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Schuetz Driving School

Review №1

Shuetz Driving School was excellent! It was so nice to have the classwork down in one day, and they were so prompt in scheduling and completing the driving time. My son felt very comfortable driving with Mark Schuetz and taught him a lot. I would recommend Schuetz Driving School to anyone!

Review №2

Just wanted to say THANK YOU for your great driving school! My daughter is driving with a lot more confidence and that makes the world of difference to us! Also, thanks for working around her busy sports schedule. I have younger children and I will not hesitate to send them back to you!5 stars for sure!

Review №3

We’ve used Schuetz Driving School for our two youngest and couldn’t think of a better investment. Everything from the in class instruction to the times out driving were meaningful, thorough, and professional. Thank you for making this such a positive experience. We greatly appreciate the time you give to ensure our children are “road ready”!

Review №4

I had no idea I needed the driving school! I thought I was teaching my daughter to drive effectively. However, after her lessons in the car, she had so much more confidence. I am thrilled with her driving now! Thank you so much Schuetz Driving School for all you do!

Review №5

Two youngest used Schuetz and both had a wonderful experience. Classroom instruction was easy to follow and effective. Driving portion of the course was easy to setup times that met our busy schedules. Highly recommended.

Review №6

My daughter had a great experience. The instruction in the classroom and on the road has definitely made her a safer and more confident driver. Mark did a great job explaining the importance of safe driving and rules of the road. The convenience of having the driving portion start and finish at our house was wonderful.

Review №7

Mark is extremely professional and an excellent communicator. He also makes the kids feel right at home and is an excellent instructor. He is always available for any questions your child or you might have. My daughter said it was a wonderful experience and we are recommending Mark to others and will definitely use again. We feel confident in her being ready. Highly highly recommend!!!

Review №8

My daughter was doing good at driving on her own. I wondered if she needed school. I am so glad I sent her to the driving school. After she returned, she had a lot more confidence. She had learned a few things I could not teach that really boosted her abilities on the road! I highly recommend Schuetz Driving School!

Review №9

Great locally owned company. We have sent two of our children to Schuetz and got great results with both. A lot of good feedback from the instructors on what we can work on at home to help them become better (safer) drivers. We have two younger children who will absolutely be going to Schuetz Driving School as well.

Review №10

Great experience, one full Saturday and 3, 2 hour driving sessions. This makes it easy on the learner, as they get a good amount of time in the vehicle and easy on your schedule. Mark and his staff were great!

Review №11

When my daughter turned 14 I wanted to give her as much time behind the wheel as I could before she was a solo driver. I knew immediately I would have her drivers training done by Schuetz Driving School. 5 years earlier they had trained my son and done an excellent job. They did a great job then and did a great job now! Thank you Schuetz!

Review №12

We used Scheutz for both of our girls. They have always been kind and quick to get the driving hours scheduled. I would recommend to anyone looking for a dependable driving school for their kiddos.

Review №13

Excellent service and communication. Mark is very professional and put my mind at ease with his instructional approach. My son liked how patient he was with him and it gave him more confidence to drive solo. Highly recommend this company to help your son or daughter begin their driving career!

Review №14

I wanted to thank Everyone at the school and to your amazing instructors.. You have instructed 2 of my boys. My youngest just completed his course Sunday April 25th, 2021!!! I must say that Driving Instructor Michael B. was amazing. THANK YOU Michael!!! My son Myzelle was nervous and wasnt sure what to expect and they clicked well and it was an amazing experience for my son. The positive words of encouragement really added so much confidence and value. I will continue to recommend Schuetz Driving School to my family and friends and anyone I know. If you are still operating when I have grandchildren (LONG TIME FROM NOW), I will send them here.. :-) THANK YOU AGAIN!!!

