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Florida Academy of Medical Aesthetics

Review №1

Excellent school. Ms Plaza was my instructor and her passion for skincare was evident from her teachings. She not only shared her knowledge of skincare but also spoke about the business aspect of the industry, best practices, most Best treatments, etc. Thank you again Ms P!

Review №2

I took Ms. Plaza’s class to be an Esthetician and am so happy that I did. She is one of the nicest, patient, caring instructors that I’ve ever had. Ms. Plaza doesn’t just want you to get through the course because you paid for it, she wants to be the best and flourish in your esthetician career. Her passion and dedication towards her students is the reason why I looked forward to class everyday.

Review №3

Today is my last day of the Body Sculpting/Body Contouring. This is a 5 day course. I looked extensively and did a lot of research about different courses and decided this one was for me. They offer 5 days of detailed information. I will say its a lot of information at one time. I was extremely overwhelmed initially; however, I feel confident that the techniques I learned here will get lasting results. Dont waste your money anywhere else.

Review №4

I was in Ms. Patricia’s Skin Care class from Sept 2020 to Jan 2021 and I can honestly say it was the best decision in my professional career. Not only did I learn the technical and practical information to pass my test, I also learned the importance of doing things with love, care and strong morals. Ms. Patricia is patient, caring and makes sure to motivate you to become the best version of yourself. I am personally grateful for her feedback and support! Thanks to the business tools learned in this program, I was able to study, get licensed and open my business in less thank a year. Thank you so much!

Review №5

I had a great experience at this school. I’ve been taught in the past all the wrong information about body sculpting. Coming to this school I’ve learn everything correctly, hands on, reviews, and the teachers and staff were very very helpful. I recommend this school to anyone who wants to become an aesthetician to come here.

Review №6

Facial specialist program with Ms Patrica is great! I highly recommend her as a teacher. She is always willing to answer questions and support you in your career even after graduating.

Review №7

I decided to enroll in FAMAs Body Contouring Workshop to begin my career in the aesthetic & beauty industry. The class was in a comfortable environment and the lecturers made each module exciting. Both Marilyn and German answered all of our questions and we were able to have a hands on experience.Because the course is short and intensive, I would advise anyone interested in taking it, remember that whatever you put in, youll get out of it. Your success will be based on what youve applied. Read the material and come prepared to learn!!!!!

Review №8

I participated in a 5 day body contouring certification class at Florida Academy of Medical Aesthetics and happy I did! The class is comprehensive, professional and covered 16 different body contouring modalities. German and Marilyn were experienced instructors and I enjoyed learning from them a lot. They also flew in instructors from all over the country and Columbia to give us 1st hand instruction on their equipment. The staff were very helpful and professional as well. Thank you Alyssa for your help and camara skills! I definitely plan to take the advanced wood therapy class as well.

Review №9

This class was amazing! Highly recommend Body Contouring/Sculpting class. Please be mindful that the instructors are here to assist you and provide the necessary information that you need BUT YOU also have to do your part. Please read the book ahead of time so you can get the basic information which will help facilitated your learning experience. They cover all the main body sculpting equipment that’s on the market. So you have a variety to choose from. An added bonus the content is available up to 6 months afterwards. German and Marilyn were amazing very helpful and knowledgeable!

Review №10

I attended the Body Contouring/Sculpting Course in September 2021. This Academy is ran very professionally and you get an amazing education in the Body Contouring/Sculpting practices. They go in depth in each area of study and are very receptive to answering questions so you feel very confident when you complete the course and go back to your business. I attended another academy in June 2021 and now realize that the academy taught me wrong information, technique, and was not as receptive to questions or knowledgeable about the concept and science behind the technology. After attending FAMA, I am so very excited to start my business! I am very confident that I will be successful thanks to the entire staff, especially German, Marilyn, and Alissa!!!

