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Enhanced Driving Institute

Review №1

As a graduated student I can say EDI taught me to be a safe driver and to be aware on the road. EDI really teaches you to be a proactive driver and not a reactive one. I would absolutely come here again to relearn driving if I needed to.As for the staff they are incredibly friendly and funny. But they know how to be around kids.I would 100% recommend putting your child in this class to be a driver.

Review №2

EDI is top-notch! The owner, Adam, has such passion for training teens to be excellent drivers. His teaching staff connects well with the students and covers so many driving aspects and issues. When we had questions, Adam and the instructor both responded with quickness and clarity. They care about people and hold themselves to high standards. Both of my kids enjoyed the classroom instruction. Both have passed their permit tests (on the first try!). Thanks to all the resources provided to us parents, we are confidently providing driving lessons and appropriately stepping the kids through their practice driving experiences.

Review №3

When we were looking for a driving school for our son, I spent a couple of months researching the available options. We ultimately chose EDI and I am very happy with the experience. Adam truly cares about not just being good enough to pass the test but teaching how to be a safe driver. He keeps the kids engaged through real life examples so they fully understand the why and not just the what they should be doing (some funny and others very tragic but they help drive the concepts home). Their process is well designed to reinforce these concepts in practice. Adam is very responsive to any questions so that parents are also engaged in the process. I believe this was definitely the best decision for our family and the few extra dollars that the course costs will return many times over through our son having a very solid start in his driving education.

Review №4

We have just completed the Drivers ed course. I have been impressed with it all! Any time Ive had a question and emailed them, they have responded quickly and efficiently. I feel the lessons for my son have been extremely thorough. Im glad they require so many hours, 100, of behind the wheel training before getting your license. They also explain to the parents how to be good teachers to our kids as they learn to drive. And I really like how they walk parents through all of the steps required for our kids to be good drivers.

Review №5

We had a great experience with EDI and would highly recommend them. When the COVID shutdown disrupted our sons final driving lesson, Adam and his team went above and beyond to help us get back on track in order to keep our appointment for the drivers exam. The EDI team is comprised of caring instructors that are genuinely invested in their students. They were great partners in helping us as parents shape our teen into a confident and capable driver!

Review №6

My son just had his 3rd instructor behind the wheel and his first with Sam. He was excellent from my perspective and my son really liked him as well. Sam took the time to come talk to me, gave me a detailed account of my sons performance and promised to follow up quickly so we could book another time slot. Great guy!

Review №7

Adam and the entire team is very professional and truly cares for both the teen driver and the family. The classes are well set up and communication between the instructors and parents is top-notch. I feel like my daughter is now ready to safely start driving thanks to our experience with EDI.

Review №8

I want to thank EDI for the class and education my child received. they were all amazing and he passed his drivers license test on the first try!! They were very easy to schedule with for his behind the wheel driving hours and very responsive when it came to questions. I would highly recommend EDI for your childs permit class and behind the wheel hours.

Review №9

Top notch company! You can tell Adam started this company to make a difference in the lives of families who entrust their teenagers to him. He is very passionate about what he does and it shows. Both my teens have gone through his driving school and I would not think of going anywhere else!

Review №10

As a parent, you want the best for your child. My experience with Enhanced Driving has not disappointed. I would definitely recommend this company to any parent. I thank Adam for the favorable experience. Keep up the good work!

Review №11

Three of my teens took drivers ed with Enhanced Driving Institute in based in Rochester, MN but also providing excellent service to Byron where we live. Not only was the service convenient with classes right after school at Byron High School, it was also packed with great information by the professional instructors who lead the classes. The behind-the-wheel training is also excellent. I would highly recommend EDI to everyone!

Review №12

Having used other driving programs for my other kids, I saw a noticeable difference right away just looking at the material sent home with my student. This course is more thorough and more focused on teaching the students what they need to drive safe than others. I really appreciated the parent meeting provided as well as additional materials and courses. Adam has a heart for what he is doing and it shows. These guys are the best!

