Kings Ridge Preparatory Academy
3650 S 64th Ln, Phoenix, AZ 85043, United States
Kings Ridge Preparatory Academy

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When we first got my son enrolled there they were having try out for sports its a very loving school they open the arms up an welcome u in as a big family ...well my son made the team ...his teachers are really nice they keep u posted on whats going on with your child .only thing I would change is for the sports is getting the parents more invauled with after school socials to get them teams some snacks .chips drinks .pizza anything will help.the kids are out playing till rpm or even later an are very hungry Ive been the one taking them snacks but I feel the school should be sending out flyers to the parents on helping or even the students should do car washes or bake sales something to help out the teams .other then that there a GOOD SCHOOL. My son is doing good here I havent had any problems we love it πŸ’™ R.QUIROZ

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Parents of Kings Ridge Prep:This letter is intended to bring awareness to you regarding your children’s safety. August 31, 2018 a child brought a knife to school and threatened a couple of the students here including my son. The school did not feel this was important enough to contact parents when this situation took place. Instead they chose to pull certain students into the office to point out the individual in plain view. Keep in mind that after this they sent all parties back to class where the child continued to make violent comments. This incident happened on a Friday, when I wasn’t contacted by the school I called first thing the following week which was on a Tuesday morning September 4, 2018 due to Monday being a holiday and the school was closed. My son told me that after they pointed out this child he was told that he was on his β€œdeath list”! While voicing my concerns about my child being singled out and the way that the situation was handled being unacceptable, I was basically dismissed and talked β€œat” as if I was a child.Needless to say the Principal Mrs. Hayworth did not like being told how incompetent she was or how the entire situation was handled improperly. She lied and stated that she was aware of the situation but she was not even present at the school when the incident took place. I contacted the police and also filed a report. The Officers agreed with my frustrations and stated that the situation was handled incorrectly. If this incident happened on a Friday the police should have been called that same day as well as parents. The child should have been searched instead of being searched the following week. Of course after all of this time no weapon would be found so we were unable to press criminal charges. With all of the violence going on in the schools today I do NOT understand how the staff at Kings Ridge can take something so serious and treat it as if it was minor. If this child was able to get through school with a knife who says he wouldn’t return with a gun. Per a conversation with Ms. Hayworth she even admitted that they had been investigating and so called monitoring this child for weeks because of his behavior and other student allegations, yet no action was taken in a timely manner.After WE got the police involved that’s when she and Mr. Gutierrez decided to inform this child’s parents that we were possibly going to try to have charges pressed against their son and they gave them the option to withdraw the student rather than him being expelled. This is unacceptable, granted the child is no longer at the school and a threat to Kings Ridge but now because this did not go on his record, nor did he get the help he needed his parents are now able to take him to another school and have him enrolled without them having knowledge of this situation so we can only pray that he doesn’t go even further with his behavior wherever he was taken. My main focus was the child getting some help and getting the administration at Kings Ridge to admit their wrongs. But they are too busy with their heads up each other’s behinds to even see the big picture and can’t humble themselves enough to show any empathy to a concerned parent. If you show respect you get respect in return and Ms. Hayworth and Mr. Gutierrez did not earn my respect. But hey, as far as Kings Ridge goes I guess they feel all is fine in the land of oblivious morons and he is no longer their problem. How sad…..

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This school ruined my life. The teachers didnt care about my interest or well being. I was constantly put to shame and insulted. None of the staff listened and i learned nothing from that school. All it brought me was trauma. DO NOT GO HERE. There are other schools to go to. I was told by one of the teachers i would get nowhere in life, but here i am now, i know how to build robots, program them, program computers, make music... the list goes on. Parents- if you care about your child, do not take them here. Children, if they take you here anyways, learn on your own and dont listen to the teachers. I am JaKobe Stevenson, and i have nothing further to say.

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School is awesome! love the school :)

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The school is to strict I got in trouble for wearing different colored socks

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Great place for familiar faces

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Last basketball game of the season

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I regret going to that school

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