Mondal Driving School LLC
1042 S 56th St, Philadelphia, PA 19143, United States
Review №1

Loved this driving school!!As a first time driver having no knowledge of how to drive I was taught very well by Mr Mondal. He was preparing me for my driving test on my first lesson. Excellent teacher and very professional. I took about 6 or 7 lessons and I was ready for my driving test. Passed on the first try. I highly recommend this school!!

Review №2

Kazi and Amim. are amazing instructors. I started from clutching the wheel to dominating steel in 3 months, and I got to see a few cool things on the way too. Its been the funnest 3 months with them.

Review №3

Over the last several weeks, Ive had lessons with Mondal Driving School. The driving instructor was very nice, professional, and his instructions were very clear. He had alot of patience with me. And made me feel very comfortable learning and driving. On the day of my test I was a lil nervous, but I passed. I was extremely happy for myself!!!! I would recommend Mondal Driving School to everyone!!!👍

Review №4

This experience was awesome! And I’m so happy I chose this driving school. I didn’t pass my first time around but second is a charm. Shafir was very patient with me and all of his instructions were very clear and easy to understand! The prices were amazing.. I can go on and on! I highly recommend this driving school!

Review №5

I passed my permit exam on April 7th 2021 i started taking lessons 2 weeks later i took 3 lessons and had my road test on May 26th and passed on my first try. I appreciate the professionalism and the patients i recieved while taking lessons. I will say after you pass your still gonna need lessons when you buy your own car its a difference. Very afford lessons!!

Review №6

I have done my due diligence and trying to find a reasonable price driving school.Compared to other driving schools they are the most reasonable price. Mr. Mondal and his son are kind patience. I didn’t feel pressured and all.I received my drivers license today on the first attempt. I took four lessons as well as some personal practice.I passed on my first attempt Definitely do business with them, You won’t regret it if you want your license too !!!

Review №7

I must say Mondal is a very good Driving school. I got my license on Monday. I just want t say thank you so much. The son is great he made me feel good about driving. And his dad is also good this familyBusiness is awesome. Only if I could give more than 5 stars I will give 💯 stars ⭐️ thank you so much ☺️

Review №8

I went on a few driving classes with Mondal and I have to say that he’s very kind and very good at teaching. I would definitely recommend him to others !

Review №9

These driving instructors are terrific! I wouldn’t recommend anyone else. The son of the owner is probably the best driving instructor that you can find. He has great communication skills and if you are a neophyte, he will help you become a skilled driver. Want to pass the road test? Well this is the school you need to be contacting! I got my license today! Gratitude 🙏🙏🙏

Review №10

Kazi was a great instructor and gave me guidance throughout the whole process of being obtaining my license

Review №11

I luv my instructor he is the son of the dad. I passed my test today first try! And I only had one lesson. He so helpful and straightforward and that’s what you need.

Review №12

Kazi is a very good instructor! I am very grateful for Mondo Driving school !!!

Review №13

Great service overall - Mr Mondal and his son helped me out and I passed my driving test. #1 for a reason.

Review №14

Great business ! Both father and son are very patient, able to take as many lessons until you’re comfortable. Reasonable price. I would recommend to any novice driver that’s trying to get their license. If you’re someone that’s anxious about driving like me, then this is definitely the place to overcome that fear. I got my license and I’m soo great full! Give them a call, you won’t regret it !

Review №15

The best! I have no regrets. Thank you Mondal driving School. Im a jamaican, and believe me when I say, Mr Mondal is not only a good instructor, but great human being.

