All Florida Safety Institute - Driving Lessons and Traffic School - St Petersburg
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All Florida Safety Institute - Driving Lessons and Traffic School - St Petersburg

Review №1

Do NOT use this company! I scheduled my son a Driving lesson & test- They made me pay over the phone before I could even make an appt… 8pm the night before his lesson- I received a text from his instructor advising there was a scheduling conflict & I had to contact his supervisor to reschedule! It took a week to finally get a call back after leaving messages- The girl I spoke with was very rude & told me there wasn’t anything avail until 1 month later at a different location during the day- meaning I would have to take my son out of school early to even get to the appt. When I declined the appointment & asked for a refund… I was told they do not issue refunds!!! I could understand If I received a SERVICE???- So I paid almost $140 for NOTHING! I have left multiple messages for a Manager- Still have not received a call back to resolve this issue! This has been 1 month of awful service! Save your time & money!

Review №2

George Trimm was my sons driving instructor for his road test. From the time we entered the institute he was so very friendly and prompt. Made my son feel very comfortable when he was very nervous. George talked to him in a very sweet and calm manner.My son came back with a big smile on his face. He had passed. George said he did a great job and thanked me for teaching him so well. Highly recommend this place and George for sure. 5 stars.

Review №3

I had Cindy Coppersmith as my instructor. Thanks to her, I got a perfect score on my driving test! She was absolutely incredible and so fun to talk to. I came in with zero experience, and she was so patient. Even when I made dumb mistakes, she didnt make me feel worse but went through what I did wrong with so much grace. Ask lots of questions-- she gives really clear answers! Thank you, Cindy! Totally worth the money and time.

Review №4

5 stars to our sons instructor Greg S. He boosted our sons confidence level from zero to 100. In addition Greg did a super job teaching and driving with him with his many years of experience. Even as a seasoned driver myself I would listen to our son and learned a thing or two myself! Its the instructor that makes the difference! Thanks Greg S.

Review №5

Cindy Coopersmith was my sons instructor.She is patient and understanding, both he and I felt very comfortable with her. She listened to any concerns I had and worked with him without making him feel bad. I highly recommend her. Cindy is awesome!

Review №6

Before I had Cindy, I had 2 other instructors and none of them came close to Cindy. She was absolutely the best. It felt as though I was driving with a homegirl, explained things throughly, and was just all around amazing. Absolutely love her. I passed my driving test thanks to Cindy. Janet was the person I took my driving test with and she made me feel so comfortable taking my test. Those two together are the perfect combo.

Review №7

My experience with the instructor Greg he was very detailed and communicated very well. He made me feel very comfortable and in my confidence of driving. It was also a very fun experience with Mr. Greg he saw potential in me and was patient.

Review №8

Would highly reccomend this place for lessons and road test!:) Max and Janet both were incredibly patient and helpful. I did one lesson with Max and felt highly confident after and passed my road test with Janet a few days later. I was very nervous and Janet made things very easy and gave me nice clear instructions and was very helpful the whole time. :)

Review №9

Great experience, first time driver at 26. Instructors Max and Cindy were awesome. Very patient and helped with my confidence. If you have an anxiety about driving, I highly recommend this. Well worth it.

Review №10

I signed my twins up for driving lessons here after they turned 15 and got their learners permit. The instructor Tom was great. Very professional, on time, kids felt very comfortable with him. They felt that they learned a lot from him.I would have given five stars but the communication to get any appointments reschedule or scheduled is very difficult. Everything is automated and when you do finally get a person on the phone they are not very helpful or are in another location and cannot help you. There is one employee there that stands out from the rest, her name is Cat. She has been the only one who helped me get both kids rescheduled when I had to do so, scheduled for their road test and was able to coordinate both kids to get road tests and practice done in the same day. She was quick andI didn’t have to wait in the phone forever. She deserves recognition for her outstanding customer service.

Review №11

Went there because I needed to use their car to take my road test. I didnt expect to receive great service. Everyone on the staff was pleasant to talk to. George Trimm was the one with me on my road test and I couldnt ask for someone better than him. He has a very calming presence and will make sure you are comfortable even before getting in the car.

Review №12

I went here for my road test and let me start by saying it was not what I expected… my instructor seemed like she had an attitude from the beginning and even after the test!! the middle gear was cracked along with the key having tape on it, I wasn’t able to pick my own car like they stated on the website so false advertisement…overall just felt like she set me up to fail from the very beginning. I would not recommend.