Review №11

I absolutely loved the body sculpting workshop at Florida academy of Medical Aesthetics ! I am a returning student from medical aesthetician class and electrolysis class. I’m from Japan, and I met many other students are from states from all over the US to attend the workshop. I am thankful to my instructor. German he was very patient, kind and knowledgeable, he and his staff helped me a lot to acquire important information, as well as hands on practical skills with really wide range of different machines from Aesthetics to Medspa grade treatments. I will definitely be returning to this academy for another course! Thank you prof. German!

Review №12

Everything was great. 😌 I really enjoyed completing their Medical Aesthetics program. It was highly informative and practical. The days were definitely long, but worth it. Our instructors Marilyn and Vivian were so helpful and incredibly smart. Happy to have graduated from here!

Review №13

I would highly recommend the body contouring course, the instructors were extremely knowledgeable with various years of experience. The instructors kept the learning process engaging and fun. The course and content information were available prior to class ( please try and read some of the material before class), which was extremely helpful to understand the anatomy and effectiveness of the procedures. Again, I would highly recommend the course you won’t regret it! Please come prepared and ready to learn!!!

Review №14

The class was nice. It really gave me so much knowledge about body contouring and sculpting. All the presenters and presentation were knowledgeable and straight to the point. I would definitely use their school again for other certifications. You must come with a positive attitude and do your part as a student.

Review №15

I absolutely loved this body sculpting class!!! Everything was so organized and I learned everything I needed to know to start my own body contouring Business. I was Deffinatly trained by the best of the best professionals in the med spa industry. I 100% recommend this program to anybody that wants to learn the correct authentic way to contour the human body.

Review №16

I took the body sculpting course online live. I liked the online format because of the flexibility of not having to be in class physically. There is ton of content in the online class to refer to and having the presentations reps from the different vendors of some Best equipment was a great addition to learn about the functions. Although, I did not get to do the hands on I am confident in the knowledge gained in this workshop to perform.

Review №17

I completed the 5 day course for the medical aesthetics training. Mrs. Vivian was very informative and open to questions both in group and one on one. She made the class worth it, for sure.I’m rating 4/5 because this is NOT a hands on course. This is more of a look and learn. Luckily the book provides everything from protocols to contradictions. I also felt like they grabbed whoever was convenient to speak because one of the instructors was not very clear to understand and she read our brochure word for word. Nothing too special.Also, I would not recommend taking this course virtually considering most of the gems were dropped in class.However, this course is great if you’re just looking to get certified and advancing in your career 💗

Review №18

I took the body contouring workshop class and it was GREAT! Very informative and professional! I will highly recommend!

Review №19

Very informative and knowledgeable staff. Presented various body contouring modalities explaining the science behind each modality and demonstrations were very helpful. Would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to start a medical spa.

Review №20

German was very professional and and answered all my questions and was very hands on with the class.He showed us a wide variety of machines.From the high end to beginners,such as myself.I will be taking other classes.

Review №21

I completed the Facial Esthetics program at FAMA and couldn’t be happier with my experience. Ms. Patricia was such a professional, hands-on, and informative instructor. I couldn’t recommend Ms. Plaza enough! She was wonderful.

Review №22

Thank you for share all your knowledge we us and teach us how to do a body sculpting and help people get their goal

Review №23

Great place to receive your education! Professional staff and amazing teachers. Good quality equipment. Would definitely recommend this place to everyone. Thank you for the knowledge.

Review №24

I had a great experience at FAMA! The staff is friendly, professional and always helpful. My instructor, Patricia Plaza, has extensive knowledge about the beauty and spa industry as she is a spa owner herself! She always made a point to share tidbits of useful, real-world esthetics industry secrets to keep us ahead of the game and ready for graduation. As a student, youll receive plenty of hands-on practice during clinicals. Although I only completed the Skincare course, Ive heard great things from the other students regarding the other diploma and certificate courses available. I graduated in September and am currently in the process of opening my own studio. My education at FAMA definitely gave me a good foundation to build on.

