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Mejia Driving School

Review №1

Very Profesional. Great communication. Didnt feel alone in my process of learning. The instructors(Claudia and Erny are very attentive, patient, charismatic at the same time theyre very serious and invested in your learning. They seem to love their job. I recommend this company 100%.*I passed my test*

Review №2

As a new beginner, I really needed assistance with driving so I signed for the 10 hour driving lesson packet in Mejia Driving school. If your a beginner and are looking for classes to take I highly recommend you to take classes here. The instructors are really nice and prepares you for the road test. I felt really prepared for the road test and it turned out great! Thank you for your service!

Review №3

This place helped me so much with my last minute prep for the road test. I’m so happy to have gone with them. 100% recommend if you’re a new driver. And shout out to Victor for being a really cool instructor 🤩

Review №4

I took classes with Claudia and Benjamin. They are both very patient and helpful. The knowledge they give is their own and prepare well for the driving exam. I passed my driving test smoothly and feel prepared to drive on my own. Thank you for your professionalism and help. It was a great learning experience.

Review №5

Mejia driving school need to coach/groom their instructors on how to behave with clients/members who come to learn driving. I cant blame instructor for his mistake, I believe in roots, if management is not correct shape and their policies towards handling clients/members in a rude way, the same will reflect with the members working them. The same happen with me as well.They speak about timing, punctuality but all they do take care of is only money.I had a very bad experience with one of the instructor of Mejia Driving School, he is rude, reluctant, not at all cooperative. All he cares is money and end time of the class. He doesnt bother when the class starts, but he is very particular about closing the class on time, whether he start late by 5 mins / 10 mins / 15mis.I dont recommend this driving school in family, friends and community.

Review №6

Its very hard to talk with the person who deal the business hang up on face with out talking cancel anytime. Only thing they collect money on time. Trainers are good but the management think they are not replaceble. I would suggest to go somewhere.

Review №7

I 100% recommend you choosing Claudia. i took the 10 hour package with her she made sure I understood everything she was so nice and made driving very fun. with those 10 hours she taught me so many things and i passed my road test. thank you so much Claudia!!!!

Review №8

The driving school’s website says they offer freeway lessons and that the only lesson requirement is a permit. I am 27, I drive alone and own a car. It wasn’t until my instructor arrived (10 minutes late) that I was told they cannot take me on the freeway.I very clearly put in the notes that I need freeway driving practice. Mejia was happy to take my money without clarifying this policy to me at any point. I feel that this was a deceptive business practice on their part and they have not responded to any emails I sent.

Review №9

Strong recommend driving instructor with Benjamin.he is very patient and serious driving instructor. My English is not good. He can explain the most important instructions in simple language. It gave me more confidence before road test. There are other instructors I have tried them, they are all patient good instructor. Here you can make a appointment and cancel at anytime . I am very grateful to every instructor who has taught here. It is worth driving school to learn how to drive

Review №10

Mejia driving school really prepared me for the road test. I did the 10 hr package which was a reasonable price for that time and it allows you to use their car during the road test which is so important. They picked me up on the day of my road test and they drove me to the test site and then brought me home after. I scheduled my road test in advance and I just used the last four hours to practice for the road test. And the first six to do on the road lessons. Between that time I did a lot of practicing on my own which is very very important. 10 hours of their instruction is key but you have to PRACTICE!!! I loved my instructor Claudia, she was very personable and fun, she made me feel comfortable and I really recommend her. With the 10 hour package with Claudia and PRACTICE I passed on my first try! I give meija driving school 5 stars all the way.

Review №11

Can’t believe I went to take my road test today and Mrs Yuly didn’t want to take me back home because “they’re not taking people to their homes because of COVID” but everytime I took my classes with Claudia she ALWAYS took me home after every class. I recommend Claudia 100% but I don’t recommend the school. Their management need to get some improvements. Claudia is the best one. She’s patient, kind, she jokes a lot. You have fun with her while learning everything because she makes sure she teaches you every little thing. And when it’s time to practice the test, she makes sure you’re doing everything right and she goes over with you if you’re having trouble with anything. I do not recommend the school because I paid almost $1000 and they couldn’t even take me home after my road test. Unbelievable.