Review №13

Emily Reilly was extremely helpful in working with me when I had an unexpected schedule change!

Review №14

Just did my test today with Janet. I highly recommend this company. Easy, Simple, Understanding and Fast. Take my word guys. Go here.

Review №15

Driver instructor Cindy was wonderful. Very specific in detail and ensuring I was completely ready for the road. Absolutely recommend

Review №16

I had an amazing driving instructor Jose! Taught me everything I needed to know and had so much patience. Also a shoutout to George Trimms! He was very polite and also an amazing driving instructor.

Review №17

We scheduled my son’s road test with All Florida Safety Institute Pinellas Park and my son and I are both very happy that we did. The online registration process was quick, easy and we were able to schedule a road test much faster than had we waited to go to our local DMV. My son took his test with Melanie M. and she could not have been nicer. Despite all of his practice driving my son was of course nervous walking in to take his actual road test but Melanie M. immediately put him at ease. She was friendly and calm (which I’m sure was a welcome change for my son from me:) and my son said that Miss Melanie provided very clear instructions and constructive criticism during his test. Afterwards Miss Melanie provided some helpful hints and she even taught me something with her tip for the best time to start cutting your wheel when backing out of a parking space (tip: when you can see the license plate of the car next to you). And I have been driving for over 30 years. When the time comes I will definitely be scheduling road tests for my three younger children at All Florida Safety Institute Pinellas Park. Highly recommend!!

Review №18

Cindy Coppersmith was who I practiced with for the test. She did a very good job in preparing me for the test and made sure that I knew what to expect. Janet Sparks was my test examiner. She did a very good job with conducting the test and I passed with a nearly perfect score.

Review №19

My instructor was Max Milner and he was a great instructor. Before taking lessons with max I was never entirely comfortable behind the wheel and was terrified of highways. These lessons not only helped me accomplish getting on the highway with a lot less fear but also helped me pass my drivers test and drive more confidently. I would highly recommend to take lessons and your driving test here my experience was great!.

Review №20

Cindy Coppersmith, my instructor was very professional and patient. She provided me step by step instructions and was easy to work with. She is a great teacher!!

Review №21

They came to pick me up soooo late like 1 hour for a written permit test. And I just know that even I passed the test I still have to make appointment to DMV and go get it by myself. Then what’s a point to take a test at this school if I still have to take a day off from my work and go to DMV. I want to do permit testing here because it says everything could be completed on weekends. Very disappointed.If you want to take a written test just do it in DMV it’s better to not pay a lot more extra money for here and still have to do the same thing at DMV.

Review №22

I highly recommended this driving school Antwon he is a great driving instructor, teach me explained me very well, and I passed my test was very easy so if you need to learn drive like a pro is the correct place to go. Many thanks to Antwon and derris she give me the road test very nice and patience excellent instructors all the best for you all,,,,,, My name is betsey medrano

Review №23

Mr Robert Washington really made me feel confident and comfortable behind the wheel.he gave alot of really good advice for driving

Review №24

Before getting my driving lessons, I thought I would never be comfortable driving on. A main road, but after just 2-3 sessions I was not only ready but excited to be driving. My instructer, Dionie Ramos, is amazing at his job and helped me feel safe and comfortable while also letting me get my bearings and familiarize myself with the driving process. If anyone was questioning whether or not it it worth it to take lessons here, I can say 100% that you should, its an amazing environment and Ive enjoyed every session Ive had.

Review №25

I can’t thank George enough for all of his help with getting me to pass my road test! He was very thorough and helped you feel confident behind the wheel. There was so many tips that were taught as well as safety awareness that had helped tremendously. I was in an accident previously and had a fear of driving, so at first I was nervous, shaky and 100% scared, but after the lessons with him it brought on so much confidence that I again can’t thank him enough for! I would definitely recommend him and this place!

Review №26

I signed my daughter up for 10 hours of lessons with Jose Terriquez. When my daughter went for her first lesson she was nervous, afraid of Park Street, and did not want to drive. Everything changed when she got back from her first lesson. Jose had her believing in herself. She had confidence, and a feeling of accomplishment. Jose had her driving all over, even Tampa. After completing 10 hrs, my daughter took the summer driving school with Pinellas County Schools, and passed her driving test.Jose was a wonderful communicator with my daughter and especially me. After every lesson he took the time to explain everything they did during the lesson. A wonderful experience, and was worth it. Thank you Jose!!!!

