The PEAC Preschool
954 W 2600 N, Pleasant Grove, UT 84062, United States
The PEAC Preschool

Review №1

Our daughter loves this school and is constantly asking if she has school tomorrow. The school day is broken up into various parts: academics, athletics, arts/science, & performing arts. Our daughter has athletics as her last class of the day which is her favorite part. At pickup she is full of smiles and often breathing hard from running around on their HUGE indoor field.The drop off and pickup is really organized and works great.The only con to the school is that its two towns over, but worth it!

Review №2

We love PEAC preschool! This is my daughters first year of preschool and we are so glad we enrolled her here. She is so active and we loved that they incorporate an athletic program in with their learning. I love that I get an email each week updating me on what she will be learning that week. I also love the app they have and getting pictures of my daughter doing fun activities in her classes. All of the teachers are amazing and patient with the kids. They are wonderful! Thank you for expanding my daughters mind and helping her to learn new things!!

Review №3

I absolutely love PEAC Preschool! The teachers and staff there are amazing! Some of my favorite things about this school is that they put kids safety above all else, and one can truly tell that they love every single one of their students. It shows in their teaching. When I came to the school’s “Fall Fest”, we got a preview of their safety drills and witnessed an entire class of little kids be SO quiet walking down the stairs. It was pretty amazing. I also love how they rotate through classes to give them a different setting for learning, and keeps things exciting. I definitely recommend PEAC Preschool.

Review №4

Where do I even start?! The PEAC has been everything a parent wants in a preschool, and all for a great price. The facility is state of the art, with amazing murals and life like displays for the kids. It is clear much thought and strategy went into creating a building that was not only inviting to the kids, but also safe. Your childs safety and security is their top priority! Preparing and learning to read is a core element of their curriculum, along with use of imagination and physical activity. I have seen my child learn and grown SO MUCH in all three areas, and it has only been 2 months. I watched the classes today and was very impressed at how well each teach knew each child not just by name, but personality as well. They are kind, patient, and inclusive of EVERY child, which was so impressive to me. We love the PEAC and recommend it without hesitation to any other parent out there.

Review №5

We used PEAC preschool with our daughter and had an amazing experience. When it was time for our son to go, they were our first choice. Somehow they have gotten even better. We love the staff, the activities and how incredibly well it prepared our daughter for kindergarten. During her entry testing her teacher even asked me where we sent her and told us she was very well prepared. Love it!

Review №6

My son just started preschool this year and we couldn’t be happier with the PEAC. I love that it focuses on the whole child and his development; academics, theater/imaginative play, physical activity/sports, and STEAM. He absolutely loves going to school and is learning so much! We also can’t say enough about the teachers there either. They know my son and are patient with all the students. I also love that I get updates on my their app. Thanks for making a place I can send son an know he is learning, having fun, and is loved!

Review №7

The best preschool! We are extremely happy that we found this school. The facility is new, the room themes are adorable and the decorations look great. The staff and teachers are wonderful, the curbside drop off/pickup is convenient and best of all we feel that our son is very safe and learning so much. He is getting a well rounded education and his confidence has sky rocketed. We appreciate the weekly emails and updates, too. Our son is sad he wont be at The PEAC next year when he goes to kindergarten :)

Review №8

This year is my son’s first year of preschool and I am so glad we choose to send him the the PEAC! We went to the open house they held earlier this spring and instantly fell in love with all of the amazing themed classrooms, the huge turf area upstairs, and the kind staff! My little boy loves his teachers and his favorites rooms are the pirate room and the turf area. I love that the school focuses a lot on creativity, imagination, and physical aspects just as much as it does on letter and numbers. I also love the ease of the pick up/drop off line and that I don’t have to get my baby out of the car each time we go! We live 25 minutes away from the PEAC but it’s well worth the drive and we definitely plan on returning next year!!