Review №12

This driving school is worth the money! i learn so much and the instructors are very kind and patience. They truly want to help you get better at driving and pass the test. I recommend.

Review №13

I had Claudia as my instructor and I had booked 16 hrs with her and they were completely worth it. She made learning to drive fun and enjoyable. If I had to do it again I would totally do so. But since she taught me so well I won’t have to be back because I passed my road test on the first go.

Review №14

Amazing!!! If it weren’t for the teachings of Mejia Driving School I would’ve absolutely failed my road test. The tips, tricks and techniques they show you are top tier! Mejia Driving School is the best. Whereas the Road test was a struggle for most it was an absolute breeze for me because of Mejia. I had the instructor Ana. She’s great, patient and even a little comedic, it was great for taking away the nervousness of the situation. I also loved how specific she was to make sure I understood what to do. The course for Mejia Driving School is identical to the course for the Road Test making it perfect for training too.

Review №15

I booked three lessons in advance with Mejia (July 23-25) and paid the $150 fee that is associated with that. During my first lesson, my instructor was thirty minutes late and asked me to start driving as soon as he got to my house. This was after me telling him I had absolutely no driving experience. I figured this was how they do their lessons until he received a call ten minutes into the lesson from his boss (a woman, im not sure who). He put the call on speaker phone and his boss angrily yelled at him in Spanish for letting me drive the car before getting to the practice area. I had no idea what was going on because my Spanish isnt that great so I just continued driving where he told me to. After the phone call, my instructor informed me of how he had just QUIT HIS JOB DURING THE LESSON. For the rest of the lesson, I was stuck with this man having no idea where I was or how I got there while he talked about how much he hated his job and planned to quit anyway. He also consistently misgendered me after being corrected multiple times and flirted with me for the entirety of the ride even when I was visibly uncomfortable. The experience was honestly traumatizing so my friend offered to call the company and ask for a refund. He was told that the cameras would be checked. I then received a text from another instructor asking me to confirm my appointment for the next day, which I told him I had cancelled. My friend and I never heard anything back after that so I called again on July 29. Someone answered the phone and I told them about the situation, they said they would find the information and text me in a few minutes. I never received a text. I called today (8/11) after two weeks of nothing happening and was told that I never cancelled the lessons so I wouldnt receive a refund.

Review №16

I was taught by Claudia and she was a amazing instructor, was very patient, easy going, and let’s you take the lead as the driver so you can really get a feel for the road, always on time, got the best experience there is to offer, I was able to pass my road test with flying colors and if it wasn’t for Claudia that wouldn’t have been so I recommend mejia driving school and Claudia to anyone best driving school in the north east hands down, THANK YOU CLAUDIA AND MEJIA DRIVING SCHOOL.

Review №17

From the booking of my driving lesson up to the driving test they were consistent, professional and had great communication with me. I was a bit nervous I will not lie but Yuly helped calm me down and she answered my questions before the driving test . My driving instructor Benjamin was very helpful. He made me feel comfortable and gave me great tips and tricks.

Review №18

They were very kind, patient and funny. I did the 10 hour package with them and also went to their free Sunday practice test and those helped me a lot. Their websites and services were easy and great to navigate. I never had any problems. I like my teacher Mr. Marcelo and I passed my test. Definitely use their school to learn how to drive. It’s worth the money

Review №19

Great school! I will recommend to book your appointment with Benjamin, he is the best! I just past my road test today! The owner is a very nice guy!! I was so stressed and he explained everything to me and what to expect from the road test, after that I was very at ease! I passed without loosing a point!

Review №20

Thank you so much for everything Mejia driving school. Great instructions given by the instructors and thank you for providing the vehicle for the driving test !

Review №21

I always lived in a big cities and did not ever want to drive a car. I used a taxi or a subway and was absolutely happy with these options, until I moved to Rhode Island. Public transportation is not an option here. A year ago I took one lesson with one of the best schools in RI, according to reviews, but this first experience was so awful that I thought that I will never ever try to drive!A year later, I decided to try again and scheduled a 15-hours pack at Mejia Driving School with Marcelo. This was a pivot point in my driving experience. I was so lucky that my driving instructor was Marcelo, he is the best driving teacher I could imagine. Patient, very attentive and professional, he explains everything and makes you believe in yourself when you dont even believe that you will be able to drive at all! I am very thankful to Marcelo. I passed the driving test at the very first try. I am also grateful to Mejia Driving School manager, it was very comfortable to schedule lessons, I always received confirmations and reminders. I would recommend Marcelo from Mejia Driving School to anyone!