Review №27

Greg is a fantastic teacher and I feel very safe driving with him and that I’m actually learning! I do recommend this!!

Review №28

Went to this place to take a test and the instructor didn’t know what she was doing and got confused explaining instructions. Was confused telling me what I did wrong and was making stuff up when I questioned her. Went back and got an amazing instructor and passed with a perfect score, 100% but my information was put wrong into the website and when I show up at the DMV it says I needed to have a retake which they said they’ve never seen! Wasted $180 just for me to have to take it at the DMV to actually show proof I passed.

Review №29

If you want amazing driving lessons Eric was a great teacher! He helped me with my three point turns, tips on my quick stops and so much help with backing straight. 10/10 would recommend him and very professional. Ryan was the one I did my test with very professional and kind and clear on his words. If you need driving lessons this is the place to go!

Review №30

I loved my experience with the All Florida Safety Institute for driving. My instructor was Tina and she was wonderful. She helped inform me on so many important rules of the road and always made sure to go over them many times so I would remember and understand them. She also made sure to cater to things I personally needed to get better on before the test and made every lesson fun and informative. She also made me feel comfortable to ask any questions I needed to and was always encouraging to me when I drove. I took my test with Melanie who was also wonderful. She was very sweet, taking me in earlier than my appointment since we we’re both there.

Review №31

Had a awesome experience today with Derrice she was awesome with helping my teen during his driving test very calm kind . .. we had no wait time everyone was very professional

Review №32

Wow! What an awesome alternative to the staleness of the government-run DMV. George Trimm was my sons instructor and he was nothing short of amazing. He greeted us with a smile, immediately set us at ease assuring us that we were right on time and were in absolutely no rush. (This place is NOT a factory moving people through - they care.) I felt safe sending my son off in a car alone with George, and knew with complete assurance that he was not only safe, but he was completely absent of any sense of nervousness because of the kindness and calmness that Mr. Trimm displayed in abundance. He has been doing this a long time, but he sure has not grown weary of his caring and teaching manner. He was beyond gracious and made sure my son thanked his mother for all she has done to get him on the road. There was another employee at the site who had just returned from another road test - passing grade. She seemed equally as kind and excited for these new drivers. The world needs more of folks like this. Thank you, George Trimm!!!

Review №33

So disappointed! Paid over $700 for my daughter to have driving lessons before her test. After I paid they scheduled her lessons for over 2 months out. I asked for a refund because we did not want to wait 2 months and they do not give refunds. Make sure you have appointments before paying.

Review №34

My road test instructor, George Trimm was great. He made me feel comfortable and confident throughout the entirety of the test. Thank you George!

Review №35

We had both of our boys go through permitting and road training with AFS in St. Pete. The driving instructor, Greg, was fantastic, and really prepped the boys well to not only pass their road test, but also learn to drive safely. Highly Recommend Greg. Getting a person on the phone and scheduling were not the easiest due to staffing issues, but I dont blame that on AFS.

Review №36

My instructor George was super nice and made me feel less nervous while taking the test. He did a great job and it was overall a great experience!

Review №37

I initially had a positive experience when I went here for driving lessons back in 2018-2019. However when it came to the road test I booked with these people, my experience is similar to that of another 1-star review here. The older gentleman who tested me failed me flat out because he said I drove over the double lines when making a right turn. I absolutely DID NOT go over those lines! Up till that point I was doing a fantastic job during my road test so either his eyesight was messed up or he HAD to fail me in order to try to get me to book more lessons and another road test with them. I say this because after he drove me back home after failing me, he then lectured and practically yelled at me for being a dangerous driver for going over the double lines (which I repeat I DIDNT do). Right after lecturing me he then told me I was thisclose to passing and would definitely be able to pass...if I were to purchase just 4 more lessons with them in addition to booking another road test with them. At this point I had already had about 12 lessons with them, many of which had been cut short by 10 mins or more. Theres one lesson that I never actually got.because I couldnt get anyone to schedule it with me. Anyhow after this fiasco I never went back. This place is shady. Take driving lessons elsewhere. Book your road test with the DMV. Buyer beware with the AFSI.

Review №38

Ryan is an amazing instructor and he is very professional and good at what he does!! Very patient with excellent skills. Melanin took my driving test and she’s out of the world. Amazing teaching skills and I learnt so much from her. Will never forget this institute for giving me this new skills and guidelines for the life! ENROLL THERE Today! U won’t regret!

