Tactica Krav Maga Institute - Oakland
1211 Embarcadero suite a/b, Oakland, CA 94606, United States
Tactica Krav Maga Institute - Oakland

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Good location, clean with well maintained equipment. I had my first class here and they strike the right balance between giving you a good workout and helpful instruction without the traditional martial arts dogma. Very practical self-defense.

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I have been going to Tactica Oakland for 2 years, and have trained at other krav studios in other states. The realistic self defense training and excellent physical conditioning provided is second to none. The instructors and the community make it a home away from home. Could not recommend it more.

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Training at Tactica has been one of the best experiences. Beautiful location with clean and well maintained equipment(thanks Darcey lol) I had my first class here a few years back and haven’t stopped since then. Tactica teaches you useful self defense that you will take with you for the rest of your life.

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I couldn’t have asked for a more welcoming community! The teachers and students at KMI are invested in helping one another grow and learn. You can tell that the staff enjoys teaching and wants you to succeed, no matter your starting level.

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Cant help but feel like a total badass every time I walk out of this place! Love it here!

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This place has changed my life in a number of ways. The instruction really focuses on safety in training and really tries to create an environment in which you can grow.

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Im addicted and the Krav Maga Institute has forever changed my life. Before I joined the Krav Maga Institute, I had zero experience and was hesitant to join any Martial Arts gym. I was hesitant because I didnt want to be surrounded by a bunch of macho tough guys judging me. I wanted to learn how to defend myself and was also anxious to get into better shape. When researching different types of self defense, Krav Maga was always first on the list so I thought Id give it a try... After starting, I was so relieved to see that it wasnt a macho tough guy environment. Instead, I was surrounded with like-minded individuals who come from many different backgrounds and amazing instructors to guide us every step of the way. I have now been a member for a little over a year and I couldnt be happier with my decision to join KMI.

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Great place to work out, to learn self defense, excellent teachers, excellent diverse group of students, a lot of fun!

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One of the best cardio and self-defense systems in the world taught by knowledgeable instructors

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I love the Oakland training center - huge windows and roll-up doors for ventilation, and its right on the water so that you can take a nice walk to cool off before heading home.Danny Zelig is an outstanding coach and trains his students to prepare, if possible, to be caught off-guard. This saves lives. Krav Maga Institute’s instructors foster a community attitude, healthy lifestyles, and trust among its members of all abilities.Krav maga is truly a self-defense system, and Danny reminds trainees that there are no boundaries or bells to signal the end of a fight in the real world. The fight is for your life, and you will learn to approach it accordingly. You will gain heightened situational awareness and muscle memory in order to capitalize on natural defensive reflexes, and learn to respond effectively to a variety of situations. Most importantly, you will learn to survive.I am not big, I am not strong, but I am still here. Danny and his instructors prepared me for the psychological strain of an attack on my life, and I believe that this helped me to survive a scenario that I should not have walked away from. For that, I will forever be a proponent of krav maga as a life-saving system, and Danny’s instruction in particular.

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  • Address:1211 Embarcadero suite a/b, Oakland, CA 94606, United States
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  • Phone:+1 510-995-0564
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