Johnny Rowlands Double Team Driving School
7590 151st St, Overland Park, KS 66223, United States
Johnny Rowlands Double Team Driving School

Review №1

My instructor was Roger Carson and he was phenomenal. Very friendly and always ready to answer questions. Great experience, great school. I definitely recommend this school to everybody.

Review №2

Mark and tim were such amazing teachers they made this whole experience as painless and uplifting as possible! Tim made the initial class day go by like a breeze and kept everything real and understandable. And Mark was such an amazing driving instructor, he kept the drives comfortable, calm, and well guided. Johnny Rowlands has made what I felt like the impossible possible and I will forever have nothing but good to say about this school!! Also ms Joan is so lovely and helpful!!

Review №3

This driving school was perfect. The class time (although our son complained about sitting in a classroom all day) was great and he learned a lot. We took the defensive driving session and he recited different lessons while driving with me. Mark Belton was his driving instructor and was AWESOME. His calm demeanor and great pointers made my son a more attentive driver and much better and confident in parking lots. Thank you for your professional staff. I would strongly recommend Johnny Rowlands Driving School to anybody!

Review №4

From scheduling to classes this place was top notch. Steve the driving instructor was fantastic and took great care of us. I would highly recommend.

Review №5

Excellent coaching by Mari Kucera.. really improved my driving skills … she is very kind and patient

Review №6

Coach Scott is very detailed and patient, a pleasure to work with. The virtual class was informational for our son and was completed with ease. Scheduling is a breeze and communication is great. This is our second child whos utilized the school.

Review №7

My son went through this driving school. He had a great experience working with Roger and Jim. Joan was extremely helpful, as well. They took him into much more challenging situations than I felt comfortable doing myself. He has become a very good driver.

Review №8

Im a CDL driver and my son learned what we learned. At a licensing place they made him so uncomfortable that he failed and the examiner made him pull over and drove back. I had been in the car with him and everything she said Id never witnessed. He was so upset he swore he would never drive and to sell his car he was bought. Because of Johnny Rowlands driving and Steve Ashe he completed the course and went and got his license today. Thanks Steve and Johnny and the rest of the staff for getting him confident again. I will be back with the younger kids as they are ready to drive.

Review №9

Just had someone almost hit my car today going down 69 south. Didn’t even look before merging into the far left lane where I was. It was not even a busy time like rush hour. It was about 7:20pm. As there was nobody in the passenger seat I can only assume it was an instructor. I’d probably think twice before sending your child to a place that has a complete lack of regard for others on the road.

Review №10

Our daughter had a great experience at Double Team Driving School! She felt like the class was fun and engaging, and her driving experiences with her instructor, Roger, really helped her feel more comfortable and prepared behind the wheel! I appreciate Roger for giving us updates on things to work on during family driving sessions between appointments. Highly recommend!

Review №11

My sons driving instructor was Roger C. I highly recommend him. He was excellent! Their website made it really easy to enroll and sign up for the private driving lessons. Thank you!

Review №12

I highly recommend Double Team Driving school. I began to teach my daughter to drive in a parking lot and you would have thought she had never even ridden in a car before. In a word she was terrible and of course she claimed I made her nervous. I may have raised my voice a little when she struck a curb in a large and completely empty parking lot.I was very nervous for her first lesson with an instructor and actually felt bad for what they were about to endure. The difference in her skill level after her first lesson was remarkable, and we could now drive on actual streets. Her confidence and skills increased dramatically after each lesson. My daughter now has her license and I will still be a nervous parent with her on the streets alone, but I am much more comfortable because of this school. Her driving instructor was Sabrina and she was excellent. I should also mention my daughter got to drive on all different types of roads and highways all over the KC metro area.Thanks Double Team Driving!

Review №13

We were referred to Double Team Driving School after being duped out of hundreds of dollars by Harder Driving School. Our son had only one driving lesson left before his test, but Harder closed up shop and left over 500 kids without completion of their course. Double Team Driving School went over every option with me, thoroughly, patiently, and with more understanding than I as expecting. After determining our son had enough driving experience that we did not need to enroll in another driving school, Joan again helped me navigate the next steps to take. I will be referring every family I know to Double Team Driving School. They have a true passion for new drivers and for the safety for everyone on the road.

Review №14

Double team made it easy to get my license. The classes were engaging, and Andrew was calm and put me at ease during my behind the wheel classes. I had been quite a nervous driver and am now finally getting my license.

Review №15

Roger Carson is now an instructor for Double Team Driving School!! You know his voice from 30+ years in radio and Worlds of Fun. He has the patience of a saint and that works well here! Johnny Rowlands is the owner and only Johnny has the unique perspective of seeing drivers mistakes from the air. The curriculum is enhanced by his knowledge and examples of the mistakes he has witnessed from above for years.

Review №16

This is a very good driving school. The coaches are all very nice, highly recommend coach Steve and Tracy.

Review №17

An amazing school with great instructors. It made my learning process go way faster.

Review №18

I think the school did a tremendous job. As most parents our kids have a hard time learning from us. It was nice to be able to have a way to have my daughter sit in a day long course, take three 2-hour driving sessions and come away with a certificate of completion she could take to the DMV to exchange for a license. It isnt cheap but I know she learned defensive driving tactics and I comforted by the fact that we didnt have to spend any Saturday or Sunday afternoons in the car yelling at each other. She is enjoying her new found freedom and I am grateful for the school. Highly recommend it and will be taking my other two kids there when they are of age!

Review №19

My daughter had a great experience and we appreciate Roger Carson and the time and patience he spent teaching her!

Review №20

I had a lot of fun with my instructor and I learned a lot in the classroom and on the road as well! 11/10 would recommend!

Review №21

Had a great time learning to drive with Andrew. Ive never meant a more easy going instructor and understanding as well as he was.

Review №22

We had a good experience with this program. Roger was especially a great driving instructor and was patient and very attentive with my beginner driver.

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