TEAM Hughes Real Estate School
1313 Creighton Rd, Pensacola, FL 32504, United States
TEAM Hughes Real Estate School

Review №1

Bob was an amazing teacher and I really enjoyed the environment of the class. I also loved that a lender and a broker came in to talk to us and give us any answers to our questions we had.

Review №2

This school was absolutely wonderful. The teacher Mr Bob was nothing but amazing!

Review №3

Successfully completed my 45 hour mandatory post license class. Outstanding instructor. Most highly recommended.

Review №4

Great education and Brittany explains everything very well. She is awesome 👏

Review №5

I took the fast track class in the Destin.The teacher was great and very Knowledgeable about real estate. If you had questions about something you didn’t understand he would take time to explain it to you after class or during breaks. I would recommend this school to all my friends and family.

Review №6

The course was excellent & Barry and Amy were both very helpful ; I feel I will do well when taking my state exam and will go to Team Hughes for reqd post license training

Review №7

This location is home to TEAM Hughes Real Estate School. TEAM Hughes has had other campus locations in Pensacola, but we have found our home now. Located inside Better Homes & Gardens Main Street Properties at 1313 Creighton Road, Pensacola, FL, you will find the best real estate school in Pensacola! Our students make us great! Our students are the best students ever and our instructors are top-notch, bar none! Come check us out and you wont be disappointed!

Review №8

Both instructors were excellent. Very down to earth and patient with all. I passed the State Real Estate Exam on my first try in an hour and ten minutes thanks to Team Hughes!

Review №9

Brent was a great teacher, very informative, knowledgeable, and patient. I would highly recommend this to anyone interested in getting into real estate. Great job!

Review №10

“My first contact was with Carri who was friendly, helpful and encouraging. Bob S. was our instructor and he was just completely excellent! There is so much information to learn but Bob encouraged us every step of the way and assured us we would get through it all and with Bobs help, we did! My husband will be coming through your program this Spring. I had such a great experience hes decided to get his license Too! Thank you, again, Team Hughes!”

Review №11

I was nervous about taking the broker course until I got into the classroom with Brittany at Team Hughes Real Estate School! Both Brittany and Carrie were excellent instructors who knew the material and are able to bring real life situations to the course work! I was able to pass the course exam without any issue and I attribute that to how they teach and work through the material! Thank you Team Hughes and I highly recommend others to sign up with Team Hughes if looking to get their real estate or brokerss license!

Review №12

Enjoyed being taught the real estate fundamentals by Carrie Hughes of Team Hughes. I did the fast track course, and with her helpful teaching was able to pass the class and State exam all in less than two weeks. Carrie did a great job keeping to the schedule, and respecting others time by welcoming personal real estate questions before class and during breaks. The class I took was held in a clean, comfortable, and safe building also shared with a real estate company. Sharing the building with a real estate company was an added benefit as I was able to hear exam testimonials and observe real estate professionals at work. I would highly recommend Team Hughes to both aspiring and seasoned real estate professionals.

Review №13

I couldn’t have been more satisfied with this class as I was. Although it was tough for me, Mr Bob was thorough & very helpful. When I didn’t feel confident in myself, he gave me a MUCH NEEDED pep talk & boosted up my confidence & I passed with a GREAT score... as he said I would 👍🏼 I HIGHLY recommend this RE course to anyone needing a ”classroom “ setting as I did 👩🏻‍🏫

Review №14

I would highly recommend Team Hughes to anyone! Bob and Carrie definitely have a gift for teaching. They were able to explain everything in a clear and precise way. They also made sure that the entire class was well prepared to take the final exam. Bob and Carrie are also genuinely good people and I am glad to have the pleasure of meeting them. So if you are considering which course to take to get your real estate license I would stop your search and sign up for Team Hughes course.

Review №15

Took the fast-track class 03/06 - 03/17/2017 and today 04/13 less than a month after completing, I passed!!! Will definitely attend the post licensing class there and recommend anyone interested in the real estate field to contact Team Hughes. Carrie is so passionate about teaching that you cant help but to be excited. Cori is awesome as well and will help you drill those concepts for in your head without boring you to death! :-)Thanks Carrie and Cori!

