Philadelphia Professional Driving School, Inc.
1216 S 12th St, Philadelphia, PA 19147, United States
Philadelphia Professional Driving School, Inc.

Review №1

Sent my son to this driving school and I was not disappointed. They communicated with me about his progress. They had a flexible schedule. My son passed his test! Now I know my son will make safe decisions while driving on the road. Thanks.

Review №2

My son and i were very pleased with his instructor Ken. The company were able to squeeze us in at the last moment in which i will be forever grateful for. My sons instructor Ken was very professional, on time, (actually early😁👍) friendly and over all made son feel confident and comfortable on the road .. VERY VERY SATISFIED WITH THE SERVICE WE RECEIVED!!

Review №3

Philadelphia Professional Driving School was very professional and the instructors were awesome. I passed my test on the first try. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who wants a quality school to help getting your license.

Review №4

This is a trustworthy company. From the beginning they were very polite & attentive to my needs. I hired them for 2 sessions. The first session was a week before my test, & my instructor was Sal. He did a phenomenal job at helping me to gain confidence behind the wheel. He also helped me with parking, which was my first time ever attempting to park. He made it so easy!!! The next session was with Rafael & it was for the actual day of my test. I hired them to give me lessons an hr before the test & to use their car to take the test in. I would definitely recommend using their car! Anyways, Rafael helped me to sharpen my skills & gave me some great pointers & insight about the test. Having him there really helped me to be calm & aware of my surroundings. Thanks so much to the both of my instructors who helped aide me in getting my drivers license on the first try!!! Wonderful experience. Wonderful company 😊😊

Review №5

They are the best! Very professional! Oscar is wonderful! He took care of the administrative part, he was helpful, kind, very organized, answered all of my questions. Excellent customer service! Our instructor was Ken, he is awesome! Very patient, knowledgeable, made my new driver feel confident on the road. He’s such a great person to learn from! I highly recommend them! Thank you Ken and Oscar for this wonderful experience!

Review №6

Rafael was an amazing teacher!! He knew I (Francois) was nervous and guided me very well through driving around south Philly and through the test. Even on the day of the test, he took time to review the parallel parking with me. Great teacher, great school, and I recommend them to anyone and everyone who needs driving lessons! Well worth the price!!

Review №7

I had passed my road test today in one try thanks to PPDS! I was so nervous during my first lesson, but my instructor Mike showed me how easy it could be if I just took my time. Mike also taught me how to parallel park in the most simplest way possible (left and right side). After 3 lessons, I took my driving test with a half hour practice beforehand where Raphael showed the ins and outs of the test and helped me a little more with the cars main controls.Definitely would recommend to friends and family or for a refresher!

Review №8

We hired PPDS to teach our son how to drive after a recommendation from a friend. I cant speak highly enough about Ken. From the first point of contact, Ken was professional and organized. My son did the 3 session course immediately after getting his permit. After the 1 session, my son was confident, in control and driving 1000% better. Ken put our son at ease from the moment they met. He was accommodating and flexible with our schedule. We then hired them to take our son for his test after the few months of practice. He passed on the first time! We felt it was money well spent. It gave us piece of mind with our first teenage driver.

Review №9

Loved this driving school and the experience entirely! RAFAEL is the best! He walks you through everything, very patient and shows great communication. So glad I decided to go with them, passed the driving test in the first shot thanks to him! Would recommend this school 100%. Getting a few more classes in for highway practice! Thank you,

Review №10

This was the best experience of my life. I had a real fear of driving and have been on the journey for over 15 years. When I got my lesson with Rafael (I believe thats his name--he has the sweetest face & personality), he was calm, confident, secure, patient, kind, & funny. I was still nervous but after a few lessons he taught me to trust myself and feel more free on the road. I passed my exam on the first try. This school is professional, diligent, kind, open. Not just great teachers but they are also great humans full of compassion and humor. When I was become very nervous driving on the highway for example, my teacher would begin singing Celine Dion and make meaugh and relax. I am forever grateful to them for everything they taught me. Only use this school & tell everyone you know!! Worth every penny. In fact, I think its a big discount considering what you get from it.

Review №11

I learned how to parallel park during my first lesson ! I had extreme anxiety and now I’m anxious to drive. My instructor was very nice, calm and the instructions were clear and to the point. He helped me to be confident on the road. Can’t wait to take my road test!Definitely recommend.

