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E-Z Way Driver Training

Review №1

My daughter took her road test with Jared today. He was polite, professional, and clear with instructions. She is my third child to go thru this company and weve been happy every time.

Review №2

Today I had a test with examiner Jared and it was great. The communication was excellent, and he was always polite and respectful. That made me feel secured although I was still anxious throughout the test. Also Im thankful to the lady for helping me with the appointment, she was very nice too. I recommend them.

Review №3

If I could give them 0 stars I would!Worst experience. Absolutely horrible instructor. She didn’t even tell us her name, very rude and un professional. We didn’t end up taking to road test due to she wouldn’t allow the proof of registration on my phone all though she allowed the insurance proof on my phone . Our appointment was at 10 am she told me if I could have another car there for my son to use by 10:05 she would still test him . My uncle got there at 10:05 drove threw the movie theater parking lot to where we were standing and the clocked turned 10:06, and she wouldn’t do the test . Even though she was setting there doing nothing. Literally waited for the other instructor to get back which was only about 30 min which is below the 45 required road test and proceeded to go to Walmart! So she couldn’t do the test because she simply didn’t want to. Got a $20 refund big deal . I would not recommend this company to anyone. Rude, unprofessional, disrespectful dirty looking people that don’t know what they are doing and are quick to be snotty because they don’t really wanna do there job! This company is all about just taking your money and not helping your teen succeed. We definitely went with another company.

Review №4

I had a great experience at ez-way when I called the girl I talked to was very friendly, helpful, and efficient. Then when I went to my test my instructor made me feel very comfortable. She gave me great feedback I would highly recommend using ez-way for any driving services

Review №5

I was coming home 7:30 in the morning. Ran into one of there teachers. Driving erratically. Cut me off. Then went way below speed limit. Then accelerated way above speed limit. Driver was either under influence or one of the worst drivers I’ve seen. Don’t have them teach your kids

Review №6

I am currently taking Segment 1 here and am planning on taking Seg 2, and I love it! I highly recommend Mr. Renzema as a teacher. He’s energetic, great at teaching, and makes learning genuinely enjoyable! Big thumbs up from me 👍

Review №7

Great place to go for your teenager. Very nice people. Sticks to the rules of the state but very nice about it. I highly recommend them.

Review №8

I called them 3 times and each time the Richland office answered because the portage office’s phones were down...each time...I asked about price of the sessions because I couldn’t find it online even though they said it was.They said they would email me, never did. Called the portage office for a 4th time and left a message and never got a call back.If they can’t handle simple stuff like this they won’t be teaching my kids to drive!Not to mention the previous reviews on how they handle money!

Review №9

Nate the owner1. Inital introduction: He was rushed. All his directions to my 16 year old daughter were rushed. So rushed when I found insurance, he said there wasnt time for him to look at it and he will look at it after. We listened and complied.2. Parallel parking to start: I stood away from the car about 30 yards. When my daughter went over the cones, she paused and I started to walk toward the car. Nate told me I couldnt speak to her. I did not. I walked away. After the test was over, my daughter shared she had her covid mask on and her glasses fogged up.3. Did not pass parallel parking: When Nate explained how my daughter lost points in parallel parking, he was leaning over talking to her, about 2 feet away and he had pulled his mask down below his nose. I asked him to please cover it.4. Finished: When Nate, the owner of E-Z which I did not know at that time, finished explaining that she did not pass, I shared I had feedback. I shared I did not like how he rushed, and his demeanor. He said it was because we were 7 minutes late. I said that we were sorry. My daughter had put into GPS the AMC theater not the KALAMAZOO 10 theater, so we were a few minutes late. I shared though that even so, I did not believe that warranted his demeanor during such an examination. Nate said that the same test is everywhere. I shared that the learning and testing is all good and that my daughter will continue to learn and be tested. I shared what was not ok was his demeanor. I thought that I should share this with Nate instead of reporting him. Come to find out, he owns the company.

Review №10

Very irregular coach。Scary!

Review №11

They made me jump threw hoops and then when the secretary of state messed up my papers they tried to take my money without me taling the drivers test. They didnt give me an option to put that toward coming back or to get my money back. All around seems like an easy way which isnt the right way.

Review №12

I just took my test today with a guy named Nate had a really good experience. Was extremely nice and chill, and very concise with instructions and the rules. Made me feel super comfortable while driving. I was extremely nervous about testing after reading some of the reviews on here, and i just wanted to clear this up for anybody else who was worried about testing through this company. Also when I called about a week back to confirm my test, (after All Star scheduled me in the completely wrong town) the lady on the phone was super nice and understanding with all my concerns and I’m thankful for that. This company is SO much more organized than All Star and very thorough with all information and all my concerns. If I could give 100 stars I would!!!!!

Review №13

Took money without proof of payment. Friend of mine got a refund sent to another friends house. Not secure at all, unprofessional.

Review №14

We had an amazing experience! My son was in the middle of his class and fractured his foot. We had to reschedule his range drive not once, but twice. He had to have alternate accommodations for his testing and they were amazing with all of it! They never made me feel like we were an inconvenience, even though we truly were! All of the staff at the office were so kind and the instructors were friendly and absolutely amazing to work with. I will be bringing my daughter to them when she is ready!

Review №15

I liked it. Nice calm place and environment, nothing too special.

