San Diego Pole Dance Academy
1618 W Lewis St, San Diego, CA 92103, United States
San Diego Pole Dance Academy

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Kelsey was amazing! Our bachlorette party had so much fun!

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This studio is awesome. I have met so many amazing people and have gotten much stronger since training at this studio. The instructors focus on proper technique and safety while still challenging every student no matter their skill level. Also it is clean and always smells nice :)

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I love this studio! I’ve been poling for 6 years and have just realized what my past training was missing - dancing! This studio has a dance class for everyone and (along with their tricks classes) provides a well rounded curriculum. I’ve fallen in love with pole dancing even more thanks to SDPDA.

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I love this studio 😀 Ive been taking classes here for a month now and so far worked with five different instructors. They are all so amazing in their own way. Very attentive and patient and have great skills passing their knowledge on students.There is a variety of classes and each class has so many levels so you can really learn at your pace.The owner, Lezah is always up for organizing workshops so you can never get bored.Highly recommend it to everyone 😀

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I absolutely love the San Diego pole dance Academy! They are like family to me and welcomed me with open arms. I started in November 2018 and I’m so excited to continue my journey with them! Thank you for having an amazing and exciting environment for me to express myself!

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Hands down the best pole dancing curriculum in San Diego! Extremely professional with a diverse choice of classes to take. Choreo classes are the best Ive ever taken, and their flexibility and pole progressions classes definitely take you to the next level. Everyone from the staff to students is very welcoming too!

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Pole Dancing gets you and keeps you in shape and what a fun way to do that. Great space and great energy. Try it just once.

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Lezah is the best ❤️ Wonderful studio and wonderful group of encouraging and strong women! I had no prior pole experience and I have gained so much confidence in a short amount of time!

Review №9

I absolutely love this pole studio! If youre looking for a pole dance studio in San Diego where negative judgement is left at the door, and youre only welcomed with positive, empowering and motivating vibes, then this is the studio for you. The studio owner and founder, Lezah, is an incredible talent and is extremely nurturing and attentive to the needs of her students. She and her staff focus highly on the safe progression and grown of their students. Lets face it, if youve never tried pole, it can be intimidating...on a lot of levels both emotionally and physically. Sexy Beast fitness will help you through all of that and allow you to progress at a pace that is comfortable and right for you. Oh and you WILL totally get your sexy on! Just sayin.

Review №10

* Updated Review *Last year, I posted a review of this amazing pole dance studio. With recent changes to the curriculum, all wonderful - with innovative improvements to an already successful formula, I would like to provide an update of key changes and give accolades to a couple of new instructors and their classes.First, the founder and the brain behind San Diego Pole Dance Academy (formerly Sexy Beast), Lezah, has built a well working curriculum model with a thought-through succession plan, something that the corporate America could learn from her. Lezah personally hand-picked and developed several instructors, among whom - two have become my absolute favorites - Liz Michelle (spin/static; advance tricks) and Sam Claire (advance exotics; intermediate static combo).Liz Michelle is an award-winning pole instructor. An immensely successful pole-dancer, Liz possesses a WEALTH OF KNOWLEDGE and the ability to pass it onto her students patiently, in a way that becomes easy to grasp and implement. Her classes are challenging, yet with a plenty of room for progression options for those who need more time to learn (like myself). Also Lizs warm-ups are worth noting because they are well put together and include exercises for the whole body. These warm-ups will make anyone well prepared for the challenges of spin pole and advance tricks. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Lizs classes! You will learn intricate pole tricks and unique transitions in a safe manner. Definitely two thumbs up with a loyal following.Sam Claire is another award-winning instructor at the San Diego Pole Dance Academy. Just like Liz, Sam is immensely successful in her craft and skilled in passing the knowledge onto her students. After Lezahs departure for a maternity break, Sam took over the advance exotic class. This class has become one of my favorites to the point that I hope Sam will be able to continue teaching it (or a form of this class) because she is freaking AMAZING! Her style is unique and fun, and definitely worth to be kept on the schedule. Another class with Sam as an instructor is the static combo course. That class is challenging yet with a plethora of progressions for those who need options. Also, highly recommended for those who feel that they got stuck between levels, or suffer from the lack of ideas for combos or transitions.All in all, an already great studio has become even better, with more class options, more amazing instructors and 2nd location. Crème de la crème in pole dancing. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.__________________________________________________________________*First Review *Lezah is a top-notch instructor---an award-winning pole-dancer herself with versatile experience in dance, pole & choreography. Unlike other instructors, Lezah promotes a progression from one pole phrase to another. This way, a student is able to gain a solid foundation and understanding of the practiced trick. Such an approach helps also eliminate injuries and anxiety. I highly recommend Lezahs classes whether youre an advance or a newbie aerial dancer.

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