Review №12

I took lessons with Ken and he was amazing. I didn’t have much experience behind the wheel and after 2 lessons I felt really confident. I improved so much because of him. He’s very kind, friendly, and helpful. He’s also always got your back. Ken is a fantastic driving instructor and I highly recommend you take lessons with him.

Review №13

My instructor, Rafael, was very helpful, patient, and detailed in his explanations. He quickly brushed up my memory on parallel parking and pointed out important details about driving. After his guidance, I was able to pass my road test on the first try. Highly recommend their services. Thank you to Rafael and the whole team!

Review №14

I took my drivers test this morning, I was very nervous and tired, but in just a 30 minute session my driving instructor Rafael was able to get me walking out of there with my license. I would definitely recommend.

Review №15

SAL and RAFAEL are the best driving instructors ever!!! Sal helped me really get the parking down pack and RAFAEL was with me during and before my test he helped ease my nerves and did a great refresher with me for every part of the test before I took the test. I would recommend. Do not let the $200 scare you. It’s worth it I only took 3 lessons and did a 30min refresher course (the school vehicle included if needed for test).

Review №16

The lessons totally worth it, passed the driving test the first try at Whitman Plaza. The person answering the phone is really patient with me and everything worked out good. My instructor is really enthusiastic and engaging, giving me all the tips, detail, and notes about the test so I am pretty prepared and know how to deal with everything during the test and successfully parallel park.

Review №17

Had never really learned how to parallel park or driven much but within 1 lesson felt so confident that I was able to take and pass my test on the first try. Highly recommend booking a session before your test as well as they show you the route and things to be mindful of.

Review №18

Theyre the best and thorough professionals. Rafael and Adi are the best over there. I went there without prior driving experience. They taught me from the basics and made me to clear the drivers license test.Worth it.

Review №19

Ken Pupo was a great guy and he taught me a lot of fundamentals and mechanics to receive my drivers license. I am very grateful for Ken and all the work he has done with me. He put me at ease.-Max

Review №20

All calls to schedule or adjust schedule answered promptly or immediately. Excellent customer service! Ken did a great job preparing my teenager for the test- and teaching him the necessary driving skills!

Review №21

Sal is such an AMAZING teacher. I can tell he genuinely loves his job and makes sure that everyone he teaches passes!! He explains everything so perfectly and is very helpful. He has all of the qualities a good driving instructor should have. My biggest problem was always the parallel parking but now I feel so confident with my parking all because of Sal. I highly recommend this driving school. If you’re looking for quality and professional driving lessons to pass your test, this is the best driving school for you!

Review №22

I loved this driving school and the experience entirely! RAFAEL is the best! He walks you through everything, very patient and shows great communication. So glad I decided to go with them, passed the driving test in the first shot thanks to him! Would recommend this school 100%. Getting a few more classes in for highway practice! Thank you, Rafael!

Review №23

They provided a great, customized experience for us. The office and instructors are so helpful with their time, energy and efforts. They coordinate perfectly with professional communication so we could confidently pass the driving test and be safe on the road afterwards. Highly recommend them. Special thanks to Oscar, Raphael and Mike.

Review №24

I had several lessons with the instructor Ken who was super helpful with teaching me how to drive. He was very organized and clear with instruction. My ability to drive can be greatly thanked to the time spent learning from him. If you are considering learning how to drive through Philadelphia Professional Driving they provide crucial assistance. Thank you Ken and Oscar.

Review №25

I love this school & my instructor. They’re very flexible and friendly. I took my drivers test yesterday for the first time in about 4 years and I passed all thanks to this school and my instructor. The price may be a little higher than other driving schools but it’s worth it!

Review №26

After moving to Philadelphia from Chicago and having let my old Illinois license expire, I had the pleasure of working with Ken Pupo from Philadelphia Professional Driving School to get back on the road and pass the drivers’ test. Ken is a very professional and skilled teacher: he evaluated areas in which I was least confident and helped me practice them to recall and build muscle memory, giving me tips and pointers to make me a safer driver capable of being maximally aware of my surroundings. I came to understand that the way I’d previously been taught to parallel park was not very good, and Ken helped me re-learn parallel parking using a foolproof technique. He got me ready to pass the exam in just two lessons— and I’m a better driver for having worked with him.