Review №39

Highly disappointed in this driving school, I paid $246 to take my road test+a 2 hour driving practice… I only did a 1 hour driving practice and then scheduled my driving test with them… on the day that I went up there to take the test a girl at the front desk told me that i wouldn’t be able to test with them because the DMV in tallahassee would only let me test with the DMV in my city (I was not aware of this until they told me… If i was I would have never bought the package deal that included to take the road test with them) So after I was informed about that I inquired about a refund since I wouldnt be able to test through All Florida Safety Institute, and they kept telling me they would ask there supervisor & they would get back to me… it has been a month and no one has got back to me. I also wouldnt want to use the remainder of my money for a second driving lesson because I know how to drive already… I just need to take the road test at this point.

Review №40

Great instructor really relaxed and taught me things I didnt know about.

Review №41

This place is great! Their instructors are always professional, courteous, and patient. Had my road test with Ryan and he was great at explaining what was expected and testing maneuver requests timed properly. Overall, couldnt have asked for a better instructor.

Review №42

Ive been driving for 20 years and have only known how to drive automatic. George Trimm, Master Driver, instructed and communicated with me from scratch how to accelerate, maneuver and shift gears in a very powerful manual transmission 2020 Mustang. I appreciate his guidance and patience during the lesson. I enjoyed the lesson and will schedule another soon.

Review №43

Wow man thanks to my instructor Dionie for the lessons,I aced the road test. He’s a great experienced driver and is straight to the point when it comes to teaching every single thing that’s going to be in the test. Would recommend 😊

Review №44

Great company to get your license and I will recommend my driver Dionie showed me all the do and donts of driving great institution for getting your license and my final examiner dee was great final driver both of my drivers Dionie and dee gave me a comfortable driving experience definitely go to them

Review №45

Appointment was canceled by them, and they are not able to reschedule within workable time-frame/distance. Refuse to issue refund.

Review №46

Completely satisfied with All Florida Safety Institute Driving School in Pinellas Park. My sons instructors, Tina and Eric, were patient, professional, and encouraging. The company was very accommodating for lessons and testing. Tina went out of her way, often after hours, to answer any questions we had about the Florida process for acquiring a first time drivers license for my son- so much easier than my daughters driving lesson experience in Michigan. Thank you Tina, Melissa, and Eric in the Pinellas Park branch of All Florida Safety Institute!

Review №47

I just passed my driving test through them, thanks to Dionie Ramos and Daris. They help me prepare for the driving test before before I actually took it. They also gave me the confidence I needed to ensure I passed. Thank you, so much :)

Review №48

Theyre super busy but it didnt stop them from getting me into classes in a timely manner. The cars that they use are newer models; theyre clean and i felt very safe. Im 30 and ive never driven before but Dione put me at ease and made me very comfortable. I got the 12hr package with no experience and i feel ready after my 8th hour. Thanks guys you rock!!!!

Review №49

Loved them! Made me very relaxed and comfortable before taking my driving test. So glad I took my drivers test with them!

Review №50

I would highly recommend taking a driving course from here and you won’t be disappointed specially if your instructor is George Trimm. He is an absolute gem of an instructor. He makes you absolutely calm in the process of learning and tells you every little thing that is necessary to be the best driver on the road. He goes over all the best practices of driving and how you should react in every situation. He is very methodical in his process of teaching and hands down one of the best instructors I have come across so far. These 5 stars are for him and a big thanks to him for teaching me so well. I will highly recommend this school and asking George to be your instructor. Thanks George :)

Review №51

I did my road test with Mr.George Trimm and he was very kind and made it very relaxing to do my road test i was very nervous about doing it to begin with but he made me relaxed and calmed down he was definitely good i highly recommended Mr.George and all florida safety thank you guys so much

Review №52

The Florida safety institute of driving was outstanding! As an out of state teenager they were understanding of my situation and helped me out tremendously with my driving.All of my instructors: Ryan V. (who no longer attends), Jose, and Thomas G. Were great! They gave me good advise, maintained their professionalism, and made sure that I was comfortable while driving. While also making sure that I was practicing what I needed too and improved with each lesson I was taking!My examiner for the test Melnmia M, did an outstanding job adminsitering the test! While also providing comments afterwards to make sure I maintain being a safer driver.I highly recommend this service to anyone trying to get their kid to learn how to drive. Not only do the have great staff, but they also do a great job with teaching too!

