Childrens Lighthouse Olathe
14200 W 135th St, Olathe, KS 66062, United States
Childrens Lighthouse Olathe

Review №1

We absolutely love the infant and toddler center! This is our first foray into the daycare world so we were extremely apprehensive. It’s hard letting go of your children and trust that strangers will care for them and make them feel safe and loved. We knew this was the center for us after the initial walkthrough! The entire staff was so welcoming and warm. We loved the classroom sizes and the equipment inside and out. We loved how the curriculum encouraged age appropriate learning and independence. We loved how clean and tidy everything was. We loved everything and continue to enjoy our time with Children’s lighthouse, nearly a month in.

Review №2

My daughter loves Childrens Lighthouse and so do we! She gets the opportunity to take part in so many different activities each and every day! She is learning so much!

Review №3

We did not have a good experience at this center. It often felt that decisions were made based on what was easiest for the staff instead of what was best for the children.My youngest kept coming home with his pull-up absolutely soaked. We spoke to the director about the issue and he would still come home with his pull-up so full that it leaked onto his clothing. I dont think he was changed all day.My oldest had an accident and was too scared to tell his teacher because they would call him a baby (his words). He also spent 5 hours in poopy underwear (that I smelled immediately when I picked him up) that no one noticed.The teacher turnover rate is really high here. In the year that my kids were there, my oldest had 6 teachers I believe.Lastly, they changed their mask policy to some honor system with only a weeks notice and all of my questions were responded with a note this is our policy now, if you dont like it, you can leave. This, along with recurring issues we were having made it an easy decision to look elsewhere for daycare.I did give them an extra star for that Zono machine and how clean it is there.

Review №4

Our son Jack just loves going to school and is always excited to talk about it when he gets home. We have been so pleased with all his Teachers and everything he learns from them. Couldnt be happier with everything and about to start our 2nd child at Childrens Lighthouse as soon as I go back to work from maternity leave.

Review №5

For anyone interested in working with kiddos, you should highly consider this place!I thought after leaving the last daycare I was at, that I was done for good. I personally haven’t had the greatest experiences working in childcare, until I came to Children’s Lighthouse in Olathe. My work is appreciated, and does not go unnoticed. I am valued, and well taken care of. The staff is amazing, each teacher genuinely loves what they do. The management team is phenomenal and some of the best people I’ve ever met, the owner is hands down the best boss I’ve ever had, very involved in her business and extremely hard working. Children’s Lighthouse is the cleanest daycare I’ve ever stepped foot in, and is decorated so beautifully. This place is my second home, and my co-workers/ bosses are my second family.I am so blessed to be here, I can honestly say joining this team was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. So if your considering working in childcare, or bringing a child to daycare, this is the place to be! ❤️

Review №6

My son (2 yo) has been going to full time day care at Childrens Lighthouse Olathe since July and loves it. The teachers and staff are very friendly and helpful. You can qualify for absence days where you receive a partial or full refund on days your child does not attend daycare. Very reasonable weekly rates as well. Would recommend :)

Review №7

This place is a joke. Do not accept any “employment opportunities” from this employer. The atmosphere is toxic, the “management” is incompetent, and the children are violent toward each other with no interference from the pathetic staff.

Review №8

I love Children’s Lighthouse Olathe. The staff is friendly, the school is clean, and my kids are loved and cared for! I would highly recommend this place for families looking for good quality care!! ♥️

Review №9

Weve been going to Childrens Lighthouse for a while now, and our kids LOVE it. Our 2 year old always comes home and tells us how much fun she had with Miss Jordan and Jocelyn. They are always so friendly and take wonderful care of our kids. The facility is safe, secure, clean and well kept. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone needing childcare. They are fantastic!

Review №10

So friendly, only been there 3 days and my son is already learning so much and having so much fun. They got him on a great routine and schedule quickly, he adjusted easily. His first time ever in daycare and highly recommend. Love the camera options and online report to check easily!

