Giggles Drop-In Child Care of Raleigh
6504 Falls of Neuse Rd #150, Raleigh, NC 27615, United States
Giggles Drop-In Child Care of Raleigh

Review №1

Posted the same review on the Cary location but had to give the Raleigh some love too since we use both, depending on where my husband and I are working. Both locations are equally great!!Giggles has been a LIFESAVER!! We have a regular daycare we use but sometimes we have teacher workdays or my husband and I work half days and don’t want to make the drive to daycare for a short few hours…that’s where Giggles comes in. I love that it literally works as a “drop-in” daycare, so if you have last minute plans, mother-in-laws falls through, etc. you don’t have to explain anything to them-they’re always there ready. My son loves the atmosphere and leaves all played-out with a smile on his face. We always feel safe leaving him there. The staff is always super attentive and doesn’t mind my nervous mom calls to check in. Highly recommend

Review №2

I love Giggles! It’s a great place to drop the kids and even last minute for a night out. They have a great time and get to play with other children. The staff is fun and friendly. I definitely recommend them to everyone.

Review №3

Our child LOVES Giggles! He spends the entire car ride there talking about all his friends that he wants to play with and when we get there he is greeted by a group of them chanting his name! When we pick him up he always comes running to the gate with a big smile and usually a couple kids in tail yelling BYE to him. All the counselors know him by name and often times will find them holding him in their lap. Its comforting knowing the days when he isnt as active and is more snuggly that the staff is happy to comfort him.

Review №4

My kids have been going to Giggles for 5 years I think, it feels like forever, they are like an extended family and my kids LOVE going! The prices are extremely reasonable and honestly cant be beat. They also have wonderful hourly packages you can buy. The staff is super caring and I am just so thankful that we found Giggles all these years ago.The hours are great too, perfect for date nights and I love the theme nights they have!

Review №5

We have been so happy with the service provided at Giggles. Our 4 yo loves to play here after pre-K and the flexibility is amazing when we need more care during the track out. The staff is great with the children and they are always smiling faces when we bring him over. Highly recommend especially for people with changing child care needs.

Review №6

This drop in center has always been courteous, kind, and eager to make my child feel welcome. My 6 year old absolutely loves spending time there and socializing with his friends. There are tons of activities for him to participate in and the after school program that provides van pickup as well as homework guidance is so convenient! Jill and Makayla as well as all of the other staff members are fantastic!

Review №7

My son has been going to giggles for about 5 years now. He absolutely loves it! The staff is always very welcoming and professional. Great option for a date night out or if you just need some “me” time. Would recommend to anyone!

Review №8

I brought my 3 children here and they had the best time. The staff was amazing and it’s a lifesaver to have somewhere we trust to bring our children so we can enjoy some time together. We were concerned because the children can be difficult and one has special needs but they were so great with them. I absolutely recommend Giggles for all families and we will continue to be repeat customers.

Review №9

I wish I could post a picture of how I picked up my son. It looks like he got beat up. He had 3 bruises/whelps by his right eye, the left side of his face is all scratched up. No one called me to notify he had been hit to give me the option to come get him. The staff told me that he had been bit by another child and the other child got a 5 minute time out. I will never bring my children back here and I urge anyone to be cautious if you bring your children here.

Review №10

Great staff and best prices around.

Review №11

My daughter was there today from 11:30am-6pm. She came home with the same amount of snacks and juice that I sent with her. She got in the car and tore up the dinner I paid extra for. Btw that slice of pizza was super small.

Review №12

First day I dropped my grandson off at giggles he was so excited he couldn’t wait to return. In his second visit my grandson was crying uncontrollably. When asked the staff what was wrong their response was he was just ready to go, when in fact he informed us that his candy was taken and he was hit in the back by an employee. Needless to say I’m livid and still trying to get to the bottom of this awful ordeal.

Review №13

I highly recommended Giggles Drop in daycare. My son is 3 and has been going there for a couple years. The staff is wonderful and it’s a great atmosphere. It’s such a relief to have a trustworthy daycare that’s flexible. My son is shy and any time he’s been nervous they always pick him up to comfort him as if he’s their own child. Words can’t describe how grateful I am to Giggles and the wonderful staff.

Review №14

Giggles has been a God-send to my family and has made life so much easier for me and my twins! My kids love Giggles and as a single mom and full time business owner it is great to know that my kids are in a place where they are watched, safe, and every staff person knows their names. My kids love it their and would love to go every day if they could. They have been very effective in working with my son who can be difficult sometimes and also very helpful with my daughter who is very guarded. I have had the opportunity to see them both come out of their shells at giggles due to the supportive and encouraging environment! My twins were in summer camp and enjoyed the daily field trips and classroom time. This really prepared them to start school for the first time this month and sadly they miss Giggle so much! I cant thank you all enough for all that youve done for my family, for the peace of mind I have when I drop them off and for the stellar customer services you all provide every time we come in! It shows that you all care about what you do and who you help! Thank you!