Review №53

Ryan and Melanie were amazing! They helped me feel very comfortable driving and were incredibly patient. I was able to finish preparing fully for my test and pass it successfully. I’m so happy that I decided to drive with All Florida Safety Institute!

Review №54

I had my lessons earlier this month and was not completely satisfied. If you are a young adult or a teenager please request for an older instructor so your time wont be wasted. My instructor was unprofessional and told me he wants to quit his job which is completely inappropriate as his trainee. I felt that since we are both young he did to not take my lesson seriously which is frustrating for someone that wants to learn how to drive.

Review №55

I went to do my drivers test today and was told in the middle of the test that I should pass as long as I stay below the speed limit and stop at stop signs. I misheard the instructor on one turn and missed it. He slammed on the brakes and told me that I was not ready for the road. His also told me that I drove well, but other people are reckless therefore I was not ready. He told me if I wanted a license through them I would have to pay for a lesson and a drivers test. Then later told me I would have to pay for 2 lessons and a drivers test. I am not responsible for other peoples actions on the road and that was my only mistake. Would not recommend. This instructor was not professional and Im pretty sure hes partially blind.Edit: I would definitely go to the DMV for your drivers test. My tester failed me for turning in a parking lot with no stop sign without stopping. When I tested at the DMV I got points taken off for doing that, and still passed. Also Im not sure what my testers name is but he also was extremely unprofessional and kept going on tangents and ranting during my test. While at the DMV the examiner didnt even tell me what I did wrong or give me pointers until the end. If you want a fair chance go somewhere else. This is overpriced and they are trying to sell you lessons. Do not go here. I had to pay $80 for the exam here, whereas at the DMV it was $6. Also would like to add that I asked several times to see my score and where I went wrong and my instructor refused to answer the question and went on tangents instead. Still not entirely sure where I lost points for my test as the only major mistake was missing a turn, and turning without stopping in a right of way in a parking lot.

Review №56

I went to take my road test and passed it just for me to go to the dmv and them say that they had put my test as if I’ve done it in 12 seconds in doing so cost me the 100$ I spent over there and I had to pay to retake it at the dmv horrible!!!!

Review №57

I did driving lessons with Thomas and he was amazing! He was very kind and helpful throughout the whole experience and I feel confident that my driving is safe now! I did the road test with Melanie and she was also very kind! I would recommend this experience to anyone who is also looking to learn how to drive!:)

Review №58

On 5/5/2021 I registered my grandson for driving classes with ALLFLORIDASAFETYINSTITTUTE in CLEARWATER, I was charged $728.95 and as of today 6/15/2021 my grandson have NOT been able to take ANY DRAVING CLASSES!! ALLFLORIDASAFETY INSTITUTE has SCHEDULED CLASSE for my grandson but as the date gets near, CLASSES get CANCELLED by ALLFLORIDASAFETYINSTITUTE and rescheduled all over again and once again CANCELLED and RESCHEDULED by ALLFLORIDASAFETYINSTITITUTE!!I have been trying to speak to someone there but all the ANSWERING SERVICE does is TAKE MESSAGE SAYING THAT A SUPERVISOR will CALL ME BACK and as of today NO RETURN CALL!! I am a senior citizen living on a fix income and I definitely cant afford to waste $728.95!!! ALL I want is for my money to be REFUNDED!! My grandson is going away to college in AUGUST and at this point, it is absolutely TOO LATE FOR HIM TO TAKE ANY CLASSES!!! Stay AWAY FROM THIS SCAM, UNPROFESSIONAL BUSINESS!!!

Review №59

I wanna Thank George so much for making me feel comfortable as I can. I was really excited for this day and worked hard for it.

Review №60

Mr jorge and jose did an excellent job teaching me i was able to pass and get my license

Review №61

Good and fasts service. Helped me save a month by taking the road test now.

Review №62

Paul did a great job instructing. He was funny and helped make things easier to retain through his methods. I thought the class was going to be boring and it definitely was not. Thank you for the knowledge!

Review №63

George Trimm was my instructor and he did great! I went to complete a road test and he was calm, patient, and offered valuable constructive criticism. Thanks to him I was able to pass!