Review №16

Fantastic Experience. Highly recommend! Bob Scarberry is a great instructor. So happy I chose Team Hughes for my pre licensing real estate course!

Review №17

I took their class back in June. I did the fast track class thats a week long (Monday - Sunday 8:30-5:30). I came to class with very minimal knowledge of the real estate business and left the class with a great understanding. When Carrie talks to you, shes not talking to you as a student. Shes talking to you as a friend and as a person. She makes you feel welcomed. I recommend Team Hughes to anyone trying to get their license. Both of them are incredibly knowledgeable of the real estate business and can make anyone a great agent.

Review №18

Bob and Carrie were both great instructors! They teach you what you need to know and give lots of useful analogies to help you retain the information. I was nervous and a bit reluctant about taking the exam, not sure if I was prepared; however, after I received my results for the final and I passed the state exam, I knew Team Hughes did a great job all around! I highly recommend Team Hughes and I look forward to taking the post licensing course very soon!

Review №19

From start to finish, Carrie (owner) and Brittany (instructor), made me feel worthy and welcomed. They set you up to win with their stellar teaching methods and positive mindset. They show they are personally invested in your growth beyond the course. I will definitely return to them for continued education and share my experience with others.

Review №20

As a real estate agent in Pensacola, I have seen many agents go through the courses needed to become an agent. The Team Hughes Real Estate School is superior by far. In one week they can inform and educate a student to succeed in this business! The instructors teach in a way that is interesting and easy to understand! Looking to become an agent? Start with the Team Hughes Real Estate School! It is the best by far!

Review №21

I had a pleasurable experience with Carrie and Bob during my real estate course. I liked the fast pace of the course I was enrolled in . I learned everything needed to pass the state exam the first time. I feel Carries teaching methods were exactly what was needed to obtain my license. She kept it interesting and that is saying something when your studying rules, regulations and law. Thanks for helping me learn more about my profession Carrie. Team Hughes is the BEST!!

Review №22

Team Hughes is excellent! Their knowledgeable instructors share their experiences to aid students in understanding the importance and application of lessons taught. Definitely recommend!

Review №23

Fantastic learning opportunities! I first noticed Team Hughes Real Estate School because it had the most attractive and user friendly website. I knew when I called to ask a question about registering and had the pleasure of talking with Carrie that I was making a wise choice. The class is extremely well-organized, pleasant, and insightful. I was prepared to take my state exam upon completion, and passed it on the first try three days after class ended! With a deep knowledge of real estate, approachable teaching style and organized presentations, Carrie and Bob prove that they care about setting up their students for success. Run dont walk to their class, you will not find a better option for getting the instruction you need to obtain your license to practice real estate in Florida! Five gold stars to Team Hughes Real Estate School!

Review №24

It was an awesome experience! You learned a lot of information in a short period of time and you knew that each team member was available to help you and they wanted you to succeed. Would definitely recommend Team Hughes to anyone wanting to get started in real estate.

Review №25

Took Fast-track one week class and got 97 on classroom test. Passed the state exam the first time a few days later.Terrific location and facility for taking a class. Definitely choose them, the best Real Estate School in Pensacola as far as Im concerned. And, most importantly, instead of a talking head, I got an instructor who had been a broker and active agent for 30 years!

Review №26

At team Hughes, Carrie and Bob do a great job at communicating with the class. They give you all the necessary information you need to remember to pass the test, and get you ready for the state exam. Making classes fun and interesting they teach in their own ways to make sure that each class member can relate in some way. They also give you a positive attitude through out the course to help you feel more confident.

Review №27

Did the fast track course for real estate sales associate. Definitely worth the money. As long as you study all of the need to knows every night you will pass no problem. I studied all of the need to knows every night and passed with a 99%. Red bull and coffee also helps.