Review №11

My son Grayson just started and we are loving it ! He loves his teacher Miss Ally ! He’s really adjusting and the entire staff has made his first daycare experience AMAZING!

Review №12

We absolutely love CLH and recommend it to anyone seeking quality childcare. The teachers are truly invested in our children’s learning and we appreciate the attentive directors. One of the things we love the most is the summer activity calendar! So much thought goes into the planning to ensure our children have a fun-filled summer with their friends. Thank you for all you do!

Review №13

Ive worked at childrens lighthouse for almost 3 years now! Ive worked at multiple daycares/ learning centers and this one by far is my favorite! Managment is always there to help with all my needs! The staff there are friendly and great to work with! Every one there cares about the children and their needs! This is my favorite school Ive had the privilege of working at! Im beyond grateful for everyone in the building! It is a great environment for the children! The cleanest learning center Ive ever seen! They go above and beyond to make sure each childs needs are met to prepare them for kindergarten. My 3 year old daughter has been going there for almost 3 years now too. She has learned so much due to their hands on learning! She knows almost every letter in the alphabet she can count to 20 and recognize each individual number! I would highly recommend this place!

Review №14

We absolutely love this school! Our seven month old son is thriving in the infant room. He has two amazing teachers that take care of his day-to-day needs while doing curriculum. We’re lucky to have such a top-notch school to take our son to. All of the teachers are like family to us. ❤️

Review №15

I have worked for Children’s lighthouse since October of 2019 and I am so proud to work with such amazing people who care so much about the children they teach! The management goes above and beyond for not only the kids, but the whole family. I love coming to work each day and being a part of not only helping kids learn, but having FUN!! My son comes in on his days off from kindergarten and I know when he comes, he’s always going to have a great time and he’s in good hands! It’s not just a place to bring your child while your at work, it’s like a big family!

Review №16

I absolutely love children’s lighthouse of Olathe! It’s a very clean environment with great staff! I never worry about my daughters safety while she is here. She is always learning new things and excited to get dropped off every morning ❤️

Review №17

Wow where to begin. The staff takes a vested interest in the childs well being and learning, working well with the parents for a great learning and growing environment for the child. When they say it takes a village to raise kids - it does and Lighthouse truly shows how much they care. We have been with them 3 years and very pleased with the communication, support and dedication it takes to manage a learning facility like this. Are there hiccups along the way, of course there is - we havent seen any but I have no doubt that if anything did arise that the communication and staff work hard to resolve all challenges.

Review №18

Clean and secure facility. Very friendly and attentive staff. Daily email updates on what everyones up to. They do a masterful job of blending structured learning and fun. This is exactly what we were looking for in a childcare facility. I highly recommend it!

Review №19

I worked here for almost a year. Directors were nice, but pushovers. I could tell them about problems I was having and would very seldom get help with it. Had a child get moved to my class 4 months early due to their parent seeing her old teacher hurt another student (13 month old) and the teacher wasnt fired for it. Then found out later the same teacher hurt one of the directors kids and the owner refused to fire the teacher so the director pulled her child and quit. Thats sad. This is why I could never send my child to daycare. Said teacher and I didnt get along and if she could do that to a DIRECTORS child, who knows what she would do to the child of someone she hated and still not be fired for it.

Review №20

My two children have been going here for two years and we could not be happier with how the experience has been. Through multiple classrooms for both kiddos we have never had an issue. Both my children have grown and learned so much from the amazing staff. They both love going to school and love their teachers. Would highly recommend Children’s Lighthouse.

Review №21

We toured this place today after a previous tour to another facility. It is extremely clean, smells amazing but what we saw and heard was disturbing. One of the teachers was pulling a kid by his arm. Then did it again. As the front office employee was talking to us in the hallway about the room, we could hear another teacher in the older kids room screaming at the kids. Not yelling, but screaming that they didn’t deserve another treat. We waited until we got back to the car to talk about what actually happened in there. If I was a parent I would be extremely concerned for whoever is taking care of their children in the far classroom down the hall!! We both looked at each other and both agreed that we would never in a million years take our kid there. They should definitely get rid of that rude lady that was screaming at those poor kids. I should’ve said something when it happens but I was in complete shock and the lady giving us a tour should’ve fired that employee as soon as it was closing time!!

