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Review №1

Thank you Olivia and Ian in the print department for their help with a poster of my cousins daughter for the Out of the Darkness suicide prevention walk in Lansing tomorrow! I really appreciate your help over the phone, in person, and your glowing personalities and customer service skillz!

Review №2

Very clean store, complying with COVID guidelines. Everyone wore a mask and inventory seemed to be stocked above average. However, my trip was regarding the printing of business cards. This is a service they offer in store. (100 cards for $10, great deal) I dealt with Ian who helped me out. I came in at 7:46pm and they close at 8:00pm. Ian was a bit apprehensive of printing my business cards tonight, with the reasoning they close soon. Regardless he still assisted me and ensured my business cards were cut with perfect precision. Literally. His dedicated customer service extended in the stores after hours. Employees like this deserve recognition.

Review №3

This place is super clean and i like the new office space. Quitin helped me out woth shipping and was very impressed with his professionalsim and customer service. He helped me out in a system he wasnt comfortable in, but i thought did a great job. Id recommend this place for office supplies and for shopping. Customer service is great and the new place is excellent.

Review №4

Ian was super helpful on the phone and helping me print things!! Super kind!

Review №5

I had 50 specialized, foil embossed, heavy stock certificates that I needed printing on one side, on 37 of them, from a file I had ready to go. I cannot get more blanks and they are for a high profile event 3 days from today.They ruined 2 by selecting the wrong paper weight. Then they ran a blank to make sure the certificates were oriented correctly. They were not. So she ran another to get it right. She took the stack of blank certificates and I asked her to run ONLY ONE to ensure they were oriented properly as she seemed to not be sure on how to load the tray properly. She ran the whole stack, walked away..and then I heard her loudly exclaim, Oh, NO! They were all upside down (180° out). She put them in the tray wrong...all of them. She tried to insult my intelligence by saying it was a machine error. For one-sided printing, the copier will not rotate the paper. She loaded it wrong.At first, she was blase about it. Sorry...not sorry..not her fault. Sh*t happens. Then her supervisor came over. The supervisor said there was nothing they could do but did pay me for the cost of the specialized certificates, offered to run them on glossy stock (but they would not have the foil or the marble background, and, they would be a little blurry. Great. She said that is all they were allowed to do but, at least I could have something to hand out while I waited 4 weeks to get more special certificates...then I could have them printed and mail them to the recipients. Great. No consideration for that costing me $100 in shipping.With the 11 certificates they did not mess up, I asked to have them printed at no charge...and 2 more came out printed wrong (this time it was because of a paper jam). The inept employee did not review the job and I discovered the error. I now began to feel as I was being treated as a disgruntled customer with no basis for being upset. Their mission was to just dismiss me and get me out of the store so they could sweep the situation under the rug.Then, when I went to get my flash drive, the supervisor and inept employee were laughing about the situation. Really? Glad they find their blatant ineptitude and unacceptable customer service, so humorous.For a business that wants your business for printing...I advise going elsewhere.

Review №6

I did NOT receive a tracking number for my package. I called on my package on memorial day and was told it would be delivered by postal services the following day due to the holiday. The following day arrived and no package. I called and the rep. said it was delivered on memorial day. I asked her who delivered it and she said DTS. Who is DTS and why was I told the postal service would deliver my package? Secondly, I was told it was signed for. My clubhouse is closed due to the pandemic so who signed for my package? I was home ALL DAY memorial day and there were NO deliveries! I want an investigation. I deserve to know if there is something going on in my area with packages...or perhaps with your DTS delivery company. Why would it not go through to USPS or UPS..etcUpdate: I received an email that stated I was refunded. Thank you for my refund but I want to know who took my package. I was told an investigation would be started and I would be informed but that hasnt happened. I have 2 other orders on the way and I dont want the same thing to happen!

Review №7

Great place to shop for all office related merchandise. Good copy and fax service. I havent used their shipping or printing services, Ive heard very good things about them. I also like their newer store.

Review №8

Finally The Google gave me a corrected business location. The Google thought I had visited the Best Buy. Office Depot is a brand new store that moved from the west end to the east end of the same strip mall. Its next to Best Buy in eather the old & new location. The new Office Depot store is a big improvement over the old store. Service was good on this visit.

