Summit College
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Summit College

Review №1

The welding instructor Jarred is professional in this field and cares about his students and their future success. His teaching technics with individuals is to be highly noted.

Review №2

So far great Im really looking forward to classes.

Review №3

I attended the electrician course at Summit because they gave me the impression there would be job placement after I finished. THERE IS NO JOB PLACEMENT. Its a receptionist who searches Facebook for job listings and reposts them. Wish I wouldve known that before I spent $14,000. Two of the instructors I had were great and cared about the students learning the material - the third instructor couldnt care less. He regularly let us out early (not what I want when Im paying a lot of money for the schooling) and often played movies during class so he wouldnt have to teach. Finally, we were told to be on time every morning - no big deal, right? Every day there were students who would walk in REALLY late, and there were never any repercussions. I dont recommend this school.

Review №4

Don’t waste your time with this school all they do is take your money and they are useless... I’m glad I’m done and I’m happy I’m not dealing with them anymore

Review №5

This school is over all worst school I ever went people that graduated r still waiting for there Licensing because of the school changing D.O.N. so much they like paperwork and always have an Excuse I would not recommend the school at all... this might be ur only warning before u sign ur name don’t do it go to another school.

Review №6

Professional, willing to assist, very informative.

Review №7

In general, this college was extremely unorganized and unprofessional. Every single meeting/ appointment planned before classes started ended up beginning 30min-1.5 hours late. It felt like a huge waste of time to get to any appointment on time. The first day of class, our instructor arrived and hour and a half late and class starts at 8am so I could’ve easily gone to eat breakfast somewhere. Apparently she hadn’t been notified of her start date until the week before so she had a night shift the she couldn’t call off and made it to class with no sleep. On top of the lateness, all of our orientation paperwork was lost so we had to resign and refill out everything (including sensitive information like social security numbers) so it felt very uncomfortable to know that those papers were lost somewhere. Paperwork was constantly misplaced. Our final state exam date wasn’t communicated to us until it was about 3 weeks before the exam so if you had plans during that time, you either had to reschedule it yourself or cancel your plans. In the end, it was supposed to be one day and ended up being rescheduled to a different day because of lack of organization so just another example of being unprofessional. Our instructor was not trained in teaching CNAs and was not properly prepared in the material for the state exam however she did do the best she could. At the same time, though, I did feel like a lot of time was wasted in class due to being off topic and having no planned activities. There was a lot of unused time and space in the classroom and I felt like I could’ve learned everything online with the amount of time wasted. The organization of the nursing school (but more specifically the CnA program) was far below expectations. If I were you, I would gladly take my money somewhere else.

Review №8

Worse experience ever. Do NOT go! Always told different things. Was supposed to be done in January but they keep adding shot for us to do for them to send off our paperwork. Go anywhere else!

Review №9

The receptionist for awesome they help me with everything the people in 210 for trying to be friendly but they look like they had a very like that date babe when I went to 106 and she did help me but she had something on her mind Dennis smile much Im a 2004 graduate and I remember the step a little bit nicer way back when but I know were going through a lot so

Review №10

I went there from December of 2019 to August 2020 for there welding program its great and the instructors are great to talk to and very knowledgeable in the field of welding either it’s SMAW, FCAW,GTAW and GMAW . They also teach plasma cutting and oxy fuel cutting . Thanks for everything summit college

Review №11

Cautious..I attended this school back when it was on 1250 e cooley drive Colton (why this college always moving around a lot?) I liked working with computers, I seen their ad about graphic design classes and thought this might be right for me, I was wrong. When I first met the counselor, she never asked me for an art portfolio like other colleges do. She just wanted me to attend and make money from me, she fooled me. The class was okay but in the end the art program wasnt right for me. Designing wasnt really my thing, only for true artists. I wasted my time and money in this college.

Review №12

Someone should report this school to the board of nursing. Alot of thing get swept under the rug and/or being held back for personal grudges.

Review №13

Very organized school for LVN, CNA.

Review №14

This school is nice. They just moved to this location and its really nice. Staff is friendly and helpful.

Review №15

The internship.placement is horrible. My daughter went for payroll a/r a/p human resources. She was placed in a chiropractor office for transcripts and billing. I her mother found a place where they wi take her and the placement person kewona is not helping at all .. she is very rude and unknowlageble.

