opportunities and fun events to practice together.

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Ive been taking classes with Pura Buena Onda for a few years now and I love it. The teachers are very professional and all are native speakers and the emphasis is on conversation rather than grammar. The owner, Caro is always trying to be ahead of the curve and frequently adds new innovations to her school like online learning, tips which help with fluency, immersion weekends, workshops on a wide range of language topics and excursions to other countries . The classes are tailored to the students need (private, semi-private, group and on-line). I recommend this school to every level of Spanish speaker from beginner to advanced.

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I have been taking classes at PBO for 8 months and have not looked back! The classes are fun and the teachers are amazing. The most important part to me is that the classes are effective. I can confidently hold a conversation in Spanish now whereas prior I could barely say my own name.

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Pura Buena Onda is the best! The teachers are so friendly and supportive and the small class size is really perfect for feeling comfortable as you learn a new language. I am so glad that I found them and cant say even good things about them!

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Do you want to learn to speak Spanish? Yes. Do you want to join the growing world of bilinguals who can communicate with virtually anyone in the western hemisphere? Absolutely.Do you think you can simply pick up Spanish by watching television shows in Spanish, or you eavesdropping on conversations between native speakers while out running errands? Absolutely not.What you can do is join the Pura Buena Onda community. PBO us a professional group of teachers leading their students through a series of levels of conversational Spanish. Classes are structured, but not rigorous. Teachers are corrective, but not judgemental. Topics for study are fun and lead students to develop vocabulary libraries that are useful in day to day conversations. Grammar? We study grammar as it applies to our classroom conversations. We learn the grammar as we go, without fixating on it.Still want to learn to speak Spanish? Absolutely. So join Pura Buena Onda. Get enrolled, get started, get ready to speak this wonderful language in a friendly environment, and have a great time doing it.Classes are online during COVID so do this now! Clases son vale la pena.

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Do yourself a favor and take a class! It is a great school. They have top teachers and the classes are small (up to 6 people) They also have trips and social events. All in Spanish! Even if youre a beginner, youll be picking up the language. The atmosphere is very relaxed with great North Park location and parking. Whether youre conversant or a beginner, youre always going to learn more and improve your conversation skills. They also add grammar to each class but its fun and homework is optional. Highly recommended classes in a cozy living room setting!

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I have been taking classes at Pura Buena Onda for over a year and really enjoy their program. Class schedules are flexible and fit my work schedule, the teachers are extremely friendly and supportive, and the class environment is very non-threatening and comfortable.PBO focuses heavily on speaking and conversation, with emphasis on relevant, current, and/or personal topics. Weekly classes, occasional technical workshops and social events, and regular practice outside of class have allowed me to advance 2 levels so far ... while having lots of fun and enjoying the process.Thank you PBO and the PBO community!

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I discovered PBO about 6 years ago, and I am so happy that I did! I have taken in person group classes and attended as many of the monthly social events that I have been able to. The teachers are all wonderfully patient, helpful, and kind. The atmosphere is open and welcoming for all levels. It is obvious how much thought and heart Caro, the owner, puts into PBO.I have an embarrassing testament to how effective PBO. I started taking classes in 2014 then moved to Spain from 2017-2019. I met other English-speakers in Spain, but I worked in Spanish and all of my day-to-day interactions were in Spanish. After two years of immersion, I returned to San Diego and rejoined PBO. My level was reassessed and some of the people who were in my classes in 2017 are still in my current classes (i.e., they advanced at the same rate as me) and at least one person passed me. Kudos to them and there is the proof that PBOs classes and tips are just as good as living abroad!

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5 STARS for PBO. Absolutely welcoming and professional!Ive been a student for 5 years. Yes, time flies and as long as I continue to show up my Spanish improves, the teachers welcome me, my understanding of the culture grows, and I feel part of a worldwide community that thrives on learning, sharing and loving life!I had the privilege of hosting a weekend language immersion at my house. I had the privilege of walking and talking in the north of Spain with a group of wonderful students for an immersion week, led by Susanna Llop, a marvelous teacher. And, I have the privilege of chatting in Spanish and learning every week with my teacher, Octavi Sanchez.And, I began this journey when I was 55 years old! Its never too late!

