SAGE Academy
Palmdale, CA 93550, United States
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I’m a student And this is HORRIBLE students steal your stuff whenever they get the chance and my stuff have been stolen 2 times one time it was 2 dollars and other stuff. Today was. 22 dollars item that I waited days for. You don’t even get educated here. There’s too much bullys and 7th and 8th graders thinks they are very powerful and bully every 6th grader they see. There is no inside hallways and campus is outside so you have to be in the hot sun and the rain will get on you. 5/50 rating I forgot to mention that teachers scream at you and are very disrespectful when the students try to be respectful.

Review №2

Too many fights, they need more security and even cops on campus!

Review №3

When I was in the 7th grade here a teacher screamed in my face and almost made me cry, I tried to hold it in. I made an accident, I wrote my name on 2 folders instead of one. She made me throw the good one away and keep the one that I made an accident on. Another teacher confiscated my glasses for wearing them indoors. Without any warning she took them away. She never gave them back she kept them. The kids are friendly, no problem making friends but the teachers r horrible. Their was once a lockdown, the lockdown was to check for weed in kids backpacks because kids were doing drugs on campus. Some kids were drinking alcohol on campus I seen it all.

Review №4

7th grade student here online has been stressful and the teachers are no help at all just go to office hours I cant you dont know my life or how my mental health has been stop making it sound so easy because its not stop forcing students to have there camera on its off for a reason if they dont want it on they dont need to have it on same with unmuteing personally I prefer keeping my mute an camera off do better sage

Review №5

I Had a school year at the school But I went to Desert Willow I want to come back this school is very wonderful I hope my mom sends me back because I missed this I had all my best friends there I had some friends that I haven’t seen since 2014 yeah I miss Sage academy my new school is sad so yeah I wanted to spend all my middle school with my friends at Sage Academy

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I have been there since it became sage I’m leaving to go to high school but it was the best 3 years in middle school. There’s a lot of cool electives there and there’s many teachers that are nice mostly Ms.Salgado she’s the best math teacher I would recommend her. I would also recommend Miss.Torgerson

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They now open 24 hours

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I’m doing online schooling but they assign to much at the same time and I’m not even dont with the rest of the work they is assigned,, I’m getting bad grades bc of tht,, I work slow and they keep assigning work like I can’t get a break

Review №9

Hi I am a student at Sage. I would not recommend this school because there is too much fights and there is a lot of detention, and some of the teacher can be really mean, there are only a few teacher that are not mean, and sometimes you get in trouble for no reason. So if you want a better school for your future middle school student, or if your just coming to Palmdale, dont choose Sage instead choose a different school like David G Millen or there are better middle schools you can choose from.

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Its a good school there is fights but over all its a good school.

Review №11

This is a great school and its not the school thats bad its the people so I suggest those people who say bad things about should just leave like brah

Review №12

Im a student here at SAGE Academy and I want to leave ASAP!!! Staffs dont care, students are disrespectful, and Fights all the time!!! DONT SEND YOUR CHILD HERE TRUST ME!

Review №13

I go to this school. Respect us! Leave us alone! All your bad comments actually count as cyberbullying. So, please dont. I love this school. So, keep your hurtful comments to yourself.

Review №14

Hi, I am a student at sage. i dont recommend going here. they will get you in trouble just by breathing. And not only that, they have hired some of the worst teachers in the state! except Ms. Givens. Anyways, if you are thinking of having you child attend here, well, better luck next time. Period.

Review №15

As a parent I don’t like this school I don’t like they way they handle things and the teaching methods I don’t like as well, they are setting these kids up for failure.

Review №16

Ms early is one of the worst teachers their.

Review №17

I went to the school

Review №18

This school is very bad, definetly dont recomendó this school for you children and there are many fights maybe I can say 5 a week or more. Do not let tour children go to this school!!!! The fights even go to the street and every coach has to run across the street just to stop a fight! And that is every day

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I go to this school and its actually not what you guys are thinking it has a lot of programs like Civil Air Patrol and im in it and you learn how its like to be in a air force and im only in 6th grade so hearing this from me is amazing. Yeah there is fights at this school but thats how its going to be in the real world so deal with it and suck it up.

Review №20

So many fights and kids doing drugs and all of that stuff. I would describe this school just like a prison

Review №21

Going to school night tomorrow

Review №22

Best school imo

Review №23

The school sucks the teachers dont even know how to teach they just give you videos to learn and to many fights

Review №24

Teachers be fake there is fights everyday

Review №25

I would not recommend this school,because there is too much fights,and too much dent ion and some teachers can be really mean,and sometimesyou get in trouble for no reason so if you want a great middle school for a future student that is coming please do not choose Sage Academy,instead choose David g Milne.

Review №26

The school is dirty and the teachers are bad only a few are descent.

Review №27

Staff dont care

Review №28

I go to school there I see a lot of students there I even see the worst students there that I hate so much are Charles Butler and more kids

Review №29

To much fightsDont let your kids go here

Review №30

This place is only fights and drugs and only controlled lunch

Review №31

This School Is Okay, Lot Of Fights, But Some Teacher Are Funny Like Mrs Early And Ms Miwa

Review №32

Worst school ever!To many bullies and fights and the staff don’t care..

Review №33

I will not recommend this school you wake up at around 6:00 to go school

Review №34

This school is old-but this school is not good

Review №35

Everyone follow @mr._.812 on ig

Review №36

To Many fights glad I graduated from this school

Review №37

Bad school i go here

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Review №39

Not a good school 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽

2.2 Rating
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