Review №9

The PEAC is such an amazing school. My little girl has been going for two years and every time she comes home she tells me how much she loves school. She has four different rooms with four different teachers: one she learns alphabet/reading etc. the second room is imagination/music/play the third room is art/science and her last room is exercise/sports. She comes home and tells me everyday what she did in each room. The teachers are freaking AMAZING! The lady who runs the school is always there and very involved with the students and she sends out a weekly email to let the parents know what is happening. I would recommend this school to anyone! It really is the best preschool!

Review №10

My son, Harvey, tells me almost every day “I love school!”. PEAC preschool has been worth every penny. Heck, for the drop off/pick up alone it’s worth every penny - but to see my son grow to love learning has been so amazing. I was worried he’d be bored since he’s already done a few years of preschool (he’s 5), but the content has continued to engage and spark interest in him. I cannot say enough good things!!! 5 stars, easily!

Review №11

This is our second semester at the PEAC Preschool and I couldnt be more impressed-amazing teachers, curriculum, and setting. Ms. Lori, Ms. Eloise, Ms. Emily, Ms. Ann, and Ms. Valorie are so caring and attentive to each and every child. They are well educated and their lessons are not only perfectly tailored for many elements from the different classes to all tie together but incredibly fun! The classrooms are vibrant, playful, and academic. Drop off and pick up are a breeze and the campus is very secure. I look forward to photo posts on their parent portal that makes it easy to contact any of the staff. We love The PEAC Preschool!

Review №12

We love PEAC!!! This is our first year with them and everyone is noticing the growth and progress our son has made in the few short months. He loves going to school and talks about his teachers constantly. They are so kind and patient! We also love how athletics are incorporated into his daily routine. We recommend this school to everyone we know!

Review №13

We have loved the PEAC! I have two kids going there and I have been I impressed with how much they each have grown socially and academically. They cant stop talking about their day. They are always excited to go back and they wish they had school everyday. The staff is very organized and makes the whole experience at school so easy on the student and the parent. The staff is also very professional. I am beyond impressed with every interaction I have had with them. I would without any hesitation reccomended The PEAC. Take a tour to see for yourself.

Review №14

We have loved PEAC!! My son comes home with new knowledge every day & it’s so fun to hear about all the things he learns. The atmosphere is adorable! All the rooms are decorated so cute & we are obsessed with the giant sports room! We appreciate the teachers & staff for making our experience amazing so far:)

Review №15

We have absolutely loved The Peac. Professional, clean, and adorable. The rooms are so cute, and we love the curriculum. Makes us feel good that our preschooler is learning and thriving. She will definitely be ready for kindergarten and she asks to go to school everyday. The school is very secure and they use an app for communication and updates. Did I mention they have a drop off lane? Makes it so much easier to drop off and pickup with my infant. Highly recommend!!

Review №16

My little ones has LOVED preschool! Never cries to go and always looks forward to it. She specifically loves the physical activity and music. I love that I don’t have to get out of my car for drop off and pick up

Review №17

We absolutely love the PEAC Preschool!! They provide excellent curriculum and really engage their students! The teachers are wonderful and you can tell that they just really enjoy being around the kids. Their facility is incredibly impressive and the opportunities provided for the kids are endless! My favorite part, all the classrooms have and exit to the outside. If ever there’s a threat my Baby is safe. I mean they thought of everything and I adore them! Can’t say enough positive things about this school!!!

Review №18

I love PEAC preschool! The teachers and staff are amazing with my child. He comes home excited to tell me all about his day and how much fun he had and what he learned! I love how they rotate through different rooms and reach room has a different focus. The kids get to do art, drama, music, and physical activity everyday; which is so important for development at the preschool age. That is the biggest reason why I chose and love PEAC preschool!

Review №19

We drive out of our way to come to preschool here because I love the small class sizes, curriculum, and amazing facility. The teachers are energetic, parent/teacher communication is great, and the drop off/pickup lane is a dream come true for parents of multiple kids. The fact that my son can run around and move his body on a turf field during the winter is worth twice this much. Thank you PEAC!