Review №15

The Schuetz Driving School did a phenomenal job with my 15 year old daughter.The class was excellent and the instruction was presented in a way that was easy to follow, and excel in.Once the classroom work was completed, the driving instruction was top notch as well.The instructor provides before and after updates after each driving lesson.It was very evident that this organization is committed to ensuring that their students excel, and that each parent is informed as to what their driver needs to work on.I would recommend this driving school to anyone. The Schuetz driving school is affordable, and is committed to ensuring new drivers are provided excellent instructions.So glad my daughter did this.Thanks Schuetz Driving School for your dedication and commitment to new drivers.

Review №16

Schuetz Driving School does such a great job. Mark is so organized and helps walk you through the process. He does a great job communicating everything your new driver is learning .

Review №17

I appreciated the prompt communication and thorough instruction given in both the class and the driving lessons. Mark was easy to work with and made driving a positive experience for our daughter.

Review №18

Have had 2 boys go through Schuetz Driving School and they are driving great! Thanks!

Review №19

My daughter started this driving school timid and very nervous to drive. After the 8 hour class I noticed much more confidence and willingness to get behind the wheel. After her first driving session she was begging to drive me around. She has learned so much and actually had fun learning to drive!

Review №20

Ian had a great experience with Mark - would highly recommend!!

Review №21

I highly recommend Schuetz for driving school! We were able to get our 2 teens in together and complete the driving when they were ready to drive. They learned so much and have much more confidence now!

Review №22

Found this through a recommendation and couldn’t be happier. I signed my 17 year old hesitant driver to get the additional behind the wheel practice and license. This is a great program at a great price. We were very happy with it.

Review №23

We were very happy with Mark Schuetz and felt very comfortable with him teaching our son. We highly recommend him to anyone who has a teen at the driving age!

Review №24

My daughter had a great experience, learned a lot, & feels much more confident behind the wheel now.

Review №25

Mark Schuetz runs an awesome driving school. He is prompt, thorough and really cares about the driver’s progression in the learning experience. Highly recommend!!

Review №26

My son and daughter learned a lot. I’ll be using Schuetz Driving school for my next two kids also. Very flexible on driving times as well. Highly recommend.

Review №27

Schuetz driving school was very effective in getting our daughter road ready. Great communication between teacher/coach and parents which provided us a clear picture of how well she was progressing.

Review №28

I sincerely appreciate the professionalism and courtesy shown to my daughter as a new driver. The convenience of having them drive to your home is second to none. I appreciate the organized lesson plans and driving schedule, therefore removing the guesswork of what comes next. I HIGHLY recommend Schuetz Driving School for anyone needing quality drivers education at a quality price.

Review №29

The whole experience was top notch. Great communication, great value, and a great course! They really worked with my daughter on parking and a few new things that I hadn’t thought of, like roundabouts and highway merging and exiting. We will be bringing our other kids back when the time comes.

Review №30

Mark is extremely professional and the kids enjoy him. He is a great teacher and I will be returning with my other children.

Review №31

Thanks to everyone at Schultz Driving school for the excellent instruction and patience in advancing my sons driving skills.He learned alot from Mark on paying attention to details while behind the wheel of an automobile.Mark does a great a job of organizing and getting the student everything they need to get there permits or licenses depending on what stage of driving they want to accomplish.Overall, its a fantastic program and you shouldnt go anywhere else.

Review №32

Very thorough, very patient, and very professional

Review №33

I loved going to Schuetz! My instructor was Mr. Hoke and he was awesome. In the classroom portion and on the road, you could tell that the number one priority really is long term safety. They do a great job of making your experience personal to your driving, as everyone has different strengths and weakesses. He was also very calm and patient while still being extremely helpful. I would recommend to any driver!

Review №34

Very good at helping with driving and making sure you have it down, they teach you everything that you could know about driving

Review №35

I highly recommend Schuetz Driving School! My daughter is now a confident driver thanks to Mark. He was professional and very detail oriented during training and reporting progress back to me. He provided all necessary documents for insurance discount and DMV. It was very convenient that Mark picked up my daughter and dropped her off at our house. Schuetz Driving School is the best in the area!

