Riverstone Driving Academy
4108 Avenue I, Rosenberg, TX 77471, United States
Riverstone Driving Academy

Review №1

The staff was super pleasant, I felt a presence of more than a business establishment. I knew these individuals don’t do this only as a service to the community to educate young drivers. Once you meet them you leave as if you went to a unforgettable church service the spiritual gift they provide in the way they communicate and help everyone that enters that door. I’ll never forget this powerful man…

Review №2

Everyone was super helpful in helping me to get my license!The staff were very nice and friendly as well! :)

Review №3

Mr. Lester was very professional with good communication skills. He was pleasant and easy going while teaching you how to drive. Thank you Mr. Lester for your service.

Review №4

I love this place more then anything. 12 minutes was all it took to do my test. the dps sucked and this place saved my birthday. much love

Review №5

I give Riverstone Driving Academy 5 stars! The staff is so courteous and informative. The receptionist (Pat) is as nice as the instructors are. Mr. Lester is an excellent instructor, very well mannered, professional and easy-going. My sister felt comfortable, she went through the course and passed all the requirements and now shes license to drive. I recommend the adult class for those that need it.Thank you for all you do for our communityMaria Rose

Review №6

My daughter is enjoying behind the wheel right now! Her instructor is awesome!

Review №7

I came to this place looking for my nephew to start and get signed up only to be ignored several times at the front door by the African lady in the front. i came back another time to try again because i thought maybe they were busy;But no. the place has poor communication,they barely answer the phone,do not have enough staff members, and have no sense of bath and body works room spray that they so desperately need in this time and day .pls do not waste your time,money, and/or sense of smell going to this place. I DO NOT!!! i DO NOT BY ANY MEANS Recommend going to this driving school. take yo 375 dollars elsewhere have a nice day.

Review №8

I give them 5 starts because Mr, B was and is very helpful, professional, and giving encouragement to both of my daughters, he help them to feel confident on the road and help them to get driving license and a permit. Now I’m just waiting for my second youngest daughter to get close to the date when she can get her actual license and we are going back to him to do the road test that way we don’t have to wait on the DMV long lines.

Review №9

Very helpful! I recommend the adult classes here, they are very valuable and professional!

Review №10

My daughter is 20 years old and I called Mr Burnett at RDA and asked him some questions. He said come in and let me look at your paper work, mind you this was even with my daughter not being a client. My daughter and I went to dps got her permit and went back to rda. Mr Burnett set her appointment for tomorrow for her to start driving. Thank you rda for making this be an easy process.

Review №11

Great place, very respectful. would recommend everyone to come, 5 stars with no doubt.

Review №12

Y’all helped me out a lot y’all where great thank y’all so much !

Review №13

My experience here couldn’t have been anything but the best. The instructor was super helpful and very nice. The front desk lady was also super nice and got all my paperwork ready super quickly. Definitely recommend this business to anyone who needs to take a road test!! i bet their classes are also great!

Review №14

They were helpful and made getting my license easier. If not for them I would have had to Wait another month so I am very grateful.

Review №15

It was lovely. Their services are perfect!

Review №16

If you are staying near Rosenberg area you can definitely try this place for getting your driving test done. Friendly staff.

Review №17

The owner, Lester, is the rudest man I’ve met in my entire life. I would never recommend having your child taught here. The degree to which they mistreat other people should be a crime. I literally witnessed one of the instructors yelling at a student, their own vehicles in disrepair to the point one can actually fail a test by using one, and the attitude these people give to you when you give your hard earned money to them. I would highly recommend taking your test at the DPS (where they only charge you $11 instead of $75), or if one is a new driver, I would suggest taking classes at a more professional driving school. This school is clearly just a money scam.

Review №18

Great experience! They were so nice my daughter was not anxious at all. They even went the extra mile and helped us book our DPS appointment.

Review №19

Thank you for the great service sir! I called last Monday with an urgent request for a driving test and the owner happily accommodated within the hour. He was also patient when I had to watch the TX impact videos so I could receive the certificate before I could do the road test. He gave me clear directions and was fair and reasonable in his assessment. He was also very personable and had a great conversation during the test! Thank you!