Review №15

We rented this Giggles location for our daughters 4th birthday party. She and all of her friends had so much fun and everything was made easy for us. The price was reasonable and the staff was very nice and helpful. I would definitely recommend this location for your childs party.

Review №16

I brought my daughter here for the first time.She just turned 14 months old and I was skeptical because of the mixed age groups but not having family or friends in this area forced me to find care. At drop off they took the time to answer all of my questions and ensure I was comfortable before I left my daughter. She was upset when I left but we had also never left her with anyone but family so I expected some level of separation anxiety. I was happy to return to my daughter smiling, happy and having a great time. I will return and am happy that we have care for our child that we can trust and leave her when needed.

Review №17

My daughter absolutely loves it here! She looks forward to going.. all of the staff are very kind and sweet. I would recommend to anyone... kudos to Giggles

Review №18

My very particular and very attached two year old and I went yesterday to check out Giggles. Per her usual self she was clung to my leg when we first got there. We took the tour, and she started to venture out on her own a little (which was a pleasant surprise in and of itself).When we were getting ready to leave, I told her it was time to go and she could come back and play another time and SHE WANTED TO STAY! I’m a stay at home mom and have very little time to myself, so of course I obliged her request. She stayed and played for an hour (I wanted to start kind of small since she has never been away from me).When I came back, she was super excited! She ran around and showed me toys she had played with. Just seeing her happy and in her element with other kids was incredible! When I asked if she wanted to come back and play tomorrow she said yes! She’s excited to go back, and I’m so excited that she had a good time!It was a great experience from the beginning. I called to check prices and to ask how it worked because none of my kids have ever been in a day care setting. I’m the WORST with names, so I apologize in advance. The girl I spoke to was incredibly helpful and put my mind at ease that my daughters needs would be fully accommodated. She was very knowledgeable, and was willing to answer my questions even when I had to call back to ask again because well, mom brain! There was no irritation with my 21 (thousand) questions!When we got there for the tour, all of the kids seemed happy and playful. The staff was welcoming, helpful, knowledgeable, attentive to the children, and great with helping little people learn to share and keeping them all safe. It was an enjoyable experience and I definitely felt confident to let my little stay and play.I’m very happy to have found this as an option for care. Sometimes I may need an hour or two to do certain things, but not often enough to need to pay for part time day care which is NOT affordable even at one day a week. This is easily fit into pretty much any budget. Totally flexible, and again, my baby was happy and well taken care of.She’s potty trained, and for some reason LOVES restrooms that aren’t in our house, they were very attentive to her need for multiple trips to the restroom which is so important for me, because I had been asked if I’d be willing for her to wear a pull up by other facilities (which I’m most certainly NOT willing to do....she’s potty trained....she just needs to go potty...sometimes frequently lol)I’m excited, she’s excited, she was safe, and her needs were a priority just like everyone else’s, what more could you ask for?Great experience! Thank you Giggles for putting my mind at ease and giving little people a fun place to play, explore, socialize, and learn!

Review №19

My son & daughter went here today. (Note to self, check in online & save time) My son enjoyed himself & said it was an A+ place. My daughter was happy when we picked her up & seemed to have been fed & had a cleaned changed diaper. Will definitely use this location again.

Review №20

This is such a brilliant idea. My son had a great experience the first visit and well definitely be back! I love the live feed I get for peace of mind and the teachers did an amazing job playing with the kids. Keep up the great work! Youre all appreciated :)

Review №21

No joke, this is a huge treat for my little guys. I have a 5 yr old and 2 yr old, and if I accidentally say the word giggles in any context, we need to book an appointment because they get SO EXCITED. Both the Cary and Raleigh locations are fantastic and accommodating. My only minor complaint is that my kids hardly ever eat their dinners when theyre there because they never want to stop playing long enough!

Review №22

Fabulous childcare and management staff that go above and beyond to care for our daughter. Great location easily accessible to North Raleigh. Our daughter enjoys meeting new children, and all the wonderful toys & games the facility offers.The staff was also very understanding to my many questions and concerns as a parent. Flexibility offered at Giggles is a fabulous childcare alternative when in need!