Review №36

Mark Schuetz was amazing to work with. I signed my son up for a certain day and the time slot I signed up for was overbooked. I called him and he accommodated my request and made sure we got the day we requested. He personally communicated with me every time and was always on time to pick my son up for driving. If he was going to be a few minutes late for the driving lesson he always communicated that to me. I would absolutely recommend Schuetz School because they care about all their drivers having a great experience.

Review №37

Our overall experience with Schuetz Driving School was excellent! Mark did a great job of putting my son at ease with driving. The process of completing the class work/written test and scheduling his drive time went super smooth! I would highly recommend Schuetz Driving School to my family and friends!

Review №38

I highly recommend Mark and his team. It was a great and thorough experience for my 15 year old son. Mark was great at follow up letting me know skills that were worked on as well as skills that need extra attention to help insure that my son is equipped to be a safe driver. Thank you Mark and team!

Review №39

Great job at giving my boy his first driving experiences! He was a bit timid at first but gained alot of confidence after the time he spent with the instructors there!

Review №40

Great overall experience by the instructors both classroom and driving.

Review №41

Schuetz is a fantastic driving school. They are thorough and patient with young drivers. I have sent two of my children through this program and recommend them often.

Review №42

Very comfortable driving with the instructor, I learned a lot and became more confident in my driving ability

Review №43

Mark and his team were fantastic. Have sent all my kids to his team and would do it again.

Review №44

Mark is an excellent and patient instructor. Additionally this is an excellent value for the amount of training and 1:1 driving instruction each student receives. We highly recommend Schuetz Driving School!!

Review №45

Mark Schuetz has provided drivers education for all 3 of my children over the past 7 years. I highly recommend his driving school for your educational needs. Great person and great business.

Review №46

Both of my kids went through Schuetz Driving School. Great value and very professional. Highly recommend. I have referred some of my friends and they had a great experience too. Now my kids are very good drivers.Thank you!!!!

Review №47

In the classroom portion, details were explained at a good pace and at a level of understanding for a new driver. Driving lessons were detailed and felt like the two 3 hour sessions were packed with new direction and learning experiences. Would recommend Schuetz to friends and family.

Review №48

I have had two children attend Schuetzs driving school and I am signing up my third for a fall class. The driving school is very professional and very quick to respond to any questions I had. My children felt very comfortable and at ease with their driving instructors. I highly recommend.

Review №49

We had the pleasure of having our daughter take the class and the 6 hours of hands on driving instruction with Mark Schuetz. We found Mark professional and very detailed oriented. He would explain in detail all of the different types of driving our daughter did each time he took her out. Now driving with my new driver, she mentions how Mark has shown her different situations, i.e parallel parking, highway driving, switching lanes safely, etc. We appreciate the specific detailed driving that she experienced with the Schuetz driving school.

Review №50

We highly recommend Schuetz Driving School. Two of my kids have gone through this driving school. Mark is great at explaining everything, not only to our kids but also to me after driving with them. He is patient and answered all my questions. I have recommended him to family and friends and they have all been impressed.

Review №51

We have had 2 teens go through this driving school, and we are very happy with the results. Mark and his employees were flexible and easy to work with. In addition, we received valuable input about our teenage drivers strong and weak areas. I would not go anywhere else in the area for drivers education classes!

Review №52

Schuetz Driving School is a wonderful program. So impressed with how organized and responsive Mark is throughout the signing up process to scheduling driving lessons. I feel confident my teen driver is prepared to start driving on her own! Best driving school in the area!

Review №53

Mark is a fantastic instructor and he is genuinely concerned about the safety and success of his students. My son enjoyed the class and and gained confidence on the road through private instruction. Class and road time and were convenient. I highly recommend Schuetz Driving School!

Review №54

This was our second child to go to the Schuetz Driving School. We will be sending our third there next year. Mark did a great job of working with our schedules and both of my kids had a very good experience driving with him. Highly recommend!

Review №55

First time using Schuetz Driving School and we will be sending our other two kiddos when it’s time. Our daughter learned a lot from our instructor/owner Mark. He was very patient with her and we appreciate his focus on safe driving skills. Very competitive pricing and you can’t beat pick up and drop off from your own home.

