North Quincy Auto Academy
275 Hancock St, Quincy, MA 02171, United States
North Quincy Auto Academy

Review №1

The NQAA staff are very quick and professional in responding to any questions that you may have and are very helpful in getting you what you need. The process in getting driving hours is a little confusing, however. If you are trying to get private driving lessons/hours, they have you wait in the parking lot and you are usually left on your own trying to find the instructor that you are driving with. Sometimes they will call you, but I think there is a better way of going about this. But the instructors are very good, and they will help you succeed. Although Mr. Scott will sometimes waste your time speaking for way too much.

Review №2

Best driving school ever - I only took lessons with G. Joseph. He was amazing!!! Very helpful, I’ve perfected my parallel parking and three point turns with his help. I passed my road test the first try and it was all because I had a very helpful instructor (G.Joseph) who went above and beyond to help his students. If you are taking lessons here, I recommend taking them with him. You’ll feel very confident driving on the road with his instruction.

Review №3

Im an older learner driver who was pretty nervous about learning how to drive. Thankfully I booked Mr Scott who is an absolutely brilliant instructor, hes calm, informative, and just a good guy. He went above and beyond, really breaking every maneuver you need for your exam down to its simplest form, so you really understand why your doing what your doing. Bravo !

Review №4

Great school in general. Had my driving hours with G. Joseph; he’s super nice, very helpful, amazing, tells you all you need to know and gives you tips to perfect your driving. Perfected my parallel parking, 3 point turn and driving in general all thanks to him.

Review №5

Very difficult to schedule behind the wheel hours and drivers ed was all pre-recorded. When emailing because of an issue, my response is usually along the lines of, Better luck next time.Edit: After this review, I was contacted by the academy and they made major improvement on scheduling. I was contacted and gave my schedule, and they scheduled hours for me. Much better service.

Review №6

My permit was about to expire with in 3 months when I start learning how to drive.At the beginning I was not good at parallel parking especially for 10:45.Joseph teach me several techniques, after trying the different strategy, I found the one that works for me, that was very helpful.After a few training classes, I decided to take the driving exam and I passed.For the parallel parking, I was able to do on the first try as well.

Review №7

I had Mr. G Joseph as an instructor...minus the poor communication, he huffed and puffed the whole time i was PRACTICING. I saw great reviews about him so i chose him but he was a little aggresive when talking to me which made me more nervous than i already was. Even sarcastically laughed and shook his head after i apologized for incorrectly doing something .He had no patience for me at all. I did not appreciate that. If i book again it will definitely be with another instructor.

Review №8

Nqaa helped me gain more confidence on the road. I did not do well on my 1st road test and they helped me make necessary adjustments to clear the next one. Mr. Joseph was especially helpful in trying to recreate what I did wrong on my first road test and helping me improve.

Review №9

I was sitting in front of my porch and I was looking at this driving school doing parallel parking and smoke was coming out in the front of the car and the instructor continue on his lesson which is dangerous for both the student and the instructor. I just want to ask north Quincy academy . What if it start on fire which the worst scenario ?

Review №10

My girlfriend went for some driving hours. The driving instructor told her to keep going and almost hit a pedestrian in a parking lot because the car has the right of way in the parking lot. Then he argued with the lady and justified it by saying she had her dog off leash.Needless to say I dont feel comfortable with the way this driving instructor is teaching her at all.

Review №11

I had a great experience with nqaa, took private driving lessons with multiple instructors. I would recommend Mr. Chase as he is pretty chill and gives you great driving tips.

Review №12

Good experience. I highly recommend Joseph who was very helpfull.

Review №13

After failing my first road test, I decided to set up my second road test with North Quincy Auto Academy. I was able to quickly schedule for the nearest road test, and all the staff were very communicative in making sure everything was ready ahead of time. Before starting the road test one of the instructors helped go over everything I needed to know and what the route would be like making my 2nd road test much more successful and less nerve wracking than the first!

Review №14

Great instructors, Passed my road test with just 6 lessons with Mr G. Joseph, would definitely recommend a friend!

Review №15

I highly recommend this driving school. They make the whole process very simple and everything is very organized. They were extremely helpful sponsors for my road test and are the reason I am now prepared to drive on my own.