Review №20

**Scam alert**This place is set to fail students.My husband and i were told about the place as we walked out of the dps and decided to try it out. The instructor took my husband on the road for only about ten minutes. The instructor gave my husband obstructions saying “in America you can pause at a red light and proceed right if no car is coming,” which was a discriminatory statement to begin with. They come back to the driving school and the instructor had not wrote anything down so my husband was thinking it was good and he passed. When they got back to the school the instructor says “oh I forgot to right it down but you failed because you paused at that light, you didn’t stop.”My husband was also informed that he could make 30 mistakes before failing the exam and then ended up failing by ONE.The instructor had also failed three people before us for similar mistakes and made each person pay repeated times to take the test again.The instructor and his workers lied saying my husband was aggressive and yelling at them and throwing things and even threatened my husband saying “I’m a man and I will handle you like a man. “Very unprofessional and a scam.

Review №21

Don’t waste your money this place is so unprofessional.I prefer Safeway driving school in Sugarland.

Review №22

****BEWARE*** This place is a scam! My son went here and paid $75.00 cash because they will only take cash! The instructor Lester was so unprofessional and disrespectful! Lester instructed my son to make a right turn at the red light, it was done then he failed the test.... Like you can come to a complete stop and make a right turn. Also the guy was so rude in the beginning saying I demand respect, Ill be running the show here. Mind you Lester failed my son in less than two minutes of taking the test. These people are taking advantage of people! Do yourself and favour and Save your money by going straight to DPS!

Review №23

My wife took the road test today. Mr Vickers was nice same time good instructor and strict while teaching. We highly recommend here

Review №24

I was ay this place to have my road test done. I was here for less than an hour total. The staff was pleasant and courteous. The examiner gave clear and concise instructions that put me at ease during the test. I would recommend this place to anybody that needs a road test.

Review №25

I just took my test today and the owner was so helpful and really calmed my nerves ! If ic puke rate them higher i would. 10/10 recommend taking your test here!

Review №26

Did my road/skills test at Riverstone Driving Academy and it was the best value for my money I could have had based on all my research. Best alternative to having to wait long months for the DPS to schedule you. Very professional, courteous, encouraging and definitely worth every Dime I paid. More over you do not even need to take the test with your own vehicle! Thank you Mr. Vickers.

Review №27

I simply need to state thank you to my teacher . I have more trust in my driving and Im a superior driver as a result of you. Much thanks to you Sir

Review №28

Terrible place!!!! The instructor was always on his phone while “giving lesson”,, very rude the owner and staff!!!! I was told the lessons were gonna be two hours- so not true!!!! After we paid all the fee they wouldn’t answer the phone when I had questions I had to walk in and demand that they put my daughter on the schedule, cause the only day that I can take her is Saturday. Worst place ever!!!

Review №29

I went to Riverstone for my driving/road test, as I did the instruction portion online earlier. The instructor who administered my road test was excellent. He was very professional, courteous and knowledgeable. Based on my experience, I would certainly recommend Riverstone to anyone looking for a driving school or training. It is also an excellent alternative to waiting a week or more to schedule the road test with TxDPS!

Review №30

Really Good place to bring your kids to learn how to drive. The owner are really good with kids.

Review №31

I highly recommend Riverstone Driving Academy for a Driving test. I passed my test on the second attempt though ( first time made a big mistake at the start off (my bad). On my second attempt my examiner/tester was the owner Mr. Lester Vickers. He was very encouraging and quite supportive. He put me right at ease (I was a bag of nerves after the first attempt failure). Found him very courteous. The ladies at the office are equally polite and efficient with their paper work.If you are not taking driving lessons with them and only going in for a Road Test, I recommend you drive around the area to get yourself familiar with the roads there.