Review №22

The staff goes above and beyond to make my kids feel welcome and safe. From the moment you walk in the building and are greeted by the friendly and knowledgeable faces at the front desk to the cook who takes extra time to give the kids snuggles when she drops off their meal this place is warm and inviting and we love it.

Review №23

I’ve worked at lighthouse for about 6 months now and i love it! all the staff are super awesome with each other and the kids, and we’re all like a little family! staff is super professional and managers do so much for the families, kids, and staff. it’s such a fun and loving environment to be in! :)

Review №24

I came to Children’s Lighthouse in desperation. We needed childcare for our 4 month old. As any parent I was nervous to leave him in the care of someone else. I have been blown away by his teachers. They are gentle, compassionate, and truly care for even the littles ones. They work on meeting milestones and create a rich environment for him to learn in. I’m thankful for the peace of mind Children’s Lighthouse gives me.

Review №25

We have been taking my kids age 4 and 3 since August 2018. Childrens lighthouse have been nothing but amazing for then and me. Staff is very approachable and friendly.

Review №26

We love CLH!!! They have been a blessing to our family and take great care of little one!

Review №27

I feel comfortable having my child there. Both my preschool son and school age daughter enjoy it.

Review №28

My daughter has been attending Childrens Lighthouse since September 2019 and she loves her teachers!! Very clean place and the staff is always friendly!

Review №29

We absolutely love Aspen, Sandy and all of the teachers at Childrens Lighthouse! They have fun and educational activities every day for our kids. Every teacher is so upbeat, caring and does a great job teaching our kids. They are personally involved with every child. It is so nice to feel safe and secure knowing your kids are in the best possible hands in a top notch facility! Also being able to log in and watch your kids throughout the day is a huge bonus for peace of mind.

Review №30

My daughter loves attending Childrens Lighthouse. Between the on-the-spot updates about her day and the genuine warmth of the teachers and staff, I couldnt have found a better place for my munchkin.

Review №31

This is my sons first time away from home since he was born and he loves these women! He waves bye to me every morning and runs to miss Montanna with open arms.

Review №32

My son has been going to the Lighthouse for almost a year now and he absolutely loves it! Drop off is one thing I never have to worry about. He’s always excited to see his teachers and friends and it makes me feel good to know he’s making real connections there throughout the day. The daily report is amazing since it’s done through tadpoles I can kinda spy on him throughout the day, see what he’s learning, eating, diaper changes, outside time and more. They also send adorable pictures throughout the day of my son learning and I love that! Since he’s been attending he knows all of his numbers 1-10, ABC’s and animal sounds. Their curriculum is outstanding and I believe that’s why he’s learned so much this past year. The management and teachers are always friendly and very helpful with any questions or concerns I might have!

Review №33

Extremely happy with our experience with Childrens Lighthouse. Staff is very friendly and caring, always smiling and ready to give hugs to sad kiddos saying bye to mom or dad. We feel very good knowing our daughter is in a safe and caring environment during the week.

Review №34

Allegations of abuse against your child are not treated seriously or promptly. The owner is smug and extremely deceitful. When questioned about her lies, she continues to lie instead of addressing the issues at hand. My baby was shaken by one of her providers in their toddler room. She wouldnt even take the time to meet with me with any sense of urgency. Her focus was on other matter and not that of my two year old who was shook while in her facility.

Review №35

Childrens Lighthouse is by far the best place around! My children are always excited to go, as each day is filled with a wide variety of fun activities. The teachers are educated and want to teach the kids. The facility is also top notch! I highly recommend sending your children here!