Review №28

I was privileged enough to take Carries fast track class back in March. She is a caring, thorough and funny teacher! Trust me, her personality helps get you through the boring information :) Im happy to say that I took the state exam and passed on the first try. Lots of love to Carrie & Team Hughes! If youre looking for the right school - youve come to the right place!

Review №29

My wife and I took the one week course together, and we both highly recommend that anyone looking to get into real estate choose Team Hughes for their education. Carrie and Bob teach the material thoroughly and in a manner that you can understand and remember. Both my wife and I passed our state exam on the first try with no problems. This is also a very military and veteran friendly business. We couldnt be any happier with our experience here.

Review №30

Fantastic school. Carrie and Brittany were both excellent instructors. I feel much more confident going into my state test. Thank you!

Review №31

I previously took Team Hughes Real Estate school when I became a realtor in Pensacola. I had an incredible experience and have enjoyed and excelled in my real estate career thus far. Naturally, when I decided to obtain my reciprocal license in Alabama and I saw that Team Hughes offered a class, I took it without question!! Carrie Hughes has been teaching Florida agents for years and her unique perspective of knowing the laws of Alabama and Florida and the comparisons between each is bar none! I highly recommend any agent considering their reciprocal Alabama license to take this class!!

Review №32

Carrie and Bob really set you up for success in this class. There is a ton of information but they really explain it to you in detail and give you real life examples to help you understand it even further. If you’re serious about Real Estate this is the best class for you! Thank you again Carrie and Bob!

Review №33

I highly recommend Team Hughes Real Estate School! I chose the 63 hour fast track pre-licensure class and passed the state exam on my first try! They did a great job preparing me for the test and for helping me prepare to launch my new career as a real estate licensee. I will definitely be back to take their 45 hour post-licensing class. Thank you Team Hughes!

Review №34

I just completed the 3 week course. The curriculum was precise and the plan easy to follow. When they said “you are learning more than you realize” it’s true!

Review №35

We are so thrilled to have the best real estate school in Pensacola meet in our building! Carrie Hughes is a talented instructor who has a crazy high pass rate! Their one week fast track class is the best way to get your real estate license fast and get all the information you need to pass the test and be eligible for the state exam. Who wants to try to remember something they learned weeks or months ago? This way it is top of mind and gives you an advantage taking the exam.I highly recommend them. Carrie is a driver and is determined to help you pass but she also has a true caring spirit. Bob, her husband, usually teaches the math portion and gives clear guidelines on what to be ready for.Now is the time to get your license. The market is up and homes are selling quickly!

Review №36

The fast track class was grueling but worth ever minute. Bob Hughes was our instructor. Bob is pleasant and knowledgeable and provides enough levity to make the class room experience fun. I would recommend this class to anyone that wants to enter the Real Estate Profession.

Review №37

I took my initial licensing course from The Hughes Team two years ago and I just completed my Post Licensing course last month. I was 100% satisfied with both courses. Hughes wants you to succeed!

Review №38

Although the course is fast paced, I was able to retain the information easily. I felt completely prepared for my class exam, and I’m optimistic about my state exam which is scheduled for Wednesday. I’m excited about my future in real estate!

Review №39

Our Instructor, Amy, did a great job. She was very patient and shared her personal best practices for success in the class and on the boards. Thanks, Steve

Review №40

Thank you Bob and Carrie for not only the in depth training, but for taking the time for discussions that provided the understanding of the legalities and concepts that are covered in all of this material. By the last week of the course any concerns about passing the final exam were gone! Thank you!

Review №41

I chose this school because of the Google Reviews and I have NO regrets. It was an intense week to say the least, but we had a GREAT group of people in our class from all walks of life and our Instructor Bob Scarberry was great. If you put in the effort & do what they tell you, youll do great. I know because thats what I did and I got an A on the end of course exam. Its been almost 20 years since Ive taken a test for anything, I was anxious and afraid of failing, but my desire to succeed was greater than my fear of failure. I highly recommend this school.

