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Cyrus Driving School

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Ruben is really good at teaching, and the 30 hour lessons are super helpful. On the other hand, the other behind the wheel instructor is not as professional and but school is not very organised. Each behind the wheel lesson was actually less than 2 hours as instructor is constantly late. He also does not give many helpful advice when you drive, so there is not much to learn from him.

Review №2

Cyrus Driving School is amazing! They helped me get my license and even let me rent their car for the road test! I couldnt have gotten my license without them!

Review №3

My wife took classes in this school for the road test and she completed the test in less than 5 minutes without mistakes, she was very satisfied with the way the instructor explained everything and it made her feel very confident during her test.I highly recommend this school, it is the only one in the area she was able to find for her practice hours with very good prices.

Review №4

I highly recommened this school to those who do not have enough confidence to drive. the instructor are expert in their filed. I got 20 hours extra for practicing behind the car, learned a lot and he boost my self confidence. so happy with this school.

Review №5

I did my safety and sober test at this school. I first fid the online 3 hours course and then took the test. They are very professional, welcoming and friendly. I was admitted as I walked in and the whole process took less than 15 minutes. I wanted to thank this level of professionally done work by writing a review.Wishing you all the best

Review №6

Great driver ed class and on road driving lessons. Very upset that my information was never put into the MVA system. So when I went for my drivers license test, I couldnt take it. Had to wait another month and a half. I would recommend you check with the MVA to make sure they got your driver ed information from this school.

Review №7

Cyrus driving school was very professional and helped very much. The building was clean and the actual school was nice. Courses were explained fully and content was laid out wellMy biggest complaints:-the school was hard to find the first time. The sign is small and hard to notice. This meant it was hard to find the building it was in and where in the building it was.-there was little to no explanation that before the school would take a student out on the road they need at least ten hours of prior experience. This created problems where we had to rush and get hours done before the end of the school . This needs to be explained on the website somewhere, or in the process of scheduling.-masks worn by the owner of the school were often worn incorrectly, and sometimes not at all by instructors.Overall, the school and content were good. I would recommend, but maybe after everything after the virus has been settled.

Review №8

I had the certificate of drug and alcohol course from Cyrus School. They are friendly people.

Review №9

They’re really expert and nice. Great place to learn how to drive. Amazing customer service.

Review №10

Came to Cyrus Driving school because Potomac driving school,where I first took class there, was being shut down without notice. That sucks! Even though I have finished in class portion before at Potomac school, Mr Ruben at Cyrus Driving school has done such a great job teaching and making the class so engaging and intriguing. Technically I didnt have to attend in class portion since I have completed it, but ridiculously, I attended all classes at Cyrus. Just love to go there and listen which I didnt have that kind of attitude when I was attending at Potomac driving school! People there are just so nice. The owner, Mr Hossein flexibly helped me out with my complicated circumstance which Im so much appreciated.Really a place where you can trust!

Review №11

Just a not to tell you I am very satisfied with the work Mr. Vatani. This gentleman very nice, very helpful and very polite. I would recommend your service to anyone.

Review №12

Helped my daughter driving so much I’m very thankful for cyrus driving school. Also all my customers happy to work with cyrus team.

Review №13

It was a great learning experience. Mr. Cyrus was a great teacher. You learn about all the requirement and laws to drive in Maryland. The BTW driving sessions are also very good. I recommend this to anyone who wants to take behind the wheel practice.

Review №14

My experience with Cyrus Driving was great. I had very little driving experience in India when I was student there. I never had the confidence that I was a good driver because I did not know the proper way to park or change lanes safely. When I contacted Cyrus driving school, I was not sure how many lessons to take. I initially felt that the 6 hour lessons for adults was a little pricey but, I went ahead with it anyway and I was definitely not disappointed.I had an instructor Mr. Hosei. He was very friendly and gave instructions in an understandable manner. He gave very useful thumb rules on what to do in different situations while driving (like check left,right left and take action at an uncontrolled intersection :-) ). He is useful and easy to remember. He had me do parallel parking and back around the corner many times and also told me the steps to follow to complete those maneuvers successfully.In closing I would like to say that if you are an adult who wants to get their drivers license I would definitely recommend Cyrus Driving School. You will learn drive safely. If you are on the fence due to the pricing, I feel that it is completely worth it because the knowledge gained is invaluable.

Review №15

Excellent customer service! It might be a small mom & pop business, but they always have coverage for phone and front desk. Very helpful employees, especially Hossein. Thank you 😊

Review №16

Great place to learn how to drive! The instructors are great! It is a great school to learn how to drive and a great experience.

Review №17

They are the best! I recommended Mr. Vatni to one of my friend who failed his driving test for 4 times! Mr. Vatani did a great job. My friend barely drove before and thanks to Mr. Vatani, he passed his driving license right away. This school was very accommodating about the times of the schedule and the price was also very reasonable. I do definitely recommend this school to anyone.

