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Riegs Security & Training

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Best experience I have had in a long time. Thank about retaking classes.

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Outstanding training,Riegs Security & Training instructors are (more than 20 years) experienced professionals that will prepared you in the, legal, technical, psychological and practical trainings aspects needed to start a career in security or just to learn self-defence. The rest is up to you.I was happy to see that almost half of the students were females and they did pretty good, even performed better than some of us on the tests.The instructors make sure you are well informed and prepared. They do not give away license/certificates. Just to give you an example, not everyone in my class passed. However, if you demonstrate a real interest, want to learn and have discipline, youll definitely will learn and/or pass to obtain your license as a security officer.

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This is the best and only place for anyone to get their D. G or concealed liscence. Here you are trained correctly and all reputable businesses are more eager to hire you knowing you were trained at Reigs!! Reigs goes by the state laws that are required. Never get training from anyone else. Forget the rest .Reigs IS the best!!

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We stopped by to use the gun range and had an excellent experience. Everything we needed was inco. Nate and Corey were helpful professional. It was nice to be able to shop afterwards as well.

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Just finished getting my new gun. The staff was great to work with.

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If you want to take the armed or unarmed classes in security guard training i would 100 percent definitely suggest that you go to Riegs Security Training and sign up for their classes, you will not regret it.

Review №7

I want to school here for my D&G license. The best school and Frank is the best the instructor they make u fell like u are family they really care about the people that go to there classes and take care of u to make sure they send out ur information to all the companies they work with to make sure u can found work fast. Thank u guys for everything u guys are the best

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My boyfriend and I have gone here a couple times to shoot and we loved it because it was close to home. I signed my boyfriend up for the security class D (unarmed) on April 19th and called the lady that was partially in charge and she said she had him booked. I called a couple days before the class was supposed start to confirm that he was booked to be told that his name was not on the list, this was on April 30th. The lady then told me to tell him to go to the class either way so that he could see if they would still add him to the list, he went almost 2 hours early just to be ahead of the line and see if they would take him. They said they would and later on sent 10 people home, my boyfriend included. I got a call from the same lady apologizing and giving us a new date for the class and again we were okay with it we were being patient. My boyfriend and I finally agree to just get a refund because through the that whole hassle he finally got a job and didn’t need the license anymore. I called for a refund about 2-3 weeks ago never got it. I decided to call again last week May 26th, the lady shad apologized again saying it should’ve gone through or that she “forgot” and said she would put it on Justin’s desk. She then says it’ll have gone through by the end of the week. The end of the week goes by and no refund, Monday morning new week no refund. I called this weekend before Monday and she said Justin would be there on Monday, I came Monday he wasn’t there so I wasted gas for nothing. The next time I came the person in charge couldn’t even give me the check refund themselves they sent an associate to give it to me. No apology, nothing for the mess they gave us. Ever since I have not come here. I understand COVID is giving you guys a restriction with capacity but you guys are highly unorganized it’s ridiculous.

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The best in town...

Review №10

Awesome class dont think about it just do it great experience great instructor

Review №11

Great instructors for classes, great staff. Go here for your firearms and training needs

Review №12

Riegs has top notch instructors who are very professional. They teach a great D&G course.Do not waste your new talents working for Curtis Security Services. You will be very disappointed with what the Captain tells you and what actually happens. Read the company reviews on Indeed and Google and see what everyone has to say about Curtis.

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I went to this place initially for my G license. I didnt think Id leave with the experience I left with. The instructors are all great whether it was John the civilian instructor who was very detailed and patient while teaching me how to hold, load, and shoot properly or Kirby, Frank, and Jeremy the security officer instructors. These professionals are all full of experience and are eager to see you suceed and retain the words and lessons they impart on you. Kirby was my main instructor and his style is not for the sensitive, but the passion he puts into teaching is the best Ive ever seen in a teacher. 10/10 for the entire crew keeping this business alive. Ill be back for the Use of Force training when its available.