Review №64

First I would like to thank Eric he help me get a perfect score on the test 😌 and he really help me feel more relax and confident about driving and gave me some really good pointers as well

Review №65

Both Dionie and Ryan were amazing. Dionie was the one who helped me prepare for the road test and I have no complaints. Ryan did my road test. Both of them didnt make me feel nervous and really helped me out. Loved the experience here way better than I expected

Review №66

In the beginning I was very nervous about learning how to drive, a couple weeks before my lessons I got in a bad accident and Cindy helped calm me down and was very patient with me, she is one of the best people to drive with and to teach.

Review №67

I did the 15 hour lesson plan, which was a total of 10 lessons, with Dione Ramos and it definitely helped me. I was very afraid and had no confidence to drive, and did not know much about driving. From the first lesson where I did not want to leave the neighborhood, to the last, I became confident enough to even go on the highway thanks to Dione Ramos encouragement. My improvement in driving as well as comfort level behind the wheel can be said to be all due to him, for which I am thankful for. When I made mistakes he never was condescending about it, and gave me tips on improvement in a way that I was easily to understand. And when I did maneuvers correctly he would give praises. He was very kind, had great communication, was very easygoing, and overall a great teacher.As for the driving test, my examiner was Melanie Morgan. I am very bad when it comes to directions, but Melanie was very effective in communicating where to go and was open to further questions if I had any. She would also joke around here and there which helped to ease my nerves. Thanks to both of these people, I was able to pass my test and be comfortable driving. I highly recommend these two for lessons and testing.

Review №68

I just want to start out by saying that George and Melanie are the best! I failed my road test the first time at the DMV because I hit the cone. When I came in today George was so easy going and knew exactly how I could fix the issue that I had specially with parking. He gave me the confidence I needed to pass all the instructions they gave me and I never hit the cone! This is money well spent and I couldnt be happier to have come here.

Review №69

Scheduling needs attention. Staff pleasant and professional.

Review №70

My teachers were amazing! I went from being super nervous and not confident to passing the test without any mistakes. Mr. Ramos and Mr. Grimmeyer were so nice and professional! Overall, I only have good experiences.

Review №71

First of all i want to thank all Florida safety institute for having 2 of the worlds best instructors. They both had great people skills. AND GREAT SENSE OF HUMOR.It feels like a lifetime ive been waiting to get my DL THOSE TWO WONDERFUL QUEENS WERE EVERYTHING.. I WOULDNT HAVE TRADED THOSE TWO FOR ANYTHING.PLUS THE EBONY ONE WAS HOTT. WISH I HAD SOMETHING BETTER ONTHX SO MUCH

Review №72

I was a student at AFSI from mid-February to mid-May, with the 24 hour package (12 lessons x 2 hours). For the first few lessons (1-5), I worked with Thomas Grimmeyer. His direction, guidance, and insight provided a great foundation for how to drive defensively, which enabled me to become less nervous behind the wheel.For most of the lessons (6-12), Dionie Ramos was my instructor. I had gone more than a month without lessons (mid-March to mid-April), and because of that, my skills had noticeably declined. Mr. Ramos worked with me to make sure that I corrected the errors that I made since the five lessons ending in March (not doing hand-over-hand steering properly, staying in lane, and turn signals) while also helping me for test prep lessons. Eventually, thanks to Mr. Ramos help, I excelled at the test prep lessons.Thanks to Mr. Ramos calm approach to explaining the test prep and his encouragement when he knew I could do better, I passed the road test today with Melanie Plummer.Ms. Plummer was calm, provided instructions clearly, and was a great proctor. Not only did I pass, I passed with a perfect score! I highly recommend AFSI, Dionie, Melanie, and Thomas for anyone wanting to receive their drivers license. If I can do it after a month-long wait, then you can too.

Review №73

Thomas was a great instructor and always on time and the money was well spent. Thank you to the amazing staff my daughter had a great experience :)

Review №74

GEORGE TRIMM IS THE BEST INSTRUCTOR!!Im giving 5 stars BECAUSE OF HIM, and THATS FOR HIM. if not, i would never. I didn’t have the best experience with other instuctors but GEORGE TRIM REALLY HELPED ME. he wouldn’t just sit next to you and watch you whatever you want to do, just like any other that I had. BECAUSE HE REALLY DID A GREAT JOB AS AN INSTRUCTOR. I REQUESTED GEORGE CAUSE I READ A LOT OF GOOD REVIEWS ABOUT HIM. and you know what? I DIDN’T REGRET IT!! ✨✨

Review №75

It’s amazing how comfortable and confident they make you before you take the test. All Florida Driving School shows true value towards each and every individual student who walks through. I highly recommend this place for you to qualify for your learners permit/License! Fast and inexpensive! Thank you Mr.George Trimm!