Review №36

My grandbabies have been going to The Childrens Lighthouse for approximately 2 years now and they have learned a lot, they love to go to their school and they absolutely adore their teachers.The staff is very competent and friendly . The environment is very clean and safe.I definitely recommend The Childrens Lighthouse.

Review №37

I dont understand why some of the people here shout out on management. They are as good as they supposed to be. If you are lucky enough with the teachers this is a great place for your child. (by saying lucky it seems like there is a quite turn around time like in any other job in the service industry otherwise 90% of the teachers and care takers are great and they know what they are doing) I always thought my daughter started little later than most of the other kids but improvement and little anticipation time was phenomenal. Luckily she had the best teacher combo of the facility and it went great. They have the most age appropriate learning tools, always clean, informational and up to date. It is a learning center rather than a classic daycare concept. More than two years and no major problems at all.

Review №38

Excellent staff and curriculum. Would highly recommend!

Review №39

If you dont mind signing incident reports, this place is for you. We had 17 biting issues in 6 months. Worst part was that it was the same little girl 15 of those times. Was she kicked out? Nope. Worksheet after worksheet, new staff every week, but most importantly child safety issues. Please consider other options

Review №40

Childrens Lighthouse in Olathe is our favorite so far around the area. Our son loves going to school and comes home happy every day. The teachers weve had are all nice and caring, and my son tells me they are/were his favorites in each class room he has been in. The facility is clean and well maintained, and it is a few blocks away from our house so it cant be better!

Review №41

Childrens Lighthouse Learning Center is a PHENOMENAL early learning center. My daughter is 8 months old and I love that I drop her off and I know that she is going to be well taken care of. Her teachers are fantastic. They take tons of pictures of her and send them to me through out the day. I receive an email once Ive picked her up for the day with all of the information about her day. They tell me everything about what she ate, when she slept, when she had her diaper changed, and what activities she enjoyed that day. They even have PB&J TV, which is a live feed video monitoring system that I can log into each day so I can see my daughter in her classroom! What a wonderful feature! They have an open door policy, so I can go and see her on my lunch breaks, bring her in late, or pick her up early. Its so nice to have the freedom to see her whenever my schedule allows it.Not only are the classrooms clean and safe, but the management team is amazing. They are always so helpful, quick to assist me with anything I need, and I can tell they truly love each family that attends Childrens Lighthouse. Im not sure what these other parents are talking about...Ive received nothing but great customer service from every single employee at Childrens Lighthouse.I dont feel like Childrens Lighthouse is just a child care center...its a big family. I couldnt imagine leaving my daughter with ANYONE else.

Review №42

What an amazing staff that honestly cares about my son. He loves the time he spends there. Special shout out to our teacher Sarah. She is great!

Review №43

CLH has been a great place for our baby! They have been attentive to her needs, supportive of all routines that we have at home, and have shown her lots of love in the 7 months we have been there.

Review №44

Every day my daughter comes home from her preschool excited to tell me about her teachers, her friends, and all the fun activities she had throughout the day. Its refreshing to know that your child loves her school and as parents that gives me a peace of mind that she is being taken care of without needing to worry about it.

Review №45

They are very helpful and have great teachers. We have two children there and very day both have a day full of activities. They are excited about going to Lighthouse and always talk about the great activites they completed each day. I would highly recommend Lighthouse to anyone looking for outstanding care for their children.

Review №46

Our daughter loves this place!