Review №16

Have had minor problems with this company in the past, but recently the unprofessional and uncaring attitude that the employees at this establishment have shown has clearly proved that they do not care about their customers in the least. I do not recommend this company.

Review №17

Registered online, immediately they pulled out my money but it took numerous attempts at a refund after they informed me that my son was to young. When I got the check after 5 months they had shorted me 20.00!Aweful service!!If they cant handle a simple refund, there is no way I want them teaching my child to drive!!

Review №18

Failed the parking section of the driving test because the guy said I had 6 pts and could only get 5 even though the car was in 75% of the spot like it was supposed to be to pass. They are a scamming company to continue to make poor kids retake and repay for the test. Go somewhere else they will scam you!!!!!

Review №19

I could pass driving test.Jake was an examiner for me. I’m japanese so I can’t hear well sometimes..He was very kind and politeness while the test, though he is much younger than me.He also gave me some advices after the test.I was really happy with him..Ez way driving test company has a best examine “Jake”!

Review №20

So thankful for EZ way especially to JAKE, my daughter’s road test examiner. He was very professional and very patient and my daughter felt at ease right away and passed the test no problem. I would also like to thank Mr. Barnhardt for taking my daughter for her road test assessment. Thank you guys! I highly recommend this company!

Review №21

Could not be more disappointed in this experience. The office staff let me pay in two payments and then harassed my daughter about a middle payment despite the fact I had given the date(before the end of class) when I would pay the balance. With two days left to go in class my daughter was kicked out of a class because her cell phone accidentally made a noise. She had uobti that point not even been given a Warning about the cell phone which was in her bag. Other kids had theirs laying out in the table. Since when does your first incident result in being kicked out. Especially when on the first day of class the instructor said that cell phone use would result In confiscation not eviction! The instructor ridiculed my child in front of the class and then proceeded to go outside while she waited to get picked up to further berate her and warn her not to “lie” to her parents about this incident. I will never use this company again and will actively warn other about this negative experience.

Review №22

They gave me an automatic fail on my road test because i couldn’t merge on to the highway because there was 12 cars and no space in between

Review №23

Wow I cant believe half this comments shows who really dont show compassion Im only 17 in foster care my foster care worker paid for my class I was homeless when I first started the class missed days and everything thing I was told on my 3 missed if I miss anymore Im out so I didnt I missed my drives instead like a dummy but they still let me stay I only had to pay 60 for my drives I missed and make up the 2 classes and pass my test I had an amazing drive partner and a friend I meet in class and my drive instructor Mr asmus worked with me even though I was unrealbe thats not even the end of it I missed another drive witch was another 30 so Im at 90 dollars now I failed my test that day to so I had to come back and take it I was ready to give up but what did my teacher instructor say miss gomaz you better keep bring yo butt back here to pass this class you need this and I know that I work and dont have a stable home so this was the last thing on my mind and a owe 90 dollars now will I sucked it up and went back passed my test did my drive but I missed one more drive so now Im at 120 dollars in debt remind you class is over at this point I already took my test I just had to knock everything else out I did my drive and all I had to do was go to my classes and yall should get it by now I didnt i started my new job at Walmart and they want have it me missing days and Im new a week went by I tried to see if I could come to class because I was done with everything really I still owed 120 dollars and need two classes thats it she said the deadline was today remind u Im omw to work I was about too quit my job just too make it there because I felt like I owed to them too pass but luckily my job late me got to the two classes and till this day I still owe 120 that Im going to go pay tomorrow so moral of the story dont try to ruin peoples name beat of your feelings and experience things change and grow and I definitely experience that when I was there thanks ez way cant qait till segment 2

Review №24

Garbage no type of compassion. Student was on list missed 1st start day bc of strep throat henceforth can’t be at school i’e couldn’t attend class, had dr note, !! Next day let her in bc she was REGISTERED and on list. Got ready to pay called office and was told no she had to register of the following month! Said some excuse of not having drivers?? Excuse you she was already listed so if she would have showed the day b4 you were going to put her out?? Wow garbage customer service is a joke to them!

Review №25

Jason did a great job as our driving test instructor. He was professional and thorough.

Review №26

I had the most awful experiences with this joke of a company. Instructors are rude scam artists. They force you to drive through construction zones during road tests, then they intentionally fail you when they leave out important information! They also have shaking tremors, like they are about to have strokes, or even Parkinson’s. Thats because they need to retire and revamp the whole brigade of instructors! Do not waste your time or money on this ungodly organization. You and/or your offspring WILL be scammed and wrongfully disqualified from driving! Avoid at all costs.

Review №27

VERY UNPROFESSIONAL company, dont EVER go here. They will intentionally leave out pertinent information and penalize you later on, claiming they notified you over the phone. Overly expensive compared to other 3rd party testers and not worth your time.

Review №28

The most unprofessional office staff I have ever had to deal with. Obnoxious, rude and very unhelpful. Would not recommend to anyone! After being told by the owner that they could schedule make up classes for my child and to call the office the next day. I did this and the office would not do anything to help.

Review №29

Instructor gave wrong hours we need so I’m not eligible for the segment 2 class. If I were you I’d go to sears.

Review №30

Very unprofessional. Never a set schedule. Heard them screaming at customers on the phone in the office. Terrible place.

Review №31

Its easy as pie 😉

Review №32

Good company . Easy to work with .

Review №33

I did not have a good experience with this company.

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