Review №20

We have had a wonderful experience with PEAC preschool. The curriculum is extremely impressive, especially how they have organized it so there is a common theme from class to class each week to help keep the flow very fluid and natural for the kids. I’ve also been impressed by their communication with parents and their organization, especially since they are dealing with multiple classes and session times. And all the teachers, assistants, directors, and other employees have been kind, caring, and have had the student’s best interests as a top priority. I have recommended PEAC preschool to many, and will continue to do so!

Review №21

This is our second year at the PEAC preschool and we are totally in love! We have referred friends who also love it. Every room is so creatively thought up and designed; it seems like a magical fairyland for children in the best ways. The education is top-notch, the performing arts class is super fun, my child is always coming home with something fun they made and their arts class and for us something that was leaps beyond from other preschools was their athletic department. It’s made especially for young children with concussion proof flooring, ball shooters for soccer, basketball hoops of different levels, rock climbing wall, they do yoga, gymnastics, Olympics and so much more! There’s not a day that’s gone by yet that our four-year-old hasn’t wanted to go. He looks forward to it every day.

Review №22

The moment I found this school, I knew it was the one for my son. He loves all 4 of his teachers and it is so nice to see Mrs Valorie every morning(she is the director of the school) I love knowing she is so involved and invested in all the children. My son loves going to athletics class, this is where he shines. They get to learn 9 different modules during the year, which I think is fabulous! Plus, they send me pictures every few weeks of all the fun things he is doing at school! Thank you PEAC for exceeding my expectations!

Review №23

I have been beyond amazed + impressed with PEAC Preschool. Every time I pick my son up from school he has a great big smile on his face + tells me he’s had the best day ever! The teachers + staff are all so kind + wonderful. I love curriculum + all the different classes my son has 😊

Review №24

When touring The PEAC Preschool, I was told their mission is to prepare our kiddos for school and life by training them to be confident in their mind and body by the time they graduate....give them balance in life and courage to be their best selves. I have to say, The PEAC has lived up to this comment and made an impact in my preschoolers life. He loves going, loves his teachers and his classmates. The staff welcome him by name each day when dropping him off through carpool, then direct him through the halls to class. He gets to be in charge of himself with guidance. Its amazing. My little guy has a strong mind, thrives in social and active environments, is hands on, loves art and music, LOVES to play, smile and joke...and The PEAC channels all this to make it work and get him excited to learn academics, art, sports and LIFE. Parent communication with the administration is frequent and open, you get occasional pictures of your child in class through the parent portal...and when you ask your preschooler what he did in class, he can report at LEAST one thing about his day. I would recommend The PEAC Preschool to anyone I know. They do a great job! ❤

Review №25

My little girl LOVED this preschool! She started this school in the old location right before they moved to the new location. They started building the new location (PEAC) across the street so she was able to experience this preschool in the old and new location - it was such a privilege to experience both venues, but the quality of teaching and caring for the children never got affected. We loved the staff and the love they had for all the kids who went here! At first, at age 3, she was hesitant and scared to be left by mommy in a new place with unfamiliar faces. However after just the first week, she showed enthusiasm, expressed a strong desire to go back, and just so happy to be coming there! Miss Valerie, the director, was super friendly and personable and put me at ease in leaving my child in the hands of her and her caring staff. Miss Wanda was a pleasure to deal with every day, and she is just the most sweetest woman you will ever meet! We sure do miss this place as my little one graduated, and from time to time, she still says, “I miss my old school, mom!”

Review №26

We are loving our year at PEAC. The teachers and staff are committed to the program and very positive. Its a great environment for young minds. We especially love the sports aspect of learning. Learning about your physical body and gaining confidence in themselves is an essential foundation for these preschoolers future selves.