Review №42

Wonderful teacher. Great learning experience. Im excited about taking my test because I feel this class helped prepare me.

Review №43

I learn best face to face. Learning straight from a book or online class wasnt going to cut it. This class was amazing. Took the one week intensive class and Im so glad I went with them. They really cement the concepts with their own experience !

Review №44

Amazing school. Bob teaches you everything you need to know to go take the state exam. Diffidently recommend them.

Review №45

Are you looking for a fast, affordable, and guaranteed success rate, well the team Hughes real estate school is just that. Bob scarberry our instructor was very descriptive when it came to learning real estate. I would recommend anyone to attend this class looking to obtain a licence!!

Review №46

Excellent training and hands-on coaching. I could not imagine taking this sort of training on-line when this option exists at a very cost effective price. I will recommend Team Hughes to anyone I know considering a real estate career.

Review №47

“Carrie is AMAZING! I have recommended Team Hughes to several friends over the past 2 years and will continue to do so after this AWESOME Experience!”

Review №48

I am so thankful that I chose Team Hughes Real Estate School to complete my pre-license coursework for my Florida and my Alabama real estate license. The fact that multiple venues were offered allowed me as a busy professional to choose the training that fit my needs. All of the instructors were knowledgeable and supportive throughout the entire process and the content was spot on; as I passed both of my state exams on my first attempt. (From speaking with others at both test sites, I learned that is not always the case.) Carrie Hughes was always available to assist me and provide direction as needed. It is without hesitation that I recommend Team Hughes Real Estate School for your real estate educational needs!Mimi Cook

Review №49

You said, Phil was great. Really enjoyed him. The only frustration I had was other students being disrespectful and talking loudly over Phil. It caused me to miss information or not understand content. Thank you

Review №50

I am taking Team Hughes Real Estate School classes now and Carrie is our instructor, she is very knowledgeable and shares not only her knowledge of the field but her love for Real Estate. It has been a a joy to have a person of such wisdom and excitement of our future career!

Review №51

It was easy to understand and follow the material covered. The information covered helped me successfully pass the exam on the first try.

Review №52

I learned so much and had a great experience. Thank you.

Review №53

I took both pre-licensing and post-licensing with Carrie Hughes. I passed both course exams with ease and my state exam on the first try! I would recommend using Team Hughes for any and all of your real estate school needs!

Review №54

Really good school, great instructor, they really set you up to succeed

Review №55

Brittany, our instructor, guided the class through much minutia in an interesting and clear way. Very pleased with the course.

Review №56

TEAM Hughes is awesome! As a mortgage lending professional, I like working with Agents that have been properly schooled and know how to write a contract. TEAM Hughes graduates are the ones I go after!

Review №57

I am so glad I took classroom training instead of on line classes. I was able to pass the state exam the first time and dont think I could have done it without this class.

Review №58

The best decision I ever made for my career was the moment I registered for TEAM Hughes Real Estate School. Not only are they knowledgeable and amazing teachers, they truly care about you and you can tell everyday when you walk in to class that youre more than just a student, youre family.

Review №59

I really enjoyed learning the prelicensre carePhil was patient and undestanding.

Review №60

One of the best choices of my life!!! Thank you Bob for your wisdom, experience and guidance.

Review №61

Great instructors! I listed to their instructions and learned everything I needed to know to pass the state exam. I will be scheduling my post licenseing with them as well as sending any referrals to them. Thank you Team Hughes!

Review №62

Fantastic teaching. They are patient, understanding of ones learning abilities, and thorough.

Review №63

That instructor was very knowledgeable the class was very informative.

Review №64

Excellent school. Past my test the first time.

Review №65

These people really know their stuff. This couple is fun and smart.

Review №66

Called to get some information and a gentlman was very rude and unprofessional. Speaks volumes about the quality of staff at this location.

Review №67

Highly recommended! Best in the panhandle

Review №68

Team Hughes knows what they are doing. This is the place to go for real estate classes.

Review №69

Great learning experience

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