Review №13

Wonderful instruction for two of my children 7 and 4 years ago. Both are drivers for several years now and have adopted good, safe driving habits instilled by this instruction. Top Notch.

Review №14

We just finished the classes for the third time--all three of my children went through this program. My oldest really took it to heart and is a very safe driver. My middle is driving all over the state this summer. My youngest passed the permit test yesterday. We originally asked for recommendations from friends and EDI was highly recommended. Now its my turn--I highly recommend EDI. Yes, drivers education is expensive, but this is worth every penny. And the peace of mind is priceless.

Review №15

Very happy with the training my kids received! Was told my many other parents about this program and it delivered - exceeding expectations! Thanks EDI

Review №16

Im an instructor at EDI. During classroom, students arent just read the road test manual and turned loose. EDI has always had a parent class to explain not the the program, but the legal issues and parent responsibilities in teaching their teens how to drive well. Driving lessons are spaced out so that students have time to learn driving techniques rather than rushing through. The entire program is based on making safe drivers, not just ones that can hold it together long enough to pass the test. EDI offers lessons to adult learners too.

Review №17

My personal experience: I started my lessons with EDI from scratch (I had never driven before). My instructor (Tom) has been very patient and understanding, and a great pleasure to learn with. He knows the students limits and works on his/her weaknesses. He constantly and nicely gives on-the-spot feedback, and particularly stresses on details that are most important for the road test. Hes a great teacher and very fun to work with. Adam (the big boss) and Tom also switched the schedule around, to allow me to take my road test with the same car (upon my request) and to allow me to have maximum behind the wheel practice time before my test. I passed the test finally!

Review №18

My daughter just finished the class. She enjoyed going and was excited to come home and tell us all the things she learned and never complained about the homework they had to do. She learned a lot and really liked the instructors. They have a passion for what they are doing and it’s clear safety is a huge thing as well as learning to drive. Highly recommend EDI

Review №19

This driving school was recommended to me by all my friends, and I can see why. The people here have a fun environment with interactive learning, and the practice tests made me confident going into the permit test. To anyone looking for a driving school, I highly recommend EDI.

Review №20

I am currently one of the instructors at Enhanced Driving Institute. A lot has changed in our driving environment since I took drivers ed. back in 2001-2002. The last 15 years have seen many new things being introduced onto our roads in Rochester: flashing yellow arrows, bike lanes, electric cars and hybrids, more roundabouts, a huge increase in downtown traffic, downtown fairs and festivals, etc. The education we provide is head-and-shoulders above the education I received when I was a teenager, and I wish EDI had been around for me when I was learning! Ive learned many of my lessons the hard way, but your student doesnt need to here at EDI. With our highly-trained and diverse staff, and our flexible scheduling, we can accommodate any student and welcome the opportunity to teach todays youth to be safe, independent, and actively thinking drivers!

Review №21

When searching for a driving school for my daughter, I did a lot of research. I remember my experience 20 years ago as very bare bones, very little of which translated to useful road experience.I couldnt have been happier with my decision to go with EDI, the instructors were informative, fun, and made learning as fun as possible. My daughter commented more than once about how she felt prepared for driving after attending this class.

Review №22

We could not be any more pleased with our experience with EDI. Our son raved about his classroom intructor Alexis ability to keep the 3 hour sessions fun albeit very serious while very thoroughly covering the information being presented. During the parents session, EDI owner Adams recounting of the events leading up to his decision to open his driving school was powerful, heartfelt and deeply moving. His extremely detailed and deliberate action plan for successful completion of the drivers training module incrementaly implements the skills and mindset required for achieving driving competency and emphasizes safety above all else. Two things are absolutely certain: first and foremost, Adam and his Staff arent in it for the money, folks - your students safety and security are their number 1 priority and they will do whatever it takes to ensure each and every student achieves safe driving proficiency. Secondly, there is nary even a hint of a doubt in our minds that we selected the absolute best, most professional and personable driving school in Rochester and truly believe our son could not be in better hands, hearts and minds.