Review №16

This is the best driving school! I’ll recommend anyone in the area of Boston or Quincy Come here! They taught me sooo much! Very professional!! Thanks to the whole squad: Jordan, Scott, Darren, Amber, Kevin, Gostaldo, Joshua, Chase, Chris, and Jason. Y’all the reason why I passed my test!

Review №17

I highly recommend any one to take lessons here. The staffs are very professional. I took one prep lesson with Jason and he provided me with great tips that allowed me to do well on my road test. So yes, I highly recommend them!

Review №18

The best driving school in Quincy! Best in class customer service and experience. They are excellent with managing the expectations of their student through timely updates about scheduling and requirements- these were done through email and text so there’s no way for you to miss anything. They are able to get RMV schedule that’s realistic given the COVID19 situation.I booked their road test (NQAA car sponsored) + 1 driving hour before the actual road test. In the beginning I thought, I should have just used my own car for the driving hour so I’m used to it more but it actually worked best for me because they have Jeep Renegade and it was easy handling!My driving coach was Jay- he pointed out all my strengths and things to improve on so it was a good coaching experience overall. He focused on points that were useful for me like parallel driving bec I work in Boston (and I will return from not working from home starting January). I will forever remember my key take aways!!! Thank you Jay, Kenny, Trina, Jason and the entire staff of North Quincy Auto Academy! Pictures below for proof! PASSED the road test!!!5 stars overall!

Review №19

It was a wonderful experience, the team is extremely helpful and supportive. Mr. Scott helped me overcome my fear and anxiety and the tips he gave me helped me a lot. the way they prepare you for the road test is very helpful. prep classes scheduled before my road test help me a lot and the team help and support on the road test day was exceptional.

Review №20

Did my drivers ed and road test through here, very friendly and efficient!

Review №21

My son and I had a great experience with NQAA. I would recommend them.

Review №22

Highly recommend! After 8 driving sessions I was able to pass my road test. Even booked a session the night before the test. They helped me to focus on the parts I was nervous about and built up my confidence to pass.

Review №23

Two hours with these guys was all it took for me to pass the road test on my first try. (Well, that and less than a months worth of practice, but that doesnt sound as glamorous, does it?) They offer really good strategies and advice. Plus, theyre very friendly and relatable. If you want to improve your driving skills and make quality conversation at the same time, check this place out.

Review №24

I took 1 driving class and road test with them. Mr Jacob (The Coach) is good, and gave me some useful tips about driving, and also the basic info that I needed to qualify the test.Overall it was a good experience, and I would definitely recommend NQAA!

Review №25

The person who performed the driving test was rude and unprofessional

Review №26

Best driving school ever! The instructors make you feel comfortable driving, they teach you the best tips for parking, and are super nice! I’ve been to another driving school but this one is by far my favorite. Got my license after 4 lessons. Definitely recommend!!!

Review №27

Friendly and good instructors. Gave me all the knowledge I need and helped me pass road test10/10 would definitely recommend

Review №28

I struggled at the beginning but Kevin was a good instructor! He was great. He helped me to really be good in it. I passed my road test at first place. Definitely recommend for foreign driver. Thanks! Great school!👍

Review №29

The instructors are very clear and make the driver feel comfortable with every aspect of driving. Highly recommend.

Review №30

I passed with them ! They offering very practice service with good price, will not waste your driving hours like some other driving school. information for test and class booking was a little confusing on their website, they are better to communicate with email than on the phone. I will recommend them to my friends and families.

Review №31

Took one driving session and booked a road test with them. Had a great experience. The session was on point. They prep you just before the road test; passed the road test the first time. Would totally recommend!

Review №32

TOM IS AWESOME!!This place is truly THE BEST! I had failed my road test twice in the past with another driving school and waited years to try again. The instructors are funny smart and genuinely care about their students. Tom and Jacob are awesome! I just passed my road test and I owe it all to those guys! Highly recommend this school!

Review №33

Everyone in this school are exceptional. They establish a fun learning experience, while remaining composed and professional. I am an adult driver with no driving experience at all. I took the Beginners BTW Course and passed the road test on my first try. My husband, on the other hand, hasnt driven for over 10 years, and he took a 2-hr BTW class. He also passed the road test on his first try.I highly recommend this for everyone, whether youre a new driver or you just want to review or polish your driving. I also recommend that you take your road test with them. They are very accommodating and efficient. They will not let you worry about anything, but just let you focus on your driving on the day of the test --- which will be easy, because they already gave you incomparable driving lessons. :)

Review №34

Very professional and proficient service. Just write them an email upon receiving learners permit and they make it simple. Would highly recommend.