Review №27

Overall great experience, good prices and my instructor Mike was very courteous while letting me practice for my test, he remained calm and always made sure I understood what mistakes I made so I wouldnt repeat them. Made sure I knew the all the in & outs of the drivers exam before I took it. Passed it the first time with no issues.

Review №28

Five stars are not enough I need 10. This school is the best and I passed my test the first time. Don’t go anywhere else but here. Ken was my instructor and he is the best at what he does. If you haven’t booked lessons with them than what are you waiting for?

Review №29

I litteraly havent drove a car in 6 years. Also never parallel parked in my life. With just 2 lessons, I passed my test first try. WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU 🕺🏾

Review №30

The best school ever thanks Sal & Rafael

Review №31

Rafael is the best instructor! I was super nervous and put off my driving test for a LONG TIME! Only 1 session with him and I passed my test on the first try. Super nice and made me feel comfortable and confident to pass my test!! Thank you so much Rafael!!!!

Review №32

As someone that was nervous about taking the test and worrying over all the possibilities the teachers at this school really helped. The lessons were practical and reasonable even though it took a few lessons to manage the skills. They really helped on the driving test. Passed on my first try.

Review №33

Passed my test today thanks to Rafael. Great teacher! Mike also gave me a great lesson. Overall, great service, would recommend to anyone learning to drive.

Review №34

My instructor Rafael was so kind and patient. He gave me great tips that helped me pass. 10 out of 10!!

Review №35

My driving teacher was Mike he was very professional and very helpful . He taught me how to parallel park he is very patient and understand and he always kept me calm so i can focus on my test . I highly recommend this driving school . I passed my test the first try And im so happy i decided to use this school and that i had mike as a teacher.

Review №36

This is a professional and well oiled driving school. 100% success rate for me. They teach you what you need to know and do it quickly and fill you with confidence. Youll get your license no doubt if you go with these guys.

Review №37

Extremely satisfied with the level of professionalism and availability. My daughter passed her drivers test on the first attempt . It was worth the money . My daughter feels comfortable and confident after receiving these lessons . Such a blessing.

Review №38

Mr. Raphael has been helpful throughout my journey to getting my license. He is nice and very patient, helpful, provides great tips and advice as well for dealing with nervousness behind the wheel. I highly recommend him. I got my license today and before my drivers test got a 30-minute practice for parallel parking, car control overview. I am thankful to have gotten a great driving teacher for driving lessons and that helped me become more confident in my driving capabilities and abilities. Thank you Philadelphia Professional Driving School for all of your help and services!

Review №39

This was an amazing experience for me. Rafael made sure that I knew car functions as well as how to operate and control the vehicle. This is by far the best school and I highly recommend Rafael. He’s patient, knowledgeable, and funny. Thanks to Rafael I passed my test on the FIRST try. THANK YOU!!! Thank

Review №40

Ken is a patient and encouraging instructor. Oscar was also helpful and quick to answer my administrative questions. Lesson and test scheduling was quick and straightforward. Oscar gave me the option to meet Ken directly at PennDOT, which worked great because we maximized the lesson time instead of spending time driving through Philly traffic. I had some experience with learning before PPDS but wanted confidence behind the wheel. Following Ken’s lessons, I passed after a 2h lesson and a 1h refresher prior to the test.

Review №41

I passed my test today, my instructor was Raphael.. I went out and had lessons with him about 6 times before I took my test .. He was absolutely wonderful, he’s an AMAZING driver and teacher... Without him I would not have made passed .. This school is flexible in scheduling and they are very friendly.. I would absolutely recommend!!

Review №42

Just took my Drivers test and passed. My Instructor was Mike and he is extremely recommended. He always makes sure you’re comfortable and makes sure you understand everything before you start driving. 10/10 would recommend this driving school.

Review №43

I passed my driving license test today with flying colors. Thanks to my instructors Mike, Sal, and, Raphael, I was very well prepared for the test today. I was an extremely nervous driver starting out and learned how to drive at an older age. I am now much more confident and comfortable driving.

Review №44

My driver was Rafael. I had taken two classes with him and he was with me when I got my drivers license. I was very nervous but he helped me stay calm. He was great at helping me with parallel parking. Would definitely recommend to anyone who is trying to learn how to drive.

