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Embelleze Beauty School

Review №1

If I can give this school zero star I honestly would. They lied to me from the beginning saying they can teach in English, the instructor barely speaks English and spent majority of the time speaking in Spanish because they decided it was a good idea to place me in a SPANISH CLASS, the girls literally laughed at me through zoom and for a test I had to do my teacher started the timer and didn’t even give me my test in English form! I had to ask for my books more than once on top of all this the instructor was allowing her students to not wear masks during COVID and they were just there chit chatting more than actually paying attention to do things correctly, I’m talking these students are touching there phones with gloves then going back to the models face and when I brought it to the teachers attention ( more than once ) she would ignore me or tell me I had a good eye ... I’m sorry but what?? It was a nightmare. They never gave me a refund these people are scammers .

Review №2

I can honestly say I have NEVER enjoyed coming to school as much as I do now. I take an hour drive just to make it here everyday because I love it so much. I learn something new everyday! I want to thank all the staff because from the moment you walk in they make you feel at home, I want to thank the best teacher I could’ve asked for Xiomara Torres (face specialist teacher) a life changer really. My experience in this school couldn’t have gone better and I can’t even explain my gratitude. I HIGHLY recommend the face specialist program, it’s fast pace and everything is explained thoroughly.

Review №3

Good afternoon all,I recently went to this school to become a nail specialist and I did it!!!!! They walk you through the process and keep you on your path to your goal. They have English and Spanish classes. I took the English classes with Ms. Maria and she was AMAZING!!!! The encouragement from the time you sign up to when you graduate is unmatched. Thanks to this school I am now a proud Nail Specialist!!Thank you Embelleze Beauty School

Review №4

My experience with the school has been great. All the teachers are professional, care about their students, and like to share their knowledge and passion. The stuff is friendly and helpful. They were accommodating during pandemic, great organization.

Review №5

I loved my experience so much, I have very sensitive skin and I’m always nervous to try new things but the students were all so professional and the teacher was amazing! Mrs. Xiomara Torres, thank you for everything and for welcoming me into the school. My face is beautiful!

Review №6

I’ve always had an interest in doing nails but I always had a job and really didn’t have the time to attend nail school since I couldn’t stop working. Well with COVID happening a lot changed and I was fortunate to come upon information about Embelleze Beauty School and the fact that they were offering online classes which is what I wanted. I started class in November 2020. Malena who is the director, Carolina, Laura and Bruna were so helpful, informative and professional and last but definitely not least Maria Cubano was a great teacher. I learned so much with her. She had patience and made sure to answer everyone’s questions and has a great sense of humor. She is an asset to your school. I’ve already finished with acquiring my hours and I’m excited about embarking in the wonderful world of nails. If you’ve been thinking about taking a nail tech course Embelleze Beauty School is definitely the one to go with. 😊❤️

Review №7

Excellent school. Im loving taking my cosmetology course there. Efficient teachers with incredible professionalism. I recommend!

Review №8

This school is awful! Please don’t go there period, but especially if you don’t speak Spanish don’t go for sure. I guess they hire teachers that don’t speak English and try to teach a class. Guys you pay money to learn, how can you learn when teachers don’t speak English!For school: you guys live in America if your teachers don’t speak English please don’t offer this school to Americans!!! Thank you!Education was a disaster!

Review №9

I am happy to be a member at embelleze beauty school thank all the administrators and teachers, they make a great effort with all the students to communicate I encourage everyone who wants a degree in the field of cosmetology to register there. Thank for my teacher natasha and malena🎓🎓🎓😍

Review №10

This school is extremely professional when it comes to any concern or any question you might have so current been there for almost a year. The professors are so nice specially the professor Marchan. This beautiful individual takes the take to make sure her student understands what shes talking about and the fact that shes bilingual now that beautiful. They took the whole Covid -19 very serious thats what I loved. They made sure we were all protected. Keep their smiles bright and one more time if you thya individuals who works in the morning night class will be great and for those who work late night morning classes are funnnn because youll have Professors Marchan. So much dedication so much patience so much love for what she does is amazing seeing individuals who truly love what they do is incredible, I joined this because my parents saw the value, and they were right. All I got to say is I am so happy and grateful now that Embelleze beauty school has over thousand of Graduates . Now with that being said yall stop wasting time and if you truly love anything that has to do with this industry lets goooooo and begin your classes. Lock in and dedicate.

Review №11

This school is the best thing that ever happened to my life. All the staff, the environment, the amazing teacher Jenny, Rhawan, Marlena and I can keep going with all the amazing people. I’m on my second program and Idon’t hesitate to choose the same school again. If you’re looking to achieve success in the beauty career that’s the best school to go.