Review №22

I originally went to a different driving school and had an unprofessional experience. I took my test and failed. Then, I found Mejia Driving School, and at first, I was nervous about what my experience would be. However, the website was very easy to use, they make payment and scheduling easy AND they are very professional. I was taught by Marcelo who was well-experienced in teaching and was patient with me. He was very punctual and communicative. With just 6 hours of practice, I was ready to try the road test again. Today, I PASSED! Not only are they very kind, patient and professional, they let you use the car and their prices are very affordable. The quality experience and education I got from them is what helped me feel confident today. Thank you to Mejia Driving School for being THE BEST.

Review №23

My experience was great!!!! my instructor Ana was extremely nice, understanding, and professional. 1000/10!! would definitely recommend to anyone searching for a good driving school.

Review №24

Great service, only took 2 classes and passed my road test!

Review №25

My instructor was very helpful friendly and she helped keep my mind at ease I recommend Claudia to anyone with Anxiety issues she knows just what to say and do to keep you comfortable and less nervous I passed my test on the first try thank you ❤

Review №26

I would like to thank mejias driving school for helping me learn the right ways to drive... I wold also like to thank ANA for help nd patients with me ...

Review №27

I learned so much here ! The instructors show that they really want to help you get better at driving and pass the road test.

Review №28

In my experience with this driving school, the one word that comes to mind is unprofessional. Their website advertises that they can come to Middletown, RI but upon seeing my learners permit they promptly told me that they would not be able to reach me there and that I’d have to find a way to reach Providence for my appointment. Then, they gave me an address for their course in providence and I called about 20 minutes in advance because there was no one in sight. After calling about 6 or 7 times and sent to voicemail, my call was finally answered. The issue at hand however is that upon speaking with one of their people on phone, I was met with very poor communication and was promptly hung up on in the middle of asking a question. I then drove to the suggested address in hopes to figure out if there was some problem and to speak to someone in person only to find that it was the DMV and they have no address. I then tried calling again only to receive more unanswered phone calls before finally giving up. Now, I’m out almost $100 with no refund and no driving lesson. I would absolutely not recommend Mejia.

Review №29

Awesome School instructor and staff are fantastic! Payments are fair and the parking course is exactly the same to the license road Test. Benjamin was my instructor he was great he is very Spot and takes his time to teach you! Over all mejia driving school I recommend it to any one.

Review №30

I know people get afraid to make choices but i know this was the best choice i made i was scared cuz i had 200 they worked with me i got nervous they made me comfortable they taught me in 2 minute to do something i couldnt do in my life at all i was told not to go cuz i guess people didnt want me to do better for me and it feels great to want to do for myself and have a company be there to help meet my goals as well Benjamin i recommend cuz if u had trauma like i do or any disability he is your guy he understand you and who you are as a person i will add my kids to this driving school cuz i know they will be safe and enjoy the best experience when it comes to learning how to drive. By Jennifer Medina

Review №31

This was really helpful especially as an international student who has her license abroad already. Their packages are very affordable and they really care about you passing the test! I felt prepared.

Review №32

Really good driving school helped my daughter Pass her test this is one of the best driving schools there is

Review №33

I had wonderful experience with your school really when I saw your website and how its organize and how we can choose the teacher date and time, I knew your school is the one for me, Marcelo amazing teacher made me trust myself and be not afraid to drive hes patient time pass with him with fun, and always on time.Also the custom service and the manager there all are amazing team, they very helpful of any questions that I was asked, every was more than I expected.Oh well every Journey have time to finish ImFeeling sad because my classes is done now thank you so much for all support.Very recommended to anyone to take lessons with Mejia Driving School🤩

Review №34

Coming from Hong Kong where I didn’t need to drive even though I had a drivers license, I was just a driver on paper. Very happy with teacher Benjamin, I had 3 classes with him and he was patient and taught me the skills needed for the road test which I passed at first try. The school has a very efficient booking system which let you choose time and teacher and they usually have availability unlike everything else during covid. It also sends you updated invoice right after you transfer the fees. I also like the flexibility to book class by class. I will take a couple more classes for more practical driving especially for the highways.