Review №16

I called on Thursday 3/4/21 to set up an appointment for driving lessons when I called it sounded like he was busy so he told me to text him my information but that Tuesday 3/9 at 12pm was a good time. Also during over conversation on 3/4 he asked me did I work to me that has nothing to do with me scheduling driving lessons my thing is I’m paying so that’s all that should matter. Yesterday 3/8 I called to double check & ask how much it would be for lessons, when I asked him did he get my text message he says “ yeah I think so” to me that sounds like you didn’t but I texted the same number that I called & I didn’t even get a text message back saying ok I received it. Today 3/9 I received no phone call or text message saying hey I am running late, I am on my own my way, can we reschedule something happened, or etc. I have been tryin to get my license for a while but every time I do something gets in the way that’s I need to focus on this is the first time that I can do it with no interruptions and this is what happens. This is not the first time this has happened to me with this company this is the 2nd time the 1st time was in 2019 & I gave them a 2nd shot to redeem themselves. This is not how I do business at all. Smh

Review №17

This will be my 2nd practice with Mondal driving school, and i feel very confident and proud of what this school has taught me. Mr. Mondal and his Son are the best. I will highly recommend this school to everyone.👍👍👍👍

Review №18

Very nice man ☺️Only took 3 lessons with them. Very affordable not like all those other places. I received my driver license just after 3 lessons. Would highly recommend.

Review №19

Great experience, passed the test in my first attempt. Really patient and super helpful! Would totally recommend :)

Review №20

I was able to pass my driver’s exam after only like six driving lessons

Review №21

Amin Mondal is a great instructor at an affordable price. If you’re a new driver then he will make sure you become comfortable behind the wheel and confident in your skills. He constantly reassures you that you’re safe on the road which is a big help. I had a really good experience with him.

Review №22

Thanks to Mr Mondal and his son I was able to pass my drivers test. Mr Mondal is very attentive and aware and always makes sure to help in all the areas needed to better your driving. I highly recommend his service. Thank you Mr Mondal 🙌🏼

Review №23

Just got my license today, only had to take 4 of his 2 hour lessons. For anyone wondering, he is very kind, patient, knowledgable and most importantly encouraging but honest about your weak spots and what you need to work on for improvement. Best prices around, I would highly recommend!✨

Review №24

The experience was great and I got my DL first time using their services. He was very patient and taught me the right way to park and how to control the car. The only thing I didn’t like was that the driver had to leave and I ended up having to catch a bus home.

Review №25

This driving school was so helpful and professional. They taught my daughter what she needed to pass her license test, which she took her test today and passed with a breeze. She took her test in there vehicle as well. I was getting her 2 hr lessons at a time which was very efficient for her to learn without rushing. I highly recommend them. Thanks again Father and Son was so nice

Review №26

Great place definitely helpful !! very good reasonable prices !!

Review №27

I very much enjoyed my driver lessons. I have never been behind the wheel of a car when I started. Got lessons once sometimes twice w week for a month ( my own choice) . Went to take my test and passed the first time. I got over my fear of driving and actually have come to like it! I hope they continue to prosper nd I wish mr mondal, his son and his fiance nothing but the best!! Thanks again guys!!

Review №28

I 100% recommend this driving school ; very professional and caring .

Review №29

I never regret learning with them, theyre clame patients, and they conversate with you very well, they makes driving easy, after I pass my test I got a lesson on buying cars and what not to do which was a bonus because I learned a lot, I will recommend them anytime

Review №30

I barely had any experience driving and they helped me exceed expectations when getting my license. I’m really grateful for all they helped me with, when it came time for me to take the test I was more than ready. I do not regret coming to them whatsoever, I suggest going to them 100%. They teach you everything and after you’re experience with them you’ll feel like a perfect driver.

Review №31

I give Mondal Driving School 5 Stars and it is well deserved.My experience with them was Awesome! They are patient, friendly, Kind, and they make me feel confident in myself that I could do it!I got my Drivers License on my First try. I am recommending my friends and family to them. Awesome Job Mondal driving School.

Review №32

Good value for your money. I passed my exam easily. Thanks 👌🏾

Review №33

This is an amazing driving school! I booked them in the very last minute, and they taught me everything I needed to pass the drivers test. The morning of the test, they picked me up from my house. The inspector said I passed without any mistakes! The price is very affordable. The instructor even stayed with me until the DMV issues my drivers license card. They have an extremely nice attitude, and I highly recommend them!