Review №16

If you are contemplating Summit College, please avoid this school at all cost. They truly don’t care about the students. They only care about taking the money out of our pockets. I know COVID-19 is a new experience for all of us but Summit College literally has no control over this situation and its real disappointing. They were such in a rush to get students back into that tiny a** school, they have potentially exposed at least 100+ plus to Covid-19. Before going back to school summit college told students they had certain protocols in place in order to protect our health. Unfortunately my first day back at summit (June 1st) showed me that the protocols set in place was something that looked good over email but nothing in that email was followed once students returned to school. First thing first, they told students that temperatures were going to be taken at the door before entering the school. THAT WAS A LIE! We were given questionnaires about our whereabouts other than school that instructors were suppose to collect to be reviewed. THAT WAS A LIE. They lied to San Bernardino Country about social distanting. Some classroom were too small for us to social distant in. All Im saying is if youre planning on attending summit college I would wait until this pandemic is over! Summit college is letting us down :(P.S. Dont let these old a** photos on here fool you. All the equipment in this school doesnt work, have mold growing on it or is outdated. Dont waste your money here

Review №17

Hi,I am just going to finish my HR Payroll Program.I am an honor student of your college.i was really satisfied with my instructor Mr. Kevin Blake. He has a lot of experience in his field . he didnt teach us professional growth only but he taught us personal growth as well. He always support and motivate us.I am very happy to have the opportunity to learnt with such experienced teachers like Mr. Blake and Miss Sonia (Career Development Instructor).Thanks for the Institute to provide us quality.Duaa Ali

Review №18

I went to this school 12 year ago and still did get a job in the field I chose Im still paying for the loan today they tell you that you have life time employment help that a lie I didnt even get my diploma sad right.....I wouldnt even have my family or friends go here and I have stop them from going their I tell everybody they just want your money is so true that all they want take it from me DONT GO TO THIS SCHOOL or youll be paying for it for life.

Review №19

Love it.. Currently a LVN student 😁 Go Ms Sheehan.

Review №20

My fiance was suppose to attend school here; showed up the first day and didnt return the next. This school is a complete joke. My fiance said the girls were playing music IN CLASS dancing inappropriate, one of them was cursing and was told to watch her mouth, the actual instructor was not present, the person that was subbing for the moment ( instructor was late due to flat tire) was rude to the girls. My fiance also said that the few girls who were graduating which was only around 4 told her the instructor is always late and had used the excuse of having a flat tire more than once. So embarrassing...

Review №21

I was wondering if you sell the NCLEX review package, like the one on YouTube. I was impressed with the review but unfortunately I can not hear everything the professor is teaching. Please help me!

Review №22

I’m currently attending this trade school. And all I want to do is bring these problems to light. I have had 4 different instructors since I started this program. And here I am sitting in this classroom at 9:25, Class started at 8:00 and I do not have an instructor for my class present. The instructor for the beginners class is having to come over and give us assignments and then go back to teaching the newer class. The main campus has heard our problems and don’t seem to care about what we have to say. They have made promises they can’t keep. “ we will get you a new instructor.” “I will see what I can do about getting you refunded.” “We can allow you to stay here until you feel comfortable with what you are being taught.” These a just a few things I and my classmates have been told. I just hope the ones in charge of the ones who “run” this school see this and realize things need to change and they need to happen now!

Review №23

The worst school to attend what a joke enrollment processes l’ve been calling them no call back what a joke for lvn program thank god I didn’t finished with enrollment for the lvn program

Review №24

I was very disappointed in the quality of education Summit College is providing. I dropped out the LVN program. I paid a registration fee of 150 dollars that I wont get back. But i left the program before I was committed to 20k debt and OBLIGATED to pay 20k for tuition. You only get 5 days so careful on how long you stay there. For a new LVN school they should have hired a experience instructor. She did not know what a syllabus was! It does not matter how much experience you have as a nurse but the matter of being able to teach it. The instructor did not know what was on the PowerPoint she was lecturing on. Ms.Crowdus was definitely winging it. And trying to skip curriculum. You cannot skip curriculum in nursing! Its a standard for a reason. Everytime the instructor read the slide she kept saying I think what its trying to say... what do you mean you think its trying to say ?!?!?!?! Unacceptable. She could not even answer my questions. Additionally to her response on the PowerPoint, the instructor would say I didnt know that after reading a paragraph based on the powerpoint. How could you not know? Very unacceptable and very unprofessional. The instructor lost 3 hours of lecture, skipped curriculum, Additionally to not lecturing for 3 hours she would get OFF TOPIC ALOT. We as students cannot lose time in a 12 month program! There is alot of information to retain. I left in tears today. I know my last name is a color, however it should not be assumed and misspelled as BROWN. Like okay you forgot my last name was Black youre gonna remember its a color and assume its Brown?!?! How do you assume my last name?! Is it because Im a brown woman? I was insulted! After crying due to feeling discriminated and feeling like I was just another body who was willing to pay. After everything I went through they should at least given me a refund of my registration fee. I went to Concorde. They made Summit College look like a joke! At Concorde college if you are military affiliated there is extra grant money to aid for tuition. I felt like my education was valuable there and they truly care about the students! I was welcomed with joy and made me feel like I belong at Concorde College. I met all the wonderful staff and they were all excited to meet me. I surely did not feel like a piece of meat. Run run run run as far as you can from this campus all they care about is your money but hey if you want to be treated like a piece of meat for all means go for it.

