Discovery Zone Childrens Center
2739 W Seltice Way, Post Falls, ID 83854, United States
Discovery Zone Childrens Center

Review №1

My daughter went here a few years ago and it was the worst experience ever. I don’t know how this place isn’t shut down yet. My daughter would cry everyday and at first I thought she needed to adjust to not being home but the crying never stopped. An employee later told me the other employees put my daughter in a dark room crying all alone (at 1 years old) and that she never would eat there and the staff treated the kids bad. She also came home with bite marks after I was told the smaller kids would be separated from the older kids. Even if your desperate don’t take your kids here. They must have fake reviews because it truly is not a safe place for kids

Review №2

My kid used to love this school. Then she started telling me she hated nap time because her teachers were kicking her legs when she wouldnt sleep. Among other things. Then on June 1st the school took an automatic payment from me on their app for 190.00, told me it would be refunded since the school was closed (due to the active abuse investigation) I have waited patiently. I did receive a message 6/21about them opening back up and seeing if any of the kids wanted to come back but they have now blocked my messages on the app and dont return my phone calls. Its probably a better idea if you find a school not owned by Sarah Bouvier. She owns several others. Check before you let your kid go there. These people are irresponsible.

Review №3

This is one of the worst possible places you can take your child to. They are neglecting and abusing children and it’s sad that they are still in business and have as many positive reviews.

Review №4

Would not feed my daughter and would put her in a dark room, people are horrible, its worth it to spend a little extra on your child and send them somewhere safe. Screw you to the people who work here and own this disgusting place

Review №5

Hands down the best child care facility I have taken my daughter too. Every one here is polite, professional, and the most amazing teachers ever. Not only have they taken care of my daughter very well, they have also taught her so many new things. The center is very clean, vibrant, and Jenn the director is awesome to work with. I highly recommend :)

Review №6

I LOVE Discovery Zone! Jenn is amazing; she is very down to earth and friendly. Ciera, Megan, Hailey, you make it so easy knowing my little one is in great hands. Thank you ❤️❤️❤️

Review №7

Very poor center that pays their employees poorly, treats their employees even worse, has a high turn over rate for teachers, treats the kids poorly, barely has toys or resources for the kids to play with/learn. Would not recommend anyone work here or put their kids in this facility. The management lie to the parents daily.

Review №8

Kids outside unsupervised. This place is a horror show that should be shut down.

Review №9

I currently have my 4 year old enrolled here. The staff are courteous and professional, the facility is clean, they provide proper teacher to children ratio and the best part is they follow my drs nutritional profile for my child. They are hands down one of the best facilities I’ve experienced!

Review №10

Staff abuse the children mentally, and physically. Lock them up alone and withhold food from them for misbehaving.

Review №11

They abuse the children and don’t supervise them. a guy said he had to rescue a 2 year old who was walking down the road. the staff don’t care about your kids. do yourself a favor and don’t do business here.

Review №12

Im very pleased, and very impressed with Jenn and her staff at the center.. I have never had any of my children in day care before. So I was very worried and scared to leave kaliyah with people I didnt know, she is my precious lil baby. But every one there seems to really like kaliyah and kaliyah also seems to like them as well so that made me worry less, now after almost a year at the day care it feels like shes going to family to be watched. Im very happy with everything about discovery zone. Thank you. Sarah, Jenn, Hailey, and all the other staff for making it so comfortable.Ej Bosley.

Review №13

If I could rate this place a 0 I would they are terrible and their is several accusations against this daycare at the moment because of reported abuse and lack of care to the children

Review №14

My kids absolutely loved it here awesome staff too

Review №15

Don’t take your kids to discovery zone!! Without doing a bunch of research

Review №16

Love Discovery Zone!!I was hesitant to change our sons routine but after constant issues at the old center, when Discovery opened up my husband and I decided to give it a try. SO glad we did. The staff provides high level of care, is genuine in their care about the children and working with staff is easy. Big relief for working parents. This center is so much more than just another daycare. They encourage and support creativity and learning. Our little tot (16mos) recently came home speaking in sign language. LOVE IT!

Review №17

We love this center! It is affordable and super clean.My 8 month old girl is so happy here. Thank you for taking such good care of her!

Review №18

My son has been going there for a couple months. And the owner came in saw my 2 year old son throwing a tantrum and was told he wasnt allowed at the center anymore. Just for throwing a tantrum not harming other children. My son has come home several times from daycare with bite and scratch marks but there wasnt a finger lifted against those children. My son was treated unfair and wouldnt even give him a chance after at least acknowledging the problem with his parents. If I was able to rate 0 stars I would.

Review №19

ABSOLUETLY DO NOT TAKE YOUR CHILDREN! The teachers here are horrific especially the director Janine she flat out told me I was lying to her about my sons behavior at his previous day care and told me that she gave me scores on a MEDICAL sheet that my son needs to get medication, on that point i have had my son tested for everything under the sun because this is the second time he has been bullied by a teacher and he has PRECURSERS of adhd, she does not work with the children and my kids learned absolutely nothing, the tv was constantly on and my son got yelled at for not watching a movie on top of that she said he had not a single good day at the daycare and was constantly in trouble I immediately switched and my son and he has not had a single bad day at this new day care if you need a good place for your kids try smart start learning center in cda But I do not recommend discovery at all they are a Half decent baby sitting service but nothing more

Review №20

This is the first daycare I have taken my kids to and its amazing. The staff are all very nice and my kids have been learning alot since they have been going here plus they bring home adorable art projects.

Review №21

When my son was going here, a worker told another staff member in front of other parents that my son had autism. He was not diagnosed at the time. I should have filled out a complaint form with them, but I honestly don’t trust some of the staff even with that paper work. Not satisfied

Review №22

This review is on the wrong place. I apologize.

Review №23

Great teacher and very caring:)

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