Review №27

We love The PEAC! My preschooler is very active and I knew this would be such a good place for him. He would learn to love school if he were at a table or desk all day. I never worry about him and love all the stories and songs he comes home with! I plan on sending all my kids here!

Review №28

Back when it was Stepping Stones preschool, my first son went there and he enjoyed it immensely. This year my second oldest is attending and he absolutely loves the new facility. The rotating structure is great for keeping the kids engaged, and the teachers inside the classroom do a fantastic job keeping kids engaged while learning. The athletic facility is a great new addition to the kids day and allows them to get the right out amount of play in, while learning a new skill at the same time. This preschool is top notch when it comes to learning the basics before kindergarten, and you get the added bonus of your child acquiring more skills as a good head start to grade school. The principal Valorie is an amazing teacher and individual. You will not be displeased with the amount of time and effort everyone on staff puts into the children they teach. :) This is truly a gem of a school.

Review №29

PEAC preschool is the best in town here. They got focused activities for sports and academics. Staff is well concerned about safety of kids. They provide car pick and drop off and all kids are behind the secure Gates until someone authorized comes to pick them up. My kiddo loves rock climbing, soccer, high jump and the sports teachers there.

Review №30

I am so pleased with this school and administrators! I feel so informed as a parent as to what my child is learning and how I can help her excel weekly! I have seen a huge improvement in my daughters language skills in just two months of going three days a week. She loves going to preschool!

Review №31

My son ADORES this preschool! I Went to school to teach preschool and did so for a period of time so I am pretty picky when it comes to preschools and this one constantly exceeds my expectations! Originally I thought I would teach my son at home and find a few sports to put him in for the social experience but when I found PEAC I immediately signed him up. The way they combine academics with arts, science, and sports was a perfect fit for my son. It was really important to me that my son started his educational experience with something he loved and had fun with and this really hits the mark! Couldn’t be happier with the teachers, the program, or the environment.

Review №32

We love the PEAC. I have a son that attends the preschool and my other boys have done soccer trainings there. The teachers, coaches, and staff are all top notch! The classrooms are decorated with different themes, and are always clean and organized. The indoor training facility is awesome!

Review №33

We love the PEAC! their staff and amazing curriculum have really helped my child learn, grow and gain so much confidence. They are always so kind and the facility is AMAZING. Also gotta love that curbside pickup/drop off!

Review №34

My daughter and I absolutely love this preschool! They honestly have the best teachers/staff. Its such a fun yet SAFE environment for the kids, there’s no other place I feel as comfortable sending my four year old to for 3 hours. Just after a couple months she completely learned how to write her name without any help and recognizes the letters everywhere we go. Couldn’t be happier with PEAC and I plan on taking all of my kids there! :)

Review №35

This is our first year at The PEAC Preschool. We have loved our experience, and our daughter has learned so much. We loved the unique design of each class, the idea of her not sitting in one class for 2.5 hours, creative learning and the implementation of PE. We also enjoy having a parent portal and receiving frequent pictures of her class. I recommend this school to all our family and friends.

Review №36

The Peac has a state of the art facility that you can feel comfortable dropping your kids off at. The Valet makes is super convenient especially for those of us that don’t want to get out of the car. My daughter loves her teachers as well and has a lot of fun going there.

Review №37

PEAC is worth its weight in gold. They are super friendly, run a tight ship, and my kid loves it. I feel like I get a lot of value from their program for my daughter. I highly recommend them.

Review №38

We are so happy with the experience we have had with PEAC Preschool. The teachers put wonderful effort into the curriculum. They are organized and communicate with parents. We are thrilled with our childs progress and love what they do.

Review №39

I couldn’t have picked a better Preschool for my daughter! She wakes up every school day excited to get ready and learn and is so excited to tell me about her day as soon as I pick her up! The building is amazing and the staff is so nice!

Review №40

We have so appreciated the PEACs amazing staff/teachers/employees. They keep us informed and aware of our childrens day-to-day activities and learning. I feel like they truly love my kids! If you want your children to love learning and go to school everyday with a huge smile on their face, then seriously consider The PEAC!