Review №34

Called twice to set up a appointment, they never scheduled it 👎🏾

Review №35

You reading this believe me when I say, they are the best!!! I have tried other driving schools services in the past but I wasnt gaining nothing which had me spent a lot.......However, I tried Mondal driving school through google search, not only they teach you well but build up that great confidence in you unlike the rest of them... everything now is a story. you wont regret it.

Review №36

This driving school was awesome. Affordable prices, they work with u when it come to ur schedule. They teach you everything to expect on the real driving test.They tell the truth when it comes to the mistakes you are making. I would highly recommend this driving school-I passed my test on the first try

Review №37

This is the best driving school ever ! They are very patient, always attentive & courteous.They will work with you. They’re never late to any appointment always on time showing great diligence! I’m so glad I chose this driving school, I passed on my first try ! Such an amazing experience I will refer everyone here !

Review №38

This is the best driving school ever! I pass my test today because of Mondal Driving School! I will recommend this anyone who wants to pass the test and learn how to drive a car! The instructor is very chill and a great teacher!

Review №39

I really recommend them they are highly professional very patient and friendly and he had great communication!!! Their services are awesome!!!

Review №40

An amazing driving school! Taught me everything I needed to know to pass my test and gave helpful advice and tips! I would highly recommend.

Review №41

I am happy with choosing Mondal Driving School. I appreciate my instructor he was very patient,friendly,and made feel comfortable while has been a great experience !I got my license on the first try. Thank you Mondal driving school keep up the good work !

Review №42

Hands down the best school, they worked with me and never gave up on me, I learned so many different things that has helped me so much today. I highly recommend this school. You will learn very quickly.

Review №43

I had a great experience at Mondal Driving School. My instructors were continuously helpful and nice. They tailor your lessons to give you the practice where you need it and were extremely flexible with scheduling. I got my drivers license in only a few weeks! I would highly recommend them to any driver from new to experienced.

Review №44

Finally got my Driving license with the training of Amin. He made the tough job very easy. Very good driving school, elderly and highly experienced person. Instills driving skills and confidence as you learn. With him Learn only once and win the DL. I recommend for all.

Review №45

Im giving 5 stars for patience alone. Shafir was so easy going I felt like I was driving with a friend. Mondall was very nice as well. I would definitely recommend this service to all 1st time drivers.

Review №46

Amin Mondal is the person you should go to if want to learn driving from scratch. His technique of teaching is fantastic. He is able to explain seemingly complex things in a much simpler way. He prepares the students very well not only for the road test, but more importantly, for the road. As a person, he is polite, friendly and very accommodating. I would recommend Mondal Driving School over any other schools at any given time.

Review №47

Just got my license today. Past with no mistakes, also a good patient driver & helps you in the places that needs work on.

Review №48

I found the instructor very patient and motivating. The instructions were very clear and helpful. Also, gave useful information on driving and ticket laws after I passed the test.

Review №49

Did my lessons with Shafir. Very easy going and informative instructor. Mondal Driving School has reasonable pricing and also takes you through the practice test course before the test to get more comfortable which I thought was a plus. Passed my driver’s test on the first try. Highly recommend.

Review №50

This is an excellent school. I will recommend this school to anyone toanyone. They are patient, compassionate about their clientsand do their best to improve your driving skills.

Review №51

Wow Mr.Amil is very great man, his way of teaching very good to understand and very easy to learn and his son too very man. Today my great day because I passed the test. thank you so much both you.

Review №52

I would recommend Mondal driving school to anyone great service, price reasonable and great instructor. Got my license in one try thanks to them I appreciate it🤗.

Review №53

Just passed my test today, father and son are very nice and helpful. Overall great experience!

Review №54

I wish I could give this driving school a million stars. Words can not capture the professionalism, passion, and overall expertise of the teachers at Mondal Driving schools. I have been trying to drive for many years and making the decision to learn with Mondal Driving school made all the difference. I never felt more comfortable behind the wheel and more confident in my ability to truly learn how to drive. I am finally driving and I know that if I did not learn at Mondal Driving school my goal of driving would remain a goal. Thank you all so very very much!