Review №35

NQAA is good place to get trained for road test. They have good trainers to train new people to clear the test.

Review №36

Brilliant place. Im an experienced driver in UK but needed to get my Mass license. Had an hour drive lesson, really nice instructor then passed test next day. Definitely recommend NQAA.

Review №37

I had to take the road test due to moving to the US. I had previously 10years of driving experience in Belgium. I did 1 hour exercise & the actual road test. Both were done at a convenient moment (i.e. evening & Saturday). The 1 hour exercise helped a lot due to the great amount of tips & tricks. All communication was fast & correct. For example, I requested a receipt several days after the test. I got a reply in a few hours.

Review №38

I took my road test today and passed, I went to a different driving school for drivers ed but I went with them for the test. Everything was very professional and the staff are amazing, as long as you are prepared for the test and you practice before hand you will pass. I would have rather gone to North Quincy Auto Academy than to the place I went but I unfortunately did not have the chance to. Thank you North Quincy Auto Academy you are awesome!!

Review №39

North quincy was a great school. Amazing teachers and friendly staff. Thanks for helping me pass the road test.

Review №40

I feel lucky to join this Auto School. As you can see NQAA has a very robust websites which provides all kind of Information needed for driving as well as road Test.Like other schools, they schedule road test also and provide a very good service. Cost of sponsorship is 100 $ which is standard across all driving schools.Quality of Instructors are very very good. They will instruct you about driving as well as prepare you for road test very well.Only problem is scheduling driving classes which is a difficult process. They upload majority schedule on their website for one week in advance, at one time, and you need to keep refreshing page and register for available schedule else you might not get any class. This is the only part where Auto school can improve.Overall a very nice experience and highly recommended !!

Review №41

I strongly recommend this driving school to all who are pursuing their license (and those who have to brush up on their skills). Great instructors that are extremely helpful and knowledgeable on driving. I have to admit, I wasnt crazy about the cost of the hourly lessons especially when I knew there were cheaper driving schools around but trust me they are worth it! I dont regret a dime after the lessons I received. I was able to pass my road test the same summer I learned how to drive.Thanks North Quincy Auto Academy!

Review №42

My overall experience with North Quincy Auto Academy was great. Took the 10 hour behind the wheel driving lessons during the summer of 2015 and then in January took the road test. All the instructors that I took the lessons with were very helpful in explaining the key components of driving and how to pass the road test. I was able to pass my road test and then got my license after a week. I would definitely recommend North Quincy Auto Academy for people who want to learn driving.

Review №43

Took a 3 hour driving lesson with Joseph and one with Jacob and they were so helpful with everything. They gave me confidence in driving and they gave helpful tips too. I also took the road test with the academy and passed!! Im so happy and lucky to have been with them!

Review №44

I did few driving sessions with NQAA. They covered all the essential driving technique to get me through the test. I passed the road test on my first attempt. Jason is a really nice guy with lot of patience; clarified many of my questions clearly. His tips were outstanding and to the point.

Review №45

I was here for a 1 hour lesson before my driving test, and my driving test. Both processes were efficient. The lesson was very useful since the teacher made me practice all the questions they assumed I would be asked. The place is clean and all forms for the test was well documented.

Review №46

My experience at North Quincy Auto Academy was awesome!!! I only went for a driving hour but I learned a lot in that hour. I would recommend this place to anyone. After I went to the driving school I told everyone about how awesome the teacher was! And being able to take my road test on a Sunday made everything so much more convenient, since I work all the time. The day before my road test I was so nervous but I knew that I had practiced enough and when I got there they made me feel very calm. And on top of the experience I had, I passed my road test! These teachers were awesome, should definitely go here if you plan on going to a driving school in Quincy.