Review №45

Rafael is the greatest instructor there. He truly cares about his clients and produces positive results! Within days I was fully prepared for the drivers test and passed. I fully recommend this school and him as an instructor. 10/10!

Review №46

I would highly recommend the Professional Driving School. My instructor Ken made me feel comfortable during the lessons and gave me confidence. He was very patient with me and my nervousness. He was thorough in instructions and went over the exact driving exam numerous times until I felt confident. I would highly recommend the Professional Driving School to anyone in need to their service! Thanks Ken!

Review №47

I was taught by Mike but Rafael was there to get me over the finish line... without this school I doubt I would have ever got my license.. they were helpful and I appreciated the hard work they put in.. great team..

Review №48

Amazing driving school, communication and scheduling is easy and fast. I passed my drivers test the first try with flying colors with my driving teacher, Ken Pupo.The driving school is excellent if you’re a nervous first time driver or even an excited one. I was brought to a large parking lot that was mostly empty and my driving teacher had full control of the situation at all times with a break on the passenger side.I truly recommend this driving school for all ages.The cost is worth the price and reasonable.

Review №49

Not very happy about the service in general. My teacher is not patient and didn’t quite answer my questions during my session. All the instructions made me feel more nervous about the test not to mention that he gave false instructions about when to turn on turning signals during the test. I got out of the session and the test feeling upset and a little bit mad.

Review №50

Rafael is a great teacher! I was taught by him for 30 minutes before taking the driving test. He provided good advice on parallel parking. I would highly recommend this driving school.

Review №51

I just passed my test on the first try. Rafael was very helpful in making my practice lesson easy and he calmed my nerves. I highly recommend this driving school. Ask for Rafael...great instructor!!!!

Review №52

Rafael was there with me during my practice and during my driving test. He reassured me I would pass and calmed my nerves! I felt comfortable asking questions if I was unsure and he politely coached me. My time with Rafael was short but he made an impression. Awesome service!

Review №53

This school is amazing got me to the point to get my license on the first try and I couldn’t have done it without Rafael he was amazing instructor he wanted nothing but the best for me he seen that I could get this on the first try i really want to thank him and the driving school I recommend the school and the instructor Rafael specifically if you’re just learning to drive you won’t be disappointed. Thank you again 😊

Review №54

Sel, my driving teacher was an amazing instructor. Helped me with my parallel parking and how to improve my turns and pass my driving test. Highly appreciate it!

Review №55

Literally couldn’t of passed Yesterday without Rafael ❤️ I’m terrible with test! That man is extremely patient & actually cares about you passing your test. He is a very serious man but also silly enough to help ease your nerves. Definitely would recommend everyone to Rafael.

Review №56

Not even gonna lie I was a difficult student. I was so nervous but my instructor Raphael really helped me and made me calm. I had no faith in me whatsoever and Raphael gave me reassurance and faith that I got this. I passed on my first try. I am gonna recommend my friends for this company. I love them. Thank you so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Review №57

Spent a good 30-40 minutes with Sal today before taking my drivers test. He gave me good tips. And made me feel at ease. I loved that he complimented me every time we took a test run. Thank you Sal for working through my nerves. Little did he know do to a car accident I developed PTSD. And because if it, I prolonged getting my license. I highly recommend them. And already let him know that when it is time for my teenage son to take his test I am definitely going to him.

Review №58

Teachers were professional, and effective at helping me pass the drivers test on my first try.

Review №59

Excellent pre test session with Raphael. I’m so pleased I had it. He was really good, and I easily passed my test. If I was a new learner I would have lessons with him. Thanks!Cal

Review №60

My instructor, Rafael, was awesome and went over everything with me 30 minutes before my road test and helped me pass. Definitely will be recommending this driving school to friends and family

Review №61

They are great instructors! They helped me pass my test on the first try after just three practices. Thank you Philadelphia Professional Driving School!

Review №62

This was an amazing experience I had two great teachers Rafael and Sal. They made sure I understood car functions and the drivers test. I was very nervous and Rafael help me calm down, I went with him on the high way for the first time and he was with me when Passed my test I recommend him as an Instructor . & also Sal, Sal took me out on the streets and helped me practice my turns and to get more comfortable with driving on the streets. Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!!