Review №47

Do not take your children to the infant room. The staff is absolutely neglectful and lazy. Back at the end of May my wife and I were moving and so we wanted a daycare that was closer to home and decided on CLH as it seemed to be clean and from what we saw the staff seemed nice. However things drastically went down hill after our 6 month old started. First off our son is prone to getting ear infections and we had asked the staff to make sure he received his medicine and if they could suction out his nose because he had a bit of a cold. We told them his nose bulb was in his bag. To our surprise this wasnt happening. We were told he spit out his medicine so we just didnt give him anymore and we dont know how much he got. When I asked why we didnt receive a call it seemed like that had never occurred to them. Also when we asked if his nose was suctioned out they said no they couldnt find his nose bulb it in his bag. I opened the bag up and it was right on top. A few more incidents occurred such as bottles not being fed to him diaper changes not being recorded and his sleep patterns not documented. However the final straw came when his grandmother came to pick him up. To provide a little background my wife and I started to become increasingly wary of the services that were being provided. Wed pick our son up and he would sleep for almost 4 hours, he always had bags under his eyes and he just seemed like he was exhausted. Weirdly whenever we came to pick him up it always seemed like a staff member was holding him. So when grandma came in to get him we found out what had really been happening. All these children were sitting on the floor playing while one employee was sitting on the ground. Behind her trying to crawl into her to get her attention was my son laying face down and screaming. His voice was horse and his face was beat red as if hed been crying for a long time. When my mother picked him up and asked why her grandson was like this they rudely said hes having a hard to not being held. Hes six months old and no not a single other employee was engaged with a child. They then asked who she was and when she told them they had this oh weve been caught look on their face. Even worse when we told them we were pulling our son out they wouldnt let my wife go back to get his stuff. They went back and brought back about a third of his stuff and we had to keep telling them he was missing stuff and then they would go back and get it. It almost felt like they were trying to keep it. The staff was incredibly rude and lackadaisical.

Review №48

My two boys go to Childrens Lighthouse and we absolutely love it. I cant begin to tell you how much we adore our sons teachers. My first child started attending when the school opened, and both of our children are currently at the smaller building.My two year old has been at Childrens Lighthouse since they opened and he attended a well-known, well-respected daycare before that we werent happy with. I was honestly bothered leaving my son at his first daycare, so he began at Childrens Lighthouse as soon as they opened when he was 10 months old. Ive been very pleased with all of the teachers he has had, and I think the world of his teachers in the two year old room. My son is very particular and he sometimes has a difficult time socializing, but his teachers are incredibly patient and nurturing. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Ms. Amber and Ms. Andrea, and Ive seen so many improvements with my son. He is learning so much! My two year old can count to fifteen-- and mumbles to 20 :) and hes known all of his colors for at least six months now and his favorite shape is an oval-- or diamond-- it depends on the day. He even told me what a hexagon is... My two year old knows what a hexagon is! Most importantly, though, his teachers really care about him. They make sure he feels secure and loved, and I cant put a price on that.My 9 month old son has been at Childrens Lighthouse since he was 2.5 months old. His teachers, Ms. Devin and Ms. Gabby, are amazing. My little boy is so loved. When my husband and I take him to his classroom, he gets the biggest grin on his face when he sees Ms. Devin. That in itself says so much about the care he receives. The communication his teachers provide is exceptional, and Im just beside myself with the artwork they send home with us. Plus, my son has been able to sign milk since he was 8 months old! Ive been delighted with both infant rooms since he started.And lastly, I am so impressed with the management. Ms. Christina and Ms. Sarah both have a special place in our hearts. When I was due with my second child, we didnt have family in state to help us with our first son during delivery, but Ms. Christina worked with us and was so flexible and understanding of our situation. Theres not a day that goes by that I dont look forward to seeing Ms. Christina and Ms. Sarah and chatting with them. They are like family to us. Theyre witnesses to both my children growing up, and they know us as a family. I cant describe that level of comfort but it means the world.

Review №49

Friendly staff and our kids enjoy the activities!

Review №50

We have been very impressed with our experience at Childrens Lighthouse. The staff are friendly, kind, and care about our child. Without a doubt I would highly recommend Childrens Lighthouse to anyone.