Review №55

Definitely was the best experience I’ve ever had. I pass my test on the first try. Shafir was a excellent instructor and to anybody looking to learn to drive or pass on the first try this is the school to go to☺️

Review №56

Greatest instructor in the world, hands down the best. Taught me everything I know, straight 💯. Been driving for 8 years. No accidents nor tickets, all because the way he taught me how to drive. Learned to parallel park in one day. Thats how good he is as an instructor. New York blood, so you know hell teach you how to park in small spots and he got the best prices around. Cant beat that deal.

Review №57

Really good, they teach with patience and make the students really ready well for the drive test. I passed the test well.

Review №58

My learning experience with Mondal driving school was great they teach you at your paces and will let you know when your ready to move forward in taking the road test. Theyll make sure you get all the skills that you need in order for you to pass the road test. I passed my test the first time.

Review №59

Great instructor and very patient. He taught me a lot of pointers about driving that I will probably always use lol. Thanks again for helping me pass!!!!

Review №60

I had an amazing experience at Mondal driving school. From a person who never wanted to drive, to a licensed driver, it was extremely informative and balanced. I would highly recommend this to everyone specially people who are starting from the scratch, so that they have a very good understanding of the rules and technicalities.

Review №61

Passed my test first try! had an amazing instructor who was very considerate about anxiety and fears. Definitely recommend!

Review №62

Provide excellent friendly services while effectively teaching me how to drive. Reasonable pricing. For someone who was so nervous in the beginning I never thought I’d be one of the people who could say they got their license on the first try.

Review №63

The nicest teacher with the greatest mindset of teaching you how to drive. He explain things clearly and with reasonable price. Definitely recommend for drive school.

Review №64

Best place and awesome people to learn how to drive. The instructor was very understanding and kept on encouraging at every step Made me feel at ease and tension free for the test. Definetly will recommend this school for anyone who is a beginner or is scared to drive on the road . 👍👍

Review №65

I had the best experience. When I started I was a nervous wreck. I took a few lessons and passed with flying colors. This school is great. The I instructor is patient, professional, nice, and they have reasonable prices. I highly recommend them.

Review №66

They are very nice the guy I had was very helpful and I will definitely keep in contact and I thank them for everything they help me pass 😊

Review №67

With the Mondal Driving School...I had the best experience. When I started I was a nervous wreck. I took a few lessons and passed with them...This school is great. The instructor is patient, professional, nice, and they have reasonable prices. I recommend them.Call them 👍👍🚗att Diana G

Review №68

Very great experience. Amin is very wonderful and patient teacher. He exactly understands your weaknesses and will tell to work on them. I got my license at first try.

Review №69

Oooh my Goddess, I finally got my License .Thank you so so much For the excellent service and your patience with me 🤗 I’m a happy student today thank you 🙏. I really recommend Mondal driving school ... used their car for the test as wellI will give you ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Review №70

Mondal Driving School helped me to get my driver license . I had a great driving instructor. Although I had my drivers permit I had no prior driving experience before taking classes. so, everything was new to me but the instructor was very nice and very patient.

Review №71

This guy is the best around! He taught me everything I know which lead to me earning my drivers license with no problem. Thanks again

Review №72

Best driving school hands down I was able to pass my driving test on the 1st try thanks to them much love

Review №73

I highly recommend Mondal Driving School. Amin is a wonderful teacher. He is calm, patient, and professional. He will show you what you need to know to pass the test.

Review №74

Definitely a great driving school. He is a nice and awesome instructor, will guide from basics to perfection. Great place to learn driving.

Review №75

I had a very good experience with them. The instructor was patient with me and focussed on my weak points. Reasonable pricing and overall a good deal.

Review №76

It is great here the person gave me the right directions and skills to get my license reasonable price! Took my test once with no professional help called this school I PASSED no regrets really helpful

Review №77

THESE GUYS ARE GREAT, they were super nice and everything went really well!!

Review №78

Great experience! Lessons were 100% worth it & you’ll definitely pass your test on the first try!