Review №63

My experience with professional driving school has been nothing but awesome.I would recommend this school for anyone looking to obtain a drivers permit.The staff is so polite and easy to get along with they are really professionals.

Review №64

I passed on the first try. I had Rafael and sal they were both great. I highly recommend and they parking techniques are very good and easy 😁

Review №65

Really good coordination, the people here are professionals. They teach you exactly what you need to know to pass the exam.

Review №66

Rafael was very helpful before my test to calm down before the drivers test. I’m grateful to him because of him I passed my test on the first try

Review №67

I had one 2 hour lesson on Monday with Mike & Sal met me today for 30 minutes before my test & I PASSED. I literally never drove before & that one 2 hour lesson helped so much. They are AWESOME. They pick you up for your lesson & when your finished they drop you off it’s completely worth the money & without them I’m not sure I would have not passed so fast. DONT GO ANYWHERE ELSE THIS IS THE BEST DRIVING SCHOOL IN PHILLY. Just pay attention, listen & get ready to get that license.

Review №68

We used this driving school for our teenage daughter. She took a few lessons to help with basic knowledge of driving, parallel parking, and highway driving. Her instructor Ken was friendly and patient. He helped her practice for the exam and made her feel confident in her success. Scheduling was easy and there was no wait for lessons. I would highly recommend Philadelphia Professional Driving School.

Review №69

I was super nervous but my driver (mad I forgot his name) was beyond patient with me. He took me to the South Philly course to practice and I got better with each try. Will be back again this week

Review №70

I had my road test today and I was very very nervous. Rafael was my instructor, he came early and was good at communicating. I passed on the first shot and was ecstatic. He has good tips and I would suggest that you don’t beat yourself too much, you will pass, listen to him and he will guide you. Thank you so much!

Review №71

All the instructors that I had were excellent! Rafael went out of his way to make sure that I had a great experience when taking the test!

Review №72

Philadelphia driving school is the best!! I set my daughter up with their services and I must say they were AWESOME!! Always on time, very reasonable prices, answered ALL of our questions and concerns, very professional. I would recommend this company 100%!! Not to mention she took one last lesson on the day of her exam, used their car and received her license all in one day! It was pleasure working with this company. I would highly recommend!!!

Review №73

Best money Ive spent this year. From start to finish they make this as easy as possible. After a 2 hour lesson I already felt comfortable enough to take my test and passed no problem. Would recommend them to anyone at any age! Especially for people nervous like myself.

Review №74

Sal was the best instructor I got my L today because of his patience’s and communication

Review №75

Absolutely grateful for Rafeal and the PPDS! Very professional and straight forward with instructions. He definitely tried his best to make sure I was ready and relaxed for the test lol I recommend all the instructors at this driving school. Everything was easy, learning, schedules and testing. I passed! So happy. Now to the roads I go.

Review №76

The best driving school in philly i passed with perfect score thank you raphael!!!!!!

Review №77

Usually I am nervous, my instructors made me feel comfortable. They were supportive and flexible with my schedule. And very patient !! I passed my test on my first try with them. THANKS PDS, thanks Ken and Sal !

Review №78

Wanted to start off this by saying before taking my lessons with PPDS I was absolutely terrified and unprepared for driving. PPDS was an absolutely excellent help towards my driving journey. Rafael my teaching instructor not only helped shake down my fears about driving but was very informative and helpful in helping me build my individual driving technique. I went from feeling afraid and tentative to driving with absolute comfort after 2 full lessons. I wouldn’t have NOT been able to pass my drivers test today without the wonderful support and help from everyone at this institution !!! I can not stress enough what a great teacher Rafael was.Oscar the owner is also super accommodating and explains things very easily. He helped make this experience even easier and more pleasurable. He had a very positive and friendly attitude that made this whole thing way more simpler. It felt like everyone at this school really supported me and help along the way. I personally wouldn’t recommend any other driving school in Philadelphia besides PPDS.

Review №79

Great experience all around! I was nervous about getting my drivers license, and Sal was the perfect instructor! He showed me everything I needed to know and was patient and kind. Thanks to him it was easy and enjoyable and now I have my license! Oscar booked my appointment over the phone and was wonderful to deal with, friendly and helpful! Definitely recommend this fabulous driving school!