Review №35

Maria who was in the car with me was very nice, but whoever I spoke on the phone with was extremely rude to me. They kindly accepted to schedule a rental with me on very late notice, for which I am thankful. BUT I paid for just the car rental for the exam, and the invoice indicated pick up and drop off service from my house. However, they refused to pick me up from my house. I scheduled a ride with Lyft the night before, but in the morning Lyft canceled my ride, so I asked their employee if they could pick me up (I live 5 mins away from the DMV by car). They very rudely told me on the phone that they were “on a schedule”, as if I weren’t part of it, and refused to accommodate me, and said that if I didn’t show up to the exam 15 mins before, they would leave. I made it there barely on time. I passed my test, but it was NOT thanks to them or their poor manners. Expect less than the bare minimum, and absolutely no kindness.

Review №36

My son needed a refresher with his driving. We signed him up for the 3 session package + they took him to his driving test. Well worth it! They gave him good advise on his driving, taught him to parallel park, and he passed his test and got his license. We may use them for occasional refreshers on his driving.

Review №37

I had a great experience with Mejia driving school to learn all required driving skills and I got passed the road test with new road testing process. I took just 5 minutes to complete all 6 steps.Its awesome experience. Thank you guys!!

Review №38

Mrs Ana was my instructor She was very patient and ensured I understand my strength and weakness, Mejia Driving school was very quick with responses and also ensured I got to my road test on time, I had 6 classes and passed my road test.

Review №39

I Hope Claudia is getting paid extra, she’s simply awesome!!

Review №40

My teacher didn’t speak English and couldn’t understand or answer any of my questions. He didn’t even know the words “left” and “right” he would just grab the wheel when he wanted me to turn. It made me feel very unsafe.

Review №41

I had a great experience with Mejia Driving School! The instructors I worked with, Syed and Marcelo, were both patient and professional, always making me feel safe and tailoring lessons to what I wanted the most practice with. They were also both fun to talk with (in English and Spanish), which made me much more relaxed. After a few lessons, I felt confident heading into my modified road test, and I passed!Online scheduling and exceptional responsiveness from the people who helped me to book my lessons last-minute before my road test also made for an easy experience with great customer service.I would highly recommend Mejias Driving School to anyone learning how to drive. Their instructors will teach you how to pass the behind-the-wheel test, but more importantly, they will teach you how to be a safe, defensive driver.

Review №42

I recommend this driving to anyone who is a first time driver or anyone who wants to improve there skills behind the wheel . The instructors are great they take there time with you. Everyone at Mejia is very pleasant an kind. They show up on time an they have a lot of patience lol.I highly recommend Mejia driving!

Review №43

Very nice and helpful !

Review №44

The teachers do a great job at showing the students the rules of the road. It was very difficult for me to parallel park and my instructor showed me the right way to do it. In the end I passes my exam 10/10.

Review №45

So I had a really good experience with Marcelo and would recommend him to anyone. However I had an issue with the lady who took me to the road test yuly. She texted me at midnight to confirm her appointment. Also before the exam when I wanted to just ask a few questions, she was rude and would ask if I took classes or not. I paid so that they can answer any questions I had. Overall she was on the phone the whole time and was just not pleasant to be with. *UPDATE* The school texted me to tell me that they are sad to hear that “as a young girl does not recognize your own mistake” and also told me “it is impossible to deceive the conscious” personal attacks for a review that was honest and not meant to harm the business in anyway. I am now extremely upset with their service. Do not attend this school unless you are planning to stay shut about any opinion you have about them. They are extremely disrespectful.

Review №46

I passed my road test a few months ago thanks to Mejia’s driving lessons. I was nervous starting the lessons but they’re very patient and kind. They helped me prepare very well. I recommended them to all my friends who are about to take their test.

