Sava power inn
5330 Power Inn Rd, Sacramento, CA 95820, United States
Review №1

The staff at SAVA are great, my daughters teacher was excellent. Always made sure she was on point with work & if she was falling behind he always gave her time to catch up & motivated her!

Review №2

Went to Sava for nearly 2 years with my brother. I discovered my love of helping others and decided to choose a career path in that area. My brother found out he was really good at taking photos and found his passion for photography. Sava had helped us in more ways than one. The staff was beyond sweet to us. We actually looked forward to going to school. It was bitter sweet when we left. I think about the staff often & I hope you all are staying safe. I hope to visit soon. Thank you.- A former student.

Review №3

I love this school... 4 of my 5 children attended SAVA.. One of them graduated from here also... 2 of them went back to their home schools after 1 yr of catching up here.. and still have my 15 yr old here... I love that they go step by step and makes sure theyre understanding, learning and great support system. .especially for teens that deals with metal health issues

Review №4

This school helped me get back on track after transferring schools a lot. The teachers actually care and want to see me succeed. There were a few fights every now and then, but I was able to avoid being caught in that drama, by choosing the right crowd. I love sava and their staff, too. Im glad that Im going to kick off my junior year at sava. The teachers are really nice and understanding, they take it easy on you but also give you a challenge at the same time. This school is not like the other schools Ive been to. I definitely would recommend, I wish i wouldve started my high school experience at sava. The community is very unique and small, which is perfect for me especially.

Review №5

The Elk Grove one is wayyyyyyy better.

Review №6

Dont care about their students. Would highly recommend not going there, worst charter school in Sacramento.

Review №7

Does Andi Mack go here.

Review №8

WORST school in Sacramento, the teachers dont really care about their students and they dont do an effort to help their students, they only care about their money.

Review №9

Everyone is really nice

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