Review №47

I definitely recommend this driving school!! I am a young professional, straight out of grad school, working a 9-5 and they were sure to make themselves accessible and they were very accommodating to all of my needs. Their location is great and they teach to the test so I felt very prepared.I took about 10 hours with them a few months ago to get myself comfortable on the road. I had Jordan as my teacher for almost all of those hours and he was great, very patient and thorough in his explanations; he made me feel very comfortable and confident on the road.I used NQAAs vehicle and sponsor for the road test and I couldnt have felt more supported by them. I was very nervous and they managed to calm my nerves before the test (which I passed on the first try, thanks to them!).The only negative I can think of is navigating the website. It took some time to get used to it but I always managed to figure it out.Couldnt have done it without you all, thanks so much!

Review №48

I recently completed behind the wheel classes and took my road test through North Quincy Auto Academy and Im extremely happy with the experience. I work full time and they could accommodate my schedule and allowed me to take lessons on nights and weekends. Theyre very reasonably priced and their website made it easy to schedule my lessons too. Their instructors and staff were all very knowledgeable and friendly, both in person and over the phone. Both instructors I had, Jacob and Phillip, gave me great advice and got me prepared for my road test. And taking the road test was also easy to schedule through them, all I had to do was show up with my paperwork and take the test, they handled the rest. Overall I had a great experience and would recommend North Quincy Auto Academy without hesitation.

Review №49

Everything about NQAA was wonderful, from booking driving hours, to the experience behind the wheel and preparation for the driving test. Each and every one of the instructors are dedicated to making sure the students are successful. Thank you!

Review №50

Anyone who wants to learn real driving experience and to become a fearless driver on the road, North Quincy Academy is the best. All the driving instructors are best and they make you comfortable and build confidence through the learning sessions. Very firendly and motivating team. My experience with them was remarkable. Today I am a fearless driver on the road. They will make you prepare for the test and you get the license for sure. I would recommend this driving school for any one who is planning to start learning driving and get the drivers license!

Review №51

Terrible terrible experience!Coach Jacob was shouting at me very rudely for 2 hours straight because I was sleepy, however he was texting continuously the whole time while he was supposed to concentrate on teaching me how to drive. Later on I told this to the guy called Jason in the office, but he said Jacob was texting him and blamed all on me. He was also being very very rude! Although I know people in here are rude in general, they still managed to expand my horizons.

Review №52

I had an amazing experience with North Quincy Auto School. Compared to my experience with other driving schools they provide the most help to guarantee you are a safe and knowledgeable driver. Ive already recommended to family and friends!

Review №53

Very experienced and really kind staff. Made the whole process of obtaining my driving licence smooth and pleasant. Would highly recommend their services.

Review №54

I am a foreigner with 14+ driving experience in Europe but I had to do the road test in The U.S. in order to get a Massachusetts drivers license. It made me a bit nervous but only after an hour of driving class with NQAA I already felt confident. They managed to take away all my fears and to explain all the differences between European and American driving. And most important - I successfully passed the test!I would definitely recommend this school to everyone who needs driving classes!

Review №55

Passed my road test today and strongly recommended this auto school for those who want to get a license. Dont hesitate. Great staffs and environment.

Review №56

It was a great experience. The driving instructors were very kind and made sure I always knew what I was doing and correctly. They gave me great pointers to make sure I passed my Driver Test. Overall I would recommend NQ Auto to anyone looking for a driving school.

Review №57

Its a great experience... Driving techniques well taught before road test.. 👍👍..strongly recommend who has passion to learn driving

Review №58

I was an extremely nervous driver and had waited 6 years to get my license. I decided to take the 5 hour behind-the-wheel course as a refresher, and I am so glad I did. My teachers, especially Joseph, were really helpful in giving constructive criticism on my driving technique and helping me to be more confident. Im still a bit nervous, but I passed my driving test and am significantly more confident than I was when I started!

Review №59

Took 3 driving lessons and the road test with them.Pros:- Easy to book through the website- Good customer service, whenever I called on the phone, I had all my questions answered very clearly and politely- Pretty easy and straightforward process for scheduling a road test, can schedule as little as two weeks in advance.- Useful tips from the instructorsCons:- I had two different instructors, both of them were on their phones CONSTANTLY, either texting, or just surfing social media. Its as if me and my driving were in the background of whatever they were doing.- the cars they have are old, the turning signal doesnt stick at allOverall, not very satisfied

Review №60

Had a great experience with the folks from this academy, and am glad that I chose them. I would recommend this for others, especially for people who would like to schedule a test during weekends rather than weekdays.