Review №25

Overall good experience studying here at Summit! Great instructors in clinical setting as well as in theory classes. Student body were very opinionated and complained a lot about the school but I personally had no problems because I tried my best and was always staying on top of things as an adult should, no games here people, worry about your own grades and stay courteous. . This was a good start to my nursing career.

Review №26

This place sucked from day 1...Its only got a 2.8 rating overall by other people who knows it sucks

Review №27

This school is a joke they hire instructors to teach an advanced class that dont know anything about refrigeration they arent consistant with teachers,teacher methods i have got cheated out of 2 mods because our instructor now has had only 3 year of experience out in the field and they fired a guy that had 30plus years experience i was excited to be in this program because of my old instructor but now i feel like this was a trap and just want out and dont want anything to do with this schoo....the recruiters give you false hopes he told me he would check on me i havent seen the dude since...our instructor now he used to be a student and man i got so many questions about who hired this guy..cuz this dude here just to collect a check.... Carlos the advanced morning teacher is horrible!!!!

Review №28

Great school they help you also if you never finish high school

Review №29

Employees don’t care about the student succeeding, they only seem to care about the money. I was able to get through the first semester with one retake (I was told I had 2 retakes), then had to use the other retake for the second semester (struggling with personal issues and couldn’t make it through the semesters). They wanted to charge roughly another $4000, but as far as I knew I already paid them for all 4 semesters, not sure why they wanted the additional $4000, on top of that I called and left a message so I could talk to them about this problem but nobody ever called back. Very unprofessional. I should be getting a refund on the last 2 semesters since I paid for them but was not allowed to take the last two (because of the unpaid additional $4000). Very unhappy with this school.

Review №30

I graduated in 2009 for medical assistant and still isn’t able to find a job in that field. Wish they could successfully place ppl in job. Waste of time, just paying on a loan for nothing.

Review №31

Treated me differently after I told them I was hard of hearing. Tried to get me change the program, I wanted to go into. I wish I never listened and walked away. Charge an arm and a leg. I felt like a pay check to them not a human being. Staff are very unsupportive. I would stay away from here.I wasnt in class 3 months and was charged for the whole program. Please stay away. Its all about the money for them.

Review №32

My review is in regards to the LVN program:This school provides schedule flexibility and great equipment for real life practice.The classroom sizes are small and comfortable.The two complaints/concerns I had were towards their enrollment processes and their current passing rate. The passing rate has dropped down to 70%, which is rather low in comparison to other LVN programs in the general area. And due to my distasteful experience with their enrollment team Id like to simply state the following; Understand that these types of schools are a business. THEY make money off of students. That being the case, remember, you are the schools biggest client and should be treated with respect. Their are you good enough? approach to enrollment paired with a condecending attitudes towards potential students was enough to make me walk away.

Review №33

Is there any vending machines here

Review №34

Great CNA program! We were so prepared for our state exams, while other schools clearly were not.

Review №35

Went in to grab some info on the welding program. I already weld for a living but thought it wouldnt hurt to go back to school and learn some more. I went in to talk to an admissions advisor. Man, I didnt know what was going on. I was told to go here and talk to this person. And didnt know why, then back to this person without knowing why. Back and forth. I decided I would come back after doing my FAFSA at home. I came back the next week and the financial aid officer told me I could take out a loan and had me fill out paperwork. When I saw the Interest rate and the amount I would have to pay back, I said let me talk it over with my girlfriend and my family member who is an accountant because I didnt want to take a bad deal. The lady, a black woman chuckled and said hmmm okay in this tone that was demeaning. I had a bad feeling. Now i went back to talk to the admissions advisor and get some paperwork to look over at home.21 percent of the students with loans defaulted. That number is really concerning.I looked at the salary rate for graduates.It ranges from 15k - 35kI make more than that. Why go to school when I already make more than this.After talking to some people in the field, I got the consensus that Summit College does whats called cattling where they get as many students as they can, get their money, and whatever happens to you, happens. They already got their money so theyre happy.I was really hoping to hear good things about this school, but Ill just stick to learning elsewhere.

Review №36

This place is a rip off no matter what program your doing there better and cheaper programs that are a lot better then summit just research and google. If your in the welding program they arent gonna teach you any real welding. Charging all that money for nothing and the electrician programs are a joke

Review №37

How is the lvn class?? Is the teacher good??

Review №38

Honestly I graduated with a 3.62 which is honors and they couldnt find me a job the they hired me as a ma/ta and no one said my experience as a ta at summit was not count as experience as a medical assistant by the way it wasnt just me the other ta was honor roll with a 4.0 are we working as medical assistants um no but we still owe money thanks so much summit.