Review №51

I came here to do my observation hours in the two year old room in January and I was not happy with the staff. They had a two year old that was trying to climb onto a kitchen set and as an observer it is not my job to watch their kids, my job is to watch the teachers watch their kids. After one of the teachers caught the child, a staff member went up to me and told me that I should have done something. I was baffled that I was the one who got lectured and not the teachers who were busy talking about who is going home and who is going on break. This also shows that they are not good at multitasking (talking and working at the same time) Another teacher while working in there was saying how she was not suited for working in that room and why she had to be in there. Something she shouldnt say with an observer or a guest in there. I have been wanting to call this place the day after I left but now just thinking back I want to write a review and hopefully their staff will use this as an example or a lesson on how they should treat their observers and staffs.

Review №52

The teachers and directors at CLH are very passionate about what they do! Their curriculum and activities provide a wonderful foundation for pre-K skills she will learn down the road! My daughter is engaged in learning activities that are developmentally appropriate, and FUN for the ENTIRE DAY!!! Most importantly it is a safe and caring environment for my little girl! We couldnt be happier with the experience our daughter is having at CLH!!

Review №53

I hated this place. they are so into themselves and more about their appearance then the kids. I found the uniforms entertaining and tidy and the facility was very clean but if i saw people cleaning up every 5 min how is my child supposed to be a child if they have nothing to play with. the younger children look like all they do is sit around no actual curriculum was being taught even though they claimed that it was. i think a lot of the directors where there for show. this place looked like a military camp. i want my child to be a child not neglected of that. they have a teacher in the older kids classes that i heard screaming down the hall when i toured. the way she was handling the kids was also unacceptable.

Review №54

We absolutely love CLH -- Great teachers, clean, and professional. CLH never disappoints with all the fun learning activities for the children. Highly recommend CLH!

Review №55

We could not be happier with Childrens Lighthouse. Aspen, Sandy, and staff have created a warm environment for both learning and having fun. Every classroom has the most up to date age appropriate learning tools. The themes put any other child care facility to shame. I would be hesitant to call this day care because this place is so much more than just a day care for all of the age groups. Our child has been with Aspen and Sandy since she was 2. She is now in 1st grade, but we return for the summer camp because no one plans a better summer camp than these ladies. You can tour other facilities before you tour this one, but you wont tour another one afterwards!

Review №56

This is by far the best place to send your child for education and care. My daughter has been there for almost 2 years now and she absolutely loves it! It is so clean and refreshing, all the staff are so responsive and supportive. When I had problems potty training my daughter, the entire administration team came together to help and within a week she was potty trained! The teachers are just amazing, they love their students so much and they build on the kids strength to help them grow and learn. Their curriculum is geared to help the kids build confidence and be ready to start school and the variety of the additional activities that they bring in is great, they have dance classes, gymbus, happy feet, karate... To name the least and thats on top of their already filled ernirchment classes that include Spanish, cooking classes, yoga, and much more! I couldnt have chosen a better place to send my child with such a peace of mind.

Review №57

I would never, ever recommend this daycare to a friend...or anyone.We were here for two years, in which time we had phenomenal luck with our teachers. Truly some of the best teachers ever who were an amazing team with us, and so loved our daughter. Unfortunately, the way management treats people has managed to lose these teachers, as well as our family. Theyve gone seriously downhill in the last six months.Management is a deal breaker, which applies to all three of their facilities. They are not a team with your family, they will dictate what they think is best and treat you poorly if you EVER bring up an issue or make a request. So think long and hard before you do.They refused to help us potty train at 19 month old, despite our child showing all signs, because they did not want to utilize the bathroom IN THE CLASSROOM as a bathroom. It was being used as storage. The handbook stated they would help, the classroom was built to do it, but management had no desire to help on this occasion. We had multiple conversations with Sandy and Aspen that ended in them being extremely hateful both towards my husband and I. Aspen also brought up a Facebook post I posted to a private moms group, asking for advice on the situation. The post had been shared with her, and she strong armed me to remove it. Talking about Facebook in a meeting meant for us to discuss my child whom I was paying them to care for - laughable. She told us pushing potty training with my daughter would lead to traumatizing her of the potty and a life of UTIs. Aka, we dont want to do it, so we will scare you out of it. We had so many experiences with them directly that were handled so poorly and unprofessionally. Daycare should not be about drama and rude people. It should be about forming a team around your child.They send extremely unprofessional emails to parents, including telling parents that they will not tolerate negative comments about their business. Newsflash. Youre in customer service. Treat your customers better and you wont have a problem.They wont allow teachers to babysit or be friends with families. If they are, they pay for it at work. Ive learned a telltale sign of the quality of a daycare is how they treat their teachers - which drives the nail in the coffin here.I thought maybe they just didnt like our family, until I started running into other families with the same response - oh good! I swore they just didnt like our family. Pretty awful way to treat people who pay an arm and a leg for you to care for their biggest blessings.The facility is nice, with the purpose of drawing you in. Just remember, your kiddos dont care about the newest building and nicest toys.Also - be skeptical of any business where management themselves leaves positive google reviews....