Review №32

I love this place. Theyre so helpful. I definitely recommend coming here for your road test 😁

Review №33

Good people

Review №34

Mr. Vickers is a kind and compassionate instructor. It isn’t easy being a driver educator teacher just like it isn’t easy being a classroom teacher. You couldn’t ask for a better place to learn and take your road test. And you can’t pleaee everyone all the time so based on that, my experience was very positive. If you are taking the road test make sure you are ready for the road test. It’s your chance to prove you can handle a car. Don’t get mad if you fail, you might not be ready!!! Go practice and you will get better. So many folks are looking for a handout. Life ain’t fair so do your best. I am glad I went to Riverstone and will refer all my family and friends there

Review №35

Both my wife as well as my teenage son did their road test here and passed. Very professional staff and very firm. I highly recommend this place.

Review №36

I don’t even understand all the negative reviews Mr. Lester was very polite you could tell he was a no nonsense man but very fair as well. He gave me confidence and assurance and I passed the test fair and square

Review №37

Mr Vickers it the best driving instructor Ive ever seen. He say you will pass and you will with the way he teaches. I did excellent on my driving test and passed first attempt. I definitely recommend this school for learning to drive if your taking classroom or road practice.

Review №38

I can only agree with the low-star reviews above.Keep your children away from this place. Its unlikely to be any worse somewhere else.The practices they teach might be dangerous.Depends on instructor, though.

Review №39

It was easy, fast. Great for doing Dps Driver’s test. It was a great experience!

Review №40

Very patient. Good directions. I would definitely recommend it.

Review №41

The owner is very unprofessional, rude, and tends to be incredibly late every appointment. Made snarky comment when I came in for a test “You better not have an attitude ’m not the one who will fail”. Mr.Lester is very unprofessional. I would not recommend anyone at this driving school.

Review №42

We visited RDA for 3rd party driving test and we had positive from it, because of clear pre-instruments and feedbacks. Paperwork by Sandy is also nice/quick with good smile

Review №43

The owner Mr. Lester is very rude and unprofessional. His staff lady at the dps is getting people out the line and sending to his office once you pay him he is totally a different personality with a bad attitude. I brought to his attention that we drove almost an hour to his office and he yelled infront of other clients that’s none of his business and we should leave if we are not comfortable with him. I would never recommend anyone to his academy. He only cares until he gets his money. Very bad experience and I am not the only one, there were couple of other Clients who got mad instead of listening to their concerns he proudly said to leave his office.

Review №44

Patronize local Rosenberg businesses

Review №45

I wanted to give negative rating. Mr Lester is rude, ill- mannered. He doesnt know how to talk to people. Dont come here. He fails intentialy so to suck more money out of you. He keep bugging u when u taking driving test so that u fail the test. Its a just big scanadal..

Review №46

The instructor randomly fails people in order to have them take the class again and pay more money. Its done on a random basis to avoid suspion. He is also extremely rude. He has scammed several people.Avoid this place if at all possible. It is a RIP off people

Review №47

The instructor Lester Vickers is very rude and does not know what he is saying most the time. He expects us to know everything and is ill mannered at times.

Review №48

Mr. Lester was a great instructor, and the receptionist, as well as the recruiter at the Dps were helpful and efficient!

Review №49

Friendly and helpful staff! Quick and easy experience!

Review №50

Great teacher took my road test yesterday was nervous he was very patient recommend mr Lester’s !

Review №51

My kids had a good experience with Mr. Vickers. They took the complete course, passed all of the exams and are now driving. I also believe that the price was very reasonable for what you get.

Review №52

The driving instructor was so welcoming and positive. 100% recommend this school.

Review №53

Mr. Vickers is a great instructor. He is determined to teach us, and guide us in the right direction to pass our test.

Review №54

Love the instructor. Passed my test with flying colors! Highly recommend this school

Review №55

Totally UNRELIABLE, and a complete joke. I made an appointment for them to teach me, and take me to the DPS for my driving test. Two hours to my driving test, I arrived at Riverstone Driving Academy as scheduled, but there was nobody there. I called Mr. Vickers phone, only for him to tell me he forgot he had another student at the same time. He requested that I wait for him, but HE NEVER SHOWED UP.1. He confirmed my appointment but didnt keep to it. 2. He didnt have the courtesy to let me know ahead of time if his availability changed 3. He made me wait for him BUT STILL DIDNT SHOW UP. I had to find a last minute alternative. So if I was totally dependent on him to instruct me to my driving test, I would have missed it and would have had to wait several weeks to get a new driving test appointment with DPS. He finally called me 15 minutes before my driving test with a lousy apology, but how does that solve the fact that he left me stranded??The tackiness at this driving school is unbelievable.