Review №25

I took classes it is a great school . You will boost your knowledge and have a great idea of the skills you need to be an esthetician

Review №26

I Normally don’t write reviews, however, I have to highlight that Ms. Alissa is absolutely wonderful. Ms. Alissa goes above and beyond, I am very fortunate to have had her by my side in my training. I am here only to boast about how efficient, helpful, and kind she is to the students. Thank you fama and thank you ms. Alissa for being exceptional!

Review №27

I took the body contouring course June 2021 and it was an awesome experience! I was able to have hands on experience with machines I’ve seen only in high end med spas. The course was 5 days and content was super appropriate for the time permitted. Great staff and very informative. I would definetly recommend FAMA to all interested!

Review №28

Amazing class! It was very good for body sculpting!

Review №29

Highly recommend!! I took the body contouring workshop, and the information was very precise. The instructors, speakers and staff were very helpful during all the process.

Review №30

The classes were very informative. They covered a lot of material including marketing strategies. Which is very helpful when starting your own business. They are very knowledgable and go over all the body sculpting machines. Also they encourage hands on learning and walk you through the techniques. They also offered additional classes which was even more in depth and thorough.

Review №31

I completed the 5 day “Hands on” body contouring workshop that started on 04/18/2021 and I would not recommend it. This is not a hands on course! They packed 45 or more people in a classroom in addition to trying to teach I don’t know how many people live online with you at the same time and it was chaotic, unorganized and unprofessional. This did not leave room for it to be hands on. Not to mention we are in a time of COVID. We were all shoulder to shoulder in that room. To try and cover what they called hands on they pulled a person or two up to try certain machines but we all did not experience this.While Florida Academy of Medical Aesthetics prides them selves on being the only school in the country that offers a wide range of technologies. It’s not worth the hype or the money. Although it offered many technologies it was a short overview. Like a sales pitch. The only companies machinery that was truly taught to you in depth were companies that you need a doctor to buy the machinery and or the machinery cost over $100,000 like Cool Sculpting and Candella and even with these companies it still wasn’t hands on. Oh and if your excited about learning wood therapy you will get an overview then you need to buy a separate course for another almost $700.

Review №32

I was a student at this school (recently graduated) and I can say I am very glad I chose this school! All the staff were very helpful!

Review №33

I went to fama for micro blading it was amazing I enjoy my experience in this school the teacher Jenni was great

Review №34

I took the 5 day body contouring course. Overall to jumpstart my new endeavor, this class was beneficial. It has helped me narrow down which services I would like to provide. The speakers that come in are good and not really pushy in regard to sales. The machines are expensive and some of them will not be able to be used without a medical director that should be included in description of the class but still interesting information to learn. The class is a mixture of students mostly from Florida and some from other states. Class size was about 20-25 including online. CourseKey/Moodle is easy and convenient.Staff is willing to answer questions.Hands on was good for me because this is new information and equipment for me so I wouldn’t feel comfortable with too much hands on.Close to stores/restaurants so Uber would work to and from class.Cons: I would have liked my certificate printed on certificate paper especially for the amount of the class, not emailed within a week.I would recommend to people interested in getting into the industry, considering taking another course soon.

Review №35

I have taken both the Medical Esthetics and Body Contouring classes and loved them!The instructors are beyond knowledgeable and they not only teach concept but also show you the science behind the machines, and allow you to do hands on training on multiple devices.The school has top of line machines. They bring in speakers from big companies like Candela Medical, Allergan Aesthetics and Hydrafacial.The staff is kind and accommodating. They are always there to help if you have any questions.

Review №36

Took their eyelash extension course very informative and the teacher Mrs Claudia is super sweet and informative!

Review №37

I did my laser hair removal and medical esthetics course here and this is the best school! I’m so happy I came here ! The instructors are amazing! I would definitely recommend!

Review №38

Just took my lash extension course! Very informative and trainer was awesome!

Review №39

I was looking for a school to improve my techniques and I was surprised by the quality and the wonderful teachers.I recommend the school. Its great.