Review №80

They go above and beyond to help you pass the test. I passed in my first try because of their clear and professional instructions. I would recommend them anytime!

Review №81

I used this school for my son to help him practice and prepare for his exam and Mike his instructor was great and patient with him. Oscar was so nice and great with scheduling

Review №82

Passed my driving test first time with Sal. Had a lesson with him before the test - he was very calm, patient, and helpful. Even let me turn in the city, which was one of my weaknesses. I also had a lesson with Rafael, who was also excellent. Highly recommend them both!!

Review №83

I passed my drivers test with relative ease thanks to Raphael, would highly recommend him if you want to learn quickly (especially parallel parking).

Review №84

I just passed my drivers test thanks to the wonderful teacher Rafael!! A bit pricey but definitely worth it. He’s the best teacher in Philadelphia

Review №85

Im 50 years old and when I was 44 I had the most experienced driving coach there was at Professional. They are really professional, great manners and they take there time helping you. My son is 22 years old and he had of fear of learning how to drive until I told him about this driving school. Today he received passed his drivers test and thanks to Professional. Yall the best 😉

Review №86

They good money fasure got my L today appreciate y’all

Review №87

Ken was my teacher at first very professional and taught me a lot then sal taught me a lot as well & Rafael brought me to the finish line & I pass my test today and now I’m a licensed driver something I would had never done on my own thanks I love all of you guys!

Review №88

Sal was an excellent instructor. I passed my test today.

Review №89

This driving school was really excellent. They are pricey, but you feel safe because they have the ability to stop the car at any time(a break on other side of car) and with their training I was able to get my drivers license. All of my instructors were male and I do wonder if they have any female instructors since I think it would be good to have female teachers as well. Sal, who was one of my teachers gave me great tips and taught me a lot. There were things that he taught me that helped me grasp what I needed to do more so than when others tried to teach me the same thing. They also offer to pick you up at your location which a lot of other driving schools dont offer, which helped me a lot. If it werent for this school I would not have been able to pass my drivers exam and I am glad I took the lessons. I recommend this driving school.

Review №90

Anthony was amazing! I took his class about 3 times before my driving test and I passed my driving test on the first try! Anthony was incredibly patient and very nice! He explains everything so well and through! I will recommend him to anyone and everyone! He did an amazing job teaching me how to park and how to drive on the street! If you need help with driving and parking, GO TO HIM! You will not regret it! Prices were great as well! I’m so happy I went to him for extra help!

Review №91

I had Rel, he was amazing. made it incredibly easy to pass & helped me calm down & focus! Passed on my first go!

Review №92

Raphael is a no-nonsense instructor, but he did a great job of ensuring that I understood the exam, and he helped me a lot with parallel parking. I would definitely recommend this service.

Review №93

My daughter just passed the test on the 1st drive. The instructor was so helpful, patient, and calm while helping her practice right before the test. Also, her usual instructor Mike was great teaching her to drive. I have recommended Philadelphia driving school to many of my friends. We were actually referred by friends too.

Review №94

Recently just passed my drivers test and got my license first try with the lessons from this outstanding driving school. I had an amazing instructor named Ken who was super fun, flexible, and informative. Highly recommend amazing service.

Review №95

I had Rafeal was patient and good instructor.

Review №96

Raphael is the best driving teacher in Philadelphia. He is patient but stern. He takes the time to make sure you know everything you need to know to prepare for the drivimg exam. He is also has a great sense of humor which good if you are nervous. I would recommend him to anyone who is going to get their license for the first time. You will pass with just one or two lessons gaurenteed!

Review №97

I passed my driving test today with mike as my instructor .and I am so grateful! He was very patient with teaching me the ropes . He went over the test in detail I’ve and over until I got it . Definitely Go with this driving school ! Very professional.

Review №98

I must say that the service here is great, everyone was easygoing understanding especially for new driver’s. My instructor was Sal he is the Best.. So As For Sal..

Review №99

Really quick and efficient, I recommend Rafael as an instructor! Got everything done without any problems

Review №100

I really enjoyed my experience at this school. They really teach you exactly how you are supposed to drive professionally. I wanted to give a huge thank you to my teacher Rafael. I was really comfortable learning with him, he was very patient and helpful and taught me exactly how to be safe on the road. Highly Recommend this school. Also, make sure to request Rafael!

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