Gilden Woods Early Care and Preschool - Portage
1518 E Centre Ave, Portage, MI 49002, United States
Gilden Woods Early Care and Preschool - Portage

Review №1

I brought my son here for the first time three weeks ago and from the very beginning, the front desk staff was so welcoming, knowledgeable, and I was able to meet the staff members who are caring for my child. Everyone was open arms and so kind. I feel more comfortable leaving my child here than with some of my own family members. Absolutely recommend. 10/10

Review №2

Under new ownership! Wow, this place is absolutely amazing under its new owner and new director. The center is so clean, and the staff has been so professional and caring. Would highly recommend!!!

Review №3

My boyfriends daughter graduated preschool from this school. I had no idea how much she would learn just from going to preschool for a few years! She was so excited to go to Kindergarten and learned so much from all of the sweet preschool teachers. We went to so many fun family events that the school put on. Highly recommend Gilden Woods!

Review №4

My children have attended Gilden Woods for over a year now. Though the center has seen a lot of staff turnover (which is to be expected with childcare), there is no doubt in my mind that my children have been genuinely cared for and loved by all of their teachers. Curriculum is followed daily and I feel like my children come home everyday knowing something new. When my children struggle with behavior, their teachers are the first to ask “what can we do to help get through this?” Management has contacted me immediately with concerns of my child’s ouchies or incidents. I have heard of this center struggling with previous directors and staff in the past but they have a solid team now that truly show care for each individual child. I couldn’t be more grateful for the staff and management at this center.

Review №5

They dont follow the curriculum or laws of the State of MI. They are only interested in running the daycare on as few employees as possible, which is why they move children into classes that they dont belong in to stay in ratio. This happens daily at this daycare so kids are often stuck repeating lessons multiple times. They claim to do baby sign language. Thats a joke. They also say that they fill out the Apple Gram daily...they dont mention that likely wont be throughly filled out. They also have huge communication issues between the staff. Their teachers are treated poorly and in turn do a poor job. Check out their special investigations on the State of Michigan licensing website before touring (to find it search state of MI daycare lookup or something similar). You should do this with any daycare, but will see many more special investigations and much more rule breaking that other daycares in the area. I wish I would have known about the site before paying top dollar (due to tuition hikes - $25 weekly increase this last year) for a low quality daycare with poorly trained staff who are poorly treated and terrible management (current and old management). If you decide to enroll your children here you might like it for a few months, but I guarantee you will find out what Im talking about too late and your kid will be stuck there until a spot opens at a better daycare which could take 1-2 years unless you are lucky.

Review №6

Great staff, very friendly. Pricey for before and after school care (and there are not many kids there in this age group), summer care is really great for school age kids, lots of activities and day trips.

Review №7

Overall clean, bright and fun looking place.Definite problems with staff turnover

Review №8

This daycare is horrible and you should NOT send your children here. Most staff members are unqualified and in turn have a huge turn over rate. Additionally, the staff are treated poorly and the administration does a poor job of investigating issues that go in within this location. Find a non profit, it will suit your needs better

Review №9

Very unsatisfactory I paid more then a house payment for my daughter to go to this daycare 3 days a week just over 800$ a month for them to tell me that they can’t communicate a serious infection that was floating around and cause my child to be sick and a very rude lady told me that well that’s how it grows 3 sick days for a year ? Couldn’t even give me a half of credit for them getting my child sick and not being able to go to daycare for the money being paid I am not impressed

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