Review №23

I attended EDI 7 years ago and the skills and knowledge that I learned from Adam and his team have been beyond invaluable. My driving capabilities have been fine tuned from an early age thanks to EDI. Not only did I learn from the best, but I learned in an atmosphere that made going to class enjoyable. There is no doubt in my mind that EDI is not only Rochesters premier driving school, but the #1 in Minnesota.

Review №24

Our kids learned so much thru the classroom experience! Many of the lessons prompted great discussions at home. The kids learned and had fun while doing so. The videos certainly made a lasting impact. Also, the willingness to work around busy sports schedules was much appreciated. So grateful we sent our kids through this program!

Review №25

I appreciate the fact that Travis teaches in a very laid-back instructive matter. Thanks for all the help!

Review №26

Instructor has designed lessons with the students best interest in mind. My daughter understood that driving is serious business after taking lessons from EDI.

Review №27

Wonderful drivers ed class! There is a required parent portion which was very informatice for us as parents to getting us all on the same page and current on the parent’s responsibilities with our new driver.

Review №28

EDI has been great helping teach not only the rules of the road but more importantly the responsibility of driving.

Review №29

Teaches many important driving lessons and rules but in a fun and active manner. Great class and great instructor.

Review №30

Travis is a great drivers ed instructor who helped me understand how to drive and was also very flexible and allowed me to make up the classes I missed. Travis is a life saver!

Review №31

EDI instructors are awesome. They bring a sense of humor to a nervous student and a wake up call to the overly confident. What a great program we have in Rochester.

Review №32

Inattentive, chaotic, unreliable06/05/2020: It is a true and honest review of my own reflecting my experience with them at that period of time, which I believe was around 3 years ago. Numerous inquiries (e-mails, telephone calls etc) re: the circumstances of schooling, fees etc either not answered or answered with delay plus a couple of office visits- near Costco at that time; due to not being able to reach otherwise, still ending up with not ever being able to get ahold of anybody. At the end of all of these efforts, yes, we were not a student of yours and had to end up enrolling with another driver’s school in-town.

Review №33

Ive had both my kids attend EDI. I love that they keep you informed and take care of everything from class room to behind the wheel.

Review №34

Easy-to-understand lessons, practice tests to get us ready for the real thing, free popcorn, and plenty of heartbreaking documentaries 👌

Review №35

The most thorough and comprehensive driving program available in the Rochester area. The value of the program and variety of the teaching methods that welcome all learners make EDI the top choice for Rochester.

Review №36

Fun and an easy experience to learn, offers free popcorn, every class, along with a selection of snacks, sodas, and waters. Enjoyable experience.

Review №37

Never in the office during hours. Never answers the phone.Website is horrible. Unable to schedule online. Horrible customer service!

Review №38

The road ways are becoming evermore congested and dangerous for the skilled driver much less new drivers. Teens and new drivers are making increasingly more poor decisions and becoming another statistic of the road. EDI not only trains for the road test but to try and give that new driver a safe base on which to build their skills to make it safer out there for us all.

Review №39

Really good at explaining and what to expect on drivers test. Easy to schedule time and take test ASAP!!!!

Review №40

My last child to take drivers ed. Would highly recommend this school...all kids should have to take this before driving...and the reason that Adam started this business is remaekable...thankyou parents of Katie Cox

Review №41

Excellent teaching, knowledgeable instructors. Would highly recommend Adam and his team.

Review №42

I loved going here for my drivers training! 5 years ago, my best friend and I both signed up and took the class together, I learned so much and alot of the stuff I learned I still use today while driving! Very very fun class, very informative and I loved the videos we watched, I remember alot from the those commercials from Australia(?), rambling alot but there is just so much to say about this place!!! I cant say enough good things! Great place!

Review №43

I really enjoyed the class.

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