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I really recommend this school. The teachers are great and we are learning while having fun. Speaking is the best way to memorize and progress quickly.

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TLDR; I LOVE Pura Buenda Onda and the community there! It has completely changed the way I learn Spanish. We dont have our heads in textbooks; rather, we are hanging out having conversations and getting to know each other. Now I have so much more confidence and can SPEAK FLUIDLY! I highly recommend it to anyone learning Spanish.1.5 years ago I finished up college and wanted to use my newly-found free time to really learn Spanish. Being that were in San Diego and so close to Tijuana, I wanted to do something immersive w/o having to go to TJ, but I didnt know exactly what it that would look like. I searched around and found PBO online and started taking classes. I didnt really know much Spanish when I started, but 1.5 years later, I am a fluent speaker (still learning advanced vocabulary words, but I can communicate solely about it in Spanish). I even went to Spain with the school six months ago where we spent a whole week speaking in Spanish only! We were all dreaming in Spanish even woke up thinking in Spanish!PBO offers private classes and group classes, and I have taken both. I highly recommend the group classes to build your comfortability with speaking (can be from 2-6 people). Once you get past the first level, the class is just conversation in Spanish. We do a small nugget of grammar each week, but the focus in on SPEAKING (no worksheets in class). For example, if were studying the past tense and the associated conjugations, we have discussions about what WAS your favorite vacation, what DID you did yesterday, what WAS your childhood like, etc. You really get to know the students in the class this way, and they become your friends. The community at PBO has honestly been a huge factor for me, and now I even meet up with classmates outside of class to chat in Spanish.Bottom line: if someone asks you if you speak Spanish and you get anxious and think kind of but dont try to speak to me in it, then Pura Buena Onda is for you. Similarly, if you feel like youre not good at languages, then Pura Buena Onda is also first you. After all, we all learned English at one point through SPEAKING, and this is exactly how PBO will teach you Spanish.

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I think Pura Buena Onda and Caro are terrific. I have taken casual Spanish classes at another school in the area and have had several academic classes at a local University, which covered tons of grammar and rules, etc., but it is only after attending these conversational classes that I am shedding, finally, my shyness about speaking. It is slow for me as I am a senior and never studied Spanish as a young person in high school or college. Caros classes are small and not intimidating and create a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere which enables me to speak. Caro is very innovative and she creates interesting challenges each class to help you to learn how to communicate in the real world. I highly recommend her classes.

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I started taking classes at PBO while planning a motorcycle trip to Central and South America. I really cant say enough about my experience here! We laughed as much as we learned and it gave me a new found confidence for my travels. All of the teachers are genuinely interested in your improvement and they create a really warm and welcoming environment to learn in. They have classes for all levels and different class options to suit your learning needs. And its all done in a comfortable living room setting. I only wish I could stick around longer to be a part of the genuine learning culture they have created. Thanks Caro, Adri, Anna, and Octavi!

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PBO is a great school! They offer several different classes including online, beginners, private, semi-private and group classes. If you want to improve your speaking or listening, this is a great place. I took lessons at another school prior to beginning at PBO, and my Spanish has drastically improved since joining PBO. I recommend signing up for unlimited classes so that you can attend as many classes as your schedule allows. Daniela is a fantastic teacher!! She is funny, smart, patient, engaging and adapts to the students needs. The other professors are great, too! They also do social events which is pretty awesome. Thanks PBO

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Yesterday I attended my first class at Pura Buena Onda. I have taken a lot of Spanish classes in a vast variety of locations. The class, an intermediate class taught by Octavi, was very well organized and Octavi did a good job covering the materials and moving the conversation. Confirmation that PBO deserves 5 stars is the fact that the two other students in the class have been taking PBO classes for 5 years!

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A great way to learn and practice Spanish!

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