River City Driving School
4901 Fitzhugh Ave UNIT 202, Richmond, VA 23230, United States
River City Driving School

Review №1

Everyone was extremely friendly and made the entire process stress free. As an adult driver, there was no embarrassment or awkwardness, they all really just wanted to help! I felt comfortable the whole time and everyone helped to boost my confidence. Definitely going to recommend!

Review №2

Thank you River City Driving for the fabulous experience. I was nervous about my child learning to drive and you really made the process easy and stress free. My young driver felt comfortable as well. Thank you to the River City Driving staff for the pleasant experience. The customer service was impeccable.

Review №3

Super creepy owner! Stay away from this place at all costs. Also look how they respond to other people in the reviews, they’re insanely unprofessional. What kind of driving instructor tells people that writing a bad review is libel? Good thing he never went to law school although I’m sure he’d fail out of it considering he acts like an entitled, petulant 14 year old.Also all the more recent positive reviews are ALL from accounts where that’s their only review. Nice job making fake accounts to beef up your google review rating.

Review №4

Would highly recommend River City Driving School. They were very efficient & communicated well on what was needed of me. The staff was welcoming and very professional!

Review №5

I attended River City and the process was very simplistic and professional. The staff was very welcoming which made for a pleasant experience. I would recommend to others looking for the same experience.

Review №6

Everything was great and easy Palmer was super helpful with getting everything set up the only problem was the driving instructor Glen who is an absolute moron with in inflated ego who often did dangerous things like yank the wheel unexpectedly, slam on his break unnecessarily and yell while doing the driving tests. Overall I recommend river city driving.

Review №7

They made it such an easy process to sign up and they were great at explaining all the information and had great customer service! I would definitely recommend this driving school to my friends!!!

Review №8

It is a family owned driving so nothing was impersonal. They made a lot of exceptions for us due to family emergencies. The owner treated us like we were a part of his family I have nothing but good things to say.

Review №9

Maybe instead of writing a literal essay in response to people you should actually work on solving the problems at hand. It’s insane to me how you’re talking to other reviewers, even if they’re in the wrong! Stop making excuses and just buck up and be professional.Also calling a minor a spoiled brat in person and then doing it again in your reply is one of the trashiest things I’ve ever seen. Get your life together, jerk.

Review №10

I cannot stress this enough: Do not send your daughters here. The main instructor behaves incredibly inappropriately towards the girls, and the driving instructors are so incompetent.

Review №11

Best in RVA! River City provides incredible service, responsiveness, communication through the driving education experience. Thank you.

Review №12

I signed up for the online class and paid over a month ago. I havent been able to get anyone to answer any of their phone numbers or emails. Can someone please get in touch with me? I have paid $500 and am unable to reach anybody to set up lessons.

Review №13

Update: I have now heard back from River City and they confirmed that the refund had been processed.I paid the $50 deposit upon signing my daughter up for the online self paced course (which is by the way, $200 for them to simply send a link and then she had to go their office to take the exam. No instructor providing any kind of instruction. This is the same price as the in classroom course). On the morning of the exam, I went onto the website and paid the $150 balance. Later that day my husband took our daughter to their office and when checking in the lady behind the desk asked if wanted to pay the balance (guess it wasnt showing yet that I had paid it). Not realizing I had already paid, he also submitted payment for $150. So, for a course that cost $200 River City Driving has $350 of our money and I cant get anyone from River City to communicate with me that the refund of $150 has been processed on their end.

Review №14

I got called a spoiled little brat by the owner of this facility-How this place has more than 2 stars is well beyond me. The facility is incredibly run down, has a terrible atmosphere, and is poorly managed. The owner is incapable of taking responsibility for his actions, which can clearly be seen in his responses to other reviews written below. As I was taking the test, Mr. Wellhouse and his associate, Kendall, get into an argument with my father because he wanted a refund for Behind the Wheel due to our terrible experience. The two, in retort, spew personal insults and claim that I am a spoiled little brat to my father because I hadnt responded to an email for 5 days regarding scheduling. This is incredibly ironic considering it took months for Mr. Wellhouse to respond to my emails. Mr. Wellhouse, if youre reading this, I would love to hear your justification for your unprofessional, and frankly childish, outburst. Thank you.

Review №15

How come no one answers the phone? I paid 500$ and am not able to reach anyone to speak with....

Review №16

I do not recommend this place to anyone, took way too long to actually take the test, took about 2-3 months for them to actually email us back, do not go to this place!!!! Very unprofessional and rude to their customers!

Review №17

I WISH I could give this place 0 stars!! The classroom teacher was some creepy old guy who could barely stay on topic. The behind the wheel teachers are incompotent and are unable to help new new drivers. The receptionist lady just wants your money and does not try to make you feel comfortable or safe.EDIT: To the owner who sent me a reply... of course I am not going to use my real name since you people likely still have my address and my MONEY! Focus on not scamming people when they want money for lessons they DID NOT RECEIVE. The two likes show that other people have experienced the tangent riddled, inappropriate teacher. Hopefully they didnt get scammed as well!

Review №18

I hope that everyone can have the same exprience that I did. I was greatly benefit because it taught me the necessary skills to safely drive not only in the classroom but for the online program as well. The driving coach made me feel very comfortable in his way of constructive criticism. This family based practice was a perfect learning environment for all students.

Review №19

Instructor a dawg

Review №20

Thank you for a great experience!

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