UVU Parking Services
936 S 400 W St, Orem, UT 84058, United States
Review №1

Wish I could give no stars. This review is in relation to the staff and not the parking itself. The lady over the phone treated my wife horribly, laughing at her for giving them her license plate because THEY didnt hear it correctly. And just repeatedly asked is the license plate already in the system until my wife had to stop explaining what was going on to answer her. Theyd be better off hiring no one, and just have a computer automated system...

Review №2

Terrible, terrible, terrible. They charge so much for college students who dont make a lot of money as is. There is no free parking on campus which is a joke. They are completely taking advantage of the system. Absolutely terrible service.

Review №3

I made a mistake when telling the person over the phone what my license plate number is. When I corrected myself she proceeded to laugh historically at me for my mistake.

Review №4

Absolute garbage. I got a ticket for parking in the institute parking lot WITH THE STICKERS ON THE BACK OF MY CAR. It takes 4 weeks to appeal it and if they decide to not give it to you, you have to pay the ticket + late fees + additional fines for paying late. Such a disgrace to UVU.

Review №5

Its part of were I work it ok could be better

Review №6

I got a BS ticket. When I was appealing it I toldI’m one semester from graduating and I am going on to make a lot of money with my degree. If they uphold this ticket I promise they won’t get a penny out of me when they ask for donations. I lost the appeal, so I hope they enjoy their $25 now because BYU will enjoy thousands in the future not UVU

Review №7

I’ve never had a problem with UVU parking the whole time I’ve been here; until today.As a married student, I don’t understand why you aren’t allowed to share a parking pass with your spouse. We’re both registered students, both pay full tuition and have purchased a parking pass upfront; We registered both our cars and aren’t trying to not pay for parking. Yet we can’t share our already overpriced parking pass?? They expect you to purchase TWO passes. Best part is the majority of the time we carpool, except one day a week because we both work (to pay for our education). Shocker. Another way for UVU to drain your bank account. WARNING to future married students.

Review №8

I can’t stand dishonesty. I appealed a case because I parked behind the Fulton library and they ticketed me for being in lot L6 which is across from the non-permit lot. So I appealed the case and then when I called their argument was that they had gps coordinates logging their truck at lot L6 where they cited me. That is not where I parked and the free parking lot is very close to that lot but I was parked across the entry way in the FREE lot. I paid for something I didn’t do and it’s beyond ridiculous. Next time you ticket someone maybe look up and verify that the lot sign is marked the same way it shows on your computer/gps. GPS isn’t always 100% reliable especially when the lots are that close together.

Review №9

Motorcycle parking is a joke. Even worse for parking my truck. Theres never any parking anywhere close to campus. I just got an $80 ticket for parking in a fenced off area (due to construction) 5 feet from the motorcycle parking area because the tiny Motorcycle Parking was packed and didnt have any room. Its not like I parked my motorcycle in the way of anything. Its a straight up crime to charge the amount for a parking pass only to get to school and realize there isnt any spots. Theyll find any and every way to suck more money out of us.

Review №10

I have so many tickets that I was booted. Brin (I hope I spelled that correctly) and Tina handled my case respectfully and politely, they also were willing to help me as much as they could within the bounds of their policies. Appreciate it

Review №11

I cannot believe that there are posters on campus suggesting that paying parking permit holders should ride UTA.... build us more parking lots/towers please. It is becoming my least favorite part of UVU to have to drive around for 15 minutes minimum per day to get lucky enough to get a stall.

Review №12

Had a hold on my registration even after I payed my ticket. My first ticket in the 3 years I have been at UVU and an appeal takes 4 weeks!!!! Probably not going to get into the classes I want all over a parking ticket at 8 PM. Who gives tickets that late!!

Review №13

While the campus is closed and so is the building don’t park in the handicap parking as a contractor or they will get all up in arms.

Review №14

Honestly such a joke dealing with UVU parking. You appeal a ticket for a mistake on their system, and they will still find a way to fine you for THEIR MISTAKE. Our parking passes were upped to 115 to pay for the UTA passes that NONE OF US USE. Such a joke of a university.

Review №15

The worst. Impossible to reason with or work with. Not helpful at all.

Review №16

What a joke of a way for the university to make extra money, though I had paid for a parking pass that covered two vehicles, they wouldnt work with me when I drove the second vehicle to school without registering it first. I hope they sleep well at night knowing they are coning poor college students out of money.

Review №17

Parking is never available. Why am I paying for a pass when I can never find a spot?! 0 Stars...

Review №18

Easy to find and parking is right out front. It usually empty when I have gone to get a parking pass.

Review №19

This department is a complete joke. I dont even understand why they have a phone number when theyre so useless. Ask for a supervisor and they dont have one. Totally incompetent.

Review №20

Scam. $115 for a parking pass? Is our tuition not enough payment already? What we really end up paying for is the policing of others! Eliminate parking services and the need to charge students for parking would also be eliminated.

Review №21

You guys are literally the worst

Review №22


1.7 Rating
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