Review №12

I’m a student of the institute, it’s highly recommended for people who want to start preparing in the world of beauty, very professional teachers and staff

Review №13

THE best beauty school I know and use. I highly recommend

Review №14

I loved my facial treatment today with Larissa. My skin is very smooth and clear. Thank you!

Review №15

It’s Was Great. I had A Back Facial Yesterday and it was AMAZING. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Review №16

I cant wait for classes to start! In my last visit eveyone was so nice. Also, the school is so pretty and modern!

Review №17

This school is amazing! And the staff is also pretty great!

Review №18

Awesome! Larissa was very friendly and I loved my facial peeling results

Review №19

Excellent customer service and learning methods and exonomic payment fees. 👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾

Review №20

Me encanta esta Escuela, es linda, moderna hice la tarea de ir por lo menos a 6 escuela y esta escuela lejos es la mas actual que he visitado.Todo el personal hable ingles y español lo que facilita la comunicacion 💜💜.Me encanta ver en mi clase gente de todo tipo de nacionalidad y raza lo que nos ayuda a tener todo tipo de opiniones y gustos !!

Review №21

Trabajo en la Escuela !! Y es realmente gratificante ver como un curso de 3 meses puede mejorar la vida de las personas ….. cambiar su calidad de vida y trabajo no tiene precio !! Gracias a compañias que aportan un granito de arena a que todos los latinos tengamos una oportunidad.

Review №22

Termine mi curso de facial y ahora estoy haciendo el Master con la profesora liset … gran profesional he aprendido mas de lo imaginado !!Se los super recomiendo colegas licenciadas !! Hagan su Master es espectacular

Review №23

My wife studying at the School, the attention is really unique, patience and follow-up. My wife enrolled in another school in the area, she arrived and her teacher was YOU TUBE, it did not last a week .... we ran to call EMBELLEZE and what a pleasant surprise my wife is happy taking her morning classes with the teacher and learning to giant steps.this school is worth it

Review №24

The place is very nice, comfortable, spacious and the service is excellent. Carolina thank you very much for your attention ...

Review №25

I loved participating in the classes, I am very excited to attend the classes of Professor Siomara, an excellent professional and teacher.

Review №26

I am a student of this Institute, and I feel a great satisfaction to belong to the group of students, we have the best training, theoretical and practical, face-to-face and online, every day and night, we receive the best education,The facilities are beautiful, comfortable and safe,Above all, they update us and keep us informed of the latest,I recommend this institution and I am proud to be studying and learning from it.In particular my Skin Care teacher has taught me the best I have learned in my academic life and her respect for both languages ​​is what I admire the most.

Review №27

A wonderful experience of professional training and learning, excellent academic and professional level of its teachers and other personnel of the institution; The excellent teacher Xiomara Torrentes gives us her knowledge and extensive experience in the area every day, an opportunity to prepare you with the best and meet your 100% recommended goals.

Review №28

Very good school to learn about the wonderful world of facial aesthetics, very grateful to Professor Xiomara Torrentes for her patience, kindness and professionalism!

Review №29

The best school, where you can develop all your skills with the best teachers. Where you feel like family, Malena is the best Cosmetology teacher. A good teacher, someone who helps you, understands you & is always there.

Review №30

It was great, very attentive classmates, cute receptionists and the teacher ... without words, Im amazed 🥰

Review №31

I have been trying for a long time to achieve my dream of completing my studies and achieving my nail technique license. I found this place, it seemed very interesting and at a super moderate price. I started a little over a month ago and I feel very happy. My Teacher Maria is excellent and has a lot of skill to teach and with vast knowledge to show many techniques. I am in a virtual way and it is very good. Btw Ms. Carolina is very kind, she offered me all the necessary information when I was in the enrollment process and in the process she continues to help me. I hope many can benefit from this opportunity and can achieve their dreams and undertake.

Review №32

Excellent one feels at home we are a family Professor Xiomara excellent educator I would not like to graduate hehe but I have to do it I have a wonderful time blessings and successes

Review №33

I love studying at this institution, a friendly customer service, professional teachers and the excellent school my teacher Xiomara

Review №34

They have spectacular customer services, all the teachers are very professional, loving and patient, I recommend it 100%! My teacher Xiomara THE BEST!

