UVU Testing Services
1165 W 800 S, Orem, UT 84058, United States
UVU Testing Services

Review №1

This place is a dump, some of the workers are nice but some money could be invested into this building/program to make it better. For how big and nice UVU is you would think that their testing center wouldnt be a smelly portable shared with the wrestling team. The testing center seems to have some seriously odd hours as well.

Review №2

Great service here. Nothing but the best when it comes to a quiet area to stress study right before a test.They do say they close at nine, but nobody is admitted to take a test unless it is before eight.

Review №3

They waste your time! one of their test proctors told me something, then the next time I came to take a test I was told that he hadnt told me that. Since they record all of the proctor conversations I called in to get a refund. They put me on and off hold for close to 45 min only to discover that I had indeed been telling the truth. They then basically said tough, we wont do anything to rectify our mistake and hung up after wasting my time while giving me hope that they would be honorable. Waste of time and hope that they would be an honorable institution.

Review №4

It sucks, it has a long line, unless you luck out and go at a time that most people are busy, its shoved to the side of campus and they dont even have a real help line. Like if you call to make sure about something they have no options, just a 3 minute list of directories that get increasingly pointless to hear about

Review №5

Said they offer all proctored tests at 8am. Nope. Starts at 930.... so now I just wasted the morning. Way to go UVU.

Review №6

My biggest issue with the testing center is their hours. They open late and close early, which is extremely inconvenient for students that also have jobs to schedule a time to take their required tests. I always have to get time off work to take my tests. For those that take night classes, you have to plan on taking your tests outside of your normal availability and theres no chance of trying to take them before work because they dont open until 11:00 A.M.Another big issue I have with the testing center is their check-in and check-out process. Its extremely inefficient. Even with no lines, you can expect at least fifteen minutes before you will actually be taking your test. They go through what seems like a twenty step check-in process just to get you to the lab if you are taking your test on a computer, then you have to wait for a proctor to assign you a computer and then wait for someone to enter a password so you can actually start taking your test. Then you have to wait in line again to leave the testing center. Ive never understood this process. I would think you should be able to just drop your things and leave, but instead they want to sit and chat with each student before they leave the building. If there is an issue, cant they just charge you for missing materials or contact you if there was an issue with grading? Theres nothing you can do by standing there staring at them as they grade scantrons and do who knows what.The lab is normally freezing (at least during the Summer) and Ive actually taken a small jacket just to take tests before. The one plus is that the labs are generally very quiet, unless you are there close to closing--which is always for me--in which case, they will be calling out how many minutes you have left to finish your test every minute to distract you and give you an anxiety attack.

Review №7

Disgusting dumpster. Stinks and is outdated. Looks like a homeless shelter. Even homeless shelters are better.

Review №8

Very professional testing center no distractions easy to use computers, short lines and very knowledgeable staff.

Review №9

Two days to take my final exam? At BYU, I had at 4-5 days! They also dont inform you of late fees in any way. I wasnt able to take my final on the first day of finals and I go to take it the second day, and they inform me i have to pay a fee to take my exam. I would have maybe been okay with it if in the reminder emails they sent stated when the late fees started.Also, during finals week I wish the hours were a little more accomadating. With the number of exams that need to be offered during finals, you think they could start at 8 or 9 am. 10 am during finals week?Going to take a test here is almost as bad as going through the TSA at the airport. This place makes BYUs testing center look like it has 5 star service (which it doesnt). I have also been shocked at how slow it is to get an exam. Poor service. Needs a serious revamp UVU.

Review №10

I feel like I am in a prison when I go here.

Review №11

Its a giant portable... That the track team practices in...

Review №12

Ghetto!! I feel like im in a DMV building from the 80s. This building needs to be torn down and rebuilt!

Review №13

They need to come up with a better system for waiting in line because the line goes out the door every testing day.

Review №14

Needs to be remodeled and be about 5x bigger than what it is now. Even BYUI has a way nicer testing center and UVU needs to update theirs asap

Review №15

They do their best to get you in quickly! :)

Review №16

I feel they do the best they can.

Review №17

They pull a Walmart where they only have like 2 people working when they could have 10. And the hours are ridiculous

Review №18

I cant believe UVU is ok with that building.

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