Review №76

For a few months I have been working with AFSI, both my instructors were amazing, Thomas especially. He was very thorough with explaining all that I needed to know for the test! George was an amazing person to take the test with as well. I was considerably nervous but it all faded as we were driving. I felt very comfortable and they made sure everything was clean and safe to touch. Amazing experience thank you again George!

Review №77

Dionie Ramos has been the best instructor and made me feel comfortable driving on the road. Dionie is very patient. He takes the time to explain what is expected of you while driving. I took the 12 hour course and road test at AFSI. Mr George Trimm was my Road Test Instructor. He help me calm down, and I was not nervous. AFSI was well worth the time and effort. Thanks so much Dionie and Mr Trimm.

Review №78

I had an amazing experience learning how to drive safer and smarter with Eric& Thomas, 100% returning to learn stick. Thank you both for helping me get my license !

Review №79

Great experience here. Instructors are calm and nice and appointments are easy to book. I rather take the test here then DMV and anybody experiencing both would say the same!

Review №80

Dee was the nicest and sweet driver test teacher ever and they good at communication to calm me down

Review №81

I was driving, did multiple turns, did a 3 point turn fine, we did another turn and my turning was a a bit wide, so I was fixing my wheel then, Derrice Dunn thought I wasnt able to fix so she turns my wheel, as my foot is still on the gas so we end up in ditch I apologized even though it wasnt my fault and the car was stuck in ditch..I almost had my baby on the street (Im 7months pregnant)when my daughter called me crying they had a my car she was on the grass and the ExaminerDerrice Dunn left her there crying,manager Melanie was not professional at all..trying to change the story to her convenience..and Derrice changing the story alot of times...and trying make my daughter look like a lier,Horrible experience... I was expecting an email or something from them...and nothing.I was on the phone with my lawyer and Melani told me is nothing to sue im like Im reporting your school,and your not professionalism my dauther can have a bad accident when Derrice pulled the whole wheel to the side,instead if saying stop or pull the break.cause the Examiners..cant realize that.?

Review №82

I purchased an 18 hour lesson package with practice and test. Our instructor was wonderful - Tina - very patient and provided thorough feedback for practice in between lessons. For our test we had George- he gave encouraging remarks while testing, providing support and lessening the anxiety of the assessment. I would definitely use this team again for my other children.

Review №83

I had the instructor Ryan who was very patient and friendly. We got along really well and I was more than ready for my road test. Melanie was my examiner and she was wonderful as well. Oh and I Passed!!!!

Review №84

Robert is an excellent driving instructor. He was incredible and extremely knowledgeable of the test specifications and requirements. He provided my daughter with excellent practice tips to help calm her down due to the test anxiety. He worked with her until she was prepared to pass the test. I highly recommend Robert! Incredible driving instructor. He is located 14519 N. 18th street, Tampa14519 N 18th St

Review №85

Being nervous does not describe how I felt before taking this test. However, George made the experience perfect. He is calm and there is no sense of urgency with him. His coworkers where very nice and i very much appreciated the drive with him. It was quick easy and i was out in no time. HIGHLY recommend you wont regret it. Parents should feel at ease and students would be as well.

Review №86

The place is a scam school, infinite delayed teaching appointments and refuse to refund cancelled classes. Try some other school may you look.

Review №87

I rairly write reviews but, All Florida has inspired me. They are one of the worst businesses I have ran across in Florida. I have been trying since March 2020 to get my sons driving lessons. They have cancelled ever lesson and class with little or no notice. They do not have enough staff to support the business. I am attempting to get a refund if they dont I will be contacting consumer protection and Better Bussiness. Never seen an operation ran so poorly.All Florida has contacted me since my previous review and has made strides to correct the issues. They have claimed fault and have performed corrective actions to both maintain my business and improve customer relations.