Review №61

NQ Auto was a wonderful program. They have excellent teaching staff and very genuine and comical instructors. The only issue I experienced was when booking my road test that was rescheduled a record 6TIMES, according to their conflicts due to snow and some of my own conflicts. Other than that I would recommend this program to everyone.

Review №62

Great coaches on exactly what you need to do to pass the road test - perfect if you learned to drive in another country.

Review №63

I! Got! My! License!Listen, I drove for many, MANY years before I came to NQAA. I was always too scared to take my road test because of jitters. Every time I got behind the wheel, I would think, My instructor has actively signed over his life to me and were both going to die. It was BAD.All of that changed when I signed up at NQAA. The instructors were so, SO patient with me throughout this entire process. And unlike my other instructors in the past who were so methodical (hands at exactly 10 and 2 oclock, mirrors have to be tilted at X degrees, etc), my instructors at NQAA were always like, Dude, just turn on the car and drive. Youre gonna mess up. Thats life. What were going to teach you is how to safely and correctly fix those mistakes when you do make them.And yall, that WORKED. I wasnt so fixated on rules. I wasnt focused on passing an exam. My instructors were always very clear about making sure that I was comfortable behind the wheel rather than doing everything perfect. And thats what made all the difference. I cannot thank everyone at NQAA enough for all their help. And as a testament to their effectiveness, I just purchased another package from them to prepare for highway driving and slick parking moves. Cant wait to get started. THANK YOU NQAA

Review №64

I Definitely recommend this driving school!!. I cant thank my instructor Henry enough!(who I had as my instructor the most during my driving lessons) he is the reason of me passing my road test on the first attempt!!, I definitely recommend him for any aged driver new or experienced!, I also had Joseph twice as my instructor who is very good for beginners like myself at the beginning when I had no knowledge on how to drive a car, and he also gave some good key pointers too, and Mr.Kenny I had once he was very good at giving me pointers for signaling, all the instructors are very good in general!, but I personally recommend Henry the most if I were to attend to this school again I would definitely choose him hes really just that good for teaching you the basics and the expert levels of driving a car wether youre a beginner or not, for example some of the things he was great at teaching was parallel parking!, and 3-point turns!, No joke!. So definitely a big thank you to Henry!.

Review №65

Great group of knowledgeable guys that will work with you to help you pass the road test. Went from zero driving experience to passing the road test with just 10 of their 1-hour lessons and some practice.

Review №66

I only went for one driving hour and the road test but the whole experience was very pleasant and my driving instructor prepared me very well for the exam. Thanks Guys!

Review №67

I only took the road practice with them. They teach you what you need to pass the test well! Taking a road practice in peak hour is not good, but that is not within their control.The school has one serious minus: the driving time slots get full extremely fast. If the boss posts the driving schedule Tuesday afternoon (for the next week or the week after that), you have to check out the website before Tueday evening. Else you will have to wait another week to get your driving lesson.The payment system of the website is somewhat outdated, but no worries: you will see your instructors in person anyways, so you can always pay cash. The boss is cool about it if you pay for a lesson only after youve taken it.

Review №68

I got my permit and wanted to get my license during Thanksgiving break. If you practice driving and take a couple hours with North Quincy Auto and take the test with them youll probably pass. I had Phil as an instructor and he taught me everything I know in 6 hours. Learned driving in a week and passed the test.

Review №69

It was a really good experience. The hour long driving class helped a lot in passing the road test. Highly recommended.

Review №70

I started driving school at quincy auto school, and it was a nightmare. I was in a rush to finish my driving hours and get a road test booked. However, they were always booked months in advance. I felt like i had no chance in getting any hours any time soon. I soon found NQ Auto Academy, and switched over. Best decision Ive ever made. After two weeks of driving with Jason, I had a road test booked! I passed and got my license on my first try! I truly appreciate the time and effort that each worker there put into individual drivers. Ive never met any driving instructors that were as patient, calm and thorough as them. They are MARVELOUS at teaching people how to parallel park. I definitely recommend this to anyone that is in need of their license or just looking to brush up on their driving!