Review №47

I wasted $250 for my son to take diving classes for what to teach someone who NVR drove within a week that was when he first got his permit I paid for 20hrs isnt suppose to be spread out but thats not all so he goes for his driving test and the radio is on he asked to shut it off to take his test she says wth u mean why its a test. Also as he was about to go to the next step the lady stops him and says he almost hit the pole which the DMV tester said he was doing good it was the lady that wanted to stop the test. Very unprofessional I believe she is the owner dont go here bcuz its not going to help they just going to take ur money and not help someone should shut them down for doing this to people

Review №48

I had a great experience. The Brush-Up Road Test was exactly as they described it. They picked me up, familiarized me with the car and what to expect on the test. The instructor checked that I am comfortable with all elements of the test, and that Im ready to drive. I used their car for the test. And after the test and completing the DMV paperwork they drove me home.All in all it was everything I expected.

Review №49

Coming from another country with another rules (and no rules at the same time) plus the fear Ive always had to drive made me have a very difficult time at trying to learn how to drive. I decided to take clases with Mejia Driving School and it was definitely the best decision in order to achieve the goal and therefore to obtain my license.The instructor Jessy was always kind and patient with me and helped me a lot to lose my fear. She was always on time when picking me up and she also gave me many tips for the final exam. I appreciate so much their work with me I felt they put effort and were indeed interested in my learning!

Review №50

Mejia Driving School has been super helpful to get my driving license. Their prices are great and the instructor was very kind and professional; during our 30 min brush-up she showed me everything I needed to know before hitting the street for the driving test; after this, the test was a piece of cake. Thank you Mejia Driving School!

Review №51

Found Experience Driving School to be professional, courteous, friendly and reliable with good time keeping and no missed appointments. Put at ease on first lesson with a detailed explanation of how lessons would be conducted and what sort of progress could be .Extraordinary help was provide to me with all my paperwork need to acquire my Licence..Great Experience ...thanks

Review №52

Yes I’ve had good experience and then i also had an issue but when they instructed me with the driver for the driving practice test, I had a good instructor he told me what I need the most and he let me drive and making sure my mistakes were fixed before the test so that end up really well . Then I had a second instructor, which I was having a minor issue with the person, it seemed like I had to start over and I was like no more lesson, it was time for the ROAD TEST . I would recommend to use their company for practice and for the test, ( only minor issue is that, You don’t have the same instructor, so I hope they changed that ) so that people won’t be lost of their teachings, every driver is different and everyone has their safe way of driving . So I go and take my ROAD TEST, the lady came on time, she had everything that I needed for the test and the car is really good in use, the price is perfect, it’s reasonable . They will help you trust me ( I only did a lesson in a half lol and now look I passed, all I had to do was open my ears . Thank you for everything .

Review №53

Daughter failed her road test and I believe she failed because one she practices with two different people and two different carsThen she gets used to driving in one car then during road test she is taking it with a different person and different car and during test the instructor is pressing the brakes on her making her more nervous

Review №54

Best Driving school!!! Super prepared for the exam on the first try☺️☺️😄

Review №55

They r good people, I got my license at first test, thanks Marcelo and team

Review №56

Excellent service, I got my license very fast!! Thank you guys!! 😊

Review №57

Test was scheduled at 8:30am driver said she was picking me up at 8:15. Did not get picked up till 8:34 🙄.

Review №58

Really efficient, I learned how to drive in just 2 classes with the Mejia driving school instructors, just passed my road test today, they’re great

Review №59

Instructor laughed when I didnt pass the test

Review №60

I took my first set of lessons with Claudia. She is amazing, fun, and patient. I love working with her and my second set was with Mr. Benjamin. The best driving school I have experienced and Mr. Benjamin was also very patient and helped me with my anxiety with driving and I became better and better . I am all set for my road test. Tips would be to try to practice in between your lessons. It really helps and you naturally become better. This is a great school and I highly recommend it. 🙌🏽PASSED MY ROAD TEST ON THE FIRST TRY!

Review №61

Mi hijo mayor tuvo la mejor experiencia con ellos y no dudé en contactarme con ellos nuevamente para que mi segundo hijo hiciera las prácticas y todo el proceso de tener su licencia de conducir. Son dispuestos en ofrecer calidad en servicio. Gracias Tony y equipo, son excelentes! Éxito!

Review №62

Esta compania son ladrones te hacen calendario por telefono con las horas que tu elijes y luego las cambian para no complir con su trabajo, ademas Tony Mejia dice que a el no me importa lo que la Gente piense de el y compania. 1 estrella es mucho para esta paetida de ladrones.