Review №9

I’ve been coming here for years. In the last six months the woman behind the print copy desk has been flat out rude. Not helpful, and has now turned me into going to a different place. Thankfully I found a Staples that’s only about 10 minutes away. And they were able to get me in immediately and be extremely helpful.

Review №10

This is specific to the Copymax. Ordered some custom playing cards to be printed. The online order form didnt give the option to cut exactly how the cards were laid out so I had them cut what they could and expected to finish the rest by myself. They cut everything perfectly without being asked! Saved me hours of cutting and clean up. So thankful!

Review №11

I purchased an office chair and I was amazed at the amount of displays that they had it was over and I think by 35 different chairs and I was able to get one that I was quite comfortable with

Review №12

I was not satisfied with the printing/paper department. Needed a few course packs bound, was told it would take at least a day to complete. So I left them there and came back about 48 hours later at the time they said theyd be done by. I show up, and they seemed to have forgotten about them- told me it would be another 15-20 minutes to get them done. I came back 20 minutes later...still not done. Was told Oh another 10 minutes. Long story short, I waited for nearly an hour after that for them to be done (and they only had one other client besides me there). Very frustrating and a waste of my time.I dont understand the point of me dropping them off for 2 days if they didnt utilize any of that time to get it done. They seem inefficient and lack a sense of time or urgency.Next time will drive the extra couple of minutes to Staples, which have always had them done on time for me and without any problems (and cheaper)!

Review №13

I use this store for printing for a business so decent size orders on a fairly regular basis. They never have anything ready on time. So after driving up there on 2 seperate occasions and them not being ready. I call ahead so I dont waste time, they say it still isnt ready but will be by close. I show up at close and surprise it wasnt even started. they have 0 customer service and do nothing to make it right . Is a single call to say you didnt get to it hard ? I will never go here again as well as suggest other places for printing services.Dissatisfied and disappointed.

Review №14

Its ok. Pleasant enough office supplies. Prices will seem high if you normally shop on Amazon. I needed a briefcase that was not traditional and wanted to feel and touch the build quality before I bought it. Settled on a samsonite.

Review №15

Was looking for an office chair that was in the adon Sunday. It said 2 days only. Sunday and Monday! Well they said they were sold out! The sales man said that sometimes they go on sale only 4 hours too! Felt like I was getting the run around. No RAIN CHECKS!Very disappointed! Then they never can find me in the computer!

Review №16

Didnt ask for i.d. when I picked up my resume and the fit to size option will still cut off a header or footer. You will have to pay again for more copies to have it corrected.

Review №17

Quick dash in for computer paper, pilot #7 pens & top ruled steno pads for wifeys next book project. Joined their loyalty progran before merger with Office Depot, not so much for rewards,but for sale ads & coupons, which paid off tonight w/30% off emailed coupon good on sales over $30 --so saved a bundle on a $75 sale!Getting hard to find top ringed old fashioned steno pads, second time Ive gone in there & only found 1 or 2 multi-packs.Bought their only one tonight, mirrors what Ive noticed elsewhere!

Review №18

Went looking for an office chair. They had a great selection of office chairs neatly displayed in one area and all of them had their sale prices properly labeled. Friendly customer service as well!

Review №19

Another fabulous experience. Staff us great!! Kudos to you all! Thank you!

Review №20

Great store, very well lit and looks really clean. Everything is new

Review №21

Very professional and pleasant staff. Excellent products and services

Review №22

Was really impressed by my visit here today. Got an amazing deal! Thanks Mike!

Review №23

Worst retail experience ever! The store refused to honor their printed ad, lied to me about details they say was posted online (which they could not show me). After they did lie, they told me they never lied to me. I called corporate and they said they would discuss the issue with the staff and that would be the end of the situation.

Review №24

The few times I went in they didnt have the items that office max had online, that I was looking for. It was definitely a bummer.

Review №25

Very helpful and supplied with what i needed.