Review №39

This school is extremely racist. During an open book we worked in groups to complete. In our group we had to black people and one Hispanic person. We all compared answers. We all had the same answers. Why did the hispanic person get a B and the two black guys get a D? Same answers. Same test. Instrurctor actually said to the Hispanic student They look out to ensure their own are more hireable. Dont go here!

Review №40

Was there for a month for the MA, Ms. Lemos is a good instructor just didnt like Ms. Alicia shes really horrible at doing her job. I switched schools I now attend UEI. I definitely recommend UEI, SJVC, or ACC . ✌ was there from august 6 2018 till September

Review №41

I am so excited to say I will be starting the LVN part time program in about 2weeks.I started going to summit in 2011 & graduated top of my class from the Medical Assisting program. I have been in the medical field ever since, I am now looking to expand my knowledge and provide more care to patients. If it wasnt for summit career college, I wouldnt be where I am today! Great advisors and teachers, most of all, it was fun and worth all the trails. If you arent ready to commit yourself 110% this is not the school for you.

Review №42

Please so far

Review №43

LOVE everyone there! great school wish they had the RN program

Review №44

I wouldnt have attended if I could have a do over. Hind sight always being 20/20. 80% of the time theyre making you do busy work. Because they have nothing real to offer. The school, the program, even that old woman the D.O.N. are all a complete joke. The D.O.N. Mrs. Shanahan has a napolean complex caring more about being in control than actually doing her job, showing preferential treatment to her daughter and her daughters friends.You should look to a community college. It might take an extra year. But itll be an actual education at a fraction of the price. The price at summit is about $8000 every 3 months. And with a price tag that high they still have the audacity to charge $60 for their lab manuals.If you drop out you are still on the hook. Not to the school but to the government. Remember this is a for profit school. Its first about the money and education is second/ third.I finished the program and I knew some of this going in and I still ended up regretting my decision to attend. Non of these courses are transferable. Once you start you have to finish at this school.Lvn program

Review №45

Although the classes were great and I did graduate the top three percent of my class, I am not working as a medical assistant. When I first entered the program as an Medical assistant, I was promised the sun moon and stars and they did not deliver. they do not have a working relationship with Loma Linda and the career service coordinator put me in a filing clerk position instead of a back office medical position. The job leads suck as they pulled them from craigs list. what a waste of time energy and money. There are other programs out there... seriously do not waste your time with this school.

Review №46

Racist staff! Students referred to by the N word regularly by the director of education. There was this one good instructor but, he got fired after complaining about the racist comments.

Review №47

I just graduated from the LVN program. It was hard, but they provide a lot of resources to help the students succeed.

Review №48

I attended this place back in 1997 in their Graphic Design class. The 3D modeling portion of the course was useless. It was like teaching someone to draw using crayons. The program wasnt even an industry program. I learned useful programs like Photoshop, but they didnt teach the industry standard Adobe Illustrator. Instead we used Corel Draw ... which hardly nobody in the industry uses. We learned how to use Quark but now nobody uses that either.It would be an interesting coincidence to mention that the spell checker in Microsoft office likes to replace Summit Career College with the word Scam. If you are going to that school, try it. Kind of entertaining and telling, dont you think?Their career center is pathetic and useless other than being able to use their computers and fax. Their guidance counselors did nothing to help us find jobs as promised.Our externships were ruined by the school changing how it did things midterm and doing an internship print class that basically sat around and played on the computer all day and did nothing for several weeks. I had a chance for an externship at ILM and they screwed that up because they wouldnt help me with the paperwork after I was PROMISED help with externship paperwork. So much for an amazing career right?The great instructor that we started out with (the school made him made and chased him off) was traded out from some cocky self absorbed douchebag who thought very highly of himself, yet failed to produce any artwork that would impress me. He knew little to nothing of 3D design either. The last month of that class was wasted watching him wildly click around the screen trying to figure out how the 3D program worked ..... greaaaaaat. On his first day when we asked to see his website so we could see some of his designs, he refused and said it would just discourage us from moving forward. I managed to google the clown up and found that he was a pretty low level designer with no real talent, or history.After going to additional real colleges and learning some more programs, I managed to become an art director for a large graphics company. Very little thanks to Summit.

Review №49

Learned a lot from my treacher and enjoyed the atmosphere.

Review №50

Do not go here. It’s impossible to speak with somebody on the phone, you will continually get transferred to voicemail after voicemail. Poor quality teachers, poor quality student services.

Review №51

The best teacher !! DR.E as well as MS.Stephanie

Review №52

Awesome...Love it 💯💯👍👍

Review №53

Great school. Great people.

Review №54

You can save the auto response on how youre surprised!

Review №55

Cool place!!!!!!!!!!

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