Review №79

Very highly recommended! Amin is great and has qualities that are very important in a driving instructor. He is polite, positive, sweet, very patient and calm, wise, and gives good driving tips. He is also very responsible, highly ethical and punctual, and he went above and beyond when he agreed to schedule my test during an important family function of his, because he knew I needed the license soon. I just got my license but I wish I could keep driving with him! He is also very knowledgeable about the test locations and the particular quirks of the examiners, which comes in handy. 6 stars! Thank you, Amin.

Review №80

Straightforward and patient instructors. Great experience. Passed test on first try. Highly recommended.

Review №81

I did my lessons with Amin and Shafir, both are very good instructors and reasonable prices. I would suggest to go with their laid out hourly plan if you are a new driver.

Review №82

Very professional. Owner had a great demeanor with very calm but concise, constructive criticism, so no anxiety or jitters while on the road! Would recommend to others...

Review №83

Recommended ... they tell me all the important thing to get pass the driver test and provide the small car for easier pass the parking test.

Review №84

Patient. Very good at explaining and breaking things down to making sure you understand. Made me feel comfortable getting behind the wheel for the first time all the way up to my drivers test and passing

Review №85

Mondal is the best driving school tutor ever. I failed driving test 4 times until GOD made me to register in a driving school. The driving school I chose happened to be Mondal Driving School. This guy is an angel. Very calm, full of patience and he is efficient. I recommend him to anyone who is looking for a reliable tutor. I passed my driving test because of him and I thank GOD for sending him to me. Thank you Mr. Mondal.

Review №86

Finally the day has come and I cleared my driving test, thanks to Ameenji who gave clear instruction to pass my test. He teached me from scratch and now I can drive on Road. He is very good, supportive and increased my confidence level. I do recommend to others.

Review №87

Very good pricing, simple and easy instruction. Pass the test first try. Recommend highly to my friends and family

Review №88

Great instructor! He helped me pass my driving test the first time. Definitely a great place to practice especially for the price.

Review №89

It is absulutly nice driving school. Nice driving instructor. I recomended this driving school.

Review №90

If I could give this place 10 STARS I would. I had an amazing experience at this driving school. I took my lessons with Amin Mondal and he is an excellent teacher!!! He taught me all the basics and constantly gave me tips not just on driving, but also on road safety, and what I always need to do to avoid any accidents, and life lessons that I will always keep with me. He is worth every penny and more. Amin was detailed in all his explanations during my lessons, very patient, and answered all my questions. I was a NERVOUS WRECK when I first started taking my lessons, my hands would start shaking and I would start sweating just to make a turn, but Amin helped me calm my nerves and gave me the confidence to look at driving as just another hurdle in life that I can control if I want to. His way of teaching made me confident, I went from sweating and shaking behind the wheel to driving on the highway, making tight turns, and parking like a PRO. Just like Amin always told me, everything is Mental!! Thank you soooo much Amin and I highly recommend this place to anybody who is looking for an excellent school with an amazing Instructor. This place gets a 10 out of 10 for me!!

Review №91

He is an amazing teacher. He is also very polite and friendly. Highly recommended.

Review №92

The best help I had, they helped me past my test.

Review №93

This driving school was awesome.very nice drivers

Review №94

Mr. Mondal is the best driving instructor yet he lets you know your weakness he’ll also let you know your good values of driving I would recommend them if I could give them a 10 star I would not to mention they prices are reasonable

Review №95

Best driver instructor! Hes very patient, sweet and informative. He never gave up on me !

Review №96

Great ! professional . low price. helpful

Review №97

Passed first time best instructor!!👏🏽

Review №98

Instructor was very attentive and patient. Really helped build confidence. Highly recommended.

Review №99

Awesome!! Very patient, very flexible, & very good with communication also, if he’s going to be late or early he’ll make sure he calls, I passed my test with this school !!

Review №100

Dis is the best driving school in philly Amin and shafir are the best passionate about wot Dey do best.

4.9 Rating
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