Katies Kickers
1736 Columbia Ave, Norfolk, VA 23509, United States
Review №1

My 2 year old son had a great experience doing Seahorse lessons with Coach Alex! He was terrified and crying for the first couple lessons (He’s an extra cautious little guy). Coach Alex was wonderful. She managed to comfort and reassure him while also being firm enough to get him out of his comfort zone and learn new skills. By the end of the session there were no tears, and he was even smiling in the pool!

Review №2

Knowing that your kids are in good hands when learning to swim is priceless and thats what we have experienced at Katies Kickers.Coach Brittany has been consistently patient and kind to our 2-year-old and we are thankful for her. Although Coach Amber is not our daughters coach, we have seen her in the pool as well and she is knowledgable and welcoming too.My family highly recommends Katies Kickers for swim lessons.

Review №3

I don’t think anyone here is going to rate less than 5 stars. Competent and caring instructors who will teach your child to swim. Worth every penny.

Review №4

We love Katies Kickers! My boys have really enjoyed learning to swim with Katie. We have done her lessons both indoors and outdoors as the seasons changed. I love her gentle approach to teaching my sensitive one how to swim! He did cry through the first few lessons, but by the end he was all smiles and loved getting into the pool. Now, he jumps into the deep end laughing!

Review №5

Great place to bring your children to learn how to swim. We have been using Katie for about 4 years now and really see great improvements in our childrens swimming abilities after lessons with her.

Review №6

Katies patient, yet firm swim instruction is nothing short of amazing. Both of my children were more than hesitant to get into the water for the first few lessons, and then as if by magic, something clicked. Trust was formed, and off they went. By the end of 8 lessons they were diving to the bottom to pick up rings, doing rudimentary swimming, and jumping in without fear. After 24 lessons my 5 year old can cannonball off a diving board and swim to the side of the pool completely unassisted. After 8 lessons, my 3 year old can get herself up to the surface and to the side of the pool if she falls off a noodle she is paddling around with. The skills and confidence they gain under Katies tutelage are impressive and well worth the investment.

Review №7

Weve had an amazing experience with Katies Kickers. Our son started at age 1 and has continued lessons as a 2-year old. It is hard to believe how comfortable he is in the water and the skills he has learned as a swimmer in his time with Katies Kickers. Not only is he learning to swim, he is learning how to be safe in the water - which is priceless.

Review №8

Cant say enough great things about Alex!! She started working with both of my boys in June and when they started we had to wear a puddle jumper and now my oldest goes under no issues jumps off the diving board! We will be doing lessons with Alex for as long as we can!

Review №9

Katie has a knack for connecting with very young children and that is incredible to watch as she teaches them to glide through the water. We started my oldest with Katie’s Kickers when he was 2yo and I firmly believe the foundation she built with him then has instilled in him a love, confidence and unconscious safety in the water. Because of her he is an extremely strong and fearless 4yo in the water and my only regret is that we moved away and my younger children won’t get the benefit of Katie’s curriculum. If you are on the fence about enrolling, do it! You most certainly won’t regret it!

Review №10

Katie is some kind of magician with my son in the water. Hes 3.5 and will anything she asks him to do. Its truly amazing and worth every penny.

Review №11

There aren’t enough words to describe our experience with Katie’s Kickers. Katie has had our son (1.5 yo when he started) for two sessions and our daughter (6yo) for one. These aren’t your normal swim lessons. Katie went straight to the core of making our children feel confident and safe in the water while still maintaining a fun learning environment. Katie is understanding of your child’s needs and feelings and adapts her lessons as needed for each swimmer. We couldn’t be happier with Katie and her program!

Review №12

Katie is a fabulous swim teacher, I just wished we had more seasons with her before moving from Norfolk. Beyond her natural abilities to challenge and reassure children in the water, Katie’s Kickers is administratively sufficient and adept at responding to parent inquiries, changes in weather, and other irregularities that inecitably occur during a swim session. Working with Katie was a wonderful experience; neither my husband or myself - or our children - regret us choosing her as their swim instructor. You won’t either!

Review №13

Katie is an amazing, kind miracle worker. Both of my children love the water and always wanted to be in the pool. Neither of them knew how to swim so I had to stay in the most shallow area and hold one child while keeping a close eye on the other. The day of our first swim lessons we were to be at Water Country. It only took one lesson for my son to swim like a dolphin because he had guts and my daughter to have the confidence she needed to keep her above water. I was not worried at all. I was totally amazed that when he got tired he would flip on his back and wait for me. I was truly aww struck with her skills. I absolutely love Katie and will recommend her to everyone I know with little ones and big ones.

Review №14

Katie is the best swim instructor ever! She is so patient and understanding with the kids. She also really understands water safety and helps each kids confidence to grow.

Review №15

We adore Coach Katie. My son started swimming with her 8 weeks ago and I am amazed at his transformation. Hes only 19 months but has progressed so much in the water and thats all thanks to Katies hard work. Katie has also helped me overcome my fears about him being in the water. She goes above and beyond for her students and we wouldnt think to go anywhere else. Cant wait to come back for the next session!

Review №16

Very pleasant experience, a safe and family oriented environment

Review №17

My little one started swim lessons with Katie when he was 11 months old. She is very patient and sets age appropriate goals. I highly recommend Katies Kickers for children of all ages.

Review №18

Katie is fantastic! My kids loved their time in the water with her and learned so much. They are both stronger swimmers and much more confident in the water now thanks to miss Katie!

Review №19

Katie is wonderful, talented and so good at teaching children how to swim. My little girl had so much swimming with Coach Katie !

5 Rating
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