Review №18

Im writing a review because it’s the affordable place and nice person. I scheduled a driving lesson on road and they charge so affordable. I was in Potomac driving school and they a lot of money to schedule a road test. I took it with them and I passed. Overall nice experience. 👍🏼

Review №19

This company has done nothing but treated me well. Ive had a great experience, Staff were nice to me. I had over a million questions each of my question was answered with no problem. I would recommend any one to this driving school.

Review №20

Mr. Vatani is a great professional. He never lost his temper and was very polite and kind while teaching to his students. Even though i was experienced driver back home, he taught me the basics of driving in USA and the nuances/precautions needed to be a successful driver here. He provided many valuable tips which are very critical to be a safe driver here.He made me drive more (does not happen with other driving schools) and he kept up his time very well. Would recommend him strongly for anyone looking to learn driving in Maryland.

Review №21

I went to school here to get my driving license awhile ago, and I recommend this school and the instructor.

Review №22

Ive very nice experience with Mr. Cyrus. He is an excellent driving teacher. And staff is very helpful too.

Review №23

This is my first review and I am sharing my good experience. Brought my brother in 10 lessons package and after three lessons. He was ready for test and my brother passed his behind the wheel test at the first time. They refunded my money for remaining classes. Super easy to set up and all went perfectly smooth. Couldnt be happier. Thank you Mr. Cyrus.

Review №24

After completing the class portion, i had inquired for a rental car for MVA test and Cyrus Driving Schools fair price and great reviews led me to schedule an appointment with them.On the day of the test, i arrived at the office and called the receptionist and within a minute the instructor came downstairs and we were on our way to the MVA. The instructor was both professional and pleasant to talk to. He stood by me and was very supportive. I highly recommend this service.

Review №25

I took my classes in this driving school. Such a nice place and people. I’m glad I found this place. The price is fair as well. Just go for it, don’t hesitate.

Review №26

I had a great experience here and learned everything I needed to know to pass my driving test!

Review №27

Very good experience! The coach is quite patient and familiar with the driver test. Following his instruction I learn a lot about the laws and rule on the road, and passed my driver test finally. He is also brave enough to sit next to me, hahaha.

Review №28

I thoroughly enjoyed this class. It was interesting and not boring at all. I learned many new things and reinforced my knowledge of Maryland laws. I also want to thank Mr. Vatani in customer service, He answered my questions and was very helpful.

Review №29

Teachers are patient and work very well with you. Great price and I passed my test. I took 6 lessons after the 7th I was ready to get on the road.

Review №30

Its a really nice driving school. I did not had any driving experience and learnt only from Cyrus driving school. The instructors are very polite and helpful in explaining intricate details of driving. Thus, I cleared MVA road test in very first attempt. Thank you Cyrus Driving School.

Review №31

I had a great experience at Cyrus driving school. I honestly enjoy Vatani’s teching. He is funny and enjoy his work .And on road tests were great as well .I had practice a lot .

Review №32

Nice people and great place. Overall it is a great driving school.

Review №33

My name is Lan, I got my driving license today. I came back just want to say all the testing today that I took, I learned from Mr Hossein in Cyrus driving school. He taught me as much as he can to make sure I can pass the test and be a good driver here in MD. I am very grateful about choosing Cyrus driving school instead of big driving school. Good instructors are more important than a big driving school. Teachers here are patient, warm and professional.

Review №34

I just want to say thanks to the best instructor ever, he is the one who made me pass my practice test today. Thank you Cyrus Driving School.

Review №35

Awesome experience, I register my niece, based on what she has told me, I recommend Cyrus driving school to anyone that is looking for a professional instructor that provides great service.

Review №36

My son is very happy, he just finish with his classes, they are very professionals and flexible with our scheduled.

Review №37

Cyrus driving school is a great place for everyone who needs to learn how to drive. Lectures of Mr.Vatani were very interesting. I learned a lot of new things.I totally recommed Mr. Douglas Miranda as a driving instructor. He helped me to get rid of my fears and gave me a lot of good advices. I have my driving license now and happy about it. :)

Review №38

I got my driving license with ease and all the credit goes to Mr. Hossein Vatani for his valuable advice and guidance. I will definitely recommend Cyrus Driving School. As a student you just need to follow his advice and you are all set.

Review №39

I had great experience with Cyrus, instructor was helpful and patient.

Review №40

Thanks, It is a good driving school. My son took a driving educatin class and he passed the test.

Review №41

The staff were very expert and friendly and I got the best result. I definitely recommend it.

Review №42

The instructor is very professional and patient. Staffs are also enthusiastic, thank you very much!

Review №43

Best place to get drivers license in maryland it’s great

Review №44

It says it work on Saturday, but I called and the lady said no they don’t, she doesn’t even know about customer service, awful.

Review №45

Very professional, and great instructors! Learned a lot!

Review №46

Barely spoke English.....didn’t know a thing I was saying smh better service please when answering the phones

Review №47

This is the perfect driving school and I passed my exam the first time with Cyrus Driving School.

Review №48

Thank u for help

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