Review №63

No se dejen confundir de mis 2 estrellas, la profesora que se me fue asignada (Claudia) LO MAXIMO DEL MUNDO!!! te dedica tiempo, paciencia y trata de que el conducir mas que una necesidad sea disfrutable pero como todo en la vida no todo es color de rosa, el servicio de la persona que maneja las redes (Whatsapp) es buenisimo NADA MAS PARA COBRAR, el pana es super poco profesional y raya en lo indescriptible es tan barbaro que ni lleva claro cuando le pagan (guarden screenshot de TODO) y pa colmo tiene un complejo de superioridad (por su ineficaz manejo) que te obliga a avisarle a el cualquier cambio cuando la realidad es que a la unica persona que uno ve es al instructor (ILOGICO), el dia del examen lamentablemente te asignan otra persona y la que me toco a mi (Yuli) la mata de la empatia (Sarcasmo ON), ojo su trabajo no es añoñarte pero pasas el examen y ell@s estan supuestos a entrar contigo y resulta que te dejan en la carpa y te dicen apeate y espera alli que debo buscar ah alguien mas (mi caso), INACEPTABLE, pero repito mi profesora es lo mejor por ella vale la pena tolerar a ese grupo de pocos profesionales, puros cobradores porq solo para eso son buenos y es contraproducente ya que esperarias que por la cantidad de dinero que pagas te deberian dar un trato a la altura (aunq mi profesora estubo DEMAS de la altura)

Review №64

Good service, friendly, they accommodate your schedule super punctual I loved them !!Thanks to Ana for her patience !! 💯💯👩‍🎓Thanks I was able to pass my exam !! Yay! 🎉🎉

Review №65

Waoooo the best (Mejia driving school) good service very friendly and a spectacular experience 😁😁😍😍😘😘start from scratch with them, I put my hand on them for the first time and on my first appointment I passed my exam thanks to Mejía driving school I have my license 👏👏👏🙏🙏🙏😁😁❤️🙏😍

Review №66

I love to see learned with you, keep doing what you do, thank you very much

Review №67

The best!!! I was so lucky to find this team of professionals. Starting with the person who works in the office, the instructors (Royer, Leo, Ana), Mrs. Yuli who is quite a lady, Mr. Marcelo and the translator who accompanied me to the exam, Oh my God !! They are a unique team, infinite thanks for your patience and dedication. Thanks to you, today I am a woman with a drivers license hahaha.

Review №68

Yuli is the best without her I would not have been able to pass her 100% recommended Mejía driving school without having received any class she explained to me very well it is excellent ❤️

Review №69

Excellent service!

Review №70

I am very grateful to all the people who work at Mejia Driving School. They are very very professional and pass the exam with your help and patience. Thanks for everything 🧡

Review №71

I recommend this school to anyone who wants to learn to drive.

Review №72

Very good teaching, recommended, they pass because they pass.

Review №73

Good Morning ! I want to take this opportunity to thank Mejía driving school. For all your professionalism. Thanks a thousand for everything. K God bless each one of the k make up the very special school Yuli and Marcelo. I will be forever grateful.

Review №74

My experience with it was very good, thanks to them I passed the exam and they are good people. I recommended that people who need to learn to drive go to Meija Driving School.

Review №75

The best driving school in Rhode Island .. I recommend Mejia Driving School they are very professional and punctual when it comes to your classes .. The best

Review №76

Excellent treatment, very committed and providing a memorable service, 100% recommended.

Review №77

Today I had Marcelo as my instructor for an hour and everything was great! Although I was nervous I did it thanks to God and for Mejía Driving School I want to give a big thank you, all of you were a great help! I recommend Marcelo as an Instructor 🙏🏼.

Review №78

They are the best

Review №79

Choosing Mejia Driving School for my daughter to learn to drive has been one of my best decisions of this year 2019:They are punctual, and very professional, there was always a fast and timely communication every time I called to learn about my daughters learning process.They have modern and clean cars, competitive prices and flexible payments, in short, I was very satisfied with their service.I recommend them 100%

Review №80

My son just got his license with mejías driving school professionals. Today was his birthday present for more. Thanks mejías driving school my son euris montanez is very happy.

Review №81

Professionalism, professionalism and professionalism. Ideal to help lose the fear of those who had left it due to lack of confidence

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