Pineapple Cove Academy Child Care Center
1785 Eldron Blvd, Palm Bay, FL 32909, United States
Review №1

I cannot say enough about Pineapple Cove, they are simply amazing!! From my very first visit here I felt so welcomed and I watched how the teachers interact with their students and knew right away this was the only place I would want my daughter attending preschool. We have now been with Pineapple for almost 2 years and every classroom we have been in has been unique and designed to engage the children with age appropriate activities and toys. The teachers there go above and beyond for these students and you can tell that they truly do love these kids. I get daily updates on my daughters activities, her eating and sleeping routines and the days schedule. My daughter has just flourished since we started here. She has learned SO much while attending Pineapple it amazes me. I look forward to continuing her education with Pineapple and strongly recommend them to anyone looking for the absolute best care for their child.

Review №2

Ive had 2 kids go through the pre-k program. Amazing. Ms. Valaria, Ms. Michelle and Ms. Kat, Ms. Erica along with Ms. Fefe and Ms. Brittany. Just amazing teachers. My girls had a great experience and the teachers were kind and informative with relaying info back and forth. They do soooo many activities and events for the kids. Only thing frustrating is investing in the prek for no guarantee that they will be accepted into the elementary school. But as far as this facility goes, my family has had a good experience and I will eventually be sending my next child for their vpk program.

Review №3

My daughter comes from a school where she spent her first 2 years. She struggled at first at pca when we moved. The staff was amazing and helped her accommodate. They keep us informed and we have never had an issue. They have great weeks with tons of activities during the holidays, my daughter just spent 3 weeks saying goodbye to the blowup santa and olaf.

Review №4

My son attended the daycare program, VPK enrichment program, VPK program, and is now attending their Summer Camp. This is, by far, the best daycare program I have ever seen or one that my child has been too. The staff are always super friendly and welcoming, and are always exceeding my expectations. My son loved it here and his teachers were extremely caring for him. If my son even received a small scratch on him they would call me immediately to tell me what had happened, and most of the time it was something so minor that I was surprised they drew concern to it. They really care for the kids and go all out for them with amazingly themed events and just fun field trips. I highly recommend them to everyone!!!!

Review №5

Brittany went above and beyond in getting me taken care of ! Thank you!!

Review №6

I hate to do this but we paid for a registration fee over 5 weeks ago. The problem is that they told me and my wife there was a opening and took are registration fee. Than my 1 half year old has a peanut allergy and than pineapple cove staff told us that they needed a emergency plan of action. Now its been over five weeks. I am very upset my daughter needs a good reliable day care center that we can count on. And I want my registration money back because we try and try over and over to work with this staff calling them and talking to them and all they can say is that we will call you back with no follow up phone call at all. So I am done. The location is Bayside fl pineapple cove. Very disappointed .

Review №7

This is by far the best daycare. The staff makes you feel as family. My children loved pineapple cove! If only we could take you with us when we move! 😭😭

Review №8

Vary disappointed in this establishment. Waited a long time to get my child in to attend. They felt they knew what was better for my child then me the parent. They made poor decisions and lacked communication. They did refund my money which I’m sure was hard for them since that was more of a concern then rectifying their error. There are better establishments to place your child in, in the area. Look around first. Lots of empty promises made at PACA. No loyalty to parents and children to move on in their organization either. You could have your child enrolled for several years to find out they do t win “the lottery” to continue to their other schools.

Review №9

Great place to take your children! My daughter has been with them since she was 18 months old....she is now 11 years old. She was above her grade by the time she went into the public school system. Their VPK is above all others!!!

Review №10

I moved here and found this place when my last child needed a preK, this place impressed me the moment I walked in and the entire time she went there. I am very picky when it comes to my childs education and this place exceeded my expectations. Beyond superb academics, the social activities blew my mind with the extreme attention to details like turning the whole center into a Fairy Tale Ball complete with horse drawn (fancied up tractor with horse cut outs) carriages, and a great Santa Clause listening to kids wishes on his lap in front of a constructed Christmas house that the kids could walk into and do crafts, and all at no cost for the students to enjoy! Love the uniforms so there is no battle over clothes and kids can focus on academics. And we will miss the splash pad that she got to go visit every week! Go check this place out, lobby has books of photos of the kids past activities and check out their academic scores, rated near perfect. Cant wait to attend their K-6 school next year and watch them grow!