Review №35

I love this school, I am very proud that embelleze school is part of my academic training, it has an excellent group of teachers and very professionals and especially Professor Xiomara is an excellent Educator and transmits her knowledge very well to everyone. I love my training in embelleze school 🏫 ❤️

Review №36

I never imagined that I would find such a competent school wonderful teachers, every day I am surprised by the classes and each applied technique, the theoretical classes very well explained! Thank you Embelleze for making my days wonderful, but thank you even more for dedicating yourself and providing me with a quality apprenticeship guaranteeing my professional future as Cosmetology!I never thought that I will be able to find a competent school where the teachers are amazing, every day I feel surprised with the classes and techniques there’s taught! Thank you Embelleze to make my days great and more than this, thank you to dedicate and provide me with an amazing future as Cosmetology!

Review №37

The truth is that with this issue of the pandemic, life and the plans that we had this year were radically changed. Personally, I am firstly grateful to God for allowing me to discover this school that has definitely met my expectations so far, taking into account that it took my classes online Thousands of doubts invaded me at the beginning but from the first day of classes I was delighted with the handling given by the teacher Maria has been an excellent host and professional in each class she does not waste time and is focused on each topic, I hope to continue enjoying all your knowledge and I will soon finish my course with the satisfaction of being a successful professional by your hand ...

Review №38

I go from Miami to school for 50 minutes but the truth is I recommend it 100% facial study and the truth is that Professor Xiomara has no comparison, she is simply unique

Review №39

Excellent school, each teacher of the different classes taught are professionals who give themselves hard day after day so that their students learn, I like the class because they have an understandable vocabulary which results in good information and understanding, I really highly recommend this School because in addition to being professionals, the environment is super clean and delicate, the town is super safe with people watching, the prices are super accessible compared to other schools, and the most important thing is that they are always ready to help you.

Review №40

Excellent school to train professionals in the area of ​​cosmetology, 6 months ago I arrived here in zero, bone without knowing anything, but with a great desire to learn, thank God he put me in this place, I loved seeing how orderly and neat of the facilities, the excellent teachers, the camaraderie among the students the teachers dedication in which we all learn, good communication in English and Spanish, has helped me since I also widen my vocabulary in English, I recommend to everyone that this Looking for a school here they have it, do not hesitate. Beautify Beauty School. Jenny Machado

Review №41

Hello girls, let me tell you how my experience has been in school and with the teachers!Are you wondering if it is good or not?Well you can see that the school does not have to be as good as yourself! EMBELLEZE BEUTY SCHOOL has taught me that my expectation my thoughts will determine my future bone mental capacity is what will lead us to success your positivity quenches all discouragement bad thoughts during these 4 months the teachers have been like a guide in this process and Knowing that each of its workers is determined to make our investment profitable. I have adopted a motto A great student bears fruit my experience here has been the best grateful for not only finding a good school but a family ❤️

Review №42

I love this school, teacher xiomara is the best, very patient and very professional, exelent scholl 👍👍👍❤🤗🤗

Review №43

Delighted with the school and all the teachers, thanks to my teacher Maria Isabel for teaching me everything about the field of nails. I recommend the school 100% and if God wants I will return to learn other things

Review №44

A spectacular school the teachers and their staff I recommend it 100% percent

Review №45

I have learned too much, the methodology of the Nail Technician class allows you to learn all the complete techniques, the teacher María Isabel is very professional, with a lot of experience and knows how to transmit all her knowledge to her students, highly recommended !!!

Review №46

Very good person, the teacher María Isabel in this course of time that she has been in school with her has shown us many beautiful designs for nails. And her patience and her experience is not excellent 😘💅!

Review №47

It’s the best school ever. The staff treat us with respect and they are so polite.One of the best schools I have visited, the staff are very polite and treat students very politely and give us the opportunity to get to know as much as possible so that we can become excellent professionals.I like much of it because we have made it an opportunity to learn everything as professionals.

Review №48

A good institute, I recommend it and the teachers are very beautiful

Review №49

It is the best school you can find, all its staff is professional, the classrooms and equipment are up to date, the teachers are highly prepared and committed to their students, and above all and most importantly, they carry out their work with love.

Review №50

She studied at this school, she is very good, the teacher is very good both professionally and as a person. ☺

Review №51

I love school the atmosphere is spectacular the staff is loving and cordial I recommend it to anyone who wants to start a life in the world of beauty

Review №52

I loved embelleze beauty school, the facilities are impeccable but the most is the human quality of the person who attends, I recommend them if they sign up ask for Laura helped me a lot in my doubts excellent professional

Review №53

The best school, Im going to miss you a lot ... I recommend them all, to study in an institute where you feel like family and like at home its priceless 💖

Review №54

I really liked it and Ill start in July🌼

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