Review №58

Its a beautiful place. But thats about it.When I toured this place last year, I was impressed with what seemed to be a very organized and clean environment.There were no spots available for my baby then, so I went to a different daycare that was super close by and had a spot available while I waited for one to open up at this place. They spoiled me rotten at the temporary daycare, where my infant daughter was involved in many activities, such as sign language, yoga, had books read to her, was encouraged to explore materials and also interacted with different babies at different stages, but all under one year old. She loved the hustle-and-bustle, the teachers at the temporary school loved her and I trusted them.One week before I moved her to Childrens Lighthouse I got an e-mail saying that my baby was going to start at the facility right next door - which was in a strip mall. No one ASKED if I wanted to be there, they just assigned her there.After a few e-mails back and forth, they finally asked me whether Id like my baby to stay at the main building and I agreed, but by this time I was already somewhat leery of the place.I arrived in the morning to drop her off, told them her schedule, what she liked, left her bottles and signed up for the webcasting so I could keep an eye on things. It broke my heart to see that none of the fun activities she had at the temporary school happened here. She was given a couple of toys, but most of the time she was in a bouncy chair or a swing, and she was almost sitting up.So when I went to pick her up, and when I arrived she was lying on the floor bawling her eyes out while the care provider talked to another mom. That made me mad - I spent a couple of minutes trying to calm my baby down. I also got one full bottle back, which later made me realize that they were giving her the same bottle over and over again until she finished it - a BIG NO-NO, since breastmilk and formula should be discarded after 1h if it touches a babys mouth. Dont they know this? So they kept re-heating and feeding the same bottle over and over? Also, the daily report I got was always missing things, like naps and diaper changes - it also never had any notes on what my kid was learning (unlike the report I got at the temporary school).On the following day, I asked the main caregiver about books, sign language, yoga and all the other activities, to which I got vague answers (oh, yeah, I can give her books). I also explained to her about diapering - I use baby powder and only use diaper cream when it seems like she has diaper rash.After watching the webcam that day I realized that I DID NOT want my baby to go there - it took me two days and that was it. So I got in touch with the temporary daycare to see if I could take her back and the owner actually worked something out for me, which made the temporary daycare go up even more in my esteem.The daily report I got was always missing things, like naps and diaper changes - it also never had any notes on what my kid was learning (unlike the report I got at the temporary school).My baby stayed at Childrens Lighthouse for two weeks, since I had to give 2 weeks notice in order to leave. So when I went to pick my baby and her things up from Childrens Lighhouse, they forgot to return the baby powder. When I went to pick it up, I asked the main care provider if she had ever used it and she said no - proof that she did not listen when I explained how we diapered our baby at home.I wish they would invest more in staff training and also learn not to just inform people of changes, but actually ask them what theyd like to do.

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  • Wednesday:6:30AM–6PM
  • Thursday:6:30AM–6PM
  • Friday:6:30AM–6PM
  • Saturday:Closed
  • Sunday:Closed
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