Review №40

I attended FAMA for their Electrolysis and Laser hair removal program. They do a great job preparing you for the IBEC state exam which I took and passed on my first attempt. The classes are short about 6 hours long and pretty much anybody can do it whether you work or study somewhere else, they are very flexible and the learning atmosphere is great. Due to Covid classes are now online 2 times a week and labs on campus 2 times a week as well which was perfect in my opinion. Last but not least I cannot leave without mentioning my teacher Ms. Petrane Reddick...I am so glad she was my teacher shes so knowledgeable and truly an expert not only in Electrolysis and Laser hair removal field but in everything Aesthetics. Thank you FAMA I might be coming back in the near future for your skin care program.

Review №41

This academy is the best!!! They changed my life for the better now I’m a entrepreneur opening up my own spa, only after 6 months!

Review №42

Informative, I learned so much. I can’t wait to apply and add to my skills!

Review №43

I took the body contouring class and I enjoyed it.

Review №44

As a current esthetician and salon owner I decided to expand services. I came to learn new techniques and services at FAMA. Very detailed and informative! Learned a lot hands-on along with business strategies! Well worth it!

Review №45

Well worth the money$ Body Sculpting $

Review №46

The best class lots of information

Review №47

Great school with great teachers. The school always answers questions when needed.

Review №48

Really enjoyed the body contouring class offered and their customer service at FAMA was exceptional. Instructors are, full of knowledge, fun and outgoing. . Great hands -on trainings, and lots of machines were readily available for students to practice with. I highly recommend attending this training ✨

Review №49

I really enjoyed the class. It was very knowledgeable, I learned lots of new things, techniques and machines. so glad I took this class.

Review №50

Marilyn and German are WONDERFUL! I took the body contouring class and it was more than I expected! My educational experience was very informative and will recommend all who are looking to embark on this career path.

Review №51

This school is great, I am currently a student at FAMA for laser and skincare dual program. My instructor Ms. Alexis is amazing, very detailed and cares a great deal about her students. I have just taken the body contouring course and I loved it! I plan on opening my own practice soon and they have helped every step of the way. I’ve recommended this place to anyone who is interested in getting into the beauty field.

Review №52

I took the skincare program and I was very happy with my experience. I had a great teacher (Ms.B)! Who taught me with all of her wisdom and generally cared for all of her students. I was able to learn the techniques for facials and how to use some of the machines that are used during facials. I would recommend this school for anyone looking to get an esthetician’s license. The best part is that the classes are small so the teachers can help you one and one with the practicals when needed.

Review №53

I attended this school January 2019 and enjoyed every part of it. The staff is amazing and really are there to educate and help it’s students fully. I appreciate all the help that was given to me and the way they bent backward to accommodate me. Would more than recommend this school. Thanks and love sent your way from Orlando Florida

Review №54

Great school! My teacher was Ms.B she’s amazing and really cares about her students understanding the skin! She goes into detail about everything and is always willing to go the extra mile. Classes are small and everyone pretty much gets to know each other or work with each, which makes this school also really good for networking.

Review №55

I really enjoyed the body contouring class offered and their customer service at FAMA was exceptional. Instructors are, full of knowledge, fun and outgoing. . Great hands -on trainings, and lots of machines were readily available for students to practice with. I highly recommend attending this training ✨

Review №56

Excellent school, good material and development to build your practice.!!!

Review №57

The Best Teacher Ms. K. Very thorough, knowledgeable of Skin Care, knows the industry. Will recommend to anyone that is interested in the beauty industry. So Glad to have a wonderful teacher!

Review №58

I love love this school! The education was above and beyond what I expected! I wish I could give the school more than 5 stars!

Review №59

I got my aesthetics license here and this school is amazing!!! I loved the staff, Alissa always helped me with anything I needed. Ms. K is an amazing instructor and SO knowledgeable!!! I can’t wait to take everything I learned with me in my career!

Review №60

Great school. I had the opportunity to take my electrolysis and laser hair removal courses this year. They are very professional, and treat you like family. The instructor Marilyn is the best with a lot of knowledge, patience and she makes all the classes enjoyable. All the staff are also very friendly and understanding with your needs. I will continuing taking other courses with them.