Review №41

This is my daughters first year at the PEAC. She loves it! The classes are structured so well. I like how the curriculum is so well rounded. We are definitely coming back next year!

Review №42

I have been so incredibly impressed with our PEAC experience. My husband and I chose this school because of its emphasis on physical education as well as academics, and it has not disappointed. The very first week my son discovered an insane love of rock climbing walls... What other preschool introduces 4-year-olds to rock climbing? Seriously.The facility is stunning. Each room is decorated to be so inviting and magical. My son’s favorites are the treehouse room and the pirate ship room.The orientation was so efficiently run that I knew we were off to a great start. The laminated signs they give you with your child’s name (or carpool name) along with the designated time window slot for you to pick up your child made me realize this school has absolutely thought every detail through.The entire staff is friendly and they really hustle. My son LOVES all of his teachers, but especially his homeroom teacher Ms. Courtney. They have done an amazing job of fostering an exciting and encouraging learning environment.The app makes it easy to make monthly payments and the teachers upload pictures of your child to the app so you can see what they’ve been doing and save the pictures to your phone if you choose. It also sends an alert to your phone when your child is checked in and out.I would absolutely choose this preschool again and I recommend it to absolutely everyone.

Review №43

This is the most magical preschool I’ve ever seen. We love it so much! I hope they add kindergarten next year because how do we leave??

Review №44

I have absolutely LOVED this preschool for my son...and he loves it too! Teachers and administrators are wonderful and I love all the different classes the kids enjoy.

Review №45

Weve had a great experience at Peac Preschool! Our daughter loves going and has learned so much already this year. Its very organized as they have multiple classes going at the same time. I love the pick up/drop off plan they have. So safe! Its nice and clean! The interior couldnt be more fun and imaginative! And the teachers have all been so sweet and wonderful!

Review №46

We love The Peac Preschool! It’s everything I wanted in a preschool and more for my daughter. Everything is so organized and planned so well for young kids. My daughter always tells me about her day and I can’t believe the creative activities and how much she is learning so fast! The building is brand new and beautiful! Every staff member I have met is so nice And very experienced. The drop off/pick up line is a great and convenient especially for moms with other younger children! Thanks Peac for creating such a fun environment for my child to learn and grow!

Review №47

They have been awesome with my kid. They are always so happy and nice. I live the fact that as soon as my son walked to school all the staff know every child’s name. I have seen my son progressing in a short amount of time

Review №48

We love PEAC!!! My son has been so happy here, especially after an unfortunate experience at his previous preschool last year. He has learned SO much in the last few months and the best part about it is that he is genuinely LOVING to learn! We love the fact that his day at school is split up into several classrooms, and they’re all themed! So so cute. He especially loves the athletic area upstairs, and has learned so many sports already. He especially loves the rock wall ;) We love the experience our son is getting at the PEAC, and are so grateful for patient and loving teachers to help him gain an appreciation of school and learning. Thank you!!!

Review №49

My son is really loving going to the Peac preschool! The teachers are all great and the school is run so smoothly! I definitely recommend this preschool to anyone interested!

Review №50

We really like the PEAC! Our children have learned to love learning and education. After their first day at school a year ago, everyday they ask, “is school today.” When we pick them up from school, as soon as they get in the car they can’t wait to share what their teachers taught them and the friends they made.

Review №51

My daughter has absolutely loved learning from the amazing staff at The PEAC Preschool. My daughter wouldnt allow me to teach her from home, so I was worried she would fall behind the kids her age. Well there was definitely no need to worry, she is 4 and can write her name and read a few words. Im so happy we made the choice to put her in this school. She has been introduced to new sports, and other activities which is helping her decide what she likes. I recommend this school 110%.-JessicaAnne Williamson

Review №52

My son and I have absolutely loved PEAC. The staff is amazing and always so nice. Being a single parent is never easy, but knowing my child is learning, growing and taken care of by this amazing staff while I cant be there is so reassuring. I am so thankful for everyone at PEAC! 👏👏💛💛

Review №53

Great school with wonderful staff. The facility is amazing. Beautiful rooms and a great academics program.The director is wonderful and cares about each individual student.