Review №88

The instructors at AFSI are wonderful, they made me feel ver comfortable and helped me when needed. One instructor I had was George Trimm. He was very sweet, had a lot of experience 50+ years worth and gave me a lot of knowledge and tips & tricks so I can drive safely and efficiently. I had him for my 1 hour practice test and he made sure I was able to pass with a perfect score! My drving examiner was wonderful as well I didnt feel overly judged or like he was knit picking every move I made. He was very professional and just a nice guy in general. The reason im giving 3 stars is because I had 3 out of 5 lessons canceled on me because of my instructors not being available. I would have to wait days for their customer service team to call me back to reschedule and I felt like I kept having to jump through hoops and change around my schedule for them multiple times when I should of been the one that was being accommodated to since I payed them.

Review №89

My daughter had driven only with me, her mother, to prepare for her road test. In my opinion, she is a good driver, but I knew for the big test she needed some specifics and the extra boost of confidence to know that she could do it. Plus that, I needed to know she wouldnt get nervous in the car with a complete stranger. Eric Lambe was her instructor and made her feel self assured. She had a lesson a few days before the test and a lesson the day of the test. Eric taught my daughter all that she needed to know to sharpen her driving skills and made her feel comfortable and sure of herself. Needless to say, she passed her road test with flying colors! When you are booking your instructor, choose Eric if at all possible. He will give you the knowledge, teach you the skills, and give you confidence!

Review №90

George is POUND 4 POUND the best driving instructor in the county!😤Hes patient, speaks very clearly and hes relaxed which makes YOU relaxed so you can focus on doing what you need to do to pass. Youre definitely gonna get more bang for your buck if you come here and youre lucky if you get paired with george 💯💯💯💯💯💯

Review №91

A big shoutout to the most awesome instructor in “all florida’s safety institute!” Instructor George was Patient and took his time in conducting my driving test. Over all I was comfortable and did not feel like I was being tested it was very natural. You guys should definitely request him for your exam he is fair and very experienced in driving.

Review №92

Great thank you to this place I officially passed my road test they made me feel very comfortable and now I’m officially have my drivers license thank you Ryan great driver instructor

Review №93

Helpful, I passed my test at the first time!!!

Review №94

I took my road test yesterday and after reading wonderful reviews I had requested instructor George! To say he lived up to his reviews is an understatement! He talked to me all throughout the test, ensuring that I felt calm and relaxed. When I first walked in everyone was very friendly and helped me every step of the way! I passed my test and a big role in that was how well my instructor was! An amazing guy through and through make sure you request George as your instructor!

Review №95

Great experience! Super friendly and accommodating. Made passing my test easy! Thank you Melanie & Dionie!

Review №96

I am so glad we made the decision to have a lesson and then take our test here. Everyone was very professional and helpful. Ray was great giving my son a final lesson and he helped him ease his nerves so he did not over think what he was doing. George was so thorough and explained everything to my son before they headed out for his testing. It is so worth the time and effort that this team puts forth in making sure the drivers are safe and understand the rules of the road before they become permanent drivers. Thank you!

Review №97

I recently purchased a 12-hour lesson + road test package with All Florida Safety Institute, and it was money well spent. My instructor was Thomas Grimmeyer, who offered thorough input and was knowledgeable about the rules of the road. He was also personable and very receptive to my questions. Thanks to Thomass lessons, I felt prepared for my road test, which I passed yesterday with George Trimm. I was somewhat nervous going in, but Georges calm demeanor helped make the test a quality experience. I would like to thank him, my driving instructor Thomas, and the All Florida Safety Institute for helping me become a safer and more confident driver.

Review №98

I took my driving test here and Melany is amazing!!! So nice and helpful as soon as i got there! I was nervous for my test but she made me feel confident in my knowledge. Highly recommend this place!

Review №99

I was so nervous to take my test. At 27 I was freaking out. My instructor James Cohen who I was going to have lessons with was late, but when he showed up, he was very apologetic and very professional. He gave me lots of advice and made me feel comfortable. After my lessons, I had my test with Tina Conner. She was friendly and made me feel comfortable. I passed with 100%. Thanks to you both!!! Highly recommend this place!!

Review №100

I was instructed by Dionie, and though I was a little bit of a nervous wreck due to the fact it was an ugly day out Sunday and I’m very hard on myself mentally. Dionie really did teach me a lot. Not going to lie, most of the time I was too much in my head, because I didn’t want to fail. But he was very specific with the rules and his communication skills are on point. Plus dude is really down to earth and so chilled back. I know he was really pushing me to pass the road test. And I know he meant well when he would get serious and ask me “What’s going on?” After I would continue to make the same mistake over and over. Seriously, thank you Dionie. You’re a real one. Much appreciated.

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