Review №61

Honestly, this school is great! I took the skin care program and my teacher (Ms. K) was very informative. I learned so much. The whole experience overall was amazing.

Review №62

I had a great experience in my class at Danik Beauty Academy. The instructor was energetic and very informative, which made the class interesting. I was excited to learn more and more as the the class progressed. The reps that came to demonstrate the uses of the machines were also great. All the students were super cool too. I would recommend this school to anyone. They are great, professional and very knowledgeable. Thank you for a great learning experience. Best wishes to all my fellow classmates.

Review №63

Was an awesome 👌 learning experience would reccomend this school definitely....

Review №64

I just graduated from FAMA. This was such an amazing journey. This school has helped me get the tools I needed to succeed in life as an esthetician and has thought me so much about the business itself. Ms K is the BEST instructor out there, she is so knowledgeable about aesthetics and always goes above and beyond to make sure you understand the concepts and follows up with the practical on clinic days. The whole staff is amazing too! Thank you Alyssa, Shirley, German and everybody else! Couldn’t be happier with my diploma and license.

Review №65

Best experience learning Colombian body contouring! Marilyn was amazing and made sure I understood everything.

Review №66

I enjoyed the class. I wish more attention was directed to the lymph and circulatory systems because they are very important to effective treatment.

Review №67

One of the best and schools. I had an amazing time learning and meeting great people. The teachers are great and fantastic @ explaining every little details on what and how to do it.. The class was great cant believe how quick we all learned... The teacher is there to guide you in every single step of the way ...Thank you 4 this great experience

Review №68

FAMAs body sculpting course was extremely informative. Marilyn is an excellent instructor. Her knowledge and instruction in the field is superior. I leave confident having learned different body sculpting modalities and techniques.

Review №69

I enjoyed the Contouring class and learned a lot. The staff was knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly. I would come back again.

Review №70

I took the skin care program and it’s was amazing. Had an amazing teacher Ms B, who was really detail and knowledgeable about Estehtics and the world around it. The classes were small and very personable, all together it’s a great atmosphere.

Review №71

Very educational. Learned a great deal. Enjoy training. Would recommend

Review №72

I attended the body contouring course it was very informative on a lot of things the instructors gave us advice on helping us with are business and goals so after this course will be ready to work on our own .

Review №73

Wonderful experience! A lot of information provided to help me start my body contouring career! Thank you!

Review №74

Great school.. And instructors were very helpful and able to clearly explain and teach us everything that we will need to be successful in thr wrapping and contouring bussiness

Review №75

After attending another beauty school here in South Florida, I am so happy that I found this school that has the programs for Electrology, Laser and Facial Specialist. This is a small school, which is good because you get more hands on practice on the machines.The instructor for Electrology and Laser is Ms. Petrane Reddick. She is highly knowledgable and passionate about the beauty industry. She actually wants to see her students succeed and helps each one of us by giving us one-on-one time to go over the learning material or tests if we need her to. Her calm and easy-going personality make this fast paced course go smoothly.So, this course enrolls students on a rolling basis, we have beginner and advanced level students. What I am amazed mostly about Ms. P is that she can teach the advanced students and in the same sentence she will expand on the theories and content so that beginner students can understand.Im proud to say I was taught by Ms. P and will refer all future students wherever she teaches in her future.

Review №76

I Learned very important techniques, the wood therapy was one of my favorite techniques. Very hands on class

Review №77

Just graduated from the night Skin Care program and it was an amazing experience! Ms. K is seriously the best teacher and I couldn’t have done this without her. I’m so thankful to her and FAMA. I cant wait to start my career as an esthetician and see where it takes me. Definitely recommend this program especially with Ms. K as the teacher!!

Review №78

Best place in the state to learn the latest techniques on body contouring/Sculpting. They are very insightful. I will be back to my aesthetician license.

