Rochester Educational Opportunity Center (REOC)
161 Chestnut St, Rochester, NY 14604, United States
Rochester Educational Opportunity Center (REOC)

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I wouldn’t recommend to anyone trying to better their lives. They promise you a job at the end of your course and then claim that there are no jobs available. The teachers use their time to threaten you and accuse you of talking, not paying attention or just deviant behavior while you sit their silently and then all faculty staff say “well it’s a free program” they also threaten to remove you from class and tell you to “get out” if you have questions or you bring up things that you’ve learned before that challenge what they’re teaching and ask for clarification. There was a teacher who would actively blame me for the things the girl next to me did. If she was speaking in class, eating or even sleeping she would accuse me of being the one talking or the one that was influencing this grown girl to behave the way she did. While I sat there quietly and did my work. Don’t do it if you have anxiety or depression cause this place will push you to kill yourself having to survive here. They also remind you that you’re a charity case that they have blessed with the right to attend to school.

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I’ve emailed them several times and they have not gotten back to me. One email was explaining to them how I was treated poorly by an instructor, seems to be very clear that they simply do not care.

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Your cash program lied to me. I never received my taxes. I am so disappointed. I have depended on it for my family. I should be filling out my taxes somewhere else next time. What a disappointment

Review №4

I actually ended up finding a job in my chosen trade before completing my program! Due to everything I learned while there :)

Review №5

Just started going to school here for my HSE so far love the school the staff is GREAT! Teachers really seem like they care. And very helpful

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For all the fearless men and women thank you for all you do. God bless each and everyone of you.

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My mom, 2 sisters and myself have gone thru the LPN program and other trainings offered here! Teachers are competent and they care about you and your progress! WE LOVE YOU R.E.O.C!

Review №8

THE NAME IS GREG SHERMAN ..He s an angel their ..Caring kindness. Strenth and a gentleman. I Have landed my dream job at Highland Hospital patient care tech .....i thank god he is there he really cares and just seeing his smile makes u feel great. ...Hey graduatiin he needs to be in stage with us....This man is a true spirit..Please know he makes things happen and never gives up on us...THE BEST IN HIS FIELD .. All my hEART AND THANKS A REMARKABLE MAN WHO SEEN THE BEST IN ME.

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The staff is unprofessional I talked to the dean about an instructor treating me unjust and was never contacted back. So, I would have to wait 2 yrs to go back which Im not because I was very discouraged at this point.

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Went there for the medical secretary program and got a job 2 months after completing. Staff is great and very helpful and supportive

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They dont have free parking and the other thing I dont like it is cuz I wanted to study home health aide but I needed to take math classes, thats ridiculous, cuz obviously I wont need math for to take care of people. So Thats why I dont like that place 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

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The registration office is brutal. So unprofessional and disrespectful.

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I earned my pharmacy tech certification here. Excellent environment only negative things I can say is its small building and majority of the bookstore prices are too high

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False advertisement they are not open at 7 am period

Review №15

Great teachers love the environment

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Good this school 😍😍

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Reoc is changing lives....

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Excellent school

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Good school

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It is a great place to start taking the first steps in English or any other educational program that ROC offers, it is free and it is an excellent opportunity.

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