Review №56

Would highly recommend this driving school. Very thorough, efficient and easy to schedule classes and driving time. Mark is professional yet friendly and flexible. The class time and included driving time is well worth it. They also do extra driving time for an additional price if requested. This is very helpful in the process of preparing a teen to drive. All around great experience!!!

Review №57

Mark and his team did a fantastic job with the drivers education class as well as working with our family to schedule driving time for our daughter. Mark was always on-time and made sure he provided details to us regarding where they would be driving and also how she did when they finished. We had a great experience and I highly recommend Schuetz Driving School!

Review №58

My daughter feels more confident driving on highways after the lessons with Mr. Schuetz. He has a very calm demeanor and is great with teens.

Review №59

So glad we did this instead of waiting for drivers ed! The class was great, and scheduling and doing the driving went so smoothly! And Mark was great with answering any questions we had with our 1st time driver! Highly recommend!

Review №60

Mr Schuetz is very professional yet fun and chilled out for teenaged kids. Both of my son’s attended his school and were much better drivers after his class. Mr. Schuetz is very flexible. He is very knowledgeable on what the rules of the road are and everyday best practices. In a few years I will have one more son learning to drive and I will definitely send him to Mark.

Review №61

Great experience! My son completed the class and driving in 3 weeks. Simple, hassle-free pick-up and Mark gave me a detailed review after each driving session. Would definitely recommend! Thanks.

Review №62

Mark was very helpful with getting my son scheduled in a way that fit my son’s busy school and sports schedule. They were really good about responding quickly to my emails when I had questions. My son really enjoyed the one on one drive time that Mark provided. Mark also gave his really good feedback and tips for my son to continue to work on. We will use Schuetz Driving School again for my second son here in a couple of years!

Review №63

My second child to go through Schuetz Driving School has graduated! I would recommend this company to anyone who has a new driver needing to learn from the best. Easy to schedule and a very easy process for signing up. Mark is a great teacher and is very calm and patient. We had a kid who was very apprehensive to start behind the wheel, after going out with Mark she is very confident. As we practice on the roads she is always reciting what Mark taught her as she comes into situations. She even has started to correct some of my techniques 😬. If I could rate higher than a 5 I would!

Review №64

Great experience. Glad I chose to go here instead of the high school this summer. Very professional and my daughters driving skills have drastically improved. Thanks Mark

Review №65

Highly recommend using Schuetz Driving School for new drivers. Convenient class times for the in class session and driving instruction times that worked around our schedule. My new driver has a good foundation to be safe and confident on the road!

Review №66

Schuetz Driving School exceeded our expectations. They are organized, professional, and diligent. Their website is easy to navigate, which makes it easy to schedule a class, and they go above and beyond in customer service. My son said he learned and understood more through their class instruction than by studying the manual given by the dmv (which he found confusing). And he really enjoyed the driving portion with Mark! He said Mark was patient and did a really good job explaining what needed to be corrected, which Mark would recap with me so I knew how to help my son when I took him out driving. Start to finish this was a great experience and we can’t recommend them enough! Your teenager will be in great hands and better drivers through Schuetz Driving School!

Review №67

I just had two kids complete Drivers Ed with Schuetz Driving School.  This was a very positive experience for both of my kids.  They enjoyed the class, saying it was fun and very informational.  The driving portion was very convenient as each kid was picked up and dropped off from our house. Mark, the owner/instructor, updated me after each driving lesson on where they drove, what skills were worked on, and what needs further practice.   Since completing the course, Ive noticed a huge increase in confidence from both.  I highly recommend Schuetz Driving School.

Review №68

If youre wanting to really learn how to drive and all the traffic laws this is the place to go. Their instructors and the staff overall are very nice, patient people and they are committed to helping you succeed.I just got my license with them after various episodes I had to endure at the DMV over the years, thats why I recommend that if you are wanting to succeed in driving you come here first.

Review №69

We had a great experience with Schuetz driving school. Mark is a very professional instructor. He worked around our schedule and we received feedback after every session. I would highly recommend to anyone!