Review №79

Great school, very pleasant teachers and owners . Warm and friendly atmosphere and very helpful staff. Special thank you to our teacher Jeniffer who took so much effort and time to put into us students . Not to forget great students that became my friends .All the best to this school and a bright future ahead for everyone.- Volha . P. -

Review №80

I went for the body contouring course and I have to say It was very informative I learned a lot about different equipment used in today’s technology

Review №81

Great experience!! So happy to continue my education here, good atmosphere great company and warm feeling every day !!

Review №82

I have been attending this academy for about a month. Our teacher Jeniffer was perfect, she was very attentive, patient, and kept a very clean enviornment. But over the past few weeks my classmates and I have noticed the Owners frankly terrible attitude. The way the owner spoke to the employees and students is very disrespectful and unprofessional. Today it seems she lost her temper once again and ended up letting our teacher go (in front of the entire class) for a scheduling mistake on the assistants end. The entire class is considering getting a refund because of this.

Review №83

I took the Electrolysis and Laser hair removal class and it was a success!!! The teacher was very sweet and knowledgable. She made the class fun and interesting. Now Im ready to start my new career and the job search. :D

Review №84

This was a great school! I came here for electrologist and it was such a great experience. I learned so much from my teacher name Jennifer. She was very helpful and takes her time just so us students can understand. I would definitely recommend this school for everyone. The times are flexible and it’s not even that pricy!!!

Review №85

Great hands on training! I love this school the teachers are very knowledgeable. The body contouring course was a great also includes a lot of techniques and methods. Thank you!

Review №86

It’s a great place to take any esthetic course. It was a pleasure graduating from FAMA. Alissa is the best!

Review №87

I recently attended FAMA to obtain education and certification for Body Contouring. The 5 day course covered medical, legal and hands on protocols for several non-invasive methods to offer clients struggling to loss weight.FAMA brought in manufacturer educator to asist in this process.Besides Body Contouring the school offers many other courses ranging from Licensed Facial Specialist to advanced medical facial procedures.We are very fortunate to have a school that offered this degree of education in the state of Florida.

Review №88

As a student at the FAMA academy studying the body contouring body shop was a great experience the teacher and staff is really great and are very resourceful and respectful. My favorite part of the class was the wood therapy and learning the different instruments. This was a great experience and had a great time thank you FAMA.

Review №89

Great experience. I took the 3 day body sculpting class for certification. I would say that it was very informative, I appreciated the hands on learning. I feel very confident to provide body sculpting services to my clients. Marylynn had a wealth of knowledge on the beauty industry, the science behind body sculpting and the business aspect. I highly recommend the classes provided by Danik academy.Thank you,Stisha

Review №90

I loved the eyelash class, a teacher with great training and experience, practical theoretical class no one do that in other schools. I was very satisfied. Completely recommended.

Review №91

Came for the continue education for electrolysis . The teacher was outstanding and amazing. She truly made the class not boring and very knowledgeable on her field.. Highly recommended!

Review №92

What a good choice to start my electrolysis and laser hair removal at FAMA. I had help from the first day to my last from Alissa. I enjoyed my nights in class. My Teacher Adriana is very helpful, caring and passionate about teaching. I highly recommend to start your career at FAMA. 💯

Review №93

I loved it I participated in the Body Contouring Workshop, very informative I learned a lot.

Review №94

Finally a school that knows what theyre doing 🙌

Review №95

My FAMA experience was very informative and hands on. They are very thorough in explanation of each machines and their use. Everything is explained for you to understand and questions are welcome. Great job FAMA!!!!

Review №96

The class was great. I learned a lot.

Review №97

Look at that smile. Of course I enjoyed my time here. Better future ahead

Review №98

Had a great time there It was very educational and also fun the Best Class ever Love the instructors they where very informational and fun Overall great class

Review №99

I really enjoyed the body contouring workshop. The class was very hands on and the instructor was very knowledgeable.

Review №100

Fama is the best way to go, easy( if you study), flexible and affordable .

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