Review №23

I am so happy they finally opened a Raleigh location. I have frequented the Cary location even though it was out of my way because it has been the only place I could fully trust for my kids. I have visited other drop in centers and they were so-so. The Director in Cary, Lindsey, has always been amazing and does a great job ensuring all families are happy with each and every visit. We have been going there for several years and have seen many different faces amongst the staff but even with staff changes I have never been concerned. They must do an incredible job with hiring and training as I nor my children have ever noticed any difference in care. When Raleigh opened I was so excited to try it out since it is so much closer for me. I was even more pleased to see that Lindsey transitioned to oversee both locations so I instantly knew this was going to be a great fit for our family. I was unsure what to expect when walking into the Raleigh location for the first time but it felt just like we were walking into Cary where it is familiar to us. I would absolutely recommend both Giggles locations to any families needing drop in care.

Review №24

My son LOVES going to Giggles! The staff is so friendly and hands on. They greet us by name and are so attentive to my son. He always has the best time and has made several new friends. He is even better at cleaning up his toys at home because of clean up time at Giggles. It is so convenient and affordable. I couldnt be more pleased with Giggles for my sons childcare.

Review №25

Our son (17 months)LOVES coming here. We have been remodeling and have had to drop him many times over the past month. The caregivers are always so kind and happy to see him. There is so much for the kids to do and the caregivers are really involved in their care. Its a great price when you consider the going rate for a sitter is 15 an hour these days.

Review №26

Love the ladies here! They always are so welcoming and make my son feel very comfortable. We have used this location several times and we’ve loved it every time. They went above and beyond on one occasion for us and it was very much appreciated.

Review №27

I was very excited to try this place as Ive heard many good things. My two daughters lost their father to suicide two months ago. I am now raising my daughters alone with no family around to help. I decided I needed a break and wanted to do some shopping. I saw a groupon online and went to purchase it and it was sold out. I went in on a Saturday morning with two very excited little girls. As I walked in I didnt receive any hello just Did you already sign in. I explained I had never been in before and I asked if she would still consider the groupon offer to me as I am a single mom just looking for a small break. With no hesitation at all she said no. I asked her about pricing and it was 18hr. I asked one more time would she please consider and again a strict no. My girls were very disappointed. I felt from walking in the door like I was a huge bother to them. As a first time customer I guess I expected a little more smiles and friendliness.

Review №28

My daughter LOVES going to Giggles! And I like taking her to a place that knows her by name,they greet us like old friends. I cant say enough good things about this place. When I told them that we use cloth diapers they didnt bat an eye. Its done so much good for my daughters social skills and happiness. I like it so much that I got my best friend to start taking her daughter too.

Review №29

Im very pleased with this daycare! I havent been able to handle business during the day in years because I am a stay-at-home mom and I do everything while I have my four-year-old. I really love that there is a camera so I can check up on her from my phone at any time. My daughter loves this place and Im just very happy!

Review №30

Great, clean place! Convenient to leave kids when I want to do some errands or just to have some rest:)I wish it was opened on Sundays though.Super good deal in price if you pay per month. Definitely recommend!

Review №31

A total mistake to take my child to a summer camp there. Don’t even know where to start, staff is arrogant, unhelpful and lazy. They don’t know what the plan of activities is the day of the camp! Or location of their field trips!, snacks that they supposed to provide- well they run out of them often so kids had none to eat, lunch is NEVER at the scheduled time. You pay for a lazy caretaker who has been seen by my staff memeber chatting with other staff and not allowing kids to play (cause she wasn’t done chatting) screaming at 5 year old who wanted to get a drink from a fountain... just to mention few. Irresponsible, unorganized and extremely rude to kids! I will never send my child there again! You pay a fee and hope for fun time for your child, instead all scheduled activities are free (parks, splash pads etc), after that as they call play time and games and the center which equals to- playing video games and basically doing nothing and getting bored, I’ve seen it myself. Very disappointed

Review №32

Seriously impressed with this facility!!! And I’m hard to please lol. My son had a great time here and I highly recommend it!

Review №33

Ive never taken my kids to a drop off facility, when giggles came i gave them a try. Immediately the kids loved it! They always tell us bye at drop off, that makes me comfortable! Thanks giggles! Oh and movie nights are the best!!

Review №34

My son LOVES giggles. He ask to go all the time. I/he love the staff. Very friendly, always knows what is going on, know him when we walk in the door. I couldn’t ask for anyone better to watch him while we do date night!

Review №35

Took my 4 year old son here for about 3 hours and he had the best time! Best part about it was the live feed! Will definitely take him back again!

Review №36

My initial experience with Giggles wasn’t all that great. Nothing bad per se, but I will be trying out another drop off place to compare.