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Completed my class D and G security license classes there. Instructors Frank and Kirby are the best! The way they teach and don’t mind actually showing you was great. Don’t be afraid to ask question because these men are very educated in their field. I plan on going back for the use of force class.

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The training was precise very informational and legitimate, Sean, Frank, Jeremy really made you feel like apart of the team, as instructors you could see the caring value in their old hearts 😂 ah I needed to get that out Riegs has always been a great family ran business and they treat EVERYONE with respect so from me to you all AWESOME work and I wish them more great success. Maurice

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I can honestly say I had a great experience here!! in my D class with Jeremy we learned a lot about security and all the core parts great instructor for sure and along with My G course Sean M Kirby the instructor was very straight forward and on point with the Armed security course he was awesome! And along with Frank and Eileen and the staff team I recommend everyone to come check this location out if your looking into the security business they are great people very knowledgeable✅ greatly appreciate them for the education they provided Good business for sure I will be coming back for more advance training in the future now on to my journey to be a Security Officer ! God bless

Review №17

Riegs Is the Best hands down just finish my D Licence Training Class frank was funny and very honest with his teaching Ill be coming back for my G License for Sure ...thank You Frank

Review №18

Great experience Frank is very knowledgeable and experience in this field. Great instructor.

Review №19

I just finished up my G license class at Riegs. I have never had 3 days of training start and finish so fast in my entire life. I have been to other so called state of the art training centers in Orlando where the instructors basically brag about how incredible they are and then spend 3 days trying to drill information into your head. At Reigs you are their #1 priority. The instructors Frank, Sean and Jeremy, along with Eileen made the 3 day course fly by. The way they teach the course, is by example and experience. They dont just drill information into your head, but rather use situations, examples and real life scenarios along with the work book to help you easily learn what it takes to pass the written and range test. They are not in a rush like I have experienced in other training schools. At Riegs you can ask as many questions as you need, and they set up the class specifically so you arent afraid to ask questions. For students to whom English is a second language, that is not a problem. We had multiple students in our class to whom English was a second language. The instructors were patient, funny and challenging but made sure there was absolutely no language barrier allowing those student to successfully complete the training and get their licenses. On top of all of this, multiple security agencies stopped by introducing themselves to the students during break periods. Before the class was even complete for the G license people were being hired who currently had their D licenses right out of the class. Riegs reputation speaks for itself and its obvious it means a great deal to companies who are looking to hire new and current Security Officers. I guarantee if you give 100% and have a desire to become a licensed Security Officer in Florida, Riegs will work with you to make sure you are successful and fulfill your goals. Best of luck as you start your journey into Security!Jerry Malanych, Riegs G License Graduate.

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Reigs is the best!!!!! Thanks to Frank and sean for the best training and experience I highly recommend!!!

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Doing what I must do to get my Class D & Class G Security licenses.

Review №22

Great staff, tons of knoledge to share!

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This class was awesome... Very educational, and the teachers showed us real life events.. Awesome Teaching.. Never Got Bored..👍👍👍

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Instructors, informative, provided education, various scenarios for examples, no questions asked was not answered.

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May not be the most advanced, modern or up to date facility. But it reminds me of home. Its been broken in & full of pride. The staff is AMAZING. For those of u who hate the traditonal classroom setting, this is the place to go! Frank, Jeremy & Sean are awesome! They are a hands on, gloves off, tough love group of men. They turn their real life experiences into a great training technique. Yeah u can read from a book & get all the info u need. But its wayyyyyy better hearing & learning in another alternative. Well worth the money! Looking for ur D & G this is the place to be. I cant wait for the Use Of Force class!

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Is a good place to go

Review №27

Best staff great instructor Frank recommend highly for D &G . Will return in future for advance training

Review №28

Avoid the shenanigans.You should undoubtedly take your business to Brantley and Associates.On OBT you get what you pay for, one star quality. Place is a dump.

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Frank and Kirby are top notch instructors! A+++++++

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I was educated and had a good time.

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Great instructors.

Review №32

Horrible experience.!

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