Review №71

I live in Brookline, however after reading the reviews, I decided to do my road test at NQAA. I knew how to drive, but in order to get familiar with the car and the area, I took one lesson with Matthew (you can call him Mat). He is really kind, efficient, accurate and a very good instructor.I passed the first time yesterday and I am very happy with this school.Good luck everyone :)

Review №72

I took most of my classes with Matthew. He was extremely patient and taught me some great techniques about all the activities you get asked on a Road Test. I took one class with Jacab and he was very nice too. I passed my Road Test! :)Since Ive been driving in my home country, I took the 5 hr BTW and Road test.I would definitely recommend NQAA. Very professional and organized.

Review №73

I am a person who live away from home with No driving experience and no one to drive with and learn.Jason and Phil made me feel home and taken care of my concerns.The driving instruction was dealt in a professional manner.They were calm and patient with me in the process of learning.They insisted to get full control of the wheel before getting in the busy roads.They have a teaching method thats based on the indivisual level and how fast/slow your learning progress.The day of the road test, i woke up with a feeling of discomfort and honestly had no support system.Once i arrived to the office, i found a team cheer-leading for me.That worked magic on me and all the mixed feelings i had faded away.I recommend this school for anyone who look for good quality instructions and most importantly patient instructors!

Review №74

As a parent of a new driver, NQAA taught my son how to drive and made him feel confident behind the wheel. Scheduling was easy and Jason always responded quickly to my (many) questions - Thx Jason!I highly recommend this driving school. The best in town!!

Review №75

I held a foreign license and wished to take the MA driving test. I took a few lessons, and then the test with NQAA. The instructors were extremely helpful and informative, and the Academys management of the test preparation is top-notch. As an older re-learner I can highly recommend NQAA, and they seemed excellent with first-time drivers too.

Review №76

Dylan and Kevin were great instructors! NQAA is definitely reliable.

Review №77

Considering i only had 2 driving lessons, Jacob was very helpful and informative. Highly recommended!

Review №78

The staff are ok but the car they use for test is horrible . Its an old jeep SUV with very hard brakes. I have driven for more than 7 yrs and I got failed because of that stupid car. The indicators does not work properly. Pls dont waste your time and money unless you have taken classes with them by paying a lot of money.

Review №79

Genuine Auto academy, nice trainer I would recommend to get at least one session before test, staff was cooperative thanks for your support.

Review №80

Worst experience ever with this school. They just want to scam you out of your money. DO NOT take your road test with them. They only pass people who were originally their students before hand.

Review №81

Loved these guyz. Very convenient. Jacob, Jason and Phil are excellent. Definitely recommended.

Review №82

When i started searching for auto driving school in Boston area i found many schools available but ended up very bad experience. Finally i had 2 option, Learn from private tutor or learn from NQAA. I took up NQAA for 2 reason, 1. Jason was ready to come to my office in my free time & 2. They sponsored road test which were conducted on Saturdays at the school place.About Jason, Real cool guy with lot of patience to teach.I got my license yesterday and i refer this school for anyone who would want learn driving.

Review №83

It was a wonderful experience learning driving with NQAA. Mentors were very friendly while teaching and I am very comfortable now while I drive city roads or highways.

Review №84

Very great staff ! Had no problems passing my road test thanks to NQAA.

Review №85

Great environment and staff!Passed the road test easily thanks to NQAA ~

Review №86

Tom, Matt & Joe are Awesome. Especially Matt is very cool. he will tend to explain every question you ask in a more detail way and Behind the Wheel, he will make you practice several times, so that if you are a first time driver, it makes you more comfortable and confident about handling any Car/Vehicle. Joe on the other side, is very informative, he keeps on insisting on when to signal/when not to/courtesy to other riders/pedestrians and so on.Overall, my 10- hour class with NQAA academy was wonderful. Now I feel I am more confident in driving better and safely... and forgot to mention about Jojo, This person has so much patience and accommodating, everytime I ask for schedule change or other info, this person helped me in every aspect. Thank you Jojo.Thank you NQAA!!! You Rock..

Review №87

They constantly park in the handicapped spots outside their building, even when there are tons of other spots open. Theyre teaching students its okay to break the law and to disrespect handicapped people. Disgusting.