Review №11

Pineapple Cove Academy is one of the most impressive child care and early learning centers in Palm Bay. You must see it before you enroll your child at any other school. The staff is always friendly and easy to talk to.

Review №12

I wish I could leave zero stars. My summer camp experience has been horrible. It appears they do not have enough space to accommodate their summer camp program at the location that I enrolled in for after care so they bus them to another camp. I understood this at time of enrollment for the camp, however my child is not back at drop off location in a timely manner. They send kids on field trips with the only busses available, so even though my child was not in the field trip, I hade to wait over an hour for her to arrive back. They dont check the busses well, and several times my daughter was denied the chance to use the restroom because they didnt have time . I pulled her out and will never enroll any of my children again.

Review №13

My youngest is about to start here, and my oldest did really well with learning. The staff are great, and the owner is really hands on!

Review №14

Teachers and other staff very friendly, clean, good behaved children. My kids currently go here, love everyone here.

Review №15

My daughter absolutely loves going to school. Teachers and staff are great.

Review №16

ZERO STARS. Waste of money, dishonest, horrible teachers and staff, very sneaky. This place is supposed to be one of the top daycares in the area but it was nothing but a nightmare for my family. My daughter was severely injured several times from the staff not watching or paying attention, when I would ask to see the videos they would magically disappear or the administrator Nicole would be too busy to show me. Ive picked my daughter up with her eyes swollen shut without getting a phone call, picked her up with a sprained ankle to the point where she could not walk for 2 weeks (staff of course did not see what happened to her), a fever of 104 without them calling or reporting it to me, bruises and bumps on her head all the time. When I finally got a hold of a video I watched her falling off the back of a couch straight on her face. The staff saw her standing up on the couch and just stood there talking to each other when my daughter fell off the back of the couch face first, then lied to me about what happened when I came to pick her up. The staff is lazy, the ones who work up front are always gossiping to each other, the administrator is completely phoney, and the teachers do not watch the kids. I found out a teacher who worked in my daughters room didnt even have a valid license to be watching kids at a daycare. My daughter would come home with a soiled diaper, hands and face visibly dirty, clothes stained every single day because they dont put bibs on them during meal time. Kids walk around with lime green snot coming out of their nose on a daily basis, my daughter was sick every single week. Ive talked to other parents who have taken their kids outta this place and they tell me the same kinds of things that they have experienced. The stories from previous staff members who used to work there are just sick and unbelievable. They will put on an act when you walk through the door. Do not fall for it and stay away.

Review №17

Pineapple Cove Academy is a STELLAR establishment. It is full of warmth, kindness, and early educational excellence. PCA has been like a second home for my family for the past FIVE YEARS! We recently moved out of the area and I am devastated my children can no longer attend PCA. There are not enough words to describe the gratitude I have for the administrative staff and teachers here! My children thrived under the loving care they received at PCA. As a working mother, being away from my children during the day is incredibly difficult. However, at PCA I had the comfort of knowing they were in the best hands possible. When they were there I knew that they are safe, loved, learning and are surrounded by people who had their best interests at heart. I trust the staff of PCA with the two beings most precious to me in the entire world: my children. The comfort that trust provided me for half a decade is immeasurable, and I cannot thank them enough for this gift. If it were possible, I would have kept my children at Pineapple Cove though their entire elementary school years. If they would have opened a middle school or high school, I would have sent them there, too. If they founded a university, Id be first in line to send my children there for college. PCA is extraordinary!

Review №18

I am very proud of my son attends Academy I have nothing but good things to say about them. Hes two and a half years old and loves going to this place!

Review №19

Staff act very different when parents are gone, on multiple occasions I have walked in on employees blatantly using profanity around children.

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3.7 Rating
  • Address:1785 Eldron Blvd, Palm Bay, FL 32909, United States
  • Site:http://pineapplecoveacademy.com/
  • Phone:+1 321-723-8884
  • Preschool
  • Day care center
Working hours
  • Monday:Closed
  • Tuesday:6:30AM–6:30PM
  • Wednesday:6:30AM–6:30PM
  • Thursday:6:30AM–6:30PM
  • Friday:6:30AM–6:30PM
  • Saturday:6:30AM–6:30PM
  • Sunday:Closed
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