Review №54

Absolutely love The PEAC Preschool!!! The staff is amazing and everything is so well organized. This is our second year in the Tiny Tot class and we are so excited we get one more year after this for Pre-K.

Review №55

This school is amazing I love that my son has so many avenues of learning. The teachers are patient and make it a great environment.

Review №56

Our daughter is always excited to tell us about her day when she comes home from the PEAC preschool. The staff is friendly, communicative, and professional. We werent sure about the tuition expense when we signed up at first, but it has been very worth it for us.

Review №57

We were impressed with this school at the open house and we are even more impressed now that our son has been going for several months...the staff is so well trained and is so connectable for the children, all the teachers know each child by name, even if they are not in their main class...We feel like we owe all our other children an apology because they did not have anywhere close to this kind of preschool experience. We love PEAC !

Review №58

My daughter and son both attend PEAC and love it! The class sizes are small enough for them to get lots of attention, and the teachers are wonderful. Cant say enough good about it!

Review №59

We love the variety of classes the kids get to experience each day. We REALLY love that this place has a great mix of “education” and “imagination and play.”

Review №60

My son was not happy here. I was told by his teacher he is quick to tears but never given an explanation of his tears. He came home several days crying. Communication between parents and teachers are awful. I pulled him from this school and found an opening elsewhere. He is so happy and has learned so much in 3 weeks at his new preschool than he learned in 5 months at PEAC. Just because it cost more and looks immaculate doesnt make it better.

Review №61

We love PEAC Preschool! This is our sons first year and we were instantly drawn to this school because of their athletics program. We love that he can learn and be active - his natural state of being! We struggled with some speration anxiety for a few weeks at the beginning of the year and the teachers and staff were so attentive and sensative to how he was feeling. They also kept me updated on how he was doing throughout the difficult days which helped put my mind at ease. He has been doing so much better and he is loving school! He wakes up so excited on school mornings and cant stop talking about all of his adventures when he gets home. We are so glad we found PEAC!

Review №62

My son loves it here! Its a huge and beautiful facility but with a personal feel.

Review №63

Caring faculty, clean, safe environment, attention to detail. I love PEAC preschool and so does my daughter.

Review №64

Top notch! My kids love it it. Worth every penny!

Review №65

PEAC Preschool has far exceeded my expectations and would highly recommend! The academic programing is outstanding!

Review №66

This is my sons second year at The Peac. He absolutely adores going to school here and has learnt so so much! The teachers ensure a positive learning experience and happy environment for their students. Thank you Peac Preschool!

Review №67

My kid loves it.He learned a lot and had so much fun in the school.Everyone there are so nice.We are so happy !!!

Review №68

I have had 2 kids attend The PEAC Preschool & they both LOVE it!! I would give it 10 stars if I could!

Review №69

I couldn’t be happier with my child’s preschool! This is my preschooler’s second year at The Peac and we absolutely love it. The teachers are thoughtful and the curriculum is throughly planned. The art the kids bring home exceeds expectations - they learn about cultures and artists, it’s not just watercolor and collages. The programs and presentations will leave you with tears in your eyes. My 4 year old is reading sight word books by herself. My favorite part, however, is the spectacular athletics room upstairs. My child has played every major sport, from rock climbing to basketball. I love how positive the environment is and how The Peac has instilled in her a love for learning and an active lifestyle. The staff is organized, friendly, and helpful. I highly recommend this preschool!

Review №70

Great building and a great preschool!

Review №71

Wonderful facility and reasonably priced

Review №72

Wonderful training facility.

Review №73

It is not.

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