Review №56

Mr Vickers was a very good teacher and explained the full prices of driving piece by piece. He really helped me become a better driver and understand all there is to know. I strongly recommend riverstone driving academy to those looking to learn to drive the correct and safe way.

Review №57

He made no inclination to schedule the final portion of our driving lessons, which he stated there was a time limit for. After attempting to contact him several times to make appointments for drive times, he only responded after the time limit had passed. He then revealed to me and my sister that the last drive time that we needed and “had failed to schedule” (we tried contacting him SEVERAL times) would cost us extra since it happened after the supposed “deadline” that I’m sure he made up to garner more money. Never go this school, Mr. Vickers scams people and bullies children.

Review №58

Driving teacher/owner was rude to my child, belittled him and made hurtful comments to him unrelated to the instruction of driving.I wonder how many other kids he has done this to.Don’t ever go here!#stayfaraway

Review №59

THANK YOU so much to Mr. & Mrs. Lester Vickers for helping us to get our son on track to driving and getting his Drivers License so quickly. ~Our experience was so hassle free with yalls help and knowledge and not giving us the run around ~ (like some other Driving Schools). ~ Honest, Patient and Fair. ~ Yall Rock! ~ We love yall ~ Five Stars...

Review №60

Mr. Lester very kind and quick service!

Review №61

Scheduled driving instruction and road test with this company and they failed to make appointment with no call, called them and they booked someone else, rebooked for later that day and still didnt show and didnt call, very unprofessional...

Review №62

The instructor randomly fails people in order to have them take the class again and pay more money. Its done on a random basis to avoid suspion. He is also extremely rude. He has scammed several people.

Review №63

The instructor randomly fails people in order to have them take the class again and pay more money. Its done on a random basis to avoid suspion. He is also extremely rude. He has scammed several people.

Review №64

Mr. Vickers is very nice and has alot of patience.I learned alot today from him I recommend River Stone Driving school.Very reasonable prices hands down😃

Review №65

I could not have asked for a worse experience.Mr. Vickers showed up late to all 7 lessons (from being about 30 minutes late to about an hour and a half late). He is a very rude and aggressive person and does not have a personality at all conducive to teaching. I felt very uncomfortable driving with him, and there were several close calls where I almost crashed as a result of his constant yelling - I simply couldnt concentrate. Of course, he blamed all of these near-accidents on me afterwards.One incident that stands out in particular is when we were at a yellow light. He told me to keep on driving, even though I had ample room to stop, and then blamed me for going through when the light changed to red. He then said that he would be getting a ticket in the mail, as there were cameras at that intersection (there most assuredly werent).I also did not receive the state-mandated additional seven hours of observation (that we paid for). There was only one lesson where Mr. Vickers actually had me sitting in the car observing another student driving for the hour per lesson required.After all this, he had the nerve to ask me to leave him a five star review at the end of practically every lesson.It is a miracle that Mr. Vickers got me driving at all. I would have left a one star rating with no hesitation if I hadnt passed my driving test.

Review №66

This place is set to fail students.the instructor took my road test.he said you don’t supposed to slow down when you taking the right turn.just keep your speed and take a turn.i stop at stop sign he said you didn’t stop at Stop sign.he failed me.they are just making money.waste of money waste of time.dont go get definitely fail result...

Review №67

Thank you for your professional work

Review №68

The woman that stands outside the Rosenberg DMV is nice until she get your money and the instructor does not have any patience for an experience nervous driver

Review №69

I highly recommend this school.

Review №70

Bad place!!!! Bad experience, wouldn’t recommend it!!!!!

Review №71

Very rude teacher. Paid 2 hours for a driving session with him and he barely made me drive for an hour and told me to call him back for another session. He is extremely rude and very racist(Im asian).

Review №72

Best driving academy in Rosenberg!!

Review №73

The guy is a total rude. Its a waist of time .

Review №74

Total joke

Review №75

When I called, the guy on the phone was very rude.

Review №76


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