Review №37

I love this place, and so do my kids. I never knew that drop in care was an option, so I was overjoyed to find out that I could leave my kids in a fun, professional environment when and if I needed childcare. I would ignore old negative reviews, as this new location is over any growing pains it was experiencing.

Review №38

Giggles has been an awesome place for my son to be. they truly love and take care of the kids with heart.

Review №39

A beautiful, accommodating fun space. Nice friendly staff affordable and pleasant. I signed my kid for summer camp! Try it out! They have a camera app too!

Review №40

Two weeks ago I called this place to get information. I told them I had 2 sons and needed a place to drop them off, as we had a Christmas party we wanted to go too.I was told it would be 50 for both,they would be fed pizza,and that they had extra staff on hand on the weekend.I was told if I called the 14th there would be a spot available and they would be fed.I did call earlier to inform them I would be bringing my 2 boys around 6.When we get there I am told they can have goldfish crackers because they couldnt have pizza since it was already ordered.I was also unable to view them with the app.I really wanted this place to be good.I gave it 2 stars because the 2 ladies working with the kids were nice according to my sons.Dont advertise or promote what you cant make good on.

Review №41

NEVER AGAIN. My daughter was so unhappy that she cried for the 3 hours I was gone. The staff never called me. Her eyes were puffed up and that only happens after major crying. The woman working said she cried a little bit but that cant be true by the looks of my child. They never gave her the snacks I packed. They said she didnt want it. My daughter never misses out on eating food, even when upset. The space looked too big and delicate of children. I wished I had listed to my gut feeling when I walked in. NEVER AGAIN!!!

Review №42

My son loves this place, since the first time we took him there he has been asking if is summer yet.

Review №43

Its my go to place for childcare. Im very picky and particular when it comes to who watches my lil one. However, after using this center for almost a year, Im fully confident that shes always in good care, having a blast playing with her friends and teachers!!! Love you guys! Youre the best! And thanks for hanging her silly pictures on the wall! It made my week!

Review №44

My children have been going to Giggles for years, the Cary, Wilmington, & Raleigh location and they love it, but Raleigh is my favorite because its closer to me and conveniently located. Always professional & nice.

Review №45

We love Giggles! My daughter gets so excited to go, and this momma could use the occasional break! Purchase packages ahead of time for a discount and you will not be disappointed!

Review №46

Big open space for kids to play. My son had a great time! Staff very friendly and engaging. Will definitely return!

Review №47

Watched as 30 kids with giggles shirts on were taking over the playground at williams park on lynn rd. screaming and hollering and preventing other kids from playing, while the three teachers or adult supervisors sat at a picnic table and provided absolutely no supervision. parents beware!!three unattentive adults for thirty unruly kids!!

Review №48

This is hands down the best place for children in Raleigh! The staff is hyperfocused to provide the best care to any child that comes. The center is fantastically clean, safe and secure.

Review №49

We love Giggles! Safe, clean, fun! The staff is incredible and the center is top notch! You won’t find any drop in center that compares!

Review №50

My daughter is 4 years old. She has never been to a preschool or drop in care or any where for that matter, without me. I was super nervous! I contacted the Raleigh Giggles via Facebook messenger. I had a ton of ridiculous questions. All were met with perfect answers from Lindsey, the regional director. This woman is patient! And VERY eager to answer any and all questions with a sweet, mommy tone that I was looking for. When I arrived, I was met by Lindsey, who knew exactly who I was! There were 3 other sweet ladies there, that I now adore, who took care of my shy cutie patootie. I only left her there for an hour, because, really, when you have as much anxiety as I did, thats all I could bare. My baby girl did not stop talking about her fun time the entire night! Im looking forward to many more visits, and especially during dinner time, when I need a break the most, as they will order pizza for the kids! All in all, 5 stars! No complaints here!😍

Review №51

We love Giggles! My little one is well taken care of and the staff are super friendly!

Review №52

We drive 20 min here from Wake Forest when we need drop-in care and its worth it. My very shy, sensitive little guy has always been well-cared for here and he tells me how much fun he had.

Review №53

I will admit I originally had my apprehensions about bring my babygirl here, but a year I have had the pleasure of dealing with Jill, and I have no complaints whatsoever. ASHELY is a GEM and is absolutely perfect with the kids, she is always smiling and happy ! She really changed my view on Giggles. My Rosey loves coming to play and looks forward to coming to giggles on the weekend. I really appreciate everyone’s hard work and dedication. THANK GOD for the “Date Night Package “!!!!

Review №54

My 2yr old went once when I had to go to an interview. No complaints

Review №55

My daughter had fun and made new friends. And she was kept safe.

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