Review №70

Great driving school for my son and overall excellent experience! The instructor really took the time to teach practical driving skills during the driving instruction and was patient with my son. The cars were easy to drive and also included AC (something to check when you are looking into schools for your child!!). Weve used 2 other schools in the area, but by far this is our BEST experience! I highly recommend Schuetz Driving School!

Review №71

My daughter used Schuetz driving school and we are very impressed. The driving sessions were scheduled and completed within a few weeks after classroom instruction. The instructor was great about communicating what she worked on during each driving lesson. I would strongly recommend using Schuetz driving school.

Review №72

Great driving school. My daughter had driven a little bit before going to the school. However, she much more confident in driving. It was easy to sign her up for the classes and very helpful how the school helped with all of the paperwork to change to her license status from permit to restricted. Well definitely sign our other two children up when its time. Highly recommend the Schuetz Driving School.

Review №73

I have used a different company (Harder) in the past but Schuetz came highly recommended from a close friend. The cost was significantly lower and the experience was amazing. was Unlike other companies, Schuetz returned calls and texts, worked to get my son in as soon possible and knocked out the 3 (2 hour each) private driving lessons in just 4 days. My older son used Harder and it was definitely Harder with no return calls and it took almost 2 months to get the 3 driving sessions in.My son is very shy around strangers and his driving instructor, Mike, did an excellent job. Mike is a school teacher and a coach. He was able to get my son out of his shell almost immediately and my son really enjoyed the experience. The smile he had on his face after the first driving session was priceless. Mike spent extra time with my son and I to make sure we understood the process and that I, as a parent, was comfortable and involved in the process.Needles to say, I will be using Schuetz for my other 2 sons and I have recommended them to many friends.

Review №74

We have used Schuetz Driving School for all three of our children. We have been thrilled each time! Mark is so easy to work with and we felt he did a terrific job. I would recommend Schuetz Driving School to anyone.

Review №75

Weve now had two children go through the school, and have had a consistently fantastic experience. They are very thorough with both the classroom and driving experience, and we really like that they take the kids out multiple times, which gives them exposure to different driving situations and conditions. Mark and his team are so good with the kids, and they manage to make it both instructional and enjoyable.

Review №76

Mark Schuetz is a person of integrity. He has built this business on a great foundation. It is a good service to the public to have him and his staff teaching our teenagers responsibility on the road. I highly recommend Schuetz driving school.Our son just completed the course and learned a lot and gained confidence.

Review №77

We are so appreciative to Schuetz Driving School for the great experience. It was so nice to have Mark meet our son at a convenient location right after school for the driving portions. He also provided us with feedback after each time they drive to let us know how our son was progressing. I would highly recommend Schuetz Driving School to anyone looking for a professional, high-quality driving school.

Review №78

We love Schuetz driving school! Both of our daughters have taken Driver’s Ed with Mark and loved their experience. He is friendly, patient and a good driving instructor. Best part of his driving school is that he comes to your house to pick up your kid for the driving portion and drops them off when done.

Review №79

So pleased with our experience with Schuetz! My son had a tough time passing the drivers test on his own so we signed him up with Schuetz. The staff was fantastic and the one-on-one driving experience was exactly what he needed. Will definitely be sending my other two here.

Review №80

I have had three children go throughSchuetz driving school. My boy and girl twins just finished drivers ed with Mark. Mark is a knowledgeable and caring driving teacher. He was able to get my daughters 6 hrs in right before the start of school, so she was able to get her license and drive to school. I also liked how he reviewed with me where they drove and what they worked on during the two hours and what they needed to work on before they drove again. My kids had a good time and learned a lot from Mark. I would highly recommend Schuetz Driving School. Plus, it is less expensive than other driving schools and right here in Olathe.

Review №81

This is such a great driving school. My twin boys took the 8 hour class & they thought it was very helpful & informational. Then they come to your house to pick up your kids for the drive time. Its wonderful! They really enjoyed it & so did we!

