Boss Lady Beauty Academy
4402 Vance Jackson Rd Ste 248, San Antonio, TX 78230, United States
Boss Lady Beauty Academy

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Hello Queens!!!Just got my eyelashes and eyebrows waxed and tinted.The owner was so professional and nice. She watched her students to make sure they were proving the best service. Everyone there was very nice. As you can see the work matches the quality. Go get your services done here!!!. They fact they took their time was it for me. I was so relaxed I was falling asleep on the table. I give this a 10 out of 10 must try again!

Review №2

Love love love my lashes!!Kim was so professional, honest and her skill set was so on point. She took her time and added extra lashes and length to areas she knew would thin quicker. For me self care has been lacking due to the pandemic. The Academy made extra provision to ensure proper sanitation procedures were followed, proper hand washing and my Technician Kim wore her mask during my installation. I couldn’t have had a better experience. Mrs. Claire oversaw the entire experience and provided additional instructions for me to maintain. If i could give 10 stars i so would. Cant wait for my next appointment!!

Review №3

Although it was a rough start and a crazy busy year, taking the giant step to come here was so important for my family and I. So many times I just wanted to be done but finally I am and I earned that, and now I can build the future we deserve just by fulfilling my passion for this industry because we pushed through and rolled with the punches . I’m happy to finally be graduating and getting my license. More and more big steps to come.

Review №4

This was the best educational experience I have ever had. The staff took they time and ensured my success, when I had issues with the lash isolation and tapping Mrs. Claire and Cali took the time to carefully walk me through the process. I highly recommend this school and will be returning when I’m called off the wait list for the manicurist program 🙂

Review №5

I like this school I’m almost finished. I highly recommend Boss Lady Beauty Academy. This school allows you to work at your own pace with out any rushing, the Head Mistress Claire is very patient with you. Also your able to make monthly payments versus paying the full amount all at once. Academic structure is great as well.

Review №6

So unprofessional and not organized at all!!! It really is disappointing that this is one, if not the only, beauty school that offers a lash extension specialty program in San Antonio because they really do take advantage of you and your money.There were some red flags before even signing up but decided to do it anyway since there were no other options. It took me 6 months to finish this program because Claire and the other instructors were so bad at communicating and organizing school schedules. The time that I was there 2 instructors left, another red flag!!The school itself, wow, doesn’t even look or feel like a real school. I only went in person once because I needed to do an assignment under supervision of an instructor but Claire decided to take the day off (on a Saturday) and there were no other instructors in the building. When I got to the school I had to wait 30 mins outside in the rain, with my model, waiting for someone to open the door which was locked. I tried calling the school and Claire and no answer. Finally another girl walking in had the code and was able to get us in. When I walked into the school there were 3 girls sitting at the front desk to get you checked in, but nobody could answer the phone!?….I emailed Claire to have a zoom meeting with her because I was close to reaching 320 hours to be able to take my state exam, we set up a meeting and at the last minute Claire forgot about the meeting and basically left me hanging. She emailed me asking what I needed help with so I told her I needed to know if there were certain assignments I had to turn in to reach the 320 hours, something that would help me prepare for the exams. She said no, “it’s only a numbers game”. So you’re telling me I could have done 106 classic sets (3 hours each set) the whole program and as long as I completed 320 hours I could be a licensed lash specialist!?!?After this I just wanted to finish everything, take my exam and be done with this school. I went on YouTube and literally had to learn what’s needed for the practical exam and practice off of YouTube after paying around $5K to this school that didn’t teach me SH**!!! Oh and the book they supply you with is sooo outdated, they were teaching us how to do lashes as if they had just come out in the early 2000s, and by “teaching” I mean throwing a book at you and reading it on your own time. No hands on.DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY ON THIS SCHOOL‼️

Review №7

HORRIBLE SCHOOL! Do not waste your money. They teach you literally zero hands on. I was better off learning from YouTube. Spent thousands of dollars and ended up just dropping out. You won’t learn anything! The communication is horrible. They kept rescheduling classes and class times. BEYOND DISORGANIZED!!!!!! You’ll hate it. You’re better off going somewhere else.

Review №8

If you’re looking to go to school here RUN this is the absolute worst place to go to school! The head mistress just collects a check! She doesn’t visit! The students are pretty much self taught! There is no direction or clear leadership! They also have to practice on clients with their own supplies which is not right if you are spending your money! Claire is a thief and should be exposed for her injustice and rude behavior! School should be closed down!!!!!! Please take heed!!!!

Review №9

Amazing staff and Quality education

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