Review №88

Phil and Jason are both super cool and great driving instructors. Got to learn everything i need on driving including driving on the highway. Ive told my friends at Archies who lives in Quincy/Milton to come to NQAA! (Hopefully Bob emailed)Got my license Saturday and im so happy. Cant wait to drive over the summer!! You guys should start selling cars though.

Review №89

I am grateful to North Quincy Auto Academy for the learning experience; I started as a novice and took 10 hours of lessons with them and passed the road test on first trial. I learned valuable things from all the three instructors (Joseph, Tom and Matthew). Matthew was especially very patient and encouraging and went into the details of dos and donts on the road which was very helpful. I am very happy with my experience at North Quincy Auto Academy and would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to start it from the scratch and wants to be confident on the road.

Review №90

I passed the road test on my first try and I owe it all to NQAA and to Matthew. Ive tried driving with a relative for a long time but he finally gave up on me. Obviously I wasnt learning anything. He even told me that not all people can drive, its not a choice...some people just cant drive. We decided to give it a final shot by enrolling in a driving school. With my zero skills on driving, I needed a good school and a very patient instructor. NQAA had good reviews and most of the students liked their driving experience with Matthew. So I took the 20-hour behind the wheel, requested the school to let me drive with Matthew. They were very accommodating. Jason went beyond the miles by making sure I get a slot with Matthew (which is not easy to get).Matthew was very, very patient with me. I wasnt an easy student. I have no sense of direction and I have a hard time judging spaces. He taught everything I needed to pass the road test. I was very nervous on my road test day. My friend who took the road test few weeks before me failed (she enrolled in a different driving school). She said she failed miserably on parallel parking. According to her 95% of first time drivers like us normally fail the road test on their first try. So I wasnt really expecting to pass the road test. I prepared myself to take few tries before passing. Well, that didnt happen. I passed on my first try and my parallel was SPOT ON! =) . Matthew always use that phrase. So Im driving on my own now. I honestly dont think Id be able to if I didnt enroll in NQAA.

Review №91

I am a parent of a former student at NQ Auto Academy. Great location, near the high school and the T station. The hours worked well for my son. My son is an athlete and the drivers were willing to work around his busy afterschool schedule. My older son used a different driving school in Quincy, and I am so glad that we switched to NQ Auto Academy. The teachers made it interesting to the students, and the driving instructors were very comprehensive. Highly recommend.

Review №92

Im 24 and recently moved to the US. Ive been driving since I was 19 and have a foreign license. I needed sponsorship for my road test because I dont have an RMV approved car here. After researching possibilities online, I decided to go with NQAA because of their price and great reviews (other schools around Boston charged an extra 20$ for this service).These guys are awesome. Not only theyre super nice people, they are very efficient to book a road test and are in constant communication with you. They even have road tests on Saturdays, which is great if you work. I had my road test 2 weeks after I registered, which is really fast for MA standards (I had to wait for almost 2 months if I scheduled it directly with the RMV).I met Jason and Jacob, both are very nice people and are willing to help you and answer any questions. Jacob took me to the road test location and gave me a few tips right before starting. I passed it and even got congratulated for my parallel parking!The test itself was very easy. They asked me to show them hand signals, car signals; to turn on beams and emergency lights, do a 3- point turn, back up in a straight line 100 ft, and to parallel park (easy because there was no car behind the spot). And they ask you how should you point your wheels if you are uphill and downhill.Thank you NQAA for helping me with the road test! I wish your business success :)

Review №93

I thank NQAA for making me overcome my fear and making me learn driving in a very quick time.

Review №94

Extremely helpful

Review №95

They r very patient and nice with me.

Review №96

It was a great experience, instructors are very patient. I passed my road test with flying colors thanks to them !

Review №97

Just passed my road test today. Jason was very helpful and caring. not a NQAA student but the road test experience is tremendous. they do use a suv which for me is a flaw because I wasnt trained to drive in an suv but a car. suv would be awesome for the students because they then would get use to suv and cars.would recommend my friends to be their student.heard they would expand to braintree which is awesome!

Review №98

Great instructors.. Highly recommend

Review №99

I got ten hours of driving class at nqaa and they helped me pass my driving test! they taught me all the things i needed to know and i have definitely improved a lot since when i first started driving. jason and phil were both super duper chill and great to have as driving instructors :DDD

Review №100

Good experience I recommend this school!!😊😊

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