Review №82

My daughter got Soo much out of Schuetz Driving School. Everything went so smoothly, the classroom experience and driving days where scheduled and in matter of a week or two completed. . She is such a confident driver after her lessons and I feel comfortable letting her start driving on her own much sooner then I thought I could. Thank you Mark. We will for sure refer your school onto everyone we know.

Review №83

Both of my kids took Drivers Ed from Schuetz Driving School and we could not be more pleased! Online registration was easy, they learned a lot and became more prepared drivers. I especially appreciated the kids being picked up and dropped off at home for the driving portion of the class! Thanks Mark Schuetz!

Review №84

We really liked Schuetz Driving School. My daughter was very comfortable driving with Mark as her instructor. He was very relaxed, played good music :D and gave her helpful driving tips. I appreciated the ease of signing her up for class, the quick turn around for scheduling driving time and Marks constructive feedback after each driving lesson. Mark is very friendly and professional!

Review №85

My daughter had a very good experience with Schuetz driving school. The class was very informative and they were very easy to work with on scheduling driving hours. The skills learned during the driving were very relevant. Definitely would recommend to others.

Review №86

Our 15 year old had very little driving experience and Mark help her ease into it. She is more confident behind the wheel! Mark was patient with her and she is now excited about driving.

Review №87

We were highly impressed with Schuetz driving school. Mark and his staff are extremely kind, helpful, knowledgeable and flexible.

Review №88

Schuetz Driving School exceeded our expectations! Our driving sessions were promptly scheduled just shortly after the classroom instruction. They worked very well around our daughter’s schedule. Our daughter feels a lot more comfortable driving since and says she learned a lot! Highly recommend Schuetz driving school!

Review №89

This driving school gave me a great learning experience! I learned so much in the class AND on the road. I would for sure recommend this company to friends of mine. They were so easy to work with! If I had to redo driving school I would definitely come here again!

Review №90

Good classroom training and excellent driving instruction for my son! Very organized. Good Money well spent!

Review №91

I would highly recommend Schuetz Driving School. They are very professional. When you get to the driving portion, they work hard to get you scheduled quickly and they were always on time. They explain after each driving time, what they covered and how our daughter did. She was very comfortable with the driver.

Review №92

My 15 year old daughter had a great experience with Mark. Made the process easy for both her and us. Very easy to work with on scheduling. Highly recommend.

Review №93

Schuetz driving school was great for our son. Mark took got our timid driver out on the road and turned him into to a confident driver. He has done great since then. He was prompt and the communication was great. He worked around our schedule to get his 6 hours of driving time in before school started. Definitely recommend!

Review №94

Mark Schuetz is 100% professional and provided excellent driving tips and techniques for our daughter. He was also very accommodating of our difficult summer schedule. His staff are also excellent and calm while driving on the road, offering calm and helpful advice to my daughter during her on-road portion of the course. Cant recommended highly enough!!

Review №95

Mark is a fantastic person to work with. Both of my kids have gone through his driving school and are great drivers and confident behind the wheel. Makes this mom feel a whole lot better when they are out and about without me.

Review №96

Great program! Our driving instructor was patient and encouraging -- helped our kids feel confident in their driving skills. We really appreciated the positive experience!

Review №97

Schuetz was fantastic to work with. The class was completed in a single day and then they worked around our schedule to setup the 3 2-hour driving sessions. After each session, we received feedback on what was practiced and any areas that needed further work. At the end, we received a certificate that can be used to get her license after a vision test and also to be used for insurance discounts. We will definitely use Schuetz for our next child.

Review №98

Mark was an excellent instructor. He gave my son confidence in his driving. He also worked with us and our hectic schedule to get the driving portion of the class completed. Highly recommend!

Review №99

Mark is fantastic to work with and put our son at ease immediately. The classroom was a good review for our new driver. It was easy to schedule the driving portion of the course and our son feels much more confident on the road. Would highly recommend the school!

Review №100

Our son truly enjoyed the class and the private driving lessons. He made several comments about how great instructor was. Definitely much better than the other driving school our other son werent to that was so unorganized. We will definitely recommend everyone to Schuetz driving school. Thanks Diane for the referral.

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