Review №26

On Sunday, October 19th, 2014, I walked in at 3pm. No welcome or employee in Copymax store. I was looking for resume or brochure paper to print out a resume with a matte touch. All that was on the shelves was stationary. Finally after 3 minutes of trying to look for an employee, one came out from the back. No hello or apology, but he clearly saw me. I approached the guy and asked if he had any resume paper I could look at. He pointed to the booklet on the desk. I sat down and browsed while he walked to the back again. It took me about a minute to decide which papers I wanted to print my resume on. During that time, three other guests were waiting at the front. When the employee decided to come back out, he approached the first guest in line. She told him she believed that I was first in line. He replied, Oh, shes just looking at paper.The lady then replied back while looking at me, OH, so shes JUST looking at paper.He then said, Well you know what I mean.I gave him the benefit of the doubt by waiting for him to approach me with help, but he continued with her transaction. I figured maybe when he was done helping her that he would realize that I was still sitting there in anticipation for help. Mind you this whole time, I was with my head up and glancing his way.Five minutes later, no apology or I will be with you in just a moment.After that, I decided to walk out. The employee made it obvious that he didnt want to be there so customers didnt need to be.Clearly this employee wasnt trained on customer service. I usually give people the benefit of the doubt because everyone has bad days, but this guy was JUST completely lost as to how to treat his guests. It needs to be made clear to him that customers are important as they are the ones paying his paycheck for him.Ignoring your guests is absolutely horrible customer service.I will be going to Staples to get my 250 copies for Career Expo. Good job losing money on that.

Review №27

Price matched the printer I bought and recycled 10 ink cartridges. I saved over $40.00 today. Gotta love that.

Review №28

Great friendly people and service both in store and copy center! Cant beatem on print quality. Always helpful and quick.

Review №29

All 3 color printers available in this store produced very bad copies. They each printed vertical/horizontal lines in the copies of my artwork. The lines were very noticeable and were not acceptable copies. Although I did receive credit, it took an hour of my time and the store clerks didn’t even take the copy machines out of service.It was a very disappointing experience at this new store.

Review №30

The new guy did a remarkable job under a lot of pressure!

Review №31

Wonderful print shop here! They always do great work and are very nice to work with!

Review №32

Well organized and tidy store

Review №33

I called in to get assistance for a project. The person on the phone sounded uncomfortable that she actually had to DO WORK (lookup info/ type in information). Very diasappointed in that moment of service.

Review №34

Friendly helpful people. Good transaction.

Review №35

They can be more professional. You should not tell your customers I will be with you and it takes more than 10 minutes.

Review №36

Customer service at store level and corporate level should work harder on finding solutions for customers rather than excuses. Will never use again.

Review №37

Bought a brother DFC printer. It seldom works and when it does, it magically turns on five hours after I have hit print and prints out the job in the middle of the night while I am sleeping.... In short, it is a piece of junk. I would not make additional purchases at the store, except perhaps pencils and pens.

Review №38

The staff at the print center are so nice.

Review №39

Good mixture of office and/or work supplies the staff knows the business

Review №40

Nice staff, very helpful when the fax machine was quirky.

Review №41

Great office supply store with printing services.

Review №42

The lady who helped me isnt qualify for her job. She is not suggesting the right product, wasted me over 20 minutes in store. After I got the right size stamp, she refused to adjust the size more than once to get what I want. To her, it wont hurt anything. She also took a call and said in front of me that, her customer is driving she nuts. I was standing there for the whole time, and she gets frustrated, I simply dont understand why am I treated this way. At checkout, she try to convince me not to take the online survey, her exact words are you know, grandmas rule, if you dont have anything good to say, dont say it! I guess this time grandma is wrong.

Review №43

Great staff, great pricing, and amazing flexibility

Review №44

Called to get a quote on some printing work, and was told, They are really busy and want to know if I can take a message. The message was, I will take my work AND my money ELSEWHERE! Horrendous customer service, in my opinion!

Review №45

Their costumer service is very slow, although their prices for school supplies are good, Their computer technology is Horrible-No exception. If you want to shop for computers Best Buy would be the Best place to shop.

Review №46

The prices are right and the employees are always willing to help out here!!! I have bought a lot of inventory for my work at this store because of how cheap the prices are!!

Review №47

Clean. Well-stocked.

Review №48

They always have super deals.

Review №49

Better prices than Best Buy next door.

Review №50

Ordered an office chair to pick up from this location. The clerk helped me carried it to my car because it was heavy.

Review №51

Music was heavy metal,, loud and obnoxious

Review №52

Huge selection!!

Review №53

Poor selection and poor customer service. Have few if any associates in the store for help. Ad papers are pointless they have few of those items in stock.

Review №54

It’s ok

Review №55

Overall ok service.

Review №56

Slow service.

Review №57

Slow service

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  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Same-day delivery:Yes
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